Eric's little party

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

George has nothing to do on Saturday night. So he goes through his contact list and centers on Eric, a hot, friendly Black dude who enjoys being spanked. Turns out Eric's throwing a small party in his Chinatown apartment. George attends, and things go south for the host.

George was bored, bored, bored. He also, he had to admit, a little horny.

No plans for a Saturday night. It had just snuck up on him. How does this happen?

George went through his phone contacts.

Bob: NO.

Terry: HELL NO.

Gina: Yuck. I'm having a gay night tonight. She is nuts even though she buys all the drinks.

Lenny: Maybe. He is a very adept bottom. But I hate those tattoos. Why do guys do that to themseles? His body is wonderful without me having to stare at Han Solo.

Eric: LIkes to be spanked. Hmm. Yes. Hot Eric Roan, that hoity-toity but masculine art director who resembled the hot actor Clifton Davis from a TV show George could not recall. George wouldn't mind seeing Eric naked again. And spanking him, which made Eric's penis (quite small for a Black guy) expand and a few times, ejaculate all over George's lap. This invariably humiliated Eric, and it turned George on to a huge degree. He'd ussually immediatly finger Eric's nice, roomy asshole (always cleanly maintained), which humiliated Eric further, who'd say, "George, you're the only one I let do this to me."

That turned George on too, because he knew it was absolutely true.

So, out of boredom, George called Eric, a refined, handsome, short, Black art director with a well-trimmed beard and a receding hair line and a very deep voice. Eric had a better-than-OK bod with slight love handles and an unimpressive penis, but his ass was good, sweet-smelling, mostly hairless, visually appealing, and juicy.

Eric: "George! I was just thinking about you, dude."

George: "I was wondering if you'd like to go to a movie or something."

Eric: "I'm having some friends from work over. Only four. Why don't you join us?"

George: "OK, gimme a half hour?"

Eric: "Fine. It's casual, so don't go crazy, baby." George loved the excitement in Eric's deep voice.

George was already showered and dressed to go out, so he merely grabbed keys and money and went off. He did stop at the corner liquor store and picked up some hooch.

George wore a mackerack over a T-shirt, jeans and a sweatshirt (all clean). Once he arrived he was greeted by Eric, Arthur, Tim, Jenny, and Betsy (the latter four none of whom George knew). With the exception of Arthur, the newcomers were in their twenties. George pegged Arthur to be in his thirties. George realized Jenny and Betsy were already tipsy. George was 95% gay, so he had a low tolerance for screechy drunk girls. He found Arthur cute in a dorky way and Tim good-looking but bland--and it was obvious Tim was straight, since he wore it like a badge in case the fags hit on him.

Oh well, thought George. Let's just see what happens. George gave Eric a bottle of Absolut and, when Eric returned with drinks and took a seat on the couch, George sat down next to him. It was George, Eric, Arthur, Tim, Jenny, then Betsy.

Within seconds, George realized he would see Eric naked before the night was over. George knew how to read a room and make things happen to his needs. He just had to figure out how to get Eric naked, because he wanted to fullly expose Eric to his party guests. George knew Eric had a very small penis and that he was very insecure about that.

George had a very strong predilection for humiliating men with small dicks. Or just humiliating them naked in general. But George thought humiliating men with small dicks was more fun. They turned into jelly and almost wept. George found that hilarious. George himself had a fabulous penis; he'd been told so in no uncertain times repeatedly.

Eric's little party had them all half-watching some terrible reality-TV show. Dullsville, thought George. Maybe I should have called Lenny and just fucked him in the dark. No, George told himself. Bide your time. George wanted visuals and he wanted a humiliation scene. When the awful TV showt was over, Eric suggested something livelier. George saw an immediate opening for his nefarious plans.

George's arrival had perked up the proceedings considerably. George was naturally platinum blonde, clean-shaven and handsome, and well-built, around 5'9", a trim and toned 150 lbs. He'd been mistaken for Anderson Cooper too many times to count. This flattered George, although he thought himself much better looking than Anderson Cooper, although George liked Anderson Cooper on television.

"HOW ABOUT TRUTH OR DARE?" Betsy squealed.

"Fine," said George, not believin his luck, and seizing the moment and knowing he would NOT be taking off any of HIS clothes with this bunch. But he wouldn't mind getting the males in the room naked if he possibly could.

Particularly Eric was a target here, as George knew Eric was basically a very shy man and these were his co-workers, and this was already on George's mind. The fact that Eric was not well-endowed was a plus for George.

And George had a STRONG predillection for humilianting other men, especially if the other man was naked and especially more if all this was public, or semi-public, like this  little party where there wasn't even any food set out. Eric must be humiliated for the lack of even cheese and crackers, George deemed. George had not had dinner and he had just assumed a "party" would have fucking food.

For his lack of hospitality (food), George declared Eric to be his victim for the evening. Eric and his little cock. George was getting revved. He was going to get Eric naked and he was going to have fun doing it.

Eric's little party was going to go down in history, George decided. For Eric, it would go down in humiliating infamy (spoiler alert).

The rules of the Truth or Dare game were basic: they'd start with George and simply go down the line. Been done a thousand times at a thousand parties, thought George.

When it got to Betsy, Betsy would T&D George and that would end the cycle. Then  George will simply continue the cycle which would be a repeat of the first cycle., This seemed easiest to all, especially as they got drunk and began to smoke weed, offered by Eric.

Well, at least Eric has weed. But he would not spare Eric humiliation. He wanted Eric naked. He knew Eric would be absolutely mortified, and this is what George craved this Saturday night.

George T&Dared Eric: "Truth or dare, Eric?"

Eric: "Truth."

George: "Have you ever gotten laid with any of these people?"

Eric: "Well, you, silly."

Jenny said, "Oooooooooooh." 

George felgned ignorance; he had thrown the hilariously unsuspecting Eric a softball to loosen him up and trust George's motives. "Uh, yes. I can confirm this." George thought, you are toast, Eric. George again remembered how small Eric's penis was. George had never seen a black man with such a small dick. To make him reveal it at his own party in his own apartment would be wonderfully devastating for Eric and uproariously entertaining for everyone else.

Eric turned to Arthur. "Truth or dare, Artie."

Arthur was game. He said, "Truth."

