The hotel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A fetishistic young man takes his boyfriend of one year, a hunky but inhibited lawyer, to a gay beach hotel, and methodically humiliates him over the course of a summer weekend, much to the delight of the hotel staff and guests and to the chagrined embarrassment of the lawyer.

"So this is a gay hotel?" Norman asked Will. Norman was reading the Wall Street Journal over breakfast.

"Yeah, it's famous," replied Will. "Before I met you, I was a regular guest. It's men only and it's clothing optional."

Will and Norman had been dating for about a year. They lived separately but today they were having breakfast at Norman's Upper East Side duplex.

Will had been to this hotel (on Long Island in New York) many times. The hotel was indeed clothing optional and a hotel that catered only to homosexual men, of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Will wanted to take Norman to this hotel and show him off and at the same time humiliate him. Norman was a lawyer. He could be dull, he could be funny, but he had a fantastic blonde swimmer's build body and he was a little shy, so Will thought the combination of all this would provide a fantastic few days for Will to finally indulge one of his long-time fantasies: humiliating another man by making him stay naked for hours and exhibiting the naked man to other men who were clothed.

"I want to show you off," Will confessed to Norman. He refrained from using the word "humiliate."

Norman played coy, his piercing baby blue eyes sparkling. Norman's eyes were beautiful and startling in their clarity.. "Oh, really? That's a new one for me."

Will said, "Yeah. I want to parade you around nude."

Norman laughed. "I don't think so. This is on Long Island. What if I run into someone, like a client? Or heavens, a colleague."

Will laughed back. "So what? They'll be there for the same reason, won't they?"

Norman had no answer for that. Will had a quick tongue, one big reason Norman was attracted to him.

Will always got his way, so he persisted until finally Norman said to him, "Oh, all right. Make the reservation. I can clear any weekend in July."

Will made the reservation.

The July weekend arrived and the young men (both in their mid-twenties) left town on the LIRR to go to the hotel, which was on the beach.

Will was shorter than Norman by about a foot. Will was also blonde but he was a tad stockier. Norman filled out a tailored suit like no other, but he looked even better nude, even though he was no exhibitionist. Norman had often been compared to the actor Paul Newman, and Will had been likened to Sean Penn.

Will had warned Norman that he was going to ask him to do stuff that might startle him. Norman just laughed at this.

Will packed handcuffs and sex toys, but Norman did not know this.

They had not yet used things like this in their bedroom activities. It had been strictly mutual masturbation and/or exploration of their bodies, because Norman was very paranoid about AIDS. Norman was fairly vanilla when it came to sex.

Will had been OK with this because Norman was so hot, but now Will wanted something a bit spicier.

Norman had a relatively smooth physique but Will wanted to shave him completely bare and he wanted to do it in front of other ogling men. The hotel was the perfect spot to fulfill this fantasy of Will's. Will did not divulge this and would not until it was too late for Norman to resist.

On the train, Will informed Norman that he would be shaving him completely bare Sunday morning on the back deck of the hotel.

Norman laughed. "No way, Will. I don't want my pubic hair removed. Are you kidding?"

Will frowned, "You said NOTHING WAS OFF LIMITS, Norman."

Will didn''t speak for ten minutes. He knew how to pout and he knew Norman hated that because he knew Norman believed if Will pouted, Norman had lost the argument. Finally Norman interjected, "If it's that important to you, OK. But you've never approached me about anything like that before."

Will responded, "I am approaching you about it NOW."

Norman said, quietly, "I realize that. I don't think I'll like it, but I'll let you do it. But I don't see why you couldn't do this in our room instead of outside in a public place. That's pretty kinky."

Will grinned. He always got his way with Norman. You just had to know what approach to use with him.

Norman had told Will all week, "Don't tell me your plans for me until we get there. I'll never get any sleep." One big reason Will did not mention shaving.

So Will had kept everything close to the vest. 

They arrived at the village on the beach where the hotel was a few blocks away. Both guys recognized a few friends, which Will was thrilled to see Norman react to negatively.

"Shit, I know those guys from work," Norman complained.

Will laughed. "You had to know that was a possibility."

Norman grunted in distaste. "I just hope they are not at the hotel."

Will hoped they were at the hotel since he knew it woud exacerbate Norman's humiliation.

They arrived at the hotel. Since Will was well-known there because he'd been a popular guest long before he met Norman, they were checked in eagerly and hastily. Over the phone and via text, Will had spoken with the seen-it-all staff about his plans for Norman, and the staff were excited to finallly see Norman. When they met him, one of the houseboys said, "Ooh la la. You finally met Mr. Right."

Norman did not fully grasp the significance of this comment from an employee of the hotel, but it would certainly soon sink in.

The men found their room, a familiar one to Will and one of his favorites. It was facing the beach and it had a deck. It had a four poster bed that faced a window in an open-air hallway.

The guys unpacked. Will kept the sex toys and handcuffs concealed.

Norman wanted a drink right away and he poured himself a scotch. Will refrained until later. Will was amused because he realized Norman was actually nervous and it was only 10:00am.

Will told Norman, "OK, Norman. Take all your clothes off. I am going to give you the tour."

Norman gulped. "What?" Norman had not expected this "fantasy" to begin so soon.

Will said, "Strip naked." He loved saying that to Norman because Norman ALWAYS made a big gulp.

Both guys had on summer attire, so it did not take long for Norman to take off his university T-shirt, sandals, and khaki shorts, but Will noted that he had never seen Norman undress so slowly.

Norman was a swimmer and he had a good tan and by extension a good tan line. Norman stopped when he was down to his tighty whities. Will drooled. His boyfriend was a hunk indeed. He never tired of seeing him without clothing.

"Shuck 'em, Norman," Wil commanded.

Norman took another swig of his scotch, put the glass down, and took off his underwear. Norman had a large penis and big balls and he manscaped. His chest was totally smooth but he did have enticing blonde armpit hair which Will loved to tease and suck because it drove Norman wild.

Norman's nipples were the sexiest Will had ever seen. They were small, but they sat on Norman's defined swimmer's pecs perfectly and they got erect with the slightest attention, which made Norman ashamed at times.

Norman's nipples were halfway erect already. Will knew this weekend was gonna be a hot one.

Norman stood there nude in his tan and tan line, fidgeting. There were other, talkative guests in the hallway outside their room and Will could tell this was unnerving to Norman, even though the blinds of the window were pulled down and no one could see in.

Yet, thought Will, with fiendish relish.

Will did not remove a stitch of clothing because he wanted Norman to feel as exposed as possible.

"Let's go to the deck out here," said Will.

Norman balked. "I'm naked. There's people on the beach."

"Fancy that. I told you this was clothing optional, Norman," Will chuckled. Will opened the door to the deck on the beach. A breeze filtered in. He took Norman's hand and pulled him outside. Norman resisted at first, but then followed.

The young men entered the deck. The deck had a railing but it did not obscure anything on the deck to any significant degree. Anyone on the beach could see Norman in the nude if they took a look.

Will made Norman stand front and center in the middle of the deck. "I want you to do nude jumping jacks," he said, firmly.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" blurted Norman. Norman saw still more people on the beach, looking at him. Some of them were kids!

"Will, there's CHILDREN on the beach," Norman complained.

"Norman, this hotel has been here for decades. You don't think parents who bring their kids out here know what goes on here?" Will was not going to back down. He wanted to see his gorgeous blonde lawyer boyfriend do naked jumping jacks and humiliate himself under the sun.

Norman stared at Will. "This will be so embarrassing for me," he said.

Will grinned at Norman. "I know."

Norman looked down at his nakedness, and began to half-heartedly do jumping jacks. What the hell, he thought, it's important to Will, apparently.

Will watched with lust. He heard wolf-whistles from somewhere. He told Norman, "Come on. Put some verve into it."

Norman groaned. "This is awful." But he continued to do nude jumping jacks, and he did begin to do them more vigorously, because he knew that's what his boyfriend wanted, and he had foolishly agreed to this weekend of total exposure.

Will watched as Norman's beautiful genitals flopped around and Norman's face turned crimson. He made Norman do about 50 of these then told him to stop.

Norman was relieved. Will went over and kissed him and then told Norman it was time for "the tour."

Norman shuddered in fear.

Will went back in the room and allowed himself a cocktail. Norman meekly followed inside, naked but relieved to be out of scrutiny.

Will gulped down a shot and then gathered his key and put it in his shorts. He did not remind Norman to locate his own key, for a reason, and Norman didn't think to do it himself, which surprised Will because Norman was one of the brightest minds he'd ever encountered (in fact, it was what attracted Will to Norman initially).

Will opened the door to their room and the hallway was revealed. No one was out there. Norman stood behind a chair, which did nothing to cover him, but this amused Will.

"Let's go," Will said, And he pulled his nude boyfriend out of the hotel room and into the hallway.

"Oh my God," said Norman. "Will." Norman had never been nude in a hotel hallway before.

Will just laughed. He was loving Norman's reticence.

The hotel was enormous and it had both beach decks and decks facing the Great South Bay of Long Island. Will was going to show off his nude, embarrassed boyfriend on the main back deck. He told Will to walk in front of him to the mirror on a hallway wall and to take the next left.

 Norman didn't like this at all, especially because the mirror was enormous and he could see just how very naked he was. Shuddering, he averted his eyes and turned left. To his horror, there was a man in the corridor.

"Well, helll-oooo," said the man, middle-aged and kind of stoned before lunch.

Norman said, "Hi." He tried to be nonchalant and it was very difficult becase the stoned man was staring at him, and his eyes were bulging.

Will laughed, "Hello, my name is Will and the naked guy is my BOYFRIEND Norman."

The stoned man replied, "My name is Daniel. Call me Dan. Especially YOU,  nature boy," referring to the now-mortified, nude Norman.

"I'm showing Norman the back deck," Will explained. "He's never been here before."

Dan laughed. "Well, he is certainly here NOW." Dan stared at Norman's crotch, which Norman then covered with his hands. "Aw, he's shy," Dan chuckled.

"Join us, Dan," Will friendily said to the stoned man, and he saw Norman's body language contort and convey absolute embarrassment, which made Will rock-hard.

"Sure!" said Dan. "Let me get my drink. I'll meet you out there."

Dan disappeared into his room in the middle of the corridor. 

"What the FUCK are you doing?" Norman all but screamed in the hotel hallway, completely nude.

"What do you mean, baby?" Will asked, innocently. "I told you I'd be showing you off and giving you the tour."

"Will," Norman tried to be stern, "I am not sure I like to be shown off like this to total strangers. This is kind of disrespectful, when you get down to brass tacks."

Will could be just as stubborn as Norman and he knew Norman hated the silent treatment but was also logical if he had agreed to a task. Willsaid, "Again, Norman, may I remind you, you agreed to this. This is not disrespect. It is a fantasy. Couples, gay and straight,  do things like this all the time. Loosen the fuck up . I put this on my Visa. Now march. The back deck is just a few feet away."

Norman groaned. But he suddenly realized he had no room key and that Will had locked the door. Norman all but smacked his head. He wasn't used to being ordered around in a hotel. Certtainly not naked.

Norman walked, naked, towards the back deck. Hopefully no one would be out there. Will continued to ogle his boyfriend's milky white, downright beautiful, sculpted buttocks as they moved gloriously with Norman's timid strides.

It was a long walk for Norman, though. There were several rooms on the way and some of the doors were ajar, and there were obviously guys in the rooms, laughing and carrying on, listening to music. Norman sniffed weed, which he liked and hoped Will had brought along. The hotel was strictly for men, so that eased Norman's nerves to a degree because it meant no female co-workers could see him nude. Norman had a female colleague, Amanda, who continually told him, "It is a crime that you are gay." Amanda was one of many women who'd used such a come-on. Norman had refrained from reporting Amanda to HR but he had considered it a few times. But Amanda was good at her work so Norman had let it slide.

Norman and Will arrived at the Back Deck without further encounters. But Norman was dismayed greatly to see two guys sunning themselves in swimsuits on deck chairs.

"Please don't make me do this, Will," Norman cajoled. "I think I know one of those guys. The blonde one. He looks very familiar."

Will laughed. "You'd better get used to that, Norman. It's inevitable that we'll run into someone we know out here."

Norman groaned, "I had no idea you were into this type of thing."

