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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A successful builder and man about town sees a sad, scruffy girl and becomes obsessed by 'something' indescribable about her:

from the highest of heights to the depths of the sea
creations revealing your majesty
from the colors of fall to the fragrance of spring
every creature unique in the song that it sings
(Steve Green)




Jack of all trades I've been called or a handyman they may say

I think that I'm much more than both, skilled in the builders way.

I  work with George who’s like a boss, but really he's not in charge

But he knows the business inside out and his knowledge base is large

We work hard and try to finish jobs on time while keeping prices tight

And when were done we like to go out and play hard on a night


One day we went into our regular store aimed at the building trade

We knew the staff and they knew us and the banter that we made

Ivan, Billy, Emma, Debbie and Stace, - we’re all on first name terms

When we went in to get some  stuff I noticed a new face to the firm

She looked so shy and out of place wrapped up like a large cocoon

Packing shelves with silicone, Stanley knives and taps for a bathroom 


Now I've always liked an underdog, it must be something in my blood

But I also have a habit of saying things I shouldn't just because I could

So as I filled my yellow basket up with nails and fasteners for patio doors

I made a throwaway remark to her about the best screws in the store

She didn't even flicker her mouth neither frowned nor raised  a smile

She just said very quietly, if you want screws they're in the next aisle

George was holding back his smile and said ignore him pet 

He's gorra big job on today, he'll not be screwing anything yet

We took our trolley to the check out and Emma checked our bill

I asked who's the new girl, she said Yvonne she's nervous on the till

George paid for the stuff and we took it outside to the Transit van

There was something nice about that little lass in there -  Yvonne 


When next we shopped, Yvonne was there and she was on the till 

We got two  dozen four by two’s, some spax and a masonry drill

Emma was also checking out and I made a point of hanging back

George had clicked on what I had in mind and gave me arse a slap

I looked at Emm and said Arlreet, then gave my best smile to Yvonne

Said I only let Emma check me out, but today you can be the one


She almost smiled and I took some time to chance a closer view

There's not a trace of makeup and her face had a pale greyish hue

But her eyes were a pretty baby blue that sparkled when she spoke

Ya should wear gloves - ya poor hands are scruffy, I told her as a joke

Trying to hide her bitten nails she went a little red around the cheeks

Dint naa how Emma dis it, that'll be - Thirty two pund twenty six!


She was in a High Vis Jacket, at least two wooly tops, its not even cold

A month went by and week by week Yvonne became a little more bold

I'll admit she looked a right old mess and her hair looked just like straw

But bit by bit she found her smile and would answer back to banter more

When she was serving at her till, I’d had a flirt with Yvonne, bout her hair 

George pulled us when we got outside, says “Paul.-  ya cannit fancy her”

Ah winked and said “Geordie you naa me I'll go with anything in a skirt” 

George asks “ ever seen her in a skirt?,  ave nevva even seen her in a shirt”

She's not your type he carried on your only bein nice, to mak her feel good

Of course your right George, a said, but deep down, I hoped that if it would

So I took a chance on Friday to pull Emma to one side, I asked her quietly

What time does Yvonne finish work tonight? she told me ”half past three”


Didn't tell George why, just said I need to get a flyer, and finished work at two

I drove to the store, got some nails and hung around till she came through

As she come out I said hello, are you finished now? “Why” she asked with a grin

“Where you goin? I'll give you a lift - ”, she looked at the van smiled and got in

I bought her a Ice cream from a Mt Whippy Van then took it down to the beach

She said she live in Hastings Street which took just a few minutes to reach

We talked about our jobs, and schools and friends, then I left her at her door

I don't know what the girl was thinking but I really hoped she wanted more 

I’d said I’d see her in the shop next week when I went to pick up our gear

Carefully trying not to make it obvious that I would really like to see her

The following week George and I were finishing off a job in Red House

So it was Tuesday afternoon before we went to get guttering and spouts


When we first went in I didn't recognise the new girl joking  at the till

I smiled and looked at Emma who said What!,  before reality sank in

Yvonne was laughing and joking, Emm said dunno what's got into her

Her hair was smooth and shiny, with pink streaks where her ears were

I moved a little closer ”where's the High Vis Jacket  gone”, George cried

“You might as well be happy, it makes the day fly by” Yvonne smiled


You must've gottta boyfriend that’s  the reason why , says George, I bet

Yvonne flushed and she shook her head, Emma Winks and says” not yet”.

George looked at Emma, Emma looked at me, George looked at Yvonne

Then said “Paul?” to me. I saw the queue behind and said let's move along.

While George paid for his cement and sand I took the chance to ask, alone

What time you finish today, we'll get more ice cream and then I'll take you home.

I didn't wait for an answer, turned up at half past five, to wait for her to come

The Ice cream took an hour, she said I'll have to go. Dad’ll have me tea done

So how about we go out tomorra for a drink, - She asked if I meant in the park

Nooo I said The Park Inn is such a dump, we’ll go into the Crown for a lark



Tuesday night I met some of the lads  in the Alexandra for a beer

Joe Mick and Kenny in the back room to play pool with the locals here

Mick was talking business to Gus And Maureen who ran the pub.

