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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jack makes some calls and bumps into an old friend. He recalls his sexual awakening and entertains a client


Jack enjoyed Saturdays. He had enjoyed Friday too. What a fantastic day it had been. Jack had done his six service calls and managed to increase the orders on three of them. Two more were happy to maintain their quota this month and one local chemists store said he would not be ordering around 30% of his usual order because another firm had come in to offer a better deal.

This was not unusual, firms called it incentive sales or loss leading. Basically they sold the articles at a lower price than break even to get the customer interested. Greed was a great incentive. Jack knew the best way to deal with this was to play along, congratulate the buyer on his great skill in negotiating, then over a friendly coffee and biscuits pick the deal apart.

"I assume he offered you a three month price guarantee with that - oh he didn't . shame it's such a good price."

or perhaps let them in on some inside knowledge

"The manufacturers are in trouble and soon they will be taken over by the big guys. - That's when our purchasing power benefits customers. We always absorb the price rise if we can for regular customers".

"Anyway thanks for the coffee, see you next time." Big smile and bounce happily out.

An hour later the same fellow is phoning me back. "Ah Jack I've been talking to the boss about those orders we dropped."

"Oh yes just phoned them in to head office mate" I tell him cheerily, then make him squirm suggesting that if he puts the order in now he may lose his discount etc., before eventually telling him.

"I'm putting my job on the line for you here, I'll say it was my mistake."

Job done. I also managed to pick up a small independent chemist store in York centre.

His dinner with Julie had been very pleasant too. What a lovely girl she was, fourteen years younger than him and full of the joys of life and the anxieties of self image. She was far too good for him, he thought, "she's punching way below her weight", but she made him feel like it was an honour to be dining with him.

As is often the case on such occasions, she talked the whole time, giving him her life story along the way. Jack chipped in with little gems of advice and witty humour. "You are a right laugh Jack" she repeated a little too often. "Bet you have loads of girlfriends Jack" she said digging for information. "I've never been to a restaurant like this before Jack, it's classy, isn't it, Jack?"

Jack thinks her use of his name in every sentence is a dead give away. She likes him, he knows it, she knows he knows it. Jack likes her too, but it wouldn't be fair to encourage her too much.

Then of course it happened. It usually did "So what are you doing tonight, Jack?"

before he could reply she rocks in with the line.

"I'm not doing anything Jack, - typical - it's 'fun friday' and I'll be stuck in on my own, Jack" then she pouts and wipes away an imaginary tear.

"No Jack" he tells himself "you're going home"

Home to what though, All his mates have wives and girlfriends. All of the Kings with all of their Queens. Sitting on their thrones in their social groups or having dinner parties. Popping prosecco and raising a toast.

"Do you not fancy going somewhere" Says Jack confidently

"Like where?" comes her coy reply "Anywhere or nowhere Julie" He laughs endearingly. "You know York - or we could go to Boro or Newcastle, try a few clubs"

She thinks for a moment, smiles and says with renewed confidence "Are you staying here in York tonight then?"

Jack puts on his innocent look and says, "thats a kind offer Julie, or you could stay at my place"

Then he looks horrified by his suggestion and says "Oh that sounded dreadful! - I mean I've a spare room"

So Jack picked her up at five thirty from work and went back to her Mum and Dads house for tea. Then they set off for His house. She'd change from her work clothes into some tight Jeans and a blouse with a jumper on top. It was a very attractive look. She'd also brought some going out clothes, and a sponge bag. So she probably thought she was staying.

Jack didn't have time to think on the drive to Sunderland, Julie talked non stop. He didn't think much as they got ready to hit the town - Newcastle, she talked excitedly even as she put on her luscious lipstick. She looked a treat. Jack managed to fit in a shower and getting dressed between the words as she stood in his bedroom in her underclothes and watched him shower.

At six oclock the alarm chimed. He sat up and waited for the news and Tony Blackburns show. He looked behind him at the empty bed.

He had remembered how the last whirlwind romance had turned out, and very gently, very kindly explained to Julie, that he did not want to take advantage of her after what had been a perfect evening with a beautiful young lady.


Jack Bruce, wandered to the bathroom as Julie came out, her hair was wet and she was looking fresh and smelling of Lynx Africa. -"Different! he thought.- "Hurry up" she said "I haven't got long."

"Not a bit of makeup and still looking cute" Jack thought to himself "I did like that lipstick though"

Jack emptied his bladder and had a quick shower and tooth wash. Then he sprayed himself with Lynx - "might as well match her" he thought "Lynx Africa will remind me of her forever now"

He was only five minutes but when he returned to the bedroom his pillows were plumped up and there was a glass of fresh orange on each bedside table. Julie sat up on the other side of the bed. Smiling sweetly and tapping at her phone.

"Come on then" she said enthusiastically, "my boyfriends picking me up at ten. Let's enjoy the next couple of hours. - Please will you drop me at the station at quarter to." Julie said matter of factly.

"Mmm you smell good Jack" she giggled, as she snuggled in close. Jack was relieved that she had spared him the painful explanation of why he wasn't ready for a full on relationship.

She had been seeing her boyfriend since their schooldays, she had told Jack last night, "I cancelled his idea of Movies night, watching 'The Matrix' at his mams. - " She sighed.

"So if you are Ok with it I'd rather have your company Mr Bruce - no strings attached"

Jack asked no more questions and they enjoyed their time together.