Will merely shrugged. "Now you do. Come on." And he dragged the naked Norman onto the deck.

"Howdy," Will blurted to the two well-built young guys on the deck. "How are you guys this morning?"

The two sun worshippers turned and they grinned ear-to-ear when they saw Norman, naked, trying to cover himself. They picked up immediately on the scenario.

"My, my. Your friend there is nude and I don't think he wants to be," said one of the guys, a redhead.

"Not his decision," replied Will. "He's my boyfriend and today he does what I say. Tomorrow also."

The redhead's friend, a blonde,  nodded in approval. 'Nice," he said. "What is his name?"

"Norman," Will replied.

The blonde gasped "Norman Ross? Is that you, Norman Ross? I'm used to seeing you in a suit at the courthouse, running around."

Norman gasped as well. He knew he had recognized this man. He groaned. The blonde was a paralegal and younger than Norman.

"This is ALL of Norman Ross," giggled Will, as Norman glared at him. 

"Why is he trying to cover himself so?" asked the blonde. "Come on Norman, show us your dick."

"You have my permission, Mr. Ross," teased Will.

Dan burst upon the back deck with a bottle of cheap vodka and a hotel glass. "Hey guys!"

Will made Norman take his hands away from his crotch and expose himself to everyone.

Norman shuddered in humiliation.

The blonde's name was George, and the redhead was Roger. They stared at the naked Norman lustily. Will knew he would have to tread lightly now with this type of exploitation of his nude boyfriend. He did not want Norman to leave him for another man. Norman was a catch. This fantasy came with considerable risk, as Will had seen gay couples break up at the hotel before due to temptation from a fresh face (not to mention body).

George began to blather on to the nude Norman about people they both knew. George even name-dropped Amanda. Norman was in a state about this. Will would not let him cover up. There was no towel or anything to use to cover up with. George and Roger had left their towels in the room, they told Norman. They knew Norman was supremely uncomfortable being the only naked person on the deck and they knew he was terrified thatt more guys would be wandering around back here seeing him. George and Roger were getting a kick out of that.

George thought Norman's penis was one of the most perfect cocks he'd ever seen. He couldn't believe he knew Norman on a professional basis. George was turned on that Norman was so embarrrassed, and he admired Will for getting Norman to submit to this type of fantasy situation. Roger was only George's buddy; they weren't a couple, although they'd fucked.

Dan told Norman, "You know, I've never seen a blonde guy with such a deep dark ass crack."

George and Roger laughed hysterically at this and Will almost ejaculated when he saw Norman's squirmy reaction. Norman tried to sit down, but Will would not allow him. He held his naked boyfriend in place so George and Roger could confirm Dan's observation.

Roger had not yet examined Norman's ass or his asscrack. He got up from his chair and did so, circling around the naked lawyer. "Yes indeed," said Roger. "It is enticing. I mean, his ass is not that big, but his crack is. His tan line is fucking perfect. Do you swim, Norman?"

Norman muttered in the affirmative.

George said, "Gee, MR. ROSS, I had no idea. You look great naked. Can I take a picture?" George picked up his cell phone from a nearby table.

Norman screamed, "ABSOLUTELY NOT, GEORGE. WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Will laughed. "No pics, guys. Mr. Ross is not used to being nude in public."

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww" was the response from everyone.

Just then, two more guys came out on the deck, raucously. They were overweight, they'd been boozing,  and they were overjoyed to see all the guys but especially the naked Norman.

"Oh my God," said one of the newcomers, who wore a caftan and carried a martini glass.

His companion said, "I told you we should do this, Matt."

Matt looked Norman up and down and asked him his name.

Norman glowered and stammered, "Nick." This thrilled Will to no end, because Norman usually had no problem introducing himself to strangers.

Everyone else laughed. They were enjoying Norman's humiliation. Will's penis was about to explode. Pace yourself, he said to himself. But this is going exactly as I envisioned.

Will announced: "Guys, come back out here tomorrow. 'Nick' has agreed to allow me to shave him bare, pubes and all. 12 noon."

Matt squealed, "Awrightttttttttt. We'll be here, won't we Enrique?"

Enrique giggled. "With bells on. A shame to lose those beautiful blonde pubes, though, but I'll watch."

Norman squirmed, naked, standing up on the deck without anywhere to turn.

"Will," Norman growled, "get me out of this situation. I want a drink."

Will just leered at his nude boyfriend and said "No. It's too early for you to drink a lot. We haven't had breakfast."

Norman was beginning to sweat. All the men were, for various reasons. 

Will had bagels in the room and that was gonna be breakfast. Later.

One of the houseboys sashayed onto the deck, giggling. "Is this the party?" The houseboy came over and pinched Norman's naked butt and Norman almost skyrocketed.

Everyone laughed heartily.

Norman was stripped and humiliated. He was profoundly embarrassed. But he loved Will, so he was enduring this callous treatment of his exposure. For the moment, he told himself.

Will sensed that the naked Norman was reaching a level of intolerance. The mere suggestion of cell phone photos had triggered Norman. This had given Norman what Will had learned to call "the shivers."

Will loved it when Norman got the shivers and this had been a big factor in Will's idea about the hotel. When Norman got the shivers, so did Will in spades. It was hotter than a fireplace to watch this brilliant blonde gorgeous hunk get the shivers.

Will reaffirmed his next move, which he had planned in advance. He wanted to show off Norman's asshole, and he knew this would be a chess match that Will was determined to win. Norman was, well, anal about showing his asshole. Will didn't know why. It was the most beautiful butthole Will had ever seen. Norman had said, "It is not manly to exhibit your anus. It is crass."

Will strongly disagreed, but he knew he had his work cut out for him. He'd have to allow Norman to drink more scotch, which is where the chess match enters the picture. Norman could not drink as much as Will. And Will wanted this weekend to continue, so he would not allow Norman to get drunk until much much later the evening.

Norman was quivering because no one was taking their eyes off his body. He felt like a piece of meat.

He suddenbly blurted to George, "George, you must not mention to Amanda anything about this. I'd never hear the end of it."

"Of course not, Mr. Ross," George sincerely replied. "What goes on at the hotel stays at the hotel. Don't even think about it."

Norman tried to calm down.

Will told Norman to lie down on a deck and chair and put his hands behind his back. Norman hesitated, realizing what kind of pose that would be. He didn't want to do it.

Will repeated the command, in an annoyed tone. The other men chuckled. They certainly wanted to see Norman stretch out naked on the chair under the sun.

Reluctantly, Norman fulfilled Will's request.

Wow, said the houseboy. He's beautiful.

Norman blushed further. He had never been a show-off.

"Can I suck on those nipples?" Roger asked, matter-of-factly.

Well, here we go, thought Will. Will knew how to play this. "Maybe, later," he replied.

Norman's eyes bulged. "Will!!!!" he blurted.

All the men except Norman laughed. Roger made eye contact with Will. He was dead serious about Norman's nipples, not that Will could blame him. But Will had not made up his mind about letting other guys made actual contact with Norman in the nude. He would play this by ear.

Stretched out under the sun, Norman's gorgeous physique left nothing to the imagination, although Norman kept his legs tightly closed.

The nipples in question were notably rigid. Will knew they would be eventually even without stimulation when he saw Norman on the beach deck doing the jumping jacks naked.

Norman's cock was flaccid but still a formidable one. It was indeed beautifully proportioned, and so were Norman's generous testicles. Norman's blonde pubes were manscaped but they too looked sexy as hell. Norman's armpit hair was also trimmed. Norman was meticulous about his grooming and his body.

Norman was uncomfortable with all the stares he was receiving. 

Will decided to ramp up the pressure on his naked, embarrassed boyfriend. "Norman, open your legs and put your feet on each side of the chair. We want to see your deeeeeeeeeeeep asscrack."

Norman got the shivers and he tried to laugh. "That is not necessary."

Will repeated the command, sternly. Norman knew he had to play the role, but he did not want to show his asshole and knew there was a strong possibility opening his legs and putting his feet on the sides of the chair, coupled with the fact the sun was beating down on him and exposing everything he had, that his asshole would be available for even a casual gander.

Norman complied, slowly, to wolf whistles.

Norman whispered, "This is humiliation. You are humiliating me, Will."

It was the wrong thing to say, because it turned everyone else on. All the men watching now had erections. George was pinching himself in disbelief, seeing Norman Ross exposed this way.

Will almost swooned when Norman fulfilled his request, because you could juuust make out the beginning of Norman's anus. Dan crouched down for a closer look! "Whoop, there it is!" he chortled. Norman was aghast.

"I see it," said George, the young paralegal. "Spread your legs more, Mr. Ross." Might as well go for it, thought George. His boyfriend is clearly in control here, and Mr. Ross is complying.

Norman refused to do this until Will bent over and pushed Norman's knees apart and held them open. "There, Mr. Ross. Hold this position and maybe I'll go get you a drink."

Norman gave his boyfriend the death gaze. Will blushed himself but he did not back down. He stood back up. Now Norman's asshole was more visible than ever and it was borderline obscene. The sun exposed a LOT.

The houseboy, Herbie, chuckled and said, "I just LOVE this back deck. The stuff you get to see back here."

Enrique and Matt gazed in lust and disbelief. Matt actually licked his lips lasciviously.

Norman shut his eyes. This was unbearable.

Six men, one a young paralegal he knew, the rest total strangers, and his horny boyfriend, looking at him this way. It was shocking!

Will had made him "pose" before, but the other six? Norman did not want them looking at his anus, and they clearly were. Norman also hated that his nipples were obviously aroused. At least his penis wasn't hard. Norman was too humiliated for that to happen, he thought.

Norman then wished he hadn't even thought of his penis, because with all the relentless staring and lewd remarks, he did begin to feel a stirring in his crotch. Oh my God.

The shivers often gave Norman a hard-on, and it was now beginning to happen.

"Will," Norman pleaded. "Let me go back to the room. You said I could have a cocktail."

Will said, "I'll go get it. Don't move."

Norman did not want Will to leave him alone, nude, with these men, but Will was off in a flash.

"Will!" Norman cried out.

Herbie observed, "Dude is gettin hard."

Laughter. Comments like: "Sure is." "Love it." "He likes this deep down." "His asshole is pretty."

Will hurriedly made Norman a drink and fled back to the back deck because he knew Norman was getting an erection and he wanted to see it happen. He was also leery of Dan and feared Dan might get aggressive towards Norman

When Will got back, Norman was up to a semi. Will was thrilled. He and the others watched as Norman took gulps from his drink, sitting up but still spread open, and his erection continued to transpire.

Dan watched in a daze, silently.

Norman hoped the alcohol would temper or at least slow down his hard-on, but this did not happen at all. Norman's penis had  a life of its own this morning. It wanted to say "Hello!"

Soon Norman was fully erect and Will pushed Norman's shoulders back down on the chair. Resigned to his boyfriend's manipulations, Norman collapsed back on the chair. He was beginning to perspire under the hot sun and all this scrutiny.

"How do you feel about your hot boyfriend showing us his hard-on?" asked George of Will.

"Not to mention his asshole," said Herbie.

"Or his fantastic tits," chimed in Roger.

Will laughed. "Are you kidding? I'm loving it."

Everyone laughed but Norman, who was the shade of blood.

Just then, Chris, the strapping middle-aged owner of the hotel, emerged on the back deck. Chris was a bodybuilder and looked like a movie star. He possessed a sarcastic wit and allowed pretty much anything to go down in the hotel as long as no one got physically injured.

"Hey guys, I got a very interesting text," Chris laughed. "What's going on back here?"

Chris saw the nude Norman stretched out with his hands behind his head and his legs spread wide, with a throbbing hard-on to boot.

"Oh," said Chris. "Oh my. Someone is horny today."

Chris laughed at Norman and approached him. "Comfy, buddy?"

Norman had never met Chris and did not know who he was, so Will filled him in. Norman wanted to close his legs and cover himself because Chris was leering at him. Chris was a pristine physical specimen and Norman felt insignificant being seen naked by him.

"Nice little rosebud there, pal," Chris smirked, staring at Norman's gaping asshole. "Are you gonna do something about that dick? Can I watch? I love to watch."

Norman blinked in embarrassment. He shot Will a dirty look. Will just smiled.

