THE GINA YEARS 1969 - 2021

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The story of a bitter sweet romance that was always great but never developed past friends with benefits, and ended tragically after 52 years.


THE GINA YEARS 1969 - 2021


It was the Summer of 1969, School had ended for me forever or so I thought.   I had just bought my first teal car, A Standard Vanguard from a bloke at my holiday workplace.  He wanted ten pounds, so I offered him five because there was no test.  He thought he’d done well, it was in need of a fair bit of work to pass the test.  Fortunately my mate's brother, Geordie Cleugh, was a mechanic up the road.  All I had to do was give him the old cardboard ‘log book’ with a fiver inside on a Saturday morning and at tea time, pop around to his house for a cup of tea and an MOT certificate.

As 1950s cars go, the Vanguard was pretty much a luxury model, sporting arm rests, bench seats, and after-market winking indicators.  A radio with shiny knobs, that only played after it had ‘warmed up’.  A heater with shiny knobs that toasted my toes and cleared the mist from the windscreen and of course a plush carpet that covered the holes in the floor.  It was sheer four and a half star luxury. 


I can clearly recall that fateful night in 1969. We had left the local pub just down the road and decided to have an early night.  Me, best mate Ian and good mate Roger climbed aboard the old car and wondered at the relative silence from the engine when the doors clunked shut with a reassuring click.  Not a bang or a crash, an expensive luxurious click.  As we were sitting in our respective seats, clicking the doors open and shut two young ladies who we’d noticed in the pub were strolling past.


It was obvious from their inability to look in any other direction that they fancied me.  I pointed this out to Ian and Rog but they were both under the impression that that they were the ones that were drawing the girl's attention to us.  As they strode purposefully from the car park, I tooted the horn, which made a sort of sad moo-ing noise.  It's the newness I explained to the lads.


Never mind, it did get their attention and they waved prettily as we passed.  I noted that like myself one of them was tall and slim, with very long blonde hair, the other was much shorter with a kind of bob cut brown hair, and a very compact figure.


Ian, who was very well muscled, but lacking in height, commented I wish I was your height, I love tall women but no way would I be seen with any girl taller than me.  I commented that the smaller of the two was very pretty and had very shapely bum and boobs.  Roger suggested we offer them a lift.



My mind went into video-mode, even though videos hadn't been invented yet, and I clearly pictured my friends with a girl each. Roger in the back seat with the tall one, her long legs hanging over my seat and shoulders, gasping “Ooh yes, oh yes” as Roger had his way with her.  Ian would be in the front on top of the smaller girl, lying across the bench seat pumping away merrily as her head played havoc with my balls, as she writhed in my lap.


So I did the honorable thing and dropped Roger off at his house just round the corner, then I retraced my way back towards Ian's house.  Well I bet you can’t guess who we saw just before the turn off for Chez Ian? 


- You’ve guessed, haven't you?  That's why I don't gamble.


Two teenage girls walking and dancing and pulling faces and all the things that girls do instead of putting one foot in front of the other, - like men do.


Ian wound the window open with the chrome shiny handle and asked if we could offer them a lift.

“Where are you going” answered the little dark haired one. 

"We were just going up to the motorway services for a coffee and some chips,”  he said  “Do we pass your way?”

“Do you go past Grindon”  asked the tall fair skinned girl.  “As a matter of fact we do” I lied.  “Jump in” 

Damn they got in the back seat.  Ian was first to speak “Do you fancy a ride up to the Washington Services? We’ll buy you a drink ot something to eat.” 

Then he used the killer line “Theyre open all night you know”  “Are they?”  beamed the small girl “So we could stay out all night if we liked?”

For younger readers “Staying out all night was the ultimate grown up, trendy thing to do in the sixties”

“Yeah if you like” I joined in with thoughts of ‘DOING IT!’ on the cars bench seat.  The ultimate right of passage.  I was ready.


I’d read Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Tom Jones, Sons and Lovers, Moll Flanders, My Life and Loves.  Most of all I had all the clever chat up lines, having read every James Bond book.  My video was playing in my head again as we roared off to the Motorway services, it was nearly eleven thirty, this was exciting, as I pictured myself unbuttoning tall girls thick woolen cardigan.

The chatter on the way there was pleasant.  The tall girl, Gina, was a year younger than me, her friend was the same age.  They had left school and were starting college.  Training to be ‘Nursery Nurses’.  Of course I only registered the word NURSE.


Friends had told me the two most willing types of girl were -


Catholics, because its considered wrong and they get starved of male company in convent schools.  “Begging for it”  Said the  working lads who reckoned they were sexperts.

The other category was of course Nurses.  “It obvious they spend all day with naked men in operations and examinations, it's just like meat to them.  “Drop their knicker in a flash.”  according to Gordon who claimed to have unrivalled sexual expertise.


“They know how to handle a big cock as well  - I shagged dozens of em. “ He died at 42 still a virgin I’m sure.

All went as planned, we had our chips and Pepsi cola, as it was the fashionable drink at the time, They promised 'Come alive with Pepsi' and indeed I did as I began to warm to Gina She was really funny and good company. Ian had progressed his conversation to involve holding hands, even if it was only so he could show her his expertise in Palmistry.  “

This one here is your love line, he told her as he gently ran his finger across her palm.  She was obviously enjoying it because soon their lips were locked.


“Show me” interrupted Gina proffering her upturned pink hand.  That somehow turned me on, imagining what those fingers might do.  Ian reluctantly broke off his slobbering and took Ginas hand in his.  It was obvious he was only being courteous as he used his index finger to trace her ‘love line’


“You see it  runs around your Mound of Venus before running down toward your index finger.”  Ian was genuinely puzzled at the shocked looks given to him by these two 'nurses'.  “WHAT!” exclaimed Dot , her mouth hanging open.

Fortunately my Auntie Madge was an enthusiastic amateur palmist and had shown me the pictures of the various lines and areas of the palm. 

“MOUNT” I said authoritatively, “It's MOUNT of Venus, its that soft part of your palm where your thumb goes.” 

I paused for a moment then continued - “Mound of Venus is where a girl's pubes grow.”  I said authoritively, tapping my groin area. The only person who wasn't blushing was me, I don't (usually).  Everyone however was doubled up laughing.

We dropped them both off at Gina's house, after a bit of a snog and a rather unsuccessful attempt to make contact with bare flesh.  She was like an octopus, blocking my every move without making a fuss.  Must be nurse training I thought, as I began to get aroused as I looked over her shoulder, to the back seat and the sight of Ians hand up Dots skirt and the twin sounds of her passion, mixed with the slurping sound emanating from between her short legs.


“Fancy going somewhere tomorrow” I whispered to Gina who I was now finding irresistibly unobtainable.  I was determined to progress our relationship beyond kissing.





Submitted: January 11, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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