Eric: "Do you want to have sex with Tim?" Saucy, thought George. Eric was trying to control the situation. He would not, chuckled George.

Arthur reddened. Tim laughed  "No way." 

Arthur blushed and lowered his head. He said, "yeah." Tim fidgeted.

Arthur T&Dd Tim, reluctantly. "Truth or dare, Tim."

Tim said, "Dare."

Arthur told Tim to kiss him on the lips.

Tim grimaced, but he did it, half-heartedly. George was impressed with even that, coming from the macho Tim. Maybe this party could get lively indeed, thought George.

Tim to Jennifer: "Truth or Dare, Jennifer."

Jennifer (sultrily): Dare.

Tim wanted to get this show on the road. Suddenly he was horny, somehow.

Tim: "Take off your fucking blouse and leave it off for the rest of the game. "

Jennifer stiffened. But she whipped off her blouse and put it on the back of the couch.

She had no bra, but she had big tits and had no qualms about them being seen.

George remained gay and instantly thought Jennifer to be a slut. George liked demure girls, when he liked them at all, except for girls who bought him drinks.

It was Jennifer's turn in the game.

Jennfer T&D'd Betsy and Betsy took a dare.

Jennifer asked Betsy to take off her panties and wear them on her head. This party is dying, thought George.

Betsy wrinkled her nose, but she did it. "How long do I have to wear them? On my head."

Jennifer, disinterested, bleated,  "You can take them off." It wasn't very funny to begin with. Betsy was a ditz, and she had no tits. Jennifer drank and stared at George. She wanted to fuck George.

Betsy T&D'd George. Betsy wanted to get some of George's clothes off too! She knew he was gay, Eric had told her in passing, but a hot male bod was a hot male bod.

"Uh, ttruth or dare, George," sputtered Betsy.

"Truth," said George carefully.

"Have you ever had sex with a woman?" asked Betsy.

"Yes," answered George, and left it at that.

It was now back to the original cycle, one, two, three, down the line, beginning with George.

Should we skip instead of doing the same people over and over, asked Eric.

"Nah, let's keep it simple," answered George. "But you can get creative and include others in the dare, that's done all the time."

"Very well," said Eric. He'd never played Truth or Dare before, which had been instantly apparent to George, who'd played it many times and always won.

"Truth or dare, Eric," George said.

Eric felt bold and wild. George had certainly thrown a spark into his little party. "DARE," Eric said proudly. He instantly regretted it.

"Take off your pants until the end of the game," drawled George, as if this was nothing at all.

"Oh, my," said Eric. "Isn't that severe?"

The Texas-born Tim yawned, '"Naw. It's the norm. Go ahead. You're just showing your laigs."

"You gotta do it," said George, who knew Eric would feel weird about sitting in his underwear in his living room at his own little party..

Eric stood up and pulled down his jeans, slowly. He wore boxers. Eric took off his shoes and socks and took the pants all the way off, folding them and placing them at his feet.

"Uh, who do I do next?" Eric stammered.

"Back to Arthur," said George. "T&D Arthur."

"Truth or Dare, Arthur" said Eric.

"Take off Tim's shirt, and hold it for him until the game is over" said Eric, when Arthur took a Dare.

Tim said, "Hey, now hold on,......"

Eric giggled, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

Arthur laughed, then gingerly turned to Tim, who held up his arms with a frown. He had an OK body, nothing special, some muscle, a little hairy. He wasn't happy being stripped by a homosexual man, that was obvious.

"OK, Jenny," said Tim, looking at her exposed breasts to hammer home that he was a STRAIGHT DUDE. "Truth or Dare?"

"Hmmmmmmm, Truth," said Jenny.

"Since we're both topless, how uh embarrrassed are you right now with your boobs hanging out like that and can I touch them?"

George thought, Technically, that's a truth AND a dare, but he let it go because of the weed and that Tim had actually used the word "topless." It was a turn-on word for George, when it was applied to men, especially a humiliated man in a public setting where everyone else had clothes on.

Jenny laughed. "I'm not embarrassed at all!!! I LOVE MY TITS!!!!!" She squealed. "SURE YOU CAN TOUCH THEM!!!" Tim grabbed handfuls and Jenny bounced up to the bar to refill her drink. She was a tease!!!  She was a bimbo, thought George, scornfully. George was glad to be gay.

Tim muttered, "That was all of five fuckin' seconds." George was amused, and he looked at topless Tim with a new appreciation. George liked funny guys. It was mandatory for him.

When she returned Jenny T&D'd the bubble-headed Betsy.

"Truth or Dare, Betsy."

Betsy: "Truth, truth, truth." Betsy had small tits and she was not showing them under any circumstances.

"Who in the room would you like to fuck?

Betsy giggled......"I think.....George.....He's nice. He has a great body, too."

Eric laughed, sitting there with no pants except for boxers. "He is nice and GAY. and yes, he has a great body."

Betsy T'&D'd George.

George: "Truth."

Betsy was disappointed. She wanted to get George's clothes off, she didn't care he was gay.

"How big is Eric's penis?" was Betsy's blurted question.

George took the question seriously. "As big as it needs to be."

Eric sighed in relief. Thanks, George.

George said: "Don't thank me yet. Truth or Dare."

So the next T&D was from George to Eric.

Eric, defiantly against his better judgment, said "Dare." He wanted his little party to be not boring.

George said, "ERIC. Strip naked and remain that way until I tell you to put clothes on.:

The girls hollered in glee and the other men laughed hysterically. George had cut to the chase. Eric's eyes widened. Naked! George isn't serious, thought Eric, George was his friend and they'd been intimate.

Eric said, "That is too much. George, come up with something else." Eric was alarmad as all get out.

George crossed his arms and grinned at his host. "Eric, that is your dare. It's not the first time that dare has been used. in Truth or Dare. In fact, it is probably the most common."

Jenny laughed, "He's right! I did it once!"

No doubt, thought George. "I've done it," admitted Tim. Interesting, thought George.

Eric gulped down his drink and went over to a chair, shaking his head. On top he only wore a heavily laundered plain white T-shirt under a buttoned maroon vest. Other than that, he wore only boxer shorts. Eric sat down on a chair. He was increasingly apprehensive, looking down. Then he removed the vest and undershirt and he was shirtless, almost nude, not moving, staring ahead. He verified the fly to the boxers was closed.