Will introduced Norman as his naked boyfriend. Chris laughed, "Is he naked? I hadn't noticed." Everyone laughed. Everyone loved Chris, because if Chris liked you, he'd throw you a discount or even a free night from time to time.

Chris then ignored Norman and chatted with the other guys as if Norman wasn't there displaying himself in the nude graphically and unwillingly. Norman felt the novelty of being naked in front of clothed guys, if there had been any, was rapdily evaporating. His embarrassment was tremendous.

Chris suddenly whipped out a cell phone and took a pic of Norman before anyone could stop him. "For my scrapbook," explained Chris.

Will was startled that Chris did this, and decided he would have to speak to him about it later.

Norman was horrified. He thought Chris had been ignored him and realized now that Chris had simply wanted to catch Norman off-guard.

But Norman didn't move a muscle. It was too late anyway, he thought logically. Norman wanted to make them think he was laid-back about his dilemma and he saw that George was looking at him to see if he would panic. George winked at Norman and Norman blushed further.

Norman's feelings begin to shift, though, when he saw his penis was beginning to seep pre-seminal fluid. This he could not allow to be seen. Norman stood up and announced he was going back to the room and he asked Will for the key.

Will figured he'd better slow down; the photo had been a mistake. He handed Norman the key and told him he'd join him in a minute.

Norman grabbed the key with indignation, took his drink and stomped off down the corridor. Everyone enjoyed his umbrage and also the sight of his perfect ass in its perfect tan line and deep asscrack jiggling as Norman stomped away.

"Oops," giggled Chris, "I think I struck a nerve."

"Chris, we had agreed to no photographs if Norman would do a naked weekend for me," Will explained. "Norman's freaking out."

Chris soothed Will. "That pic is for me only. No one else will ever see it." Chris had such a good reputation, both at the hotel and in the town, that Will instantly felt reassured. But would Norman?

Everyone congratulated Will on getting such a hunk like Norman to submit himself to a weekend of forced unwilling nudity and Will reminded them that tomorrow was Shaving Day. 

Chris said he would have to cancel a lunch date but that would be no problem because there was no way he would miss something like seeing a naked prissy lawyer get his pubes shaved on the back deck of the hotel.

Will didn't think Norman prissy, but he laughed because everyone else did, especially George.

Back in the room, Norman sat on the bed in a towel, seething.

Will was relieved to see th door was unlocked. He didn't want drama. Will entered the room, noted Norman's demeanor and the fact that he was wearing something, and poured himself a big cocktail.

He said, "What's with the towel? Take it off."

Norman said evenly, "I can't believe you are doing this to YOUR BOYFRIEND."

Will: "Take off the towel, Norman, you're acting like a child."


Will: "How did you think all this would play? Take OFF the towel or you can hang out here by yourself. I'm out here to have fun. I'm paying for it, after all."

Norman knew Will was the expert at the cold shoulder and it was something Norman could not stand from him.

Norman sighed and removed the towel. He was no longer erect except for his goddamn nipples.

Will drank. He said "The ice has been broken. You've been seen. They think you are a god. Why don't you try to enjoy this?"

Norman: "I am not an object. And the OWNER took a picture of me with AN ERECTION!!!!"

Will drank, and rolled his eyes. "Maybe you should not work out so much then, honey. Don't worry about the photo. It's only for Chris' personal enjoyment. If Chris posted pics of naked guests anywhere, he would not be in business. Normy, you're not the only naked man to have been seen at the hotel with a hard-on, OK? Don't fret."

Norman had to grin at these remarks. He told himself he was lucky that his boyfriend loved his body to this degree, I guess. Norman's last relationship had been toxic and that boyfriend, Armand, another lawyer, had barely paid attention to Norman in or out of the bedroom. Norman had only been a trophy boy for parties.

Norman walked nude to the booze. He refreshed his drink. He always enjoyed drinking with William. "What we need is weed," Norman conjectured. Hey, they WERE at the beach.

Will sighed in relief. Norman's back on track. Will knew that Chris always had marijuana, so there would be no problem there. He sipped his drink and looked at Norman's spectacular physique.

"When we go back out I am going to put sunscreen on you. We'll do it in the courtyard. You're not losing that tan line. It is perfect."

Norman blushed. Will tugged on his nipples and Norman got hard.

Works every time, thought Will.

"Do you have to expose my anus again?" Norman asked nervously. "I really would prefer you stop that, it is so unmanly."

Will: "No, it isn't unmanly at all especially out here, guys love it, and I WILL be doing it again, so just remember to keep it washed. Once you're in the pool and hot tub you won't have to worry."

Norman groaned and drank. What a kinky boyfriend he had. But Norman was looking forward to the hot tub, he had to admit. For one thing, he'd be partially underwater and covered.

After they'd downed the drinks, Will excused himself from the room to retrieve weed from Chris and also to discuss the matter of the photo Chris had taken.

On his way he mock-sternly warned Norman, "DO NOT put clothes on. Be nude when I return. I'm not taking the key, so leave the door unlocked." 

Norman snickered. "Yes, sir," and rolled his eyes. "But hurry back, I would not put it past Dan to just barge in here."

Will made his way to Chris' office, which was behind the front desk registration area in the lobby. Herbie gave him instant admittance.

Herbie: "Gosh, Will, Norman is just beautiful. Congratulations, you snagged one."
Will: "I know it, Herbie, Can you believe it?" Will was kind of peeved that Herbie seemed to belittle Will's own looks. Will had no problem getting laid way before Norman, especially at the hotel, and the staff certainly knew this.
Picking up on Will's tone, Herbie said: "Don't undersell yourself. You've gotten your share of admirers."

Will thought: Good recovery, Herbie. True. But I've never had ANYONE like Norman Ross.

Chris was in his office, conveniently smoking weed. "Will. What's up?" Chris knew what was up.

Will said, "I need some weed, I got cash."

Chris said  "Keep your cash. Weed's on the house. The hotel is agog over your husband. Two guys just added another night."

Will smiled. "About that photo. Let's shake on it that you won't show it to anyone. Norman will leave me if you do."

Chris: "It's for me only, and you know that. Why, I'd be out of business." Chris handed his favorite guest a generous bag of weed, and Will knew the weed would be top of the line.

Will: "Thanks, Chris. I'm gonna go back to get him high. I will be showing him off more."

Chris: "I wil be around. Thanks for doing this for us. It is great for morale with all the boys. Herbie has jerked OFF already, I heard him in his cabin. Herbie gets loud."

Will: "Just don't let Herbie look at that photo."

Chris: "DON'T WORRY about the photo. That's for ME to jerk off to....Uh, you don't mind that, do you?"

Will laughed. "For you, anything." He left Chris' office smiling and happy. OK, I'm just a fixer-upper all around. The booze had not even kicked in which was great because Will and Norman had yet to have breakfast.

Let's eat something, Will reminded himself. He looked at the grandfather clock in the lobby. It was not even noon. A new boat would be docking soon, which meant more guests, which gave Will ideas. He raced back to the room with the weed.

Once back in the room, Will was pleased to see Norman still naked, sitting on a chair, drinking another drink. Norman was leaning back and his ass hung off the chair somewhat.

"Got your pipe?" Will asked excitedly. "Look what I got here for us."

Norman adored marijuana and so did Will. They had the best sex when they were high on weed and also Will knew it would aid Will in his humilation plans for naked Norman later on.

Norman expertly loaded his pipe and they lit up. Chris' weed was as always the best stuff on the island.

Both young men were high within a few minutes. When Will got high, his mind actually cleared and focused. When Norman got high, he got goofy but also slightly paranoid.

Will thought it a match made in heaven, especially for a situation like this.

Will loved watching his lover smoke weed in the nude. It was super hot. Will played with Norman's erect nipples.

Norman said, "Careful there, baby. You know what that does to me."

Will: "Why do you think I'm doing it?" Both young men watched as Norman's penis achieved full-mast.

"Oh, Will," Norman sighed. "What has gotten into you?"

Will replied, "Gee. I don't know," and batted his eyes, and caressed Norman's ass, and fingered his hole.

Norman gasped. "Lock the door if you're gonna do that." He was half-serious. Will went and locked the door, giggling.

Will decided it was time to back to humiliating Norman. He went to the window and opened the blinds. Anyone in the open-air corridor could now see Norman naked.

Norman groaned.

There was noise outside. The boat had arrived and a slew of new male guests were traipsing down the hallyway with their luggage, led by Herbie and another houseboy to check them in.

Several stopped in their tracks at the window and peered into Will and Norman's room, which was called The Spanish Room because of its decor.

"Wow," was spoken several times. Norman grabbed the towel but Will snatched it away. "I want you to be looked at again," Will growled, and he played with Norman's pulsating nipples. Norman's erection twitched.

Will turned Norman to face with the window and held him in place. "Greet the guests," Wil commanded. "With your erection."

Norman squirmed. There were three men staring into the room. They all were leering.

"Oh, Will," Norman gasped. "This is bad."

Will laughed. Will had his own erection and through his shorts, he ground it into the naked ass of his newly embarrassed boyfriend.

He grabbed Norman around the waist as he did so and held him rigid. Norman squirmed. The three men outside were not budging. They were different ages, ranging from twenties to forties. All were enthralled at what they were seeing.

"Why haven't we been here before?" one of them asked.

"I've seen the naked guy before, he goes to Ty's." the youngest one said.

Ty's is a gay bar in Greenwich Village, and indeed, Norman was a semi-regular there. It was actually where Will and Norman had first met.

Norman moaned. "Oh, no. They're from TY'S. Oh my God, Will."

Will laughed. "Deal with it, baby. Plenty of barflies come here, you know."

Will held Norman tightly and pushed his own hard-on into Norman's asscrack, exposing his naked humiliated boyfriend through the window to three vacationers from the city.

One of the voyeurs came around and tried the door to the room. It was unfortunately unlocked. The man entered, grinning. 'Hello, I am Alex." His friends followed him in.

Norman gasped, "I thought you locked the door!" Will had faked doing it, anticipating somethine just like this happening.

Alex was accompanied by Gerard, Alan and Phillippe. So there were four instead of three. Will chuckled. They all introduced themselves with aplomb, and Alan said "I want to touch the naked man's balls.":

Norman tensed and said, "Will, you'd better let me go."

Will did nothing of the sort. Alan was a hottie. He held Norman in a vise even though Norman struggled llke a fish that had just been hooked.

"At least close the goddamn door!" yelled the naked lawyer. But too late, because just then, an elderly gentleman appeared in the doorway with a glass of wine and said, "Can I join the party?"

Gerard invited him inside. The elderly gentleman strolled in. He had an elegance and announced that he was "Bill." He looked at Norman with undisguised lust.

Norman's shivers intensified. 

Will grabbed Norman tight by Norman's right tit, tweaking his nipple there. Norman moaned.

This is so much fun, thought Will. But we still haven't eaten. The bagels were on top of the fridge and Will had packed peanut butter and fresh strawberry preserves. I have to get some food into Norman soon, thought Will, and me as well. The weed was making Will hungry and he knew Norman felt the same way most likely.

Will whispered to Norman, "We've got to eat. I'll get rid of these guys." Norman heaved an enormous sigh of relief, naked.

Will asked the men to leave but he informed the young guy Alan that he and Norman would be in the courtyard in under and hour and that Norman would still be  naked, and that Will would allow the young man to fondle Norman's balls, but not his penis. Norman winced.

The "guests" filed out, assuring Will they would be in the courtyard to see Norman put on a show.

Norman fumed. "What are you promising them?" He huffed and puffed around the room, his penis swaying about along with his pendulous balls.

Will made bagels and peanut better with jelly and handed one to Norman, who snatched it from his angrily and wolfed it down. Norman had to admit he had the munchies. Will ate his own bagel and observed Norman pouring himself another drink in the nude. An awesome sight.

Norman's asscrack looked deeper than ever. Will was going to spread that open for the newsomers, in the courtyard. The courtyard had sofas and a canopy, but it got sufficient sun, and Norman would be just as exposed there as he had been on the back deck. The courtyard also was adjacent to the living quarters of the staff and the back entrance of the hotel. There would be considerable traffic and lots of people would see Norman naked.

The men drank in the room, Norman in the nude, Will in T-shirt and shorts watching him and ogling him openly. Norman crossed his legs which pushed up his genitals sensually.

