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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jack Bruce is a successful travelling salesman, traveling the North of England selling pharmaceuticals and beauty products to chemist shops and chain stores. He is very good at his job and takes a pride in knowing his customers. He is fun, good looking ,generous and kind. He builds close but casual relationships wirh ladies wherever he goes and is renowned for his ability to charm both ladies and men.

But there is a deeper side to Jack which he mentallyaddresses while driving between customers. His innermost thoughts surface, explaining his unusual and interesting behaviour..



JAMES (JACK) BRUCE Woke up just like he did every morning, to  had spontaneity, depending on the occasion

JAMES (JACK) BRUCE Woke up just like he did every morning, to  had spontaneity, depending on the occasion. Work was always better if he stuck to his routine. He used to stand straight up and head for the bathroom when he was younger, but now he sat and listened to the three or four minutes of News. Then off to the bathroom. Always the same drill whether he woke up fresh or hungover, whether he'd gone to bed late, or very occasionally, early.

Jack had read somewhere that all the successful people allowed around four or five hours for sleeping. So did Jack, he thought sleep was a waste of his limited time on this planet, so kept it to a workable minimum.

Shower next, cleaning his teeth and shaving while he was enjoining the invigorating hot water from the shower. He always turned the temperature down to luke warm to avoid getting out sweating. Next he scrubbed himself dry, checked himself out in front of the mirror and applied various colognes moisturisers and hair preparations. That gave him ten minutes to blow dry and style his light brown hair, before putting on a clean set of socks, boxers and shirt.

At this point, if he was on schedule, he would pop into the kitchen of his 'luxury apartment' and make a cafetiere of coffee, put a slice or two of bread in the toaster and push the lever down. This way he could nip back to his bedroom, straighten the bed, put his dirty things in the washing basket, before putting on his smart dark blue suit and a tie that matched his mood.

All set he could now butter the toast, press the coffee plunger down and have a light breakfast before leaving his home at seven , on the dot, to get into his BMW 5 series and start his days work.

All set he could now butter the toast, press the coffee plunger down and have a light breakfast before leaving his home at seven , on the dot, to get into his BMW 5 series and start his days work

Once or twice a week Jack would go into 'The Office' for the 'Representatives Briefing' with the local sales reps from the North East area. Head Office was situated in Middlesbrough and so it was an easy forty-five minute drive and gave him time to catch up with the rest of the 'team'. Team was a loose description of the sales personnel, Most of them went there own way and devised their own strategies, even though they had all had the same training.

Jack called it the MAN system, because the word MAN was used extensively throughout the three day training course he had attended. MAN the person who has the

M oney,

A authority, and

N eed, for whatever he was selling.

Jack relied heavily on:

P ersonality,

I ntelligence gleaned about the buyer,

C harisma to schmooze that person and

K nowledge of his products.

Yes PICK the MAN was his mantra. He seldom failed to get an order. His preparation and planning was alway immaculate.

As he chatted to the collection of sales reps around him he glanced at the 'Board on the end wall of the room. "Top of the board again" he boasted unashamedly, to wind up his colleagues.

He always spent more time flirting with the office girls than joining in the brash macho conversation going on among the other salesmen

He always spent more time flirting with the office girls than joining in the brash macho conversation going on among the other salesmen. He went over to Carley, the PA of one of the managers and said "So let me tell you about my little secret, I'm a little bit crazy underneath this cool exterior".

Jack knew Carley was in a relationship with a jealous and aggressive factory worker, but also having a relationship with one of the junior managers at head office, a quiet but pleasant young lad. Jack knew Carley really liked him too, but he now had a rule about people he works with.

"Do you ever feel like a misfit Carley?" Jack asked "Everything inside you all dark and twisted?"

Carley's eyes sparkled and looked at him intrigued, "Sometimes" she smiled back wondering where the conversation was going..

"So do I" smiled Jack, "been there got the T-Shirt" He said, remembering his first serious relationship with - a girl from the Garage where he was training to be a car salesman.

"Hey Carley ''he said putting an arm around her shoulders. It's okay to do things differently - I always do!

Jack turned into the meeting and listened to the Sales Manager doing his motivational speech. Watched him make fun of Terry who had just had his worst ever week despite usually being consistently high up the board, and saw the determination in Terry's eyes as he said "We'll see - Ya Twat ", lightheartedly to the Laughing Manager.

Then he picked up his papers, samples and sales materials fron Janice on the desk before setting off for York in the BMW, Capital Radio playing cheerfully.


Jack Bruce settled in his seat for the hour and a half, drive down the A19 to York. He had scheduled six calls for today, all by appointment with existing customers, he also had a couple of 'leads' he had identified from his research, and he hoped to 'doorstep' their buyers and persuade them to buy from his company, - Eston Medical Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Supplies-(EMCAPS).

Sometimes it was easier to get the MAN to listen to your pitch if it came in the form of a surprise visit. It was too easy for a phone call appointment to be cancelled or to get the "we'll call you back" avoidance response. He was very persuasive face to face.

"When did I learn to be so assertive?" Jack thought as a Melanie Martinez song played on the radio. He was a happy child from a nice middle class self made family, with traditional views and values. His older Brother and Sister were popular and sociable, with many friends and acquaintances. The house was always alive with visitors, both for his siblings and his parents. The extended family of Cousins, Aunts and Uncles were similarly sociable, likeable people.