"Sorry, Eric," said George. "I said NAKED. Art directors know what NAKED means. Nude."

Forlornly but striving for dignity, Eric stood up and turned his back to the couch full of party guests and slowly removed his boxers, revealing a nicely toned ass with a deep dark crack. The girls giggled, the fellows just watched. Tim realized that for the first time he was seeing a Black man blush. Eric saw his kitten, Max, on top of the cabinet, staring at him quizzically. Eric quickly sat down and lowered his hands to his crotch. He was very embarrassed. He did not want to show his penis fully, as it was a tiny one.

Eric, a very handsome 39, had a well-trimmed beard, a receding hairline, some muscle tone, slight love handles and smooth milk chocolate skin. He had large brown nipples with hair, some hair in between appealingly fleshy pecs, and sadly, a very small chocolate penis and balls nestled in dark pubes. He was humiliated and embarrassed.

"I think KItty is confused," said Arthur. No one had much noticed Max. "I guess Boss doesn't wander around nude."

"I will stay over here from now on," said Eric, huffily, crossing his legs, referring to the chair he was sitting in. He could endure sitting next to George naked, but not his employee, Arthur. Also, by sitting in his favorite chair, he felt more in control of his little party, even if he was completely  nude and they all could now see almost every inch of him. Eric was comfortable with his body except for his small penis and odd-shaped balls.

"The next dare is yours, Eric," said Arthur. "It's for me."

"TRUTH OR DARE, ARTHUR!!!!!!!!!!!!" Eric barked, determined to regan control even if didn't have a stitch on. He might be naked, but this was HIS apartment and HIS little party.

"Truth," said Arthur, now sympathetically, since Eric was Arthur's boss and Arthur had no idea his boss' dick was the size of a severely crushed pill bottle.

Eric: "Are you turned on by this? Seeing your boss naked?"

Arthur laughed. "Sure I am, boss. I always like lookin' at a nekkid man even one with a little cock!" Everyone laughed, except Eric. Eric would have smiled were it not for the comment about the size of his penis, which he thought very rude of Arthur, not to mention unwise.  Arthur had meant the comment to be complimentary. I mean, I could have said, "TINY" instead of "LITTLE", Arthur reasoned. He opened another beer. Arthur always lined up three at parties so he didn't have to get up all the time. 

Jenny screeched, I always thought Black guys hung down to their fuckin'  knees. I mean, most of the ones I've seen ARE, you know?

Betsy said, No gurl! You ever see Samusl L. Jackson's in that prison movie? It's almost as small as ERIC's! I think. Maybe it wasn't Samuel L. Jackson's,  it was a Wayans brfother, I'm just saying for a  Black guy's, it was SMALLLL, like Eric's," Betsy giggled, drunk.

George said, "Samuel L.Jackson has never gone full frontal. I would know."

Betsy gurgled, "I saw the clip on a phone in a bar. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry."

George let it go. He wasn't that interested. Besides, he'd achieved his goal. Eric was naked, and his small penis was being mocked. George did not ask for the moon in situations like this.

Arthur turned to Tim. "Truth or Dare."

Tim, stoned now,  was curious about where this was going. He said, "Dare." Tim wished he could dare Betsy, as he sincerely believed he could have his cock inside her wet pussy in seconds and they both would benefit.

But oops, Tim's dare was one of those HOM-I=SAXUAL THANGS., since it was from Aaaaaaaaaaaaarthur. 

Arthur bellowed, since he was now drunk, "Go over there and suck Eric's dick."

Tim screamed, From pussy thoughts to dick sucking? Seriously? Gimme more weed. "WHAT? WHAT dick? Are you out of your mind? I don't suck dick. I can't even SEE his dick."

Eric: "Arthur, dear, I think....."

Eric's heart sank to his feet and he considered calling the party off. He knew he should never had invited the southern good ole boy Tim, who worked in the mailroom and charmed the ladies, who lusted after him shamelessly.

Eric couldn't believe he was naked in his apartment at his own little party, and that George had had a big hand in this situation. Eric had feelings for George that bordered on infatuation. He thought George to be one of the  most beautiful men he'd ever seen.

Jenny said, "That's your dare, Tim. I took off my blouse. You have to do it."

George said to the room in general, "They're right. You can't play if you don't do it. Come on, be a man. OR I WILL SPANK YOU." George was kidding, but he was amused to see Tim look at him with raised eyebrows without saying one word.

"I was talking to Eric, Tim," explained George. George thought Tim looked vaguely disappointed.

Betsy said, "Go on Tim. I do it to Bill all the time, it's not so bad. Bill's dick is as small as Eric's. They get bigger if you do it right."

Eric groaned in humiliation at this very casual dismissal of the size of his manhood and he did not want to be spanked, naked,  in public.

Tim cursed, threw  up his hands, and got up and the others wondered what his next move would be. His next move was to finish his drink with a gulp.


Shirtless, the attractive he-man Tim went over and got on his knees. Eric opened his legs in embarrassment. It was difficult to tell which man was more humiliated. George called it a tie but he liked looking at Tim's surprisingly hairless, muscular back, and that Tim had no tattoos. above his waist, anyway.

Tim turned his face up to Eric. "I have never done this before.. I don't know how to do this." Eric did not want to be spanked in the nude at his little party by George; alone would be fine, in public, NO. He went along with this "dare."

Jenny commented, "Eric's penis is not big. Look, the cockhead is actually GRAY, and the shaft is brown. And his bills are strange too." Eric sighed and looked at the ceiling.

Arthur said, "Just take the penis into your mouth and suck on it. Don't use your teeth on any of his skin. Just suck on the shaft like it's a popsicle. Lick his head as much as you can. That's what gets him aroused. Avoid his pubic hair. It just gets in your teeth."

"A popsicle?" Jenny laughed. "Maybe a dentist's office lollipop." "Jenny, you can shut up at any time," Eric said, wich venom. Still, everyone giggled, because she was accurate.

George saw that Eric's nudity was actually quite enticing especially because it was unwillingly being displayed. He'd always liked Eric's body. Eric's nipples seemed to be larger and more turgid than George had ever seen.

Tim listened intently, wanting to play along as he was a team player by nature. Hell, everyone knew he was fuckin' straight, this party was a blip that no one would remember.