"What are you going to do to me in this courtyard?" Norman inquired nervously.

Will chuckled. "You'll see. I don't want to spoil it," he replied.

Will went to a suitcase and pulled out something, shoving it into his pocket. Norman didn't get a look at the object, but he had a bad feeling about it.

Soon Will announced it was time for the courtyard. He told Norman to come out in five minutes, nude, because Will had to make sure the courtyard was empty and ready for their upcoming play session. Norman sure like to hear the word "empty.," so he said OK.

"Bring the sunscreen," Will reminded Norman.

Will went to the courtyard, which was right outside their room. Once under the canopy, alone, Will removed a device from his shorts.

It was a small anal vibrator with a control button on its base. Will hid it under one of the pillows on the sofa.

Will had  never used such an object on his boyfriend's body before. This would be a first. An in public! Will got hard as he watched the unsuspecting and naked Norman nervously come of the room, covering himself with one hand and holding a can of spray sunscreen with the other. Will took the sunscreen and put it on a table. Norman looked good enough to eat.

Norman hurried over to the sofa and used one of the other pillows to cover his crotch. He had predictably brushed his teeth and gargled. He was visibly relieved no one else was there, but this was short-lived, because the old man Bill soon entered the picture along with the young man who wanted to fondle Norman's balls. He identified himself again as Alan.

"What's with the pillow?" Alan spurted, cockily. Oh my, thought Will. This is gonna be classic.

Norman squirmed and said nothing. "Give him the pillow," Will instructed. "I think he wants the pillow."

Norman glared at Will and handed Alan the pillow, and crossed his legs again, this time making sure he concealed his genitals.

Bill had a glass of wine and he sat down wide-eyed across from Will and Norman on another sofa. Alan sat beside Bill. They had apparently hit it off, because Alan also had a glass of wine, which he sat down on a table in the middle to receive Norman's pillow.

"So I take it your partner here is REQUIRED to be au natural all day?" Bill inquired. "What a delightful idea." Bill himself wore jeans and a white button-down shirt. Alan wore mundane summer attire similar to Will. Norman, of course, wore nothing at all except a stricken look on his very handsome face.

Will said, "That's the plan. In addition to that, I get to do stuff to him. You guys can watch it all. Alan, you can touch his balls in a few minutes."

"Goody," Alan squealed, drinking his wine and ogling Norman openly. "I love it that he seems to be embarrrassed by all this. He has a super hot bod."

Norman squirmed. He didn't warm to Alan at all, even though Alan resembled Tom Holland from the Spider-man films and Norman loved that franchise even though Will was completely indifferent to superhero flicks. He'd accompany Norman to them, of course.

Will told Norman to display his wares. Norman tensed as Bill and Alan giggled at the word "wares" and stared at the nude Norman's nervousness in undisguised anticipation. Alan actually leaned forward to get a closer look. Will was thrilled this Alan scamp had entered the picture. He could not wait to see Alan's reaction to the vibrating sex toy underneath the pillow.

Norman gingerly uncrossed his legs, releasing his penis and testicles from the safety of non-exposure. The sun was out full blast, and even though he was under a canopy, Norman was, once again, fully revealed in all his nudity. Once again, he blushed. Once again, his nipples throbbed. Once again, strangers reveled in Norman's obvious humiliation at being seen this way.

"Oh my stars," said Bill. "Look at that COCK."

"Look at those BALLS," agreed Alan. "I can't wait to fondle those fuckin' balls. He manscapes. Look."

"I am, I am," spouted Bill, giggling with delight. "I love the hotel, don't you Alan?"

"I certainly do," said Alan, never taking his eyes away from the naked, supremely uncomfortable Norman Ross.

"Norman, lie down over my lap, on your stomach," Will suddenly interjected.

Since Norman wanted to get the unnervingly intense orbs of these strangers off Norman's crotch, he quickly did as requested.

"Oh my stars, that derriere," Bill appraised. "That is a perfect tail for a man."

Alan demurred. "I prefer his junk, but yeah, that's pretty choice. His crack is deep."

Norman groaned. All this language about his crack. Norman had never before heard such drivel. Well, until this morning, anyway.

Will winked at his audience. Soon two of the other newcomers, Gerard and Phillippe, came out, followed by George and Herbie. Will wondered where Roger was. Norman writhed when he saw more men would now be watching his embarrrassment. Again.

Roger had wanted to suck Norman's nipples. Will was going to allow that, but not here. That would go down on the UPPER deck, probably tomorrow. Will did not want to overload Norman's humiliation all in one day. He wanted to parse it out. What he was about to do would be a big roll of the dice.

When the new arrivals were situated, and they all had their own cocktails, Will began his presentation. 

"Good afternoon, guys," he began. "You remember my boyfriend Norman. He's always the one without clothes on."

Will and Norman had a sofa to thsemselves. The other man crammed in on the other sofas (there were three in all), or on chairs, or they simply stood. Every observer had a good vantage point. Every observer could see Norman's entire naked backside. Every observer could see Norman's quivering naked ass.

Dan wandered out and found a chair, clearly drunk.

Will produced the anal vibrator to oohs and aahs. Norman could not see it. He tensed. What?

Will waved the thing in front of Norman's face which was now again fire-engine red. The anal vibrator itself was red, so Will found this amusing.

"What the fuck is that thing?" Norman all but screamed, although he knew. "If you think you're gonna put that in me...."

Will: "I don't THINK. I am."

The audience lapped this up.

Bill: "Oh my stars."

Dan: "Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh."

George. "How humiliating that will be. I can't wait. Let me get Roger out here STAT."

Alan: "I'll love to see THAT. Does it vibrate? It looks like one of those expensive ones that VIBRATES."

Herbie: "I am texting Mr. Chris. He will be mad at me if he misses this."

Norman squirmed, naked, on Will's lap, but Will had anticipated a struggle, and he held his boyfriend tight, even swatting Norman on his jiggling ass.

"BEHAVE," commanded Will. "Simmer down. You're just making it worse."

"Will," Norman meekly countered. "Don't do this to me. I am your boyfriend. It is obscene."

"No  it isn't," Alan scoffed. "It's hot. I wouldn't mind a boyfriend doing this to me."

Norman glared at Alan, who he was beginning to actively dislike. "You might mind if he did to you in public, you little asshole."

It was the wrong word for someone in Norman's position to use. Everyone guffawed and Norman became borderline enraged. "Will!!!"

Dan drawled, "Stick it in him and turn it on. His hole is big enough."

All the other men either nodded in agreement or murmured in the affirmative.

Will decided to wait a few minutes until Roger and Chris could join the party. He only had to wait a few seconds. During that time, he caressed his nude boyfriend's milky white ass, which Will was about to violate with a $29.00 sex toy.

Chris arrived before Roger. He surveyed the scene and laughed. "What's this about a VIBRATING ANAL PROBE?" Will showed the object to Chris, who grinned from ear-to-ear. "ALL RIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!" Chris pulled out a joint and lit up and passed it around.

Norman moaned in total embarrassment.

Roger showed up and simply said, "Oh, my God," when he glimpsed the red vibrator.

Will decided to proceed. The sex toy was gelatinous, so it had to be slowly inserted. Before Will inserted it, he treated his audience to a total view of Norrman's spread asshole, opening Norman's cheeks and showing the other guys everything of Norman's treasured privacy. This was much more of an explicit view than a few hours earlier because Norman was on his stomach and his ass was on Will's lap, giving Will complete and easier access. Will spread the buttocks open and kept them open for a full three minutes as the other men smoked, drank and looked. No one said anything. Will allowed Herbie to snap a picture with his phone, and winked at him. It was more than a closeup, but you couldn't see Norman's face, only his beautiful backside and gaping rectal area.

Everyone knew they were seeing another man utterly humiliated. Word had gotten around Norman was a corporate lawyer, so this added to their fun.

Norman's strong back broke out in a minor sweat and Norman grabbed the sofa. He made odd, unfamiliar whimpering sounds.

Will decided it was time for the main event. He eased the sex toy into Norman's exposed anus. It went in fairly easily. Norman squirmed.

There were plenty of giggles and Bill again said, oh, my stars.

Dan moved in for a closer look and squatted on his haunches.

Will held Norman tight. Then he switched on the vibrator, which amusingly made a tiny, distinct whirring sound.

"Will, I will kill you for this,"" muttered Norman. Everyone giggled.

Reaction was immediate, from everyone, but most memorably, from Norman, who had never felt sensations like this before.


Some of the guys laughed, some did not. All of them stared lustily, watching Norman write, naked on the sofa in broad daylight, his asshole being stimulated.

OHHHHHHHH WILL................................

Will just held his wriggling, naked, gorgeous boyfriend on his lap and watched him writhe. THIS WAS DEFINITELY THE MOST SHIVERS IN HISTORY, THOUGHT WILL.

Will was hard and he knew Norman, in his current position, could feel it. 

Will said to Alan, "do you want to touch his balls now?"

Alan nodded and moved to Will's sofa. Will pushed one of Norman's legs to the floor and reached underneath and pulled out Norman's scrotum more fully.

Alan eagerly took over and began to fondle Norman's balls as the vibrator continued to whirr and stimulate poor Norman's prostate.


Oh my, thought Will. THESE SHIVERS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris tented in his shorts and did not care who noticed. Chris took off his shirt and threw it on the ground. Chris had rock hard pecs and nipples as big as rocks.

OH MY STARS, again from Bill.

Herbie looked at his boss with lust. Then he looked at Norman with more lust. Then Herbie finished off the joint, with lust. "Oh mama," said Herbie. Then Herbie said something in Italian.

Norman was in another universe. He writhed and moaned as the vibrator did its job and Alan's hands did theirs. Norman got another erection and was somewhat comforted that no one could see it. But Norman knew they sure were seeing everything else under the sun, literally.

Norman felt a moan coming on and he tried to suppress it. He failed.



Will laughed at his naked boyfriend's reactions. This was $30.00 well spent, he thought. Will remembered the vibrator had level control, so he turned it up higher.



SHIVERS APOCOLYPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the seated observers slapped their knees with laughter at the naked Norman's frenzied reactions. Alan simply calmly continued to stroke Norman's scrotum,. Alan realized he would probably never experience anything like this again. And Alan hated lawyers, so he wasn't about to cut Norman any slack. Besides, Norman's boyfriend had SANCTIONED this humiliation, so what the hell. Alan pulled on the scrotum, forcefully, and then decided to see what the lawyer's penis looked like right now.

So Alan pulled out Norman's erection from underneath him.

Will said, "You can expose that, but you can't play with it, Alan."

OH MY STARS. Bill again.

Alan nodded and went back to Norman's testicles, which now were tighter than Fort Knox.

Norman moaned and squirmed and grabbed the sofa as best he could. The other men stared at Norman's bulbous cock head and wondered if Norman would cum. Norman's piss slit was wide open and he was oozing precum copiously.


SHIVERS OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will actually felt like a cad, for a few seconds only.

As fantastic as this all was, Will thought this had probably gone far enough. It was not even mid-afternoon. He did not want Norman to cum before dinner. So he turned off the vibrator, but he left it in and told Alan, that's enough. For now. Alan nodded. This Alan is a piece of work, thought Will. I would not mind seeing him naked and I hope he goes to the hot tub.

Alan stopped touching Norman and thanked Will for the 'privilege' and went back to his own sofa. He still had some wine left to enjoy. Alan knew he would be masturbating in less than five minutes after this was over. He had a single room. And a mirror. Alan enjoyed watching himself naked do stuff to himself naked. He would like this Will guy to watch him do stuff to himself naked, and considered asking Will. Will was obviously adventurous and so was Alan. But Alan sensed that Will was probably in the long run devoted to the pristine Norman even though he was humiliating the fuck out of the gorgeous naked lawyer.

Norman heaved a sigh of relief and raised himself to cover his throbbing erection on his boyfriend's lap.

"Oh my LORD," said Norman. "What a nightmare." Everyone laughed at the only naked man in the courtyard of the hotel.

"Time for sunscreen, Norman," said Will. "Turn over on your back."

Alan thought, I'm not leaving this fuckin' courtyard.

No one was leaving the fucking courtyard until they saw what happened next to the nude, embarrassed, clearly humiliated lawyer, Norman Ross.

