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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A short offering in verse of a story which is substantially true, characters have been changed but the rest nearly all happened. Just found it and thought "Why not"



If you've read of Alyssa or Betsy Todd

My own story started out the same

The era’s a little bit later but oh my God

I’ll tell you my little story - The Story of Jane


I grew up never knowing me Dad

Me Mam did her best I must tell

The three of us - two girls and a lad

She looked after us all really well


A nice enough house on a local estate

Houses with families and lots of kids

We played out with our best mates

And the old folk watched what we did


We played all the games children like

Knocky nine doors Queeny, hide n seek

We often played with someones old  bike

Doctors and nurses where no one could peek


The wash house in the Alley was our hideout

Or our Tardis, sometimes  smugglers Cave

We daring ones climbed the roof up a spout

Playing mountain climbers or just to sunbathe


I’m the middle child and Jess is my big Sis

My  brother Roger was  two years younger

Jess was pretty and she had  clothes that fits

Not me. - They got handed down to last longer


Roger was a quiet Kid often got up to no good

He’d never admit he’d done something wrong

Breaking toys, swearing or stealing our food

His friends, few but his friendships lasted long

I’m slim and always was, they say I stand tall

In the junior school my hair was long and fair 

Jess had dark brown eyes, red lips, tan and all

I’m pale, blue eyed and skinny with straight hair


My Mam always told me “stick up for yourself”

Don't be scared to ask if you don't understand

Some teachers called me a cheeky little elf

But my tests in Maths and English were grand


In high school I started liking the look of  boys 

I’d love to join in their rough house games

I swapped lipstick and rouge for kids toys

I knew lads liked me, and not for my brains


I quickly figured out what all the boys desire

Not clever talk -  they thought that I was hot 

I learned manipulation, I could light their fire

I used my girly charms to get things I’d want


At the youth club I'd get more lads than Tess

Wearing  jeans and T shirts and wiggling my bum

She wore nice shoes, tights and a lovely dress

I’d swop ten minutes snog for fags and gum


At the School Christmas Disco I saw Mr Brown

He was a young Science teacher I  liked a lot

But he was he was always putting me down

He was dancing with some pupils to a record


I walked across the dance floor made up right

He had a look on his face Oh Oh, Oh no it said

I looked at him and said I love you, please be nice

I gave him a big kiss with my arms round his head

He didn't push me away,  just looked in shock

I oddly enjoyed the kiss but blamed it on booze

Everyone was looking as I left with a sexy walk

Not a word was spoken that night or in school


Funny as it sounds my science marks went up

I got lots of  friendly help and praise for effort

No nastiness or any mention the kiss I snuck

I felt sorry for him but guess my Kiss had merit


Fifteen years later when I was older and wiser

I saw that teacher on a late bus with his mates 

He was very very drunk, I’d been on the cider

I fought my way down the busy bus in a state

Mr Brown smiled, held out his arms to me 

I smiled back and tottered to where he sat

He said Jane how lovely, here  sit on my Knee

I sat and snogged him, I said you like that


He laughed out loud and said I haven't forgot 

but I shit myself then after what you’d done

Here’s some more then I said, like a shot

Snogging him on his knee, wriggling my bum 


It could have been so different, the life I’m in

I was attracted to the bad boys and the scum

What would I be if I’d chose a man like him

I was giving my body freely to anyone for fun


Too short an adolescence working in factories

Pregnant at seventeen to a fling with a drunkard

Set up home together living off crime sprees

He used to hit me and lock me in, life was hard


The social came along one day we was drunk

Said lets see the child, and took her into care

Went back to Mam and she sniffed said I stunk

She hugged me, bathed me and washed my hair


Jess was happily Married, with two lovely kids

Roger was a Welder, girls were not his style

Mam was still single, told me what she’d did

Said I should have left while I could still smile


I tried to change my ways and find a Mr Brown

Dressed more appropriately, got myself a job

Still kept getting chancers when I went to town

All they wanted was touchy feely and a  bonk


When I was nearly thirty the miracle occurred

I was drinking with the girls from work in town

I saw a sad figure sitting alone - it was absurd

I slow  walked across and said “Is it Mr Brown”

The story of the next ten years is so happy

A poem that started sad doesn't end  so bad

The rest of my story is boring for you - but not me 

I’m happily married now and this Jane Brown is glad


Jane Brown - 1999


Submitted: January 08, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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Harriet-Jacqui xx

Faded photos!

Sat, January 8th, 2022 10:32pm


Faded memories

Mon, January 10th, 2022 4:30pm


I like your story, & I'm really glad that you were confident enough to share it with us!!!

Sun, January 9th, 2022 5:42am


Thank you, it is so helpful to receive feedback.

Sun, January 9th, 2022 2:47am


An epic poem. How lovely. I enjoyed that immensely. I like the pics in your piece and your British vernacular. Self revealing and endearing to the reader. Well done

Mon, January 10th, 2022 4:03am


Thank you so much Kitten, your feedback is so appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed the verse. I went through a period of writing a short poem, but my Facebook followers kept asking me to continue so I did. ????

Mon, January 10th, 2022 4:28pm

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