Tim proved to be a good sport, so he began his dare, but without much enthusiasm. He pulled Eric towards him just a bit so he could be closer to the penis without leaning into it, then gingerly licked Eric's penis before putting it into his mouth, but once it was in his mouth, he began to suck with surprising passion, putting his hands on Eric's knees for leverage. In his life, when he had driven trucks, TIm had been sucked off himself at truckstops, so he wasn't entirely unfamilar with the process, even though he'd always played dumb at first to save face since he wasn't no fag. And Eric tasted OK, a little too soapy for Tim but that was better than the alternative, Tim supposed. And Eric's pathetic member was no bigger than half of half of a Mounds bar, so there wasn't much effort really required, reasoned Tim.

Eric's face portrayed pleasure and he began to slightly moan. He grabbed the arms of the chair. Tim's hair grazed against Eric's left hand and at one point Eric's hand grazed Tim's right ear, which Tim allowed. The room was enthralled and otherwise silent. George took a picture of Tim and Eric with his phone, and no one noticed.

Arthur said, "Your dare is for ten minutes. I'm timing you."

Tim nodded and sucked. Slurped even. Eric couldn't help but respond and his inadequate cock began to stiffen along with the rest of his exposed nude body. Tim was a handsome rogue and he had his shirt off. Eric hoped no one would make a rude comment.

Tim stopped and said, "Hey, looky! I'm gettin' him hard!" Like a badge of honor. When Tim was given a task, he tried to fulfill it to the best of his ability. Tim had nothing against gay people. Tim then realized that he had a gay person's penis just underneath his gums, and he was sucking said penis, so indeed, he had nothing against gay people.

Betsy applauded. "SEE!! I told you it was easy!!!"

The head of Eric's cock was now rather pink compared to the mahogany of his shaft This could be seen fleetingly as Eric's penis would fall out of Tim's mouth off and on..

George sneaked in another pic just for that.

No one was watching George.

"Your time is up, Tim, you can stop," Arthur announced.

"Whew," said Tim. "I've never done that, Eric. I hope I didn't bite."

Eric assured him it had been a "fine blow-job." Then he covered his hard-on and pulsating balls with his hand and asked for George to brink him a drink, giving George a rotten look.

George did as requested, smirking down at Eric's arousal. Eric's nipples were obviously hard, and George's hands could not fully conceal the condition of his now aroused genitals. If Eric had been flaccid, one hand would have sufficed.

But Eric was not flaccid, not at all. Eric had an erection. George noted that Eric's balls were unusually shaped. Rightt now they did not look like testicles. The scrotrum was a unruly shiny mass of black flesh, sprawled on the chair despite Eri's attempts to cover it totally. George would make a rude comment about it when he got a chance.

"You're a grower, Eric," laughed George as  handed the host his gin and tonic.

Eric glowered as he accepted the drink from the smiling George.

Eric Roan, art director,  was stripped and humiliated. At his own little party.

Tim wiped his mouth and gargled his scotch and swallowed it. Who's next? asked Tim.

"You are," said George. "You dare Jenny."

Nap time, thought George, but he'd keep watching. He didn't mind watching a cartoon take off her clothes.

Tim thought about his next move, siting there shirtless, and George looked at Tim's chest with a little lust. Tim had lovely pecs and abs. Not bad at all, if Tim didn't speak.

Tim suddenly said, "OK, Jenny, truth or dare."

Jenny wanted to see or do more sex stuff. "Dare."

Tim said, "Take off George's shirt." Tim regretted saying this immediately. I am not gay, fumed Tim, but I'd like to see thie George dude stripped like the rest of us.

Fuck, said George. But a surprise, coming from Tim. Or was it really?

Jenny raced over to George and removed George's sweatshirt. George wore a T-shirt underneath, and it was NOT coming off, although Jenny was making the attempt.

"I know what you are going to say, Tim," George admonished, stopping Jenny. "But you did not say T-shirt and you have to be explicit in this game."

Tim pouted but said nothing because to pursue the matter would make him look gayer that just sucking Eric's toy dick. So TIm simmered with resentment, wanting to go over to George and rip that T-shirt off him. But Tim refrained. This party was getting very weird.

George didn't come here for an orgy but he was sure up for some humiliation of another man, and he decided since Eric was already nude, Eric Roan should be everyone's target, so he devised a strategy. Jennifer was still hovering nearby so he whispered to her, "Jenny, dare Betsy to finger Eric's asshole,." He wasn't sure she'd heard. She returned to her seat and smiled at George, then winked. She'd heard.

Tim and Arthur had also heard. They simply drank, watched, and decided to stay out of it for now.

Jennifer's next T&D was to Betsy, who was squirming nervously. Jennifer T&D'd Betsy and Betsy took her first ever "Dare."

Jennifer stared at the naked Eric for a full two minutes.

"Jenny, you'd better not............" Eric grumbled.

"Betsy go over and finger Eric's asshole for ten--no, fifteen--minutes," Jennifer giggled.

Eric sat up with a bolt. "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS, GIRLS!" But his dick remained as rigid as a one-inch could get and his nipples were bulging right along with it.

Good girl! Jenny She just solved all our problems, thought George..

"Really?" squealed Betsy. "Oooooooh."

Betsy crawled over to Eric's chair. Eric kept his legs squeezed tightly together.

George would put a stop to that. He walked over and grabbed the naked Eric off the chair. Eric, caught completely off-guard, protested and his genitals flopped about. George sat down in the chair with both of his feet on the floor and George held Eric unwillingly sitting on top of him. George had his right arm under Eric's right side and sweaty armpit, clutching a hard nipple on a flabby left breast, and with the other hand, grabbed Eric's left ankle from underneath, pulling up Eric's left thigh along with it, and yanked the entire leg up into the air!!!! Eric's right naked buttock landed snugly in between George's open legs as the nude Eric slid down inadvertently against George's tight, muscular fully clothed body. For leverage Eric had no choice but to keep his right foot on the floor, but the art director knew he was being spread open for the lewdest inspection imaginable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why hadn't he lowered the lights for the little party? He had considered it, but it slipped his mind! Now he was EXPOSED BEYOND ALL ENDURANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically George held Eric in s very embarrassing bearhug, Eric's arms included, since George shifted gears and now had pinned Eric's iupper right arm with his own, and had done the same with the left. Eric's hands were somewhat free and Eric tried to use them to pathetically attempt to cover his cock, but they just weren't able to get close enough, and this was a comical sight, as a finger or two would get kind of close, then George's right hand, which was free as well, would swat it away. George's hand was flexible enough to go from nipple to cock as he so desired but he had to hold Eric's left leg up TIGHT to keep Eric's hole exposed, and Eric was fighting mightily to throw off George's grip on his leg. But Eric was losing, Geeorg waa a strong man, and he held the leg easily in place so Eric's butthole could be examined in de-TAIL!

