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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Memories of a happy adolescence and Essex Girls. Discovering new experiences.



August of 1968 drew to an end, 


The seemingly endless summer of the adolescent was fading away for another year too.


Still childlike enough to be already thinking of the coming pleasures of Halloween, Bommy Night  and the glorious promise of Christmas and New Year.


Holiday memories had faded very quickly and best mate Benji and I were saving up for new adventures.


I was taking all the shifts I could get at the garage where I had a part time job pumping petrol, Benji had gone off to work the rest of the holiday with his Dad, on the North Sea oil pipelines.


September came and Upper 6th school began, Two more terms of hard work to get the grades I required for college. 

It’s fair to say that I didn’t make much effort at school.  I listened, learned and made notes.  It all appeared easy to me, so revision wasn’t a priority. Night clubs had become part of my life, girls had been there a while -

Local bands were performing at the Bay  Hotel and Soul music  was becoming popular.  For the first time rock was coming to town.  Certain pubs had become popular with the younger Generation 

In those days pubs had ‘Gentlemen only’ bars.  A few of us would gather there and do manly things in the company of other ‘Gentlemen’ aged between seventeen and eighty five.  We had cheap beer, dominos, darts and card games mixed with chat between the generations.  A couple of teachers would come in and nod knowingly  in our direction. 

The barman was only a couple of years older than us but played the stereotypical barman.  He knew us all by name and would offer “The Usual” to us as we came in.

Two doors away was the lounge, complete with all the trendy young people, Juke box and subdued lighting.  The place to take young ladies to impress but not to meet them.

A local neighbourhood pub offered younger drinkers an alternative. Merlins Bar, a  man made a cave!  With a small bar in one corner, dim coloured lights, a well stocked Juke box and faux stone walls.   It even had a cauldron over an artificial flickering fire, complete with a witch in one corner, .  With sticky carpets, loads of smoke and a couple of hundred in-betweeny customers and you had a money pit.

Benji and I soon figured out that if we stood either side of the Jukebox we were in the sweet spot for chatting to girls, obtainable girls, - it was nearly always girls- who fed the Jukebox.   To this day if I hear the opening bars of Marvin Gaye singing ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’, I‘m transported happily back to that dingy cave.

In December I had my second attempt at the driving test.  Monday 9th December at nine o’clock.   I passed, but a car was just beyond my financial means.

Then somebody invented the  Discotheque, where records replaced live acts.  Complete with flashing lights, affordable meals, trendy DJs and dance music that was only heard in venues for young people.   We quickly became ‘regulars’ and on first name terms with the bar staff, doormen and DJ’s.

It was the worldly wise DJ  Big John who had worked at Barbarellas in Majorca who gave us the idea.  When he found out my sister had moved to Chelmsford he recalled his days in Southend on Sea.  “You ain't lived till you’ve had an Essex Girl,'' said the impressive John.

“Gagging for it the lot of em. -  Never fail. - They ain't learned the word NO honest every one’s a goer.”

“You've gotta love an Essex Girl boys"

Meanwhile, by the end of 1968 top tier bands were coming to town.   We were there - real ‘lads’ now, popular with the ladies we thought. Always somebody to walk home.

 The Family,  Pink Floyd, Free, The Nice, The Who, Sweet etc.  We were there and as Winter turns to Spring, in no time June was upon us, along with Study Leave college applications and A Level exams.

Big John the DJ continued to tell us tales of depravity and debauchery with Essex Girls.  as we watched Pans People appearing live within touching distance with DJ John pointing towards them and saying See lads - "

Essex girls them -You gotta love Essex Girls”


So when Whitsun arrived Benji and I decided to get some of this ‘Ess Sex’ and we headed for the bright lights of London.  Well that was where the bus took us.  Overnight to Victoria bus station. 

Of course we told our mates all about it and managed to generate a modicum of jealousy with talk of Soho and Carnaby Street.

From Victoria we set off for our luxury accommodation.  Train to Chelmsford - well its only thirty miles from London- to stay with my Sister  and her husband.  Armed with Levi Jeans, Ben Sherman shirts, Kickers and Chiffon scarfs we had a whale of a time just the same. 

Every night we walked into Chelmsford and enjoyed the hospitality of the local ‘Cockneys’.  Yes we knew they weren’t ‘proper’ Cockneys but in The North East everyone south of Yorkshire is a Cockney.  Anyway, it sounded better when we told our stories to the gang when we got back.

Darts, Dominoes, Card games.  Sampling the pissy water they called beer.   They liked it warm and in a dirty glass with no head, ‘daan sarf.’

Then there were a the nights we found discos going on.  Usually in big barn-like halls.  Benji was in his element.  Loads of girls our age interested in the strange alien creatures from The North.