Chris stroked his nipples and didn't care who noticed. It was a contest about which exposed man was getting more attention, but since Norman was completely nude with an erection, Norman was probably the winner right now. As impressive as he was, Chris had only removed his shirt. But Chris topless was an erotic sight to behold. His pecs were a feast for any gay man's tongue, or hands, or most likely, both.

It was certainly a novelty for the hotel guests to see the owner of the hotel openly, sexually aroused. Most of them had some familiarity with Chris, either by phone or text or even earlier encounters at the hotel.

Chris tugged on his right nipple and he knew that his guests were ogling him. Chris knew how to flirt and he was an exhibitionist, so he had no problem with people looking at him. You don't run a gay hotel by being bookish. Chris saw that Norman was bookish, and it interested him. This type usually you did not see getting rammed with a vibrator here in the courtyard.

The squirming lawyer who was in front of him, "Norman" was Will's lover, and he was obviously no exhibitionist and was humiliated as all get out. Chris had just watched Norman violated by a sex toy and squeal like a woman. It was the most erotic thing Chris had seen at the hotel in a very long while. For a lawyer, Norman had a terrific body. Chris particularly liked Norman's ass, and the fact that Will knew how to skillfully show it off for his own methods.


Chris had always liked to see Will walk in the doors of the hotel. Will drank, and he smoked, and he got laid, but he was always respectul of the hotel and he was never loud, or a problem in anyway. Will had always been the perfect guest, and today, he was providing massive entertainment!

Chris had gleefully sold two more nights to these guys Gerard and Phillippe. These guys had expensive rooms, so Chris had made $1,000 in minutes and it was because of "that gorgeous naked man being traipsed around your establishment unwillingly by his adorable boyfriend."

Phillippe had said that, and Gerard had added, "This is the type of thing we like to see here."

Well, we aim to please, as Chris pulled on his nipple. Chris' nipples were and he was hard elsewhere as well.

Norman rolled over on his back. He didn't want to, but he did. Norman was high now, and he felt the sun on him and that THING was still in his butt.

Norman blinked and saw multiple men staring at him. The owner Chris had his shirt off and was stroking his chest, and he was obviously hard through his shorts. Norman blushed.

The evil Alan grinned at Norman as Norman exposed himself frontally.

Norman was also erect, and his penis flopped up as Norman adjusted himself in this new position on his boyfriend's lap. Norman just wanted to get to the pool, where he thought he could surely conceal himself with water somehow.

Will took the sunscreen and liberally sprayed his boyfriend's naked body, paying special attention to Norman's mid-section.

"I have to preserve Norman's tan line, because I love it SO MUCH," gushed Will.

"We do too," slurred Dan, still on his knees in front of the sofa where Norman lay nude in the sun.

Norman groaned. If they were looking at his tan line, they were looking at his ERECTION and Norman knew his erection was wet. Norman took his hands and wiped off the precum. This provoked giggling.

"Take the thing out of my ass, please," he sternly told Will. Will winked at him and slowly removed the vibrator and tossed it on Norman's beautiful chest. This provoked more giggling.

"Take it OFF me entirely," Norman barked. "Get it away from my body."

Will shrugged and put the vibrator on the table. Alan stroked it and asked Will how much it cost. Will told him.

"Worth it, I'd say," giggled Alan. Norman really did not like Alan at all right now. He found Alan snide.

Just then Enrique and Matt wandered into the festivities. Great, thought Norman. As if this could not get any worse. Enrique and Matt stared at the vibrator on the table, at Chris touching himself, and of course at the main course, the nude Norman on his back on Will's lap on the sofa with an erection.

Matt: "Fuck, Enrique. I told you to get a move on. We've missed something, I think."

Enrique: "Well, we're here now. Drink your beer and get off my back, bitch."

Both Matt and Enrique had bottles of Corona, with limes.

Matt marveled at Norman's body. "He is so perfect. Look at his dick. Look at his NIPPLES."

Roger spoke up. "Will, I still want to suck Norman's nipples."

Then to Norman's chagrin, George showed up, chuckling. "Oh my God. Is that a VIBRATOR?"

At least George hadn't seen THAT thing used, Norman told himself.

Will: "Yeah you missed it. But I'll do it again tomorrow on the upper deck."

Like hell, Norman thought to himself.

Will rubbed the sunscreen into Norman's nude body and Norman had to admit this felt good. Will stroked Norman's hard nipples and told Roger that he could suck Norman's nipples tomorrow on the upper deck, after he had shaved Norman on the lower back deck.

Norman thought again, like hell, although he realized he had already agreed to be shaved and if he balked, Will would put on his silent treatment act which Norman could not bear. He realized Will would just leave him alone in the hotel and go downtown and drink with his many island buddies. Norman did not want that.

Norman laid there naked. Will just played with his body while everyone watched. Norman felt humiliated but he was gratified that the hunky owner Chris couldn't take his eyes off him.

Norman kept wiping the precum ooze off his cockhead, which became a minute-by-minute task. He said, "When are we going to the pool? I still haven't seen it and I want to use the hot tub."

Norman didn't wait for an answer. He stood up and announced, "I am GOING to the pool." He kind of knew where it was because he had glimpsed it as they checked in, but he did not relish wandering around looking for it. The hotel was kind of a labyrinth and Norman was not sober at this point.

Will shifted gears and said, "Come on. Let's go. I could use a dip myself." The other guys murmured in agreement; they knew Norman needed a break. Alan excused himself and went to his room and jerked off, and so did Chris, and so did Herbie. The other men, led by George, followed in a line as Will led the nude, hard Norman by the hand to the hot tub/pool area, which also featured workout equipment and mirrors. Norman covered his genitals with his free hand as best he could, but it was obvious he had a full erection and that his nipples were aroused.

Will grabbed the vibrator on the way. The sunscreen he'd collect later, if it was still there. The little sex toy had been a big hit, and Will was determined to use it again on Norman this weekend, although Will realized he would have to do some serious sweet-talking. Will wanted George to watch Norman's delicious contortions and squealing. He knew Norman would be mega-humiliated by a younger paralegal witnessing such a spectacle from a naked lawyer!

On the way to the pool, Will and the gang were pleased to see that a new boat had arrived, along with it five new guests at the hotel.

Norman was not happy with this development whatsoever. He felt like throwing up, in fact, when he heard a young Hispanic man ask, "Are they filming a porno here today? Look at that naked man. He has an erection. Look at him!"

The gang from the courtyard arrived at the pool area. There were a few guys hanging out there. Two men were nude. Norman was relieved to see that, believing focus would be now taken off him.

The two nude men did not have erections, however. 

Norman quickly immersed himself in the pool, hoping no one noticed that he DID have a hard-on. 

DIdn't happen. Someone said, "that blonde guy has a full erection, the one that just got in the pool."

"Oh yeah. That's the doofus that's letting his boyfriend show him off. He's hot though. I think he is a fucking LAWYER."

Much chattering ensued.  Norman swam, or tried to swim. The pool was rather small. The water was cold. Norman's erection subsided. The pool was not deep. Norman waded over to its side and gazed at the pool area in total. The hot tub was to the left of the pool. No one was yet in the hot tub. Two guys in gym shorts pumped iron in an area with a canopy and free weights and some old work-out machines. Norman relaxed. He was concealed at last.

Will and his new friends made themselves comfortable with the familiar pool area and got comfortable, locating the fluffy towels nearby that the hotel provided. Chris traditionally set up an open bar at the pool area on the weekends, so Will treated himself to a drink, as everyone else was doing. The bartender was an elderly gentleman who'd worked at the hotel for decades. His name was Richard.

Will wandered over to his nude boyfriend, cowering in the pool, wide-eyed. "Do you want a drink,  Normy?"

Norman nodded.

Will got Norman a scotch on the rocks.

Alan appeared and he stripped naked. Will gave him the once-over, as did Norman. Alan had a very lean physique with no body hair except for pubes and underarm, and he had a surprisingly large dick and balls. Alan was not shy and he moved about freely. He went to the bar and ordered a drink and Richard was clearly interested in him. Will noted that Alan tipped Richard with a $5.

Alan was the first to get into the hot tub and he did so slowly so everyone could get a look at him. Interesting, thought Will.

Alan, once in the hot tub, waved at Norman, across in the pool. Alan knew that if Norman were to get in the hot tub, he would have to display his "wares" all over again.

Norman just glared. He knew Alan had been supremely entertained by the vibrator incident, and, to add insult to injury, the kid had fondled Norman's balls for several minutes.

Will was giddy enough to strip. So he did. Norman watched as his lover removed his clothes. The dark blonde Will was a bit stocky and had a little bit of fuzzy body hair, but he had large pink nipples, overall defiInition and muscle and a very round tight butt. Will's penis was average but his balls were formidable. Will had always been comfortable with his physique, and this was appealing. The other men watched Will strip and they ogled him. Will joined Alan in the hot tub and Alan was more than happy to make room for Will.

Norman thought, I'd better keep an eye on Will. He's stoned and I think he likes this admiration he's getting from these drunk sluts. Maybe I haven't been giving Will the attention he deserves. He's put a lot of planning intto this weekend and he's paying for it and I know things are slow at his job. Norman felt a bit guilty and also a bit aroused, seeing his boyfriend strip naked in front of other guys and also seeing how many guys were staring at Will and commenting appreciatively.

So even though Norman was in no hurry to expose his own self again, Norman got out of the pool and took his drink over to the hot tub.

Norman of course got many appraising looks. He ignored them and carefully entered the hot tub.

"Oh look," said Alan, sarcastically. "It's the star of the day." Then Alan threw an arm around Will's shoulders. Will was sitting a bit too close to Alan, Norman thought. Norman sat on Will's other side and grabbed his thigh with his right hand. With his left, Norman sipped his drink.

Will immediately realized Norman was a bit jealous of Alan's attention. He smiled to himself.

"Isn't this nice?" Will announced to everyone. Alan tried to pull WIll closer. Will allowed it! Norman was pissed. Norman had been doing EVERYTHING Will had demanded and now Will was becoming a little whorish in Norman's opinion.

Norman examined where Alan's hands were. One of them was underwater. He located Will's penis. Alan's hand wasn't there. Better not be, grumbled Norman. Will jumped a tad. He was not expecting Norman to fondle him in the hot tub, at least so soon. But he allowed it. Will was in love with Norman; Alan was a weekend diversion. But Will had decided he would be in cahoots with Alan if it furthered Will's humiliation fantasies. Alan was very obviously on the same page and he wasn't exactly hard on the eyes.

MVP George got naked and this also was impressive. The blonde George had a smattering of chest hair himself and a very nice penis and balls, and a beautiful bulbous ass. Roger stripped and was obviously a natural redhead and he had a very similar physique to his friend George. George and Roger entered the hot tub, confidently naked. 

All these beautifful naked men were reminding Will of his fabulous salad days at this hotel when he was single.

Norman saw Will's very positive reaction to the new naked guys and fretted. Will wasn't touching him yet. Why was this? Norman rubbed Will's penis.

George and Roger sat across from Norman and Will, next to Alan.

It was obvious to Norman that the little slut Alan was fondling Roger.

Roger threw his head back and sighed. George stared at Norman.

George thought Will was more than attractive. Will's body was not perfect, but Will embodied it with flair. George liked that. Will's ass was very impressive to George because Will seemed not to know just how spectacular it was. George also liked Will's effortless wit.

To George, the Alan guy was OK, but way too thin for George. George liked some bulk. George had fucked the physically fit Roger and liked him a lot, but to George Roger was old news and Roger was also a unreliable, shameless hussy and George knew he could fuck Roger again if need be. Roger was his fuck buddy, always available but also usually never on time, which George had little patience for, with anyone.

What George really wanted was to see the bubbly and sexy, wily Will humiliate the priggish but gorgeous Norman Ross again, especially with that sex toy. Roger had regaled George with the sex toy incident in a quick summary. ("It was incredible, that's all I can tell you. I'm sorry you missed it.") George also wanted to touch Norman's body somehow, most specifically Norman's penis, but he wouldn't mind fingering Norman's enticing asshole.

George also found himself longing to explore Will's body in similar ways. George had an enormous sex drive. He also found Alan kind of interesting, if sinister.