Eric winced as George managed to twist one of his nipples. God, George turned him on so much. Why can't this be happening with just the twof us in my bedroom? George chuckled as Eric wriggled with desire and his nipple estended further. George had Eric in his total control. George loved this. A naked humiliated man in his wicked clutches.

George realized that if he could keep holding Eric's leg up (to keep exposing Eric's hole) using his strong upper forearm, George would have some freedom of his right hand, and could torment Eric accordingly. So he did this, and this caught the interest of Arthur, who shyly offered, "I would like to touch Eric's body."

George laughed, and said, "Sure, there's room for more. Come on over, and you have TWO free hands. You can really go to town on him!"

Everyone laughed as Arthur jumped up and walked over to his naked boss, who was squirming now to beat the band. "Arthur, you better know your PLACE. You better watch YOURSELF." Arthur just beamed and began to touch Eric's upturned right thigh, teasing it with his fingers. He then became more aggressive and went for Eric's waistline, pinching an inch and saying "all those Wendy's chicken sandwiches," which made Eric mad, then Arthur caressed his boss' naked chest, playing with what few abs were visible and commenting on them, then moving up to play wih Eric's turgid chocolate nipples, along with George. This Eric could not take without sputtering, "Please do not touch my...nipples," and he gasped as they got even harder. Arthur did not stop. Instead, he started taking multiple pictures with his phone.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?" Eric screamed.

"Leverage," Arthur calmly replied.




Eric yelled in his Darth Vader voice, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!? I WILL NOT ALLOW SUCH OBSCENITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Arthur stroked his boss' well-trimmed beard, gently, one with one hand, while fondling his boss' small but admittedly erect penis with the other and pulling on his boss' pubic hair as well. Eric wriggled at this insane violation of his body. "His hair is so soft--everywhere," Arthur opined. "It feels really luxuriant." Arthur pulled on his boss' visible underarm hair. "Even here." Then he played with his boss' chest hair. "Here too," confirmed Arthur. "My boss has nice hairs, and you can see them ALL, and I have photos of them ALL," Arthur cheerily informed everyone. Eric grimaced. He was not flattered. EMPLOYEES touching his beard and chest hair! EMPLOYEES touching his underarms! EMPLOYEES touching his PUBES!

"How dare you touch me like this, YOU GUYS?" Eric whispered. "Like you don't like it?" answered George. "Your nipples are hard as rocks and your little wee-wee is sticking up. Don't complain to us 'cause it sure looks to me that you want to fuck at least one of us, baby." Eric cursed and demanded that George not use the term wee-wee. George laughed and said "wee-wee" again, and louder, and received giggles from the little party group. To help George in his joke, Arthur pulled on the wee-wee and said, "cute LITTLE wee-wee is HARD-HARD."

EMPLOYEES touching his COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eric fought to get free. It was spectacularly useless but fun to watch. It made his tittles jiggle a bit. This made Arthur aroused. He grabbed both titties in full and squeezed. "Quite the handfuls," Arthur said, "These are the Wendy's french fries. You can't tell he has these when he has a shirt on. The nipples are stabbing the palms of my hands!"

Eric realized he would never be able to eat a Wendy's order in the office again. Eric struggled. But he was no match for someone as physically fit (or demented) as George. This wriggling around of course provided the most maximum exposure of Eric all evening: his chest and breasts, "cock," distinctive scrotum, pereineum, and a new beauty--his asshole, deep, a little hairy, dark with pinkish hues inside. As Eric struggled, his lightly hairy asshole twitched delightfully and as Arthur observed, "the ass hairs seem to be sticking out. Oh, I forgot to touch those." So Arthur played with Eric's sparse ass hairs. Eric bellowed for Arthur to "cease all fonding and speech" or leave his house. No one took that seriously and merely joined in chorus that Eric's ass hairs seemed to be not only sticking out, but doing the frug. Eric yelled again. George twisted a nipple but this did not shut up Eric's bellowing, it only made him moan in embarrassed pleasure.

The relentless touching of Eric's nude body was making him harder and harder, even though the penis was never going to reach even four inches. There just wasn't enough of it. But it throbbed, and you could tell it was erect, because it had ceased to jiggle or flop. It was RIGID.

Arthur had explored Eric's entire body, and having had his fill and now supplied with wonderful photographic memories, he returned to Jenny and Tim and they all collapsed in laughter on the couch. What to say? Tim was able to squawk, "HOLY FUCK! I CAN"T BELIEVE WHAT I AM SEEING!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SHOWING HIS HAIRY ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!! AND ARTHUR GOT PHOTOS OF IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""

"Here you go, Betsy," giggled George, pulling back Eric's right thigh with his strong, muscular forearm. "Eric's spread asshole, all ready for your spelunking. Don't be afraid of the man-hair. There's only a little from what I can see."

Betsy looked at the asshole and made sure it was clean. It looked clean and smelled like body wash. The tiny tufts of asshair didn't bother her. There was only a little bit of it. It was kind of cute. She turned to Jenny. "But I have these fingernails. I don't want to hurt Eric."

Eric: "You are not to put a finger into my anus, Betsy! My anus is tender. I forbid it." Tim said, "HA HA. Tender. Forbid. HA HA."

Betsy looked to George for advice. George replied, "Eric is losing the game, Betsy, just like all of us lost. Look, I lost my sweatshirt. Poor Jenny and Tim are topless andd they're not complaining. Eric just simply lost all of his clothes and became naked. No one made him take off all this clothes and show himself off naked in his apartment at his little party. Did we strip him ourselves? No we did not. Just go ahead and finger his asshole and I'll hold him tight so he won't be able to hurt you. Play with his scrotum first. He's got a weird scrotum, I can't even make out his testicles. That will loosen him up for your fingering. See his weird scrotum? The scrotum is his ball sac, honey, in case you don't know."