Jack was no exception, he entertained the many visitors with his endless questioning and funny conversations. "Kissed the Blarney Stone, Gift of the Gab, Silver tongued" were common descriptions. He was the youngest of a large extended family, who to Jack appeared to be some kind of super kids, who were good at everything and were known by and admired by nearly everyone.

What Jack had not realised at the tender age of five, was that he was really pretty influential when he played out with his peers. He always got a game of footy or cricket or hide and seek. He always got to play games his way. He suffered very little bullying. Jack thought he was the little runt of the group who everyone laughed at and 'just put up with'.

School started and he went to a very local school, his neighbourhood friends also went there too so he got along quite happily, The teachers generally liked him because he was clean, smartly dressed and polite. They also found his quick wit and humble manner endearing. Jack was NEVER the little one sitting alone in the school yard or at the birthday party, in fact Jack was always the one who would leave the fun or the game to keep the lonely boy or girl company.

All through primary school Jack wished he was called John or Gary or Richy or some other name he considered was cool. He had even tried changing his name on his school books from James to John - The teacher corrected it telling him James was a lovely name. He thought he was ugly, and skinny and had funny coloured hair. That, apparently, wasn't how others saw him.

When the freckle faced buck-toothed fat kid in ill fitting clothes called him ugly, he was gutted and likely to wish that he was himself ginger, fat freckled, toothy and smelly. Of course he kept these feelings bottled up inside himself. It was many years later that he found out from the parents of a couple of girls in his junior school class that he had a crush on, that they had in fact told their Mothers about the boy they 'loved' in their class - James Bruce.

Jack honestly believes that his shyness and insecurity was ultimately attractive to many girls.

He reached his first call in York, or more precisely on a retail park on the outskirts of York. The large multi-branch "variety home store," sold a range of medicines, pharmaceuticals and medical aids such as bandages, plasters and thermometers as well as cosmetics for men and women such as deodorants and fragrances.

Jack knew exactly what EMCAPS stocked, the prices and the stock quantities. He knew the mark up on the price and how popular the product was. It impressed the customer and made it possible to offer special deals 'for a special customer'. He also knew all the seasonal trends and latest fashions. The buyers loved his efficiency. He even kept a little note of the manager's wife and kids names etc.

He walked into the front doors and went straight up to the office where the buyer had a coffee pot waiting. Ten am. On the dot, Jack was always on time - "It matters" Thought Jack.

Jack took a couple of minutes to tell Julie, his secretary how nice she looked, comment on her perfume and her crisp white blouse.

Oiling the cogs he called it. "We must have lunch next time I'm here" said Jack with a wink "my treat" - "I'll keep you to that" replied Julie with a coy flicker of her eyelashes, and an exaggerated sway of her hips as she 'showed him through' to the Manager's Office.

Jack completed his first deal of the day and mentally chalked up his commission as he left. "I'm off at twelve" chirped a smiling Julie, her lips sparkling from the fresh lipstick, as he came out from the office. "I've got an hour"

"Me too" enthused Jack "I'll pick you up"

"Not the Shy boy anymore" Jack thought as he checked his phone and walked back to his car. He booked a table at a little hotel he knew for twelve fifteen. "Its the little things" he thought, "and she's a lovely girl. All on expenses"

Jack meant it, she would be good company and Jack always craved company

Jack meant it, she would be good company and Jack always craved company.

The words of a song rang in his ears.

"We can be friends if you want to be

But only 'til the clock hits three."



Submitted: January 08, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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Isla McNair

Wonderful! (and yes, I do mean it!)

Sat, January 8th, 2022 10:33pm


Thank you. Our Jack is a bit of a tiger. But ia he happy. Twisty story this one. Xx²

Sat, January 8th, 2022 3:51pm


Nice start. Look forward to seeing where this goes.

Sun, January 9th, 2022 8:19pm


Thanks, I really hope you enjoy the journey. Its got lots of twists.


Mon, January 10th, 2022 6:16pm


You're a meticulous writer, attending to detail. Reading your bio, I noted your variety of occupational experiences and emphasis on generating reports. I can see your previous life seeping through your literary talents. I like where this is going, and I like your character development.

It can be a bit of a challenge for someone so astutely focused as you to streamline your story, perhaps skipping by the buttered toast and dirty laundry so that you can dive into the meat of the matter. Still, such attentions do create as sense of routine, a sort of quasi obsessive compulsive atmosphere intricately important to understanding the protagonist.

The details of streets and company names adds legitimacy to your piece. I like how you intermingle pictures. These are curious acronyms you highlight, classic to the business minded self-driven over achiever who drives a BMW and lives alone in a luxury apartment... where he eats toast for breakfast and dresses like Christian Grey.

Mon, January 10th, 2022 4:42am


Thank you so much for taking the time, not only to read the first chapter but to provide such a detailed and thorough review. I feel as though I have been skilfully Psychoanalysed, and I am happy to admit that you were very close to the truth in many of your assumptions.
Jack Bruce is a very complicated character, maintaining his grip on the world through routine. I would be delighted if you were to read the full story as it is published, and perhaps speculate on his subconscious reasons for his behaviour,

Thank you again for taking the time

Graham x

Tue, January 11th, 2022 1:11am

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