“Youve gotta love an Essex Girl”  assured Benji


Our eyes were on the prize.  Or to be honest Benji’s eyes were on the prize.


Essex Girls in 1968 were much like what they are today.  Benji was obsessed with these orange creatures with white lines under their chins.

Painted claws, dyed jet black hair - or bottle blonde even red.  Tottering on high heels in fishnet tights, dripping in perfume that would anaesthetise a cat, hair so thick in lacquer that it wouldn’t  move in a hurricane.  Ooh and that unmistakeable Essex accent. Go in for a kiss and come out like a painter's mate.

Off to the next Discotheque, and Benji was now glued securely to his own personal Essex girl - Jodine (real name).  I accompanied them walking with Sharon or Tracey or was it Trudie.  Not my cup of tea, and I’m not choosy.

When we arrived at the actual barn on the outskirts of Chelmsford we were given a warm welcome by some Biker Boys, well they dressed like rockers but had no Bikes.

After a bit of posturing and the usual scowls and muttering between teenage lads, we realised they were in fact good company.  Benji got talking to a couple of them and came to tell me he was going to a party with them and Jodine.   - “See you back at your sisters”.

“You've gotta love an Essex Girl” he whispered and winked

I continued to enjoy the banter and  the atmosphere.  Putting the world to rights with my new ‘Brothers from Southern mothers'

Around about half past twelve, things were dying down, and I realised I didn’t have a clue how to get back to my sisters house.

My new mate Terry asked where my sister lived and suggested he knew someone I could tag along with who walked that way.  "OK"  I said and he introduced me to Lin.  (No not chinese, they hadn't been invented in Chelmsford in 1968) Short for Linda.

Now it was dingy and noisy in the Barn, so it was only when we stepped outside I could really see her.

I was expecting a typical Essex type, but was surprised to see she had less makeup, real fair hair and no fishnets.

Then she spoke.

Voice of an angel. 

“Terry reckens yuh from Newcassel - woz e kiddin us.”.

“Naah  no chance” I joked  “I‘m from Sundland. -  A betta nah where you are from” I said accentuating my accent

“Gan on then tellus”  Says Lin with the cutest grin.

“Yer a woolyback from Derram arn't yuh”

“Seaham” she laughed “And we’re not woolybacks”

“Haway I’ll get you home kidda” said Lin linking my arm and waving to her friends.  She pulled me off in the opposite direction to what I expected.  “Its a shortcut” she explained.

Well this was my kind of shortcut!  A hundred yards up the road she pulled me into a narrow pathway into some sort of park or wood.  We were both pretty tipsy and we hadn't stopped talking and swapping stories since we left the Disco.  She pulled into me really close and I snuck my arm around her waist.

As the pace of our walking slowed even more and our little anecdotes warranted a demonstration of actions, I pride myself on knowing ‘THE SIGNALS’ and during one such hand waving description I pulled her close and kissed her.  She reared back from me and her pale blue eyes popped and her mouth shot wide open

Oh Oh I thought, I got that all wrong.   I was abbott to apologise when she put her finger on my lips and said  ”At fucking last - I was starting to think you were gay (except that wasn’t the tem she used)”  Then she put a hand behind my neck and pulled me in for a very firm kiss.  She tasted lovely, some sort of lip balm that she had been applying throughout the walk I assumed.

We stood with my up against the trunk of a tree and kissed with our arms around each other,  I was determined not to make a wrong move because the night before I’d tried my luck with an Umpa Lumpa we met in a pub.

Share-on and Trice- ee had grabbed our arms on the way to the next pub.   Benji and I began to kiss them, but suddenly Benji's orange girl yelled “fack orf” and pushed him away. Apparently he’d put his tongue in her mouth, and for that he was labelled a “fackin perver”  - they never say the final consonant do they? She grabbed her friend away  from me, saying “Camm-orn Trice”  and they tottered off like comedy drag artists on six inch heels.  Leaving Benji traumatised, and both of us covered in orange makeup and Cherry lipstick’

I had completely forgotten about Benji up until then, but the fact that he had gone to a house party led me to believe he was about to indulge in at least some heavy petting.  I always considered that Benji was better looking than me and that he had the gift of the chat up lines.

So as we stood, feeling the heat between our bodies I began to slide my hand down towards Lin's cute, shapely bottom.  She was tall slim build, I suppose you might say athletic.  Not a bit of excess fat.  I was extra careful to make every sexual move look as though it had been accidental so that if she reacted badly to my gentle stroking I could apologise profusely.

Her bottom felt as good as it looked and the only response was a soft sigh as I enjoyed the feel of her grapefruit sized buttocks.  Suddenly as I began to move my fingers to the side of her hip I heard her make a sighing mmmmmm. Not wanting to appear too forceful I moved my hand back to her rear. 