Eric hissed, "THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS." He struggled in vain, making him look more cartoonish and naked as his boobs, scrotrum and penis moved around and his butthole opened and closed. Everyone was giggling.

Tim thought to himself, this is the wildest thing I've ever seen. I like this George. I wonder if he likes sports. He would be fun to have a few beers with. He likes my body. All the gays like my body. Huh, what am I thinking?

Betsy examined Eric's scrotum. "You're so right. It looks like a blob. I can't make out balls through this skin." She touched the scrotum and Eric flinched. Betsy played with the scrotum, massging it, and eventually the dark chocolate-colored scrotrum formed itself around two decent-sized testicles, as Eric moaned and writhed.

"Good job, Betsy," said George. "You tightened his weird scrotum. Now you can finger him AND HIS TENDER ANUS."

Eric said, "NO. NO. NO. NO."

Betsy: "Geee. I don't know, he looks really angry and humiliated. But I did get his balls to show, see?"

Tim: "He's just angry because he's losing the game AND HE'S FUCKIN' NAKED. He hates to lose, I've heard. And of course he's humiliated. But look at his cock. He's still hard from MY sucking. It went from NOTHING to at least two inches! He can't be THAT humiliated. He's showing his ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S SHOWING US INSIDE HIS ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tim was pleased to see George give him a wink. Tim reclined and put his hands behind his head, showing off his armpits and his chest. Tim glanced down at his toplessness and was startled to see hie nipples were ejecting. He looked back at George, who was noticing the same thing. Tim kind of blushed, but remained in place. The girls were looking at him too. Almost as much as they were staring at naked Eric. Tim flexed. He was enjoying Eric's little party, far more than Eric. Tim looked forward to seeing Eric rush into the mailroom demanding service after tonight. 

Eric yelled, "I DON'T WANT TO SHOW MY ASSHOLE! I DON'T WANT TO SHOW MY ASSHOLE! YOU'RE ALL MAKING ME SHOW MY ASSHOLE!" then shut up because it just made everyone look at his asshole more, and saying it out loud that Eric was showing his asshole made Eric feel even more exposed, if that was possible.

Arthur said nothing, just enjoyed his often unreasonable boss being embarrassed so spectacularly. He was fascinated watching Betsy manipulate Eris's unusual scrotum and "sculpt" it. He was also amazed at just how HUGE Eric's asshole was, in this position. He clandestinely snapped a picture. Eric was too preoccupied to notice, but George did, and he gave Arthur a wink. Arthur blushed. Arthur couldn't believe how many juicy pics he was getting out of this little party. All of his boss, NAKED. Arthur hadn't had a particular "thing" for Eric Roan, but he sure did now.

Jennifer sighed, her boobs heaving. "Betsy, he's gay. Mr. Roan's had bigger things than FINGERS up there. Just do it."

Just then the door opened. It was Eric's lovely, stylish older sister Liz and her Caucasian husband, Joe, a dark-haired tall drink of water indeed with just enough muscularity to make George swoon inside. Eric yelled, "I thought you said you couldn't make it, Liz! Don't look at me!"

Liz just stood there startled. She and her husband each carried a plastic bag with a bottle. Joe said, "What the hell is going on? My God, Eric, WHY ARE YOU FUCKING NAKED?"

"Make them let me go," Eric ordered, trying to regain control of his little party.

George calmly and quickly explained the truth or dare game, pointing out that others had also undressed, and then Liz and Joe laughed and went to the bar. "Oh, Eric," Liz laughed. "Sounds like you dug your own grave, baby." Liz and Joe had brought their own booze. As Joe removed his parka, George's eyes went straight to Joe's blue-jeaned ass. Woweeee. 

Strangely, Joe was not making an iimpression on anyone else, although it was amusing to them that Eric's family members were now involved and they did seem primed to intervene. Everyone else was focused on the naked, humiliated Eric being dominated by the very hot, very devlish George. George's own muscles moved and bulged sexily through his white T-shirt and his nipples were dark and pointy. Jenny began to stare at George's nipples; George was aware, and amused, because he saw that Jenny's own nipples were becoming erect themselves.

Tim pouted. No one was looking at him. This Joe guy had a better body. Tim had a drink.

Liz noticed Jennifer's erect nipples as well, and looked at Jennifer with some degree of contempt. Her lusty hubby looked at Jenny also, but it was not with contempt.

Jennifer poured herself more vodka. "Fuck him Betsy. Fuck him easy, but fuck him." Jenny explained to the married couple, "Betsy's dare is to finger Eric's, uh, hole."

Joe said, "I've never seen your brother naked," to Liz. Liz said, "I've never seen him  THIS naked." Joe replied, "His nipples are as hard as yours get." Liz blushed. "Oh, Joe." Joe was on a roll. "LOOK AT THAT. A MAN's nipples getting as ERECT as a WOMAN'S." Jenny crossed her arms over her chest. No need to show 'em all night, she thought.

"And look at his litttle dick," Joe teased. "Oh, JOE," said Liz.

"It's actually hard now," Tim blurted. "You should have seen it a while ago. It's a thumb when it's soft," then Tim decided he'd better stop contributing this type of information.

George flicked his own thumb over Eric's three-inch "erection," and confirrmed, "Yes, this is Eric hard. I'm touching a hard penis. It may not look like it's hard because it is so miniscule, but it is hard."

Eric screamed, "STOP TALKING ABOUT MY BODY LIKE I'M NOT HERE!!!!" George twisted a nipple and said, "HIS NIPPLES HAVE THE CONSISTENCY OF PEBBLES. Look at them."

Everybody did. "Never in a million years did I think I would see Eric Roan's taint." This from Joe, who was massively enjoying this little party.

"Join the club," mused Liz. "I'm just glad our parents are not seeing it."

Those who knew what "taint" meant laughed uproariously. Tim looked confused until Arthur explained the word, and Tim then laughed until he was red in the face.

Eric huffed and puffed in indignation. His own relatives were DOING NOTHING to cover his nudity. In fact, they were mocking it. IN FRONT OF HIS PARTY GUESTS AND EMPLOYEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"It's wild that he's showing off his fucking BUTTHOLE," said Joe, drinking and smiling. Eric told Joe to go fuck himself. Joe laughed in derision.