The other men at the hot tub hesitated to strip and enter the hot tub because it was full of hunks and the other men, clothed outside the tub, were either older, out of shape, or both. But eventually, the summer afternoon and alcohol won the day and the hot tub got full. Dan found room next to Norman and wasted no time going for Norman's dick.

Norman allowed this, because he felt sorry for Dan, who was a bit paunchy and drunk. Norman thought Dan had seen better days. Still, Norman would draw a line if Dan overdid it.

Will was amused that Dan was exploring Norman's body in the hot tub. He said nothing because Norman was now exploring Will's balls as well as his penis, albeit underwater.

Will loved it that Norman was jealous. Will felt someone's feet exploring Will's feet. He couldn't tell who it was. It could have been George, Roger or Alan, or even Matt. Will didn't care. He was stoned now. He wasn't drunk, but he was stoned, and the hot tub water was fantastic. He threw an arm around Norman's sturdy shoulders and pulled him closer. This was so much fun.

Norman started. At the same time his lover was pulling him close, someone else was trying to touch Will's penis! IT HAD TO BE THE WICKED LITTLE ALAN.

Norman glared anew at Alan, who looked at him with faux-innocence. "Do you want to say something to me, Norman?" Alan purred.  

"Yeah, I do. Get your hands off my boyfriend's dick," Norman growled.

"Oh, Normy," said Will, enjoying it all.

"OK, OK," said Alan, showing his hands in the air and rolling his eyes. Everyone laughed.

"By the way, MR. ROSS, I must thank you for the wonderfully undignified display in the courtyard earlier. You sounded like a horse being slaughtered, and as you thrashed about on the sofa, naked, you reminded me of an old Madonna video," Alan laughed  "Or bad 70s porn.".

Norman seethed. He thought, if I could murder this rail-thin little caustic bitch, I would.

Will chuckled at Alan's remarks, patted Norman's leg under the water and at the same time patted Dan's hand which was on top of his boyfriend's penis.

Will decided to say nothing. Let's see where this goes. We have to go to dinner soon anyway and I want to make Norman cum in front of everyone before we go to bed.  Otherwise, Norman will have serious blue balls. Will also thought, this Alan kid is a piece of work. Will realized Norman hated this Alan kid. Will would have to intervene if this escalated. Better not to LET IT escalate.

Will's stoned but ambitious mind kind of raced. Where should I make Norman cum in public? I mean, TODAY. Normy is obviously horny. He's playing with my dick in this hot tub.

And Norman has a BIG day ahead of him tomorrow, to boot, mused Will. Will was going to make Norman cum in public tomorrow as well. Poor Norman, Will giggled to himself. Norman was beginning to more aggressively stroke Will's penis and Will was getting hard.

Norman thought, I have to get Will out of this hot tub. He is starting to stare at George and George is definitely staring at him and me both. And it was obvious to Norman that the bastard Alan had designs on Will. This, I do not need. Norman's posture stiffened, and he said to himself: I will not do a threesome.

Chris appeared suddnely, totally nude. Chris had an enormous dick and balls to accompany his formidable chest. Everyone gasped as Chris entered the hot tub with a smile. "Hello, gentlemen," Chris said gently. Room for the naked Chris was made quickly, you can be sure. The older men in the tub blinked in amazement. The OWNER of the hotel was JOINING THEM, NAKED!!!!!

Chris was ecstatic at the collection of beautiful nude men in his hot tub. He could tell a lot of action was going on, or was about to. This type of thing is what made the hotel serious coin.

The new Hispanic arrival wandered to the hot tub with his companion and again inquired, "Are you sure they're not making a porno?"

His bland friend replied, "I don't see no cameras. Look, there's an open bar. Shut up with the questions and let's get a drink, OK?"

Chris laughed, and grabbed the first available cock. Chris marveled. Tonight it was certainly a smorgasbord in the hotel.

But Chris had his eye on the lawyer Norman Ross, who Chris could perceive was completely out of his comfort zone. It touched Chris that the gregarious, lovable Will had discovered this blonde hunk. Chris had seen Will at play in the hot tub more than once. When single, Will had always laughed naked in the hot tub. He was laughing now naked in the hot tub. It gave Chris nostalgic warm feelings.

Chris observed Norman's hard nipples over the top of the pulsating hot tub water. Chris grinned at Will's happiness. All of this was so enticing. Chris liked smaller nipples than his own and Norman had them. Chris liked Will's butt. The entire staff did as well, it was a topic, especially when in the old days Will liked to prance around in a jockstrap. One of the houseboys had said, "It drives me crazy when he does that, especially when he goes up to the upper deck on the spiral staircase. Will was made to wear a jockstrap." Another houseboy had replied, "Wander by the Spanish Room around 2 a.m. If the lights are on, and the blinds are open, you'll get a show. There won't be no jockstrap, neither. He goes full throttle. He is legendary. But don't try to enter the room. It will be locked. It is purely a voyeur thing. He is an exhibitionst only to a degree."

Chris whole-heartedly approved of exhibitionism of this nature. And his staff adored it but they did not talk about it outside the hotel. That was understood.

This Norman Ross was naked, just like everybody else. Chris planned to jerk off again to Norman's photo. After all, he did have Will's permission. Chris wondered if he had any naked pics of Will. If not, he would have to rectify that. Chris finally began to notice just how hot the sweet, funny Will really was himself.

Chris realized: Norman Ross is the lucky one here.

Norman told Will, "Come on Will, I want to go back to the room. I have done everything you have asked of me so far."

Norman glanced at Alan, George and Roger. Alan and George stared in wonderment. Roger was getting stroked by someone and he was oblivious.

Will agreed to exit the hot tub, but he remembered to collect the $29 vibrator on the way back to the Spanish Room. Will had hidden it in a towel and he hoped no one had snatched it. IT WAS GOING TO BE USED AGAIN.

Will and Norman left the hot tub, to disappointed groans. This time, Will was the one with an erection. He didn't even realize it, or care. He found the vibrator unscathed, collected his clothes (which had the key), and walked back to the room, naked. Norman had grabbed one of the fluffy towels and had wrapped it around his waist. He followed his cute, popular  boyfriend down the corridor.

On the way to the room, Will (and Norman) encountered a scruffy newcomer wearing typical beach attire. Will stopped dead in his tracks because the newcomer reminded him of Brian Tyler Cohen from YouTube, who Will adored.

"Is that Brian Tyler Cohen?" Will wheezed. "Oh fuck. Norman. That looks like Brian Tyler Cohen."

Norman sneered. He knew Will watched BTC a lot but he didn't think Will was obsessed with him. Will didn't obsess. And Norman had researched BTC and knew he was straight, so Norman knew that BTC was not exactly wandering around a gay hotel on Long Island.

The newcomer asked Will if he needed assistance. Will was naked, clutching things, and he said, "no, thank you, my boyfriend is behind me."

Norman simmered because this new guy, whoever the fuck he was, hadn't even looked at Norman.

The new guy said, "your boyfriend is a very lucky man."

Will fluttered. OH PLEASE, thought Norman. Are we going to the prom?

Will asked the newbie his name and made no effort to cover himself much. REALLY, thought Norman.

"My name is Brian," said the cute scruffy new guest. Norman scoffed, loudly.

Will shivered with stupid delight and Norman shoved him into the room eventually once he got the key,  as this Brian laughed.

"I'd keep an eye on that one," Brian commented to Norman, on his way out. "He's a goofy gus. That is one of the best butts of all time. I'm sure you know that."

Norman let his towel fall to the ground so he was naked. Brian barely noticed and began to make his exit, but he did say, over his shoulder to Norman, what is your ADORABLE boyfriend's name?

"William," announced Norman. "And we are married. BRIAN."

GOD, thought Norman. This whorehouse of a hotel!

"Willliam," Brian chuckled on his way out. "It fits him. He is delectable. Good night." It annoyed Norman that Brian had not inquired as to HIS name.

Norman entered the room, where he encountered the delectable William sitting on the bed, putting on clothes.

"Hey, old man," chortled Will. "Don't put anything on. We're gonna play one-on-one for a bit."

Will's stamina was incredible, but it was yet another factor in his arsenal of favor. And Norman wanted Will to himself for a few hours. Norman tossed the towel on a chair and stood there naked as Will finished throwing on summer clothes.

Will approached a suitcase and on the way fondled Norman's exposed cock and balls.

Will removed the coverlet from the bed and bundled it on the floor. Norman smiled, wondering what Will was up to.

Will said, "Get on the bed on your back."

Norman complied. Will pulled out four neckties from the luggage and began to tie Norman up.

First he tied Norman's hands to the four poster bed. Norman said, "What exactly are you doing?" Will had tied up Norman only once before--and he had tickled him. Norman hadn't hated that, but it was not something he looked forward to again.

"You're not going to tickle me, are you?" Norman stammered. "Not here." Norman knew he'd make maniacal laughing sounds that he couldn't control and that would embarrass him.

"Not in the conventional sense, baby," said Will, tying Norman's beautiful ankles to the bottom of the bed.

Will stood back to survey his handiwork.

Norman was tied spread eagled, naked, to the bed, flat on his back, exposing all of himself. Spectacular!

Will then returned to the luggage and rummaged around. He pulled out a circular object and what looked like a remote control. 

"W-w-w-what is that?" Norman croaked.

"It is a vibraing cock rink. It goes around your balls."

Norman groaned, "Oh, Will. These toys you brought out here."

Will llaughed, "Ain't they hilarious? You'll like this, or at least your EXPOSED genitals will."

Will fastened the cock ring around Norman's testicles and penis. It felt rubbery and firm at the same time. It was black.

Will stood back and aimed the remote control at Norman and switched it on.

The sensations were immediate on Norman. The cock ring actually seemed to vibrate, and it caressed the flesh it encased--in other words, Norman's balls. Norman squirmed. It was ticklish and maddeningly sensual simultaneously.

Will, satisfied, placed the remote on the table and raised the blinds of the window facing the hallway!

Norman protested. He did not want to be seen this way at all. He was spread eagle and naked and being teased by a vibrating cock ring and his private anus was again visible.

"Don't move," said Will, retrieving the remote. Will poured himself a drink and watched his nude boyfriend writhe on the bed. Norman's muscular body wriggled sexily. Will sucked on Norman's armpits and bit his underarm hair. This was one of Norman's weak spots, and coupled with the vibrating thing on his balls, Norman was beginning to babble. Will laughed, and stopped sucking on his boyfriend.

"I'm going outside." Will left the room and locked the door, giggling.

"Wait-waiiiittttttttt!!! Will, don't leave me exposed this way." Norman begged.

Will went to the adjacent courtyard and examined the remote. He was going to test its range. It had a lever to increase velocity. From 1 to 10. Right now it was at the lowest level, 1.

Will wanted to also see just how many guys would stop and take a look at Norman in his current state. He got a hint of this right away, as Dan, drunk, ambled down the hallway towards the Spanish Room, and stopped immediately at its window. Dan noticed Will sitting in the courtyard.

"What's up with Norman? He's naked again, and he looks like he wants to crawl out of his skin," laughed Dan.

Will raised the level on the remote to 2. "Look at his balls," he instructed Dan.

"Oh wow," said Dan. "Is that what's causing him to thrash around? And you tied him up!"

"Guilty on all counts," laughed Will, sipping his cocktail.

Dan grunted in approval. "This is hot. He's giving me the dirtiest look."

Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, moaned Norman. It was fiendish, this device, and he was tired of the weatherbeaten Dan getting to see him naked, naked, and more naked.

But with the window undraped, Norman realized Dan would soon be joined by others and he yelled for Will to get back in the room.

Will raised the remote to 3.


"This is so funny," said Dan. "He's getting yet another boner. He's so fuckin' naked."

George appeared and saw Will in the courtyard and Dan at the window to Will's room. He also heard this:


"Hi George," Will greeted.

"What is going on?" asked George. "Where's Mr. Ross?"


George glanced at Dan peering into the window, and went to the window himself. He looked inside. Dan raised the level to 4.


George figured out what Will was doing after seeing a cock ring on Norman's body, and the remote in Will's hand. WIll is one clever dude, thought George.


"Oh, Mr. Ross, you'rte in a bind," George teased.


Norman moaned and writhed on the bed, he could not untie himself, and his penis was erect (again) and it was swaying like a metronome.