Her response was to thrust her hips forward, pressing delightfully on my very stiff erection,  I of course ‘accidently’ responded by clutching her bottom with the flat of my hand over her bum crack and pulling her in towards my own thrust. 

As the dry hump continued we both began to breathe more heavily, and my hand slid under her blouse and inch by beautiful inch advanced upon her sweetly pointed breasts.  No resistance at all, not even the usual finger crushing clamp of an arm to halt my progress.

At some point in the activities, I had managed to slip my knee between Lin’s legs and as we moved my upper thigh was pressing against her labia and rubbing the pleasure centre of her vulva each time she pushed against me, she was beginning to get really aroused and I was too, I could feel myself leaking slightly.

Wondering what this was going to lead to,  I slipped her bra up freeing her and heard her gasp as I let my fingers run over her shapely breast around her hard nipple.  She was kissing me so pasionately that I took my left hand and lifting the back of her skirt, ran my palm up the bare flesh of her thighs onto her underwear and allowed my middle finger to run around towards the lips of her labia and the sacred opening craved by all men (well most anyway),  She was soaking.

Immediately I touched her on top of her panties. She began to tremble, her knees buckled inwards  and she was making the sexiest noises that I’d ever heard.  This was my first experience of a girl having a full blown orgasm and I was uncertain what to do next. 

I was still supporting her weight on my knee.  Her head was now buried in my neck. 

She was making sobbing sounds but holding me so tight and kept saying my name panting “Oh my god Gary”  - “Oh Gary” - “what the fuck was that” - “Oh my God was that supposed to happen” - "no dont stop EEE, eeee," - "OOOh Gary yes fuck yes"


She was still breathing heavily and as I tried to move my leg to help her stand up her whole body shuddered and she gasped “Oh Oh Its happening again,   Oh christ where did you learn to do ……. Oh my God Oh Gary." I clamped my lips on hers in a very wet kiss. And thought she might like me to stroke her wet panties some more, or was it just my lust? She was shaking and pushing down onto my hand and then stopped kissing and gasped a "husky no more" between gasps.

I decided to stay still, even though I’d actually come in my own pants during the second orgasm.  I held her firmly but gently as she came back down from her high and talked softly to her, telling her how gorgeous she was and how good she’d made me feel.  I wondered if she was expecting me to screw her now, and whether that would be possible where we were. 

It was probably ten minutes of soft kisses and cuddles before she straightened up and eased away from me, flushed and smiling.  That was when she surprised me.


She looked down at my soaked thigh, and her damp skirt, then she lifted her skirt and touched herself, examining the wetness of her fingers before she reached out and unashamedly pushed her hand down  my trousers.

“UURRGH” she said pulling her sticky fingers back out  “we both comed” 

”Thats not fucking though is it Gaz? - thats never happened before, - and  twice Gary -  fucking rwice for gods sake Gaz” I smiled and kissed her telling her it had been the best for me too. "No thats not fucking Lin, but it was pretty close to it." I reassured.

I hated being called Gaz, but I was so happy I didn't care and she'd put her hand on my cock.  Lin made Chelmsford heaven on earth that night.  As I walked her home holding hands she looked up into my eyes and like a little girl said “Me Mam would kill us if she knew what we just did”

I laughed and said  “I won't tell her then” 

She continued with her far away smiling look and said “I’m a virgin Gary are you? - I am still a virgin aren't I Gary?”

Now all teenage boys know the answer to the question, - are you a virgin?- You're supposed to look offended and say “Of course I’m not “

Of course the question followed, she asked.”Are you a virgin Gary?”

I guess her lovely mood and the sexual experience I'd just had must have addled my brain. I answered her  “Not yet” I think she knew what I meant becouse she laughed.

Poor Benji was sitting on the step asleep at three AM when I got back.  He had got drunk and vomitted all over Jodine, who had spent most of the night making inuendos about her sex life, while fighting off his every move on anything below her neck level.  “Essex girls” I said laughing.

“Is that what I think it?” is he asked pointing to the dark patch on my Jeans that was getting a bit crusty.   “Yes, probably, I met a nice lass from Seaham Harbour.   I've got three days left before we go home so I’m seeing her tomorrow”  I replied winking.

“Gotta love Essex girls mate” .

Submitted: January 08, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Graham Makem. All rights reserved.

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Isla McNair

The Only Way is Essex - thank you for reminding so beautifully, why I live there and love it so. Great writing!

Sat, January 8th, 2022 10:35pm


You are so very welcome Harriet. Thank you

Sat, January 8th, 2022 3:47pm


Never met one, but it sounds like I'm missing out a little bit!

Sun, January 9th, 2022 8:53am


Thank you for reading. I take it that you enjoyed the retro look at Essex girls. Lin was certainly a happy accident, but be reminded, her roots were in Durham. You know what they say about miners daughters...........

Sun, January 9th, 2022 2:50am

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