"Hey, I can contribute to the fun," said Joe. He went over to his coat, and pulled out a....light blue water pistol. It seemed to be full of water. Eric looked at it in trepidation. "I was playing with the kids this morning." George smiled. He wouldn't dare, thought George. His own brother-in-law?

Liz frowned. "Joe, I don't think...."

"Honey," Joe said to Betsy. "Move a little to the left." Betsy shifted.

Joe aimed at Eric's totally exposed asshole and pulled the trigger of the water pistol. It sprayed water right past Betsy directly into Eric's anus. Eric yelled in fury.

Everyone cracked up, especially Liz. Jenny forgot about her breasts and let them flop back out as she laughed. 

George said, "Betsy, before you finger Eric, I think everyone should play a little target practice. I just hope the water is room temperature."

Joe laughed. "It probably isn't. It's been in my coat all day and I've been outside and it's cold. Sorry, Eric."

This concept was greeted enthusiastically by all, and everyone, including Liz, took turns shooting the water pistol into Eric's spread ass. Just for fun, Arthur aimed at Eric's nipples, since they were sticking up and provided easy targets too. Also, George encouraged someone to do just that, and Arthur knew it would get an outraged reaction from his naked boss and a thumbs-up from the handsome, personable George, who had really made this party much more fun.

When the topless Jenny was handed the pistol, she proclaimed, "I'm just gonna stick it in him and pull. Watch this." Eric screamed at her and actually called her a whore. Big mistake.

Liz told her husband, "You can go get me another drink if you can PRY YOUR EYES AWAY FROM HER TITS." Joe took the hint, laughed, and refilled.

Jenny did as promised, imploring Eric to call her a whore again, and Eric screamed again, but at the entire gathering. "DON'T LOOK AT ME DOWN THERE!"  he wailed. "I BEG YOU."

After Eric's asshole was soaked, George said, "OK, gang. Moment of truth. His asshole is certainly clean now. And I'd wager, full. Betsy, you're up. After a water pistol, his asshole can handle a pretty little fingernail."

Betsy looked at the asshole and thought it very wet and sort of cute, so she teased it with her fingernail. Eric said nothing, just fumed, and sweated, as George played with Eric'e nipple and whispered, "I'm so glad I came over." George moved Eric's sexy nude body around and whispered, "I like your little love handles, Mr. Roan, they're as sexy as your little hard COCK," and Eric just died. Enjoying this delicious reaction, George ramped up the humiliation. He said, not particularly softly, "I'm gonna twist your hard nipple when she gets you to ecstasy." Eric's eyes widened in horror. Betsy inserted her entire finger into Eric and explored. She'd never done this before to anyone.

Eric Roan squirmed as he had a very sensitive anus. Betsy's finger was slender but she was moving it everywhere. It was driving Eric wild, particularly the ticklish fingerrnail, and soon Eric heard George whisper, "Eric, you're getting wet. Look at your slit."

Eric looked down. To his mortification, George was right! And to make matters more dire, Eric saw his cockhead had turned dark pink. This could mean only one thing. OH MY GOD.

"The boss is going to shoot a load, I think," said Arthur, opening another beer. "And look. The water is seeping out of his asshole." Arthur put the beer down and clandestinely took a photo with his phone. He was amazed no one noticed, so he took two more. He knew these photos would be quite graphic. Goody!

"The asshole's asshole is leaking water," said Tim, who didn't care what he said at this point; Eric wasn't his boss, and he had never before seen another man make such a fool of himself. "Is he going to shoot a load out the other end?"

Betsy wasn't entirely sure what "shoot a load" meant under these circumstances. Jenny told her, "locate his prostate, keep pushing your finger all the way, you'll find a little flappy piece of skin. Don't worry, he will love it, you'll see."

Betsy said, "OK,." And she did. "Found it," she beamed. "What now?"

Tim said, "Just keep playing with it. You'll see. We'll ALL see." I'm not gay, thought Tim. But he'd had this done to him at truckstops as well. The trannies loved to do this to Tim, and he let them, but once in a while, and only when he was sure he was squeaky clean, which he usually was.

Arthur wanted to rub Tim's naked back, but decided not to push his luck. But he did take a picture of the shirtless hunk, and Tim said nothing in protest, instead he posed for another one, flexing his muscles. Arthur grinned and took not one, but two more of TIm stripped to the waist and showing off. "Thanks, Tim," Arthur said, putting hie phone on the table and grabbing his beer. "No prob," said Tim. The men returned their attention to Eric's dilemma.

Tim smugly noticed Joe was looking at him now. So was his wife.

Eric begged Betsy to stop. "PLEEEEASE STOP........PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE STOP."

Liz and Joe had to sit down. They'd been standing. Both of them were in mild shock, but they'd smoked joints all day, and they were kicking in, along with the vodka they'd brought. THANK GOD, thought Liz. I don't know if I could handle this otherwise. Joe was thinking, this is fucking hilarious. He'd always thought Eric looked down on him because he was a construction worker. Joe thought Eric looked like he was in pain, but no one was doing anything to cause that, so Joe did not plan to intervene. He wasn't going to ruin the little party.

Eric was not in physical pain, quite the opposite, George had a free hand and he'd been using it to simply caresss Eric's exposed skin, all over, and now he used it to play with the tip of Eric's small but erect wet penis, playing with Eric's cock, rubbing fingers over Eric's wet slit and tugging on Eric's glans. Eric began to hyperventilate. Erie's bare buttock sat between George's legs and Eric could feel George was hard. George was aroused playing wtih my naked body, Eric realized, which only made Eric harder. Eric and George both realized water was trickling out of Eric's asshole. "Even your butthole is wet," 'teased George, twisting Eric's throbbing nipple with one hand and Eric's throbbing cockhead with the other. Eric moaned. Liz looked away. Joe grinned. "How embarrassing!" Joe yelled. "LEAKIN' FROM BOTH ENDS!"

"I think he's UP to four inches," observed George, jocularly, pleased to get a guffaw out of the studly Joe.