As she got out of the car round the corner from the station she kissed him gently and said "See you next time?" "Its a date" replied Jack but he wasn't convinced. "She stinks of Lynx Africa" he thought "whats the poor lad going to say."

Jack had half expected Julie to ask him if she could stay another day, so with most of the day ahead of him and a warm feeling inside he thought he would pop round to see an old friend for coffee.

"Hey Google, call Steve Morris" he said towards his phone, in the hands free cradle.

The phone lit up and the message came back via bluetooth "Sorry I can't find Eve Norris" Haway Googie get your act together he said to the phone. "Hi Google call Steven Morris"

This time she replied politely - "calling Steven Morris brrrr brrrr brrrr brrrr brrrr click"

"Hi Jack whats up mate?".

"Just wondering if you fancied a "full english" and a coffee" replied Jack, knowing the answer.

Steve paused and 'ummed' " Ok then I'm through the Toon though, where'd you fancy?"

"Quay 7 in the Copthorne OK?" asked Jack, Steve came straight back "half an hour then"

Jack swung onto the big roundabout and doubled back towards the Newcastle Road, requesting a playlist from Amazon music. "Playing Wheels on the Bus" from Amazon music playlist - Kids today -" Alexa or one of her sisters replied

What came on was not quite what you might expect - unless you listen to Capital Radio. The song reminds Jacks of his first outing on the School Minibus, to Billingham Forum Leisure complex. Jack pictured the scene.

"He was just looking out the window and it was cold outside. There are two boys yelling behind him and he's terrified. He watches the trees as they pass by. He's trying not to look across the aisle, cos Mary's letting Dan put his hand up her skirt and she's got her hand down his pants.

He noticed the driver watching them in the rearview mirror. Jack was trying not to look a row behind him, as Jason's got his bare bum against the window. He is sure the driver sees, but he's still peeking at Mary. He says nothing but nearly hit the car in front when Mary shuddered and let out a whimpering noise.

Secondary school was a whole new game for young Jack. The opposition were adolescent girls. Why was he not the one putting his hand up Mary's skirt?

What was she making those noises for?,

is Dan hurting her?

Of course they were two years older than Jack and worldly wise

Of course they were two years older than Jack and worldly wise. He must have been staring because Mary suddenly looked straight at him "Do you want your eyes back Brucie" she snarled and then they went back to eating each other's faces while Jack became aware of the stirring within his trousers.

"Was that my first experience of being controlled by a member of the female sex" he thought. "Is that where it started. A shiver ran down his spine as he remembered how Mary teased and manipulated him throughout that excursion. Of course he hadn't even heard of Testosterone, but his supply had been released that day.

To the amusement of the older boys and girls she demonstrated mind control like a professional.

"Oh I'm so thirsty Brucie, and I can't afford a can of coke," she purred into my ear

"I'll hold your hand all the way to the machine if you buy me one"

I'd never had a girl want to hold my hand before, so I walked her to the drinks machine and popped my 50p in. "Thank you Handsome" she smiled and was gone.

"Was that the same hand that had been in Dan's pants" I thought "wow" Why I found that exciting I've never figured out.

Later she came over again while I was chatting to some of my mates. She stood behind me with her arms around my waist, "Brucies my boy tonight" she announced to my mates, as she pressed her chest into my back. "We're going for cheesy chips now, aren't we Handsome?" she said as her right hand made lazy circles along the waistband of my trousers, under my jumper.

Of course she got her cheesy chips and I got an erection. I was walking on air when I got home. Strange thing was she was not an attractive girl. A little overweight, ruddy cheeks and uneven teeth. The smell that exuded from her was both unpleasant and exciting.

"See you in school Brucie" she said as she got off the bus, flashing a lot of thigh in my direction.

For two years I ran after Mary at school. The lads called me her little lapdog. But that was ok I'd seen her pants and felt her breast on more than one occasion. Sadly, although she teased she never put her hand in MY pants.

"Do you remember Mary from school Steve?" I said over my bacon and sausage, "I was just thinking about her on the way here".

"Oh yes" replied Steve with a wink, "She couldn't keep her hands off you. We all knew you were giving her one, - well you didn't go with her for her looks did you" He guffawed.

As I drove home I said "Google call Julie York" (not her name) Hya Julie I said cheerfully, everything Ok? Yes fine she replied (whispered - its my boss I need to take this) Hang on a second Brian - she said

Thirty seconds later Jack heard "Sorry I just needed to take this on my own."

"Oh I'm so sorry" said Jack "I just wanted to check you were Ok, especially as you got in his car smelling of Lynx Africa"

"That was the plan, Jack" giggled Julie "He always smothers himself with it - hides any stray niffs There was a pause and then she continued, "You've just made my day, I thought you might ignore me. - You are so thoughtful" She blew a kiss down the phone "I'm willing to be unfaithful again, if thats ok with you." "Okay", Jack blew a kiss down the phone.

"Careful Jack" he told himself "who was manipulating who last night"

"Clubbing with the lads tonight" he thought


Submitted: January 09, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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I like how you dance from present to past, the insight provided from previous events. Jack has been manipulated by an older girl in school, and he seems apt to repeat the process with the girls that he meets. I guess, when you find that you're the one making accommodations for your mate, that makes you the sub in the relationship. Julie sounds a bit dangerous.

Sat, January 22nd, 2022 8:47pm


Such an insightful review, Jack has many skeletons in his closet and many hangups. some of which he is not aware. All women are dangerous, thats why we men love them so much LOL

Sat, January 22nd, 2022 1:50pm

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