Me and Joe were talkin footy and Kenny wanted to go round the club

We only drank four or five pints each cos we were at work the next day

Kenny was a Shipwright, I had a bath ta fit, Joe didn't work and Mick didn't say


Mick was down as driver and we said lets get some food, the chippy isn't far

He wasn't very happy, said I’ll go to the chippy but don't eat them in me car 

Kenny says the one beside the Ashbrooke pub is best and it's also on the way

Joe  wanted to be down the town to find a club for a late drink on a Tuesday

I said to Mick just get the chips and drop me off and Joe can walk from mine

Around about midnight mt friend Foxy (Anne) called in to play, to pass the time

Wednesday morning at six o’clock the alarm clock rang to get me out of bed

If I don't get up straight away it spoils my day so I let the shower spray my head

A naked figure followed me out then she hugged me and joined me in the shower 

Foxy said'morning - I'll wash yours if you wash mine, we've still got over an hour

but in my head I'm planning what I've got in mind for Yvonne and where we’ll go

Brushing up my hair while I'm sitting on the toilet, I thought meal, maybe a disco

The bath we took from the customers house was cast iron, weighing about a ton

The easy way to get it out was to smash it up with a hammer to take the bits down

Once we had the monster out we went to get the new suite from the van,

The pipes were old and didn't fit so George says nip out for fittings that can

A trip to the store was fine by me, it will give us a chance to see Yvonne

I measured up and wrote it on a bit of wood - cos that's what builders write on


I strode into the shop whistling no particular tune,  that's what tradesmen do

There she was tidying the shelves, I was itching to ask her for a long screw

I bit me tongue and went to the aisle what has  all of the copper and brass

Ivan comes up to me all secretive, “Emma’s telt Billy ya seein that Lass”

D’ya mean Yvonne who’s over there, Aye - he says Dya Knaa who she is?

I laughed at him and winked  “Ivan mate, she works here” I said takin the piss


“Shes feckin Benny’s daughter, he said lookin concerned.” I said “Benny the brick?”

Nooo, Benny Dixon ya fool, her brother Andy’s just got out for GBH, are ya thick?

For those of who don't know the legend ‘Sawnoff Benny’ is the man who sorted out

A local so called hard man who was known for dishing threats and violence about.

Now it happens I knew Benny, and I’d come across Andy too, they’d seemed OK.

But Emma says they’re dead protective of Yvonne - That’s all I'm going to say


I got me stuff in me little basket and took it to the tills, Stacey’s servin and smiles 

Wot you laffin at I ask, She nods toward the aisles. I said wots funny about files

You ya plank, takin out Yvonne, poor lass, but we’ve warned her your a player 

What d’ya mean ya cheeky mare, I'm very shy and sweet under this hard layer?, 

Give ower Paul a naar ya ex and her sister too.  They’ve telt us stuff anyhow

“I don't naar what Moira said but it wasn't me and ah wasn't there the lying cow”


On me way out of the shop a said to Yvonne I'll see ya at yours at eight?

If ya like we can go to a disco after the pub if you don't mind it being late

When I got back on the job George was drinking a mug of steaming tea.

So I started laying up the pipes and drains to finish plumbing in the suite 

By two o'clock the bath was sealed and the basin and toilet replaced.too

Another hour tiling and the customer was chuffed with her nice new loo.


All packed up by four I thought I'd pop round  and see me mam and dad

If I time it right I always know I can grab a freebie tea and have a nice chat

Six and back at home, tidy round the house and then a shower and blow dry hair.

Quickly run the Philishave across the face and splash  some Brut  on there 

Then get out my high waisted trousers and a long collared tailored shirt

Some Kickers and I'm ready for the the night ahead all refreshed and alert

I stopped outside the house in Hastings Street with a little bit of  apprehension

Not sure of the reception I’d  get.  I didn't even blow the horn to get attention

The door swung open wide as she appeared in the doorway, looking stunning

In a yellow wrap around dress and platform shoes I hadn't seen that coming

I was so pleased at the sight that I saw - she has got legs! I thought and all

When ah looked again I saw that Dad was standing   behind her in the hall, 


She turned to smile at him and he gave her a big kiss, then he gave me a wave

Yvonne said “ah diddent know ya knew me Dad”, I said “well he knows ya safe”

He says who a see is arl up ta me. Anyways  he sez he thinks that your OKAY.

Relief flowed through my body,  And your Mam a said - what does she say?

Me Mam left us alone when a was eight, and I've never seen her since then

A love me Dad so much, he’s been more than a ma, I'll never see her again

Just me and our boy my Dad dragged us two kids up with everything we need

I felt embarrassed and I sed what a shame. She said don't feel sorry for me

It wasn't a shame but a blessing, she was pure fuckin evil through and through.

Me dads a hard man and he done all he can but the bitch left him with us two

It was the only time I've ever seen him cry and a know his reputation around town

They can say what they like but we know that our Dad has never ever let us down




Submitted: January 10, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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