"Biggest it's probably ever been," jeered Tim. What the fuck. Liz thought it unfortunate for men to denigrate othr men's penis size, but this was a party and she wasn't at work, anyway, and Eric had invited these people, after al, so she just drank and watched her brother's fantastic naked humiliation in his own  house, on his own dime. She'd had to drag Joe over here, and he was laughing his head off, so Liz thought, win-win. But poor Eric. She'd never seen him look so out of control of himself. And she couldn't remember the last time she had seen him NAKED. It must have been when they were teenagers, and he was shy about it then, yelling at her if she intruded on him in the bathroom, for instance. Well, he was way out of any bathroom now, Liz smirked to herself.

All Eric could utter was, Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Pre-cum oozed coupiously out of Eric (and George, and Arthur). But Eric was the only man with water trickling out his butt. Everyone could see THAT.

Jennifer also felt a moisture in her loins. She drank and showed off her boobs. She'd seen the slab of beef Joe stare at them. Jennifer knew Joe's wife did not approve of her toplessness. Fuck off, bitch, Jennifer thought. 

George winked at Betsy and said, "Go on, girl," and Betsy played with the little flappy skin and then gaily chirped in a childlike voice: "It's like a little tongue. "And it's so WET," Betsy further observed in pleasure. George twisted Eric's right nipple, hard, and people watched him do it, all smiling. George spanked Eric's nude buttock, and more water gushed out, as George knew it probably would. Eric gasped in humiliation as his water splattered all over his rug and even worse, on his foot. The water was warm, and Eric only could hope that it was clear. Would this terrible humiliation never end? Eric felt all four cheeks blush with shame.

"Wow, his ass gushes water. Never seen a MAN do THAT. Am I gonna see your brother cum, honey?" asked Joe, chuckling. Joe knew Eric would die a thousand deaths doing that in front of his white brother-in-law. Not to mention his stylish syster, who George knew was a $100-an-hour therapist. Eric will be needing therapy after this, chuckled Joe to himself.

"Uhhh, I....." Liz stammered.

Eric knew what was about to happen to him. HE KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TO HIM. "LIZ, STOP THIS~~~~~~~~~MAKE THEM..............."

Too late.


That ouburst of monumental sexual ecstasy was from Eric Roan, accompanied by waves of snow-white semen that splashed all over Eric, George, and Betsy, the onlyl one able to flinch away from it. And it rained on family photographs, mail on a table, the rug on the floor, and a very confused kitten that George had not noticed to this point..George glimpsed the kitten slurpring his master's cum off its paw.

Liz said nothing. What could she say? "Good job, brother?" Joe opened his mouth and Liz gave him a look that said, "DON'T YOU DARE."

George let Eric slide to his floor and helped Betsy to her feet. He ran to Eric's bathroom and grabbed as many towels as he could, then returned to the scene of the crime. George threw towels around. Arthur and Tim, grinning, had put on their coats and were heading for the door. Jennifer had put on her blouse. She quickly followed, grabbing her own coat.

Eric seemed reasonably coherent, but totally humiliated. He grabbed two towels and wrapped them around himself and said not a word, but grabbed a drink. Only Betsy seemed concerned, and Eric waved her otf. "Party is over," he rasped, debased beyond all measure.

Liz and Joe were standing, stunned. Joe was laughing and Liz smiled since she was stoned. They both continued to drink, amazed. Joe was kind of gulping for breath, but he did manage to throw out: "Party's over? We just,,,,uh, CAME." George laughed and slapped Joe on his  firm back. I want me some of THIS, George thought, since he had become quite aroused by the little party's developments, especially Joe.

George got negative vibes from Liz, so, no fool,  George threw on his sweatshirt, grabbed his coat and fled the scene. He was actually the first one out because the others were dawdling, reveling in Eric's embarrassment as he clutched towels around his naked body. Cum was visible on  his nipples, and water from his ass trinkled down his legs "Hey, man, close your leak," chided Joe to Eric, who quickly pulled a towel between his legs and sat down, hard. "Oh, JOE," said Liz..

Hitting the street, George got a cab in seconds. Nothing like a quick exit. Eric would be OK, George thought. I mean, he has FAMILY there, George smirked. He had enjoyed the look of bewilderment on Liz's face as her brother ejaculated in the nude in his living room in front of his little party. He also found Joe's reaction interesting. Joe was hot, and he had a big leer on his face almost from the moment he had entered the party. George wished Joe had been there much earlier. He would have gotten him naked too.

Two naked brothers-in-law, naked at the same time. KIN-KY, said George, out loud more than once. He would have dared them to wrestle naked on the floor. And I'll bet Joe's dick was big, which would have KILLED Eric. Oh wait, Eric was already killed. KIN-KY.

Eric never returned George's calls or texts again, which weren't many because there never really had been in great volume, but George was interested in the aftermath of Eric's reluctant nudity and sexual meltdown.

In fact, George never saw Eric in person again. Eric's new coldness was OK by George, although it made him a little sad because he did like Eric as a friend. But George'd gotten his humiliation fix, watching a beyond naked Eric Roan jizz and wail like a banshee, against his will in his own apartment, in front of his entertained employees and family members. George had also been allowed to roam his hands all over Eric's nice body, and play with his small, small penis enough to get it to spurt. For such a tiny cock, it sure produced a boatload of spunk. And what white, thick spunk, too. Almost like toothpaste.

George relived the party many many times in his mind, and in his bed.

He thought about Joe and even Tim, but abandoned that. George never really pursued straight men. Especially married or dumb ones.

He did track down Arthur, they eventually became pals, and they often shared their pics, from Eric's little party., laughing and getting drunk. Arthur told George Eric strictly forbade any discussion of his little party in his presence. Arthur had even managed to sneak in a few water pistol photos from the party, and George immediately had Arthur send those photos to George's phone. One of these photos was particularly explicit; Eric's face was visible (so was George's but he didn't care), the lights and the water were illuminated JUST SO, and Eric's hole was startlingly exposed to an almost clinical degree, especially when blown up (which Arthur suggested and George eventually did). Arthur wanted to mail Eric a printed copy, but George talked him out of it. "Just slide it under his door in an envelope marked PERSONAL," George advised.

This is a TRUE story, except for some of the stuff about the kitten. There was a kitten, but it did not lap up Eric.'s semen, although it almost did, off the rug, but the animal didn't seem to like the taste, so the toothpaste-like glob remained on the floor for all to see. Until Eric stepped on it, deliberately.


Submitted: January 10, 2022

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