"Look at that asshole," gurgled Dan. "I mean, the actual hole, not Norman himself."

George laughed heartily.

But he felt concern for Mr. Ross, whose face was clearly visible. And he knew Will was going to have Norman exposed for a period of time this way.

"Will, the guys will take pictures of Norman through the window. I have an unused face mask in my luggage. Do you want to put it on Norman?"

Will was touched by this gesture. "Would you mind getting it? I think that is a good idea."

George hurried away and returned swiftly. Will gave him the key to the room. "You put it on him. It will humiliate him."

George grinned and eagerly accepted the key. He entered the room and Norman looked at him pleadingly. "Untie me, George. Please untie me."

"Can't do that, Mr. Ross, but I can give you a bit of anonymity." George waved the mask.

Level 5.


George put the mask on Norman's handsome face, thinking it a pity to cover up something so perfectly sculpted, but glad he could somehow protect Norman's identity from anyone nefarious. There was a lot of picture-taking going on in the hotel today.

To reward himself, George fondled Norman's nude body as Norman writhed. He touched his nipples, he touched his balls, and he rubbed Norman's wet piss slit with his thumb, applying pressure. Norman protested through the mask, but it was muffled. George just smiled at Norman and fingered Norman's asshole, finding his prostate and tickling it. George tented and he felt swoony. He never thought he'd get a chance to touch Norman Ross this way, or have him at his mercy, completely naked and vulnerable. Norman's skin was on fire.

George wanted to also verbally humiliate the helpless naked man. He said to Norman, "your hole is nice and tight and warm and your penis is very wet. I guess you like this attention, don't you, Mr. Ross?"

Norman glared at the young whippersnapper. Norman appreciated the mask, but Norman knew George was having a field day with his tied-up, violated, naked body, and this humiliated Norman, being fondled by someone younger who usually saw Norman in a suit in a working environment. Norman realized George knew exactly what Norman was thinking and that George knew exactly what he was doing to his aroused, nude physique.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Norman let rip helplessly. The cock ring continued to tease his hapless testicles and by extension, hie penis. George laughed at him and touched his penis shaft. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

"Oooh, Will, George is touching your boyfriend," Dan reported. "Like, all over."

"It's OK. He deserves it." Will meant George, but he supposed this statement also applied to Norman.

But Will did get up to peer through the window himself. George was fingering his boyfriend. Norman's eyes were wide open and he was squirming. Will saw Norman was rock-hard and wet again.

George saw Will and pulled out his finger, leaving the room and locking it, figuring that's what Will wanted. He returned the key to Will and apologized for violating Norman. "It's OK," smiled Will. "The mask will save the day. Thanks for getting it."

Will watched Norman's discomfort and realized he also was hard. He didn't want to obscure anyone else's view--that was the point after all--so he returned to his drink in the courtyard. George and Dan remained at the window.

More men wandered down the corridor. Will did not recognize them. The observer Will really wanted was Alan, because he knew Norman would become super-agitated if Alan appeared at the window and saw Norman in this condition.

"Anyone seen Alan?" Will wondered aloud. George grinned. "He's working out. I'll go get him."

Good ol' George, thought Will. He would refrain from raising the level to 6 until his new hotel  friends returned.

The new men heard Norman's moans and went to the window. There were now three guys plus Dan staring at Norman in the throes of stimulation, naked in the Spanish Room.

"What the hell is happening to him?" asked one.

"Vibrating cock ring," answered another. "They're torture."

"Look at his dick," said the third. "Part of him must enjoy it."

"It'll get you going, don't get me wrong."

Dan offered, "His boyfriend over there on the couch has the remote and he's been playing with it."

The three men laughed and congratulated Will, even though one of the newbies muttered "brutal," and his companion agreed, saying, "sadistic."

Will waved at them, smiling. 

Will heard George and Alan's voices coming down the hallway from the lobby. George sure works fast! Will was psyched to hear Alan laughing hysterically. "You're kidding!!!" Alan was almost screaming.

Alan appeared, with George. He went to the window and said "excuse me, I know this man and I may be able to help." George nudged his way in as well. SInce Alan and George were hotties and they knew how to use that, the other guys staring into the window made room.

Alan stared into the room and burst into laughter. "HI NORMAN!" he yelled.

Norman wanted to just die. ALAN. Fuck.

And George was back too.

Will did level 6.


"I want that remote," said Alan. He told George to get it from Will. George sheepishly approached Will, who was laughing his ass off on the courtyard sofa.

"Will," George said, "Alan would like to borrow the remote."

Will laughed harder and handed George the remote. "Tell Alan to go slow."

George giggled. "I will." George took the remote and went back to the crowded window of the Spanish Room.

"Alan," George said, "here is the remote. WIll wants you to use it gingerly."

Alan surveyed the remote and saw it was on 6 but that it went up to 10.

"YOO HOO, Norman," Alan jeered at the writhing naked man in the room. "Looky what I have."

Alan dangled the remote in front of the window so Norman could see it.

Norman literally screamed. "YOU LITTLE BITCH FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alan shoved the remote to 7.


Someone gave Will a joint. Of course. It was Chris, who was wearing a robe.

"You have outdone yourself," said Chris. He strolled over to the window of the Spanish Room.

Will smoked and listened to Norman's wails of pleasure and embarrassment.


Alan continued to dangle the remote in front of the window so Norman could see it.



Level 8!


Chris looked into the room. WOW, he said. The Spanish Room would never be the same after THIS.


Level 9.


Alan considered Level 10. George. watcjom him, said to Alan: "Are you sure?" Norman was flailing about like a fish on a dock. But it was fun watching his erection bounce around. and his asshole twitch.

Alan replied: "Norman called me a bitch. I really don't like that terminology. He has to suffer accordingly."


Norman screamed and thrashed.


Then, Norman began to pee on himself. 

This was the most severe "shivers" ever!

All the observers stared. A few men looked away.


A stream of urine flowed out of Norman's erect penis and splattered on Norman's gorgeous chest. Norman's eyes resembled those of a character in a cartoon. Along withi this, it appeared Norman was hyperventilating.


Will came to the window with the joint to watch his nude boyfriend pee on himself, as he had never seen this before.

Chris followed him and chuckled, "Don't worry, I'll bring you new sheets myself."

Will laughed. "I'm glad I removed the coverlet from the bed. I wondered if this might happen."

Chris said, "Seems you think of everything."

Will smoked and watched Norman pee. The urine would stop and then it was start again, although the subsequent gushes were gradaully just quick dribbles. Still, the damage had been done. Norman was engaged and as red as a firecracker.

But he continued to thrash about and his erection wobbled erotically.

Alan dangled the remote in front of Norman, smiling.

The level remained at 10.


Norman saw Will at the window smoking a joint and was apoplectic that Will was allowing this debauhery to continue. Through the mask, Norman said evenly. "Will, I DEMAND you come in here."

Will returned the joint to Chris and said, "Guess I'd better. I've been SUMMONED." He took the remote from Alan, thanking him, and went to the room, and opened the door. He put the remote on the table.

"TURN IT OFF!" Norman screamed. "I've had enough. You've had your fucking fun. Look what you did."

Willl lowered the remote to 1 but it still whirred.

"Turn is OFF COMPLETELY! " Norman yelled.

Will ignored Norman and went to the bathroom, returning with a wet washcloth and a towel.

He gently wiped Norman off, then untied him.

Norman, naked but absolutely furious, stumbled over to the window, which was still populated with amused onlookers including Alan, Chris and George, and lowered the blinds and yanked the drapes closed. His erection bobbled. Norman yanked the cock ring off himself and threw it on the ground. Then he removed the mask and put it on the table. Norman had an idea he'd be needing the mask again.

He stood there, nude, completely humiliated, and heaving with embarrassment and fury.

Will poured himself another drink and softly said, "Wasn't that fun? You sure entertained a lot of guys today, baby."

Norman seethed and grabbed one of the fluffy towels from the pool area that was thrown on a chair. He wrapped it around himself and sat down, and said "Make me a fucking drink, you asshole."

So Will did. A strong one, with no ice.

Norman downed it. "Another." 

Will chuckled and poured. This booze was going to hit Norman very quickly, he knew.

He handed the drink to Norman. "You might want to slow down. That is a lot of hooch for you, Norman."

"Shut up, William," Norman growled. "I am really pis--uh, MAD at you."

Will burst into laughter, and gradually, Norman began to chuckle.

Will noted that Norman's nipples were stick hard. He went over to test waters. He fondled Norman's hard nipples. Norman threw his head back. The booze was kicking in. 

Will's mind raced with ideas. "Why don't we go back to the pool, Normy?"

Norman blinked. "After that display? I can't show my uh, face."

Will reminded Norman that he'd worn a mask from most of his "ordeal."

Norman scoffed. "Nice try. But they all knew it was me and you know it."

Will said, "You should show them that you're not bothered by peeing on yourself."

There was a knock on the door. "It's Chris. I brought you clean sheets."

Will said, "See, Norman. It's already history. LIghten up."

Willl admitted Chris, who carried sheets and was, startlingly, completely nude.

Chris grinned, "See what kind of a trend you boys started. Here's some sheets."

Will smiled and took the sheets from the naked owner of the hotel, thinking Chris' timing could not have been better. Chris even proudly sported a semi-erection.

Chris left the room, providing the couple with a glorious view of his amazing backside and even more amazing ass. As Chris strolled down the corridor of his hotel, Will and Norman heard him say to someone, "Yeah. It's hot today. Lots of shenanigans already. I'm going bare ass if no one minds."

The person replied, "Beautiful! NO ONE MINDS!!!" It sounded like Dan.

Norman said, "Gosh. OK, I'll go to the pool."

Will smirked. He heard a tiny whirring in the room. Oh, shit. The cock ring on the floor. He found the remote and turned it off, then put the cock ring on top of the TV, next to the anal vibrator. He was amassing quite a wonderful collection of gadgets, he thought.

"Those will stay IN THE ROOM, Will," commanded his boyfriend.

"Yes sir," said Will, who had something else in mind for Norman.

The gym. The gym with mirrors. Will just hoped there'd be others at the pool area, especially Norman's new nemesis, Alan. And Will found he had a sudden hankering to see George again, naked. And Will also longed to see this Brian guy naked. Brian had run off somewhere. Will supposed he was at the beach, or a bar, or a restaurant.

Will grabbed the bottle of scotch. He could outdrink an entire saloon if need be and he knew the cold water of the pool would keep him sober, especially after devouring two peanut butter and jelly bagels. Will also remembered that this time of day, Chris usually had Richard set up a nice little sandwich buffet at the bar.

"Hurry, let's go," he told Norman. "There will be food."

Norman was admittedly ravenous. "OK." He got up, a little wobbly, and said, "Get me my key."

Will attached Norman's key around his wrist, since it was attached to a rubber bracelet. "It is on your wrist, Normy."

Norman nodded. Will decided he'd strip at the pool. He made sure he had his own key, and the young men left the Spanish Room for yet more adventures at the hotel.

At the hot tub/pool/gym area, here's what greeted Will and Norman:

Alan, in the pool, naked.

Brian, in the hot tub, naked.

Chris, just standing around, naked, carefree, still with a semi. Chris had a glass of white wine in his hand.

Dan, clothed, drunk and just taking it all in.

Enrique and Matt in matching caftans, at the open bar, being served by Richard.

George, disappointingly, in a swimsuit, sunning himself.

Roger, beside George, in a jockstrap, sunning himself. NICE, thought Will. A jockstrap looked good on Roger.

Gerard and Phillippe, in swimsuits, wondering if they should strip naked or just watch everything.

There was one man, in workout attire, using the gym. Will did not recognize him. He was built and handsome and he was in serious, focused workout mode, using a Nautilus machine to work on already impressive pecs.

All this thrilled Will and instantly made Norman anxious, because as they entered the area, all eyes shot to Norman, and the chuckling began. Norman tried to ignore it as Will led him by the hand and told him to get a sandwich from Roger.

Will immediately went to the hot tub and standing beside it, took off his clothes. He was pleased to see Brian watching him keenly.

Once naked, he walked over to Norman and yanked off his towel, taking it back to the hot tub.

Everyone laughed.

Norman had a plate in his hand so he was too late to stop being stripped (again). He walked over to the hot tub and sat on the chair where Will had thrown his towel. Norman devoured a roast beef sandwich, nude.

Will decided he was hungry too so he went back to Richard and requested  a roast beef sandwich. "I'll tip you later, Rich," said the naked Will, and Richard told him to forget it.

Will went back to the hot tub and got in. He would eat his sandwich in the tub. It was just a finger sandwich anyway. Will had grabbed hotel cups and he put both those and the scotch on the table beside the tub.

Will wolfed down the food and told Norman to get in the tub. Brian's body could not really be seen completely due to the pulsating water, but Will noted he was slightly hairy and quite well prorportioned, if compact.

Alan, Will knew, was quite well proportioned himself. 'Hey, Alan," Will winked. 

Alan smirked, watching Norman, nude again, enter the hot tub with trepidation.

"Did you fix your bladder problem?" Alan asked Norman.

Norman said nothing. Brian laughed. He had heard.

Will observed the hunk in the gym working out. He hoped either this guy, or someone else, would be in that makeshift gym for at least the next hour.

The hot tub was fantastic on a day like this. Brian stood up and asked Will if he could have a shot. Brian's equipment was small but he was not in the least self-conscious and Will found this sexy as hell.

"Of course, help yourself," said Will. Brian got out of the tub. He had a mighty fine ass, if a bit hairy, and he glistened under the sun. He got quite a few appraising looks. Brian poured himself a shot and got back in the tub. "Thanks," he said.

"You're more than welcome," Will flirted. He saw Norman was fidgeting with jealousy.

Norman's nipples were still hard. Will imagined that Norman was about to explode from blue balls, due to the events of the day up to now.

"What are you guys doing for dinner?" asked Brian.

Norman replied, abruptly, "we have no plans as of yet."

"Then please join me, on me," said the relentlessly pleasant, wonderfully nude, scruffy Brian. "All of you."

Will wasn't going to let Norman's newly sour demeanor fuck up a free dinner in the village. Dinner in the village wasn't cheap. "Thanks, we'd be delighted."

Under the water, Norman kicked Will's leg. Alan noticed, but let it go. Free dinner! Alan was an actor, and currently unemployed.

Roger came over in his jockstrap. Will told him to pour himself a shot. "I love your jockstrap," Will cooed. Another underwater kick.

Roger poured himself a shot, and removed the jockstrap. This was the first time Will had seen Roger naked--wasn't it? At any rate, Roger looked great in the nude. And he knew it. Roger eased into the hot tub with his shot of scotch and sat next to Will. Too closely next to Will, for Norman's liking. Norman was across from the others, somewhat isolated. It was Roger, Will, Brian, and Alan on  one side, and Norman on the other.

This changed when George, now spectacularly naked, joined them in the tub. He had his own booze. He sat next to Norman. "Hello, Mr. Ross, how are you?" said Norman.

"George, stop calling me 'Mr. Ross'. Norman is fine," sighed Norman. He was a bit startled to feel George's thigh so close to his own, and more startled when he felt George's hand on his knee. But since Will was flirting like no tomorrow, Noman decided to allow it.

The Adonis-like Chris glanced at his hot tub with beaming approval and requested another glass of wine from Richard. RIchard poured the glass, staring at his naked boss' perfect physique.

Herbie appeared. He said to Chris: "All the rooms are ready, Mr. Chris."

"Thanks, Herbie," said Chris. 'You can take the rest of the day off."

Herbie squealed and requested a drink. He received it and sat down on a beach chair, surveying the scene. He waved at the hot tub in general and most of the naked guys in the tub waved back. Everyone adored Herbie.

Chris found that his semi was becoming more than that and decided to put on a towel. There were groans, which amused Chris, but Chris thought it prudent to set limits.

Herbie announced that he was going to work out. He took off his shirt, leaving him clad in cutoffs. Herbie had a smooth, cute little muscled body.

Herbie began to left weights in front of a mirrored wall.

George watched Herbie work out and moved his hand down Norman's leg. Norman whispered to him, "what are you doing?"

George said nothing but he did not remove his hand, which was pretty close to Norman's genitals.

Norman allowed the hand to remain where it was. George noted that Norman's nipples were erect as fuck.

Will knew George was fondling Norman. He also knew Norman was uncomfortable but defiantly allowing it since Will was being flirtatious.

Will gingerly felt up Roger on  his left. Roger giggled. Will felt Brian's hand on his penis. Will giggled.

Alan, no dummy, knew what was going on, and he said to Will, "can I have a shot of your hooch?"

Will had another bottle in his luggage, and even if they ran out, there was a liquor store in town. "Please. And can you refill me?" He handed Alan his cup.

Alan got ouf of the tub, naked, and Will felt himself stiffen as Norman stared at Alan's body.

Alan got out on Norman's side, and his penis came close to Norman's face. Norman's reaction was priceless to Will. It was a mixture of revulsion and lust.

Alan poured drinks and carefully re-entered the hot tub, reclaiming his seat next to Brian.

Brian was now fondling Will with abandon under the water. Will was fondling Roger with abandon under the water. Alan drank and decided to fondle Brian with abandon under the water. NO ONE EXCLUDES ALAN GODSEY, thought Alan Godsey. Gee, though, mused Alan. Brian's penis is really small.

Brian found Alan interesting and attractive, and since Brian was a location scout for Netflix out here on business, he thought Alan might turn out to be a useful contact, since Alan had told him he'd done a few television shows and had been in an off-Broadway play that Brian actually had heard of. So Brian allowed Alan to touch him. Everybody else in the tub was doing it!

Norman glared at the four whores on the other side of the tub, one of them his boyfriend. What the hell, thought Norman. He began to touch George's penis, which electrified George. This was beyond George's wildest dreams.

So of course George touched Norman's penis, which George found was rock-hard.

George was rock-hard himself in record time.

Roger was not hard. Booze did that to him. Will's touch was nice, though, and Roger did not want him to stop.

Will was getting hard. Brian was playing with his slit. Evil!

Brian was almost hard.

Alan was only semi-erect because no one was touching HIM but he was turned on by Brian's stiffening little cock.

Just then Dan, naked and drunk, splashed into the hot tub. He had to claim the bench at the back because Norman stretched out to fully occupy the bench holding him and George.

All erections suffered, except for George and Norman, who actually both got harder.

Chris watched the "shenanigans." Hotel horndogs. His bread and butter.

Will was enjoying the goings-on in the tub, but he was beginning to notice that Norman was getting a little too cozy with George.

It was time to humiliate Norman again. Will glanced at the makeshift gym. It was still Herbie and the hunky stranger.

"Norman," Will said. "It's time for you to work out in the gym."

"What?" asked Norman. "Work out? What gym?"

"The gym over there," Will motioned with his head. "Where Herbie is."

"I don't want to work out right now," Norman complained. "Leave me be."

Will firmly said, "You WILL work out right now. Get up."

Norman recognized Will's tone, but he did not want to stand up. He was completely erect.

Will was also hard but he didn't mind being seen this way. He stood up and left the tub and stood in front of it, hands on hips. "Get out of the hot tub. You've played around enough. You need to pump some iron."

Alan laughed.

Brian wondered what would happen next.

Norman was stubborn but he was aghast that Will would show himself off so openly with an erection.

Will glared at Norman and said, "Get out."

Norman moaned and took his hand off George's penis, much to George's consternation. But this is Will's show, thought George, so he resigned himself to what little thrills he'd had all day with Norman Ross. Besides, George thought, it might be fun to watch Norman work out, because George knew Will was going to make Norman work out naked.

"Go ahead, Norman," said George. " I think you should do as your boyfriend asks."

Alan agreed. "Absolutely. You're looking a bit flabby."

Brian laughed because this was absolutely not true. Norman was not flabby in the least. But Brian joined the chorus because he knew Norman had already been humiliated all day and he had missed most of it, and he wanted to see Will in action; word of Will's machinations had spread like wildfire.

Brian also detected an arrogance in Norman that he wanted to see brought down.

Brian said, "Yeah, NORMAN. Go work out. We'll hold your seat."

Roger said nothing. He regretted Will abandoning his dick.

Dan just sat in the tub, drunk, enjoying  himself.

Chris saw the naked Will standing near the tub with what looked like a hard-on, and his hands on his hips, and Chris wondered what was up. Then he saw Norman stand up, fully erect, covering himself uselessly with his hands.

"Bring your towel, come on," barked Will.

Norman, a bit tipsy, lifted himself out of the hot tub with the aid of the railing and quickly grabbed the towel, wrapping it around himself.

Will was pleased that Norman was complying. He grabbed his own towel and covered himself and was further pleased to hear groans of disappointment.

Will led Norman by the hand to the gym area. Herbie greeted them with enthusiasm. The original gym rat lifted weights, saying not a word.

Will yanked Norman's towel off him, exposing his hard-on, and told him to sit down on the Nautilus and "work on those flat-ass pecs."

The Nautilus faced the entire pool area. This would be quite a sight.

Norman balked. Will placed the towel on the seat of the Nautilus pec machine. It covered it completely and draped over each side.

Norman was shoved by Will onto the seat of the machine. Will adjusted the weights. "OK, go on," giggled Will, amused greatly by the sight of the nude Norman, fully erect, sitting on the seat of a workout machine.

Norman began to use the machine, feeling more than a little ridiculous.

Anyone in the pool area could not take their eyes off this, because this was not something you saw every day--a gorgeous naked man with a perfect tan line, a perfect body, a perfect erection, working on his pecs on a summer afternoon, clearly embarrassed and being humiliated by his equally hunky boyfriend, who was a foot shorter.

Herbie stopped his own workout, took a step back, and chuckled. "Yum," he said. "Just...yum."

The original gym rat stopped his own workout and arched an eyebrow. He stared at what Norman was doing.

Norman felt his muscles stretch and he felt very exposed. Even if he had been alone, he would have felt very exposed. But he was decidely, NOT alone. He was being ogled, lustily, by over ten men at the very least, and the specimen that was Chris, who was drinking wine and grinning at him.

More guys wandered into the pool area and the first thing they noticed was: naked Norman.

Will made Norman do a set of ten on the pec machine, which took a lot of wind out of Norman's sails since Norman was a little drunk and also stoned. Norman wished his hard-on would go away, but it remained stiff.

Then Will made Norman go to the free weights and work on his biceps. IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR. This, Norman despised. He saw himself completely naked and erect lifting weights in front of a goddamn mirror while everyone watched him, laughing at him.

He heard comments: 

"Look at that ASS."

"You should see his ASSHOLE. He has no problem showing it."

"He peed on himself wearing a cock ring. It was gruesome, but funny."

"When he peed on himself he was yelling like a whore."

"Look at his COCK."

"Look at his BALLS."

"Look at his FACE.  He's red. He's HUMILIATED."

"His boyfriend is HOT."

"I can't believe the short one shows his boyfriend off like this."

"The naked guy working out? Oh, he's a LAWYER. I think he must be DRUNK."

"He's sweating. He's EMBARRASSED. I love it!"

Much giggling, chuckling, chortling, you name it. Everyone was taking it all in and having fun at naked Norman's expense.

Norman finished with the weights and announced, "I am done with this shit."

Norman stalked back to the hot tub. He poured himself a shot, and rejoined George, who was happy to sse him return.

Alan and Brian grinned at Norman.

Alan said: "Enjoy your workout? We sure did."

Dan came to life. "I've never seen anyone work out buck naked with a hard-on. Today is a DAY OF FIRSTS!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Norman Ross."

Norman  was dismayed that Dan had retained his full name, believing that Dan was so sloshed that this would be unlikely.

Guess not, thought Norman, ruefully.

Will, nude, with a drink, and still hard, got back in the hot tub, and Norman was not pleased to see Roger and Brian allow Will to sit in between them again.

Will winked at Norman and began to fondle Roger under the water. This time, Roger got hard.

Will decided to explore Brian's little compact hairy body. He caressed Brian's taut abs and then strayed down to Brian's crotch. Oops. Brian's crotch was occupied. Will leered at Alan. "Hi Alan," he chuckled.

"Hi Will," Alan cracked.

Brian just enjoyed the attention. Dinner would certainly be interesting. Brian decided he would humiliate Norman Ross at dinner verbally. Brian was a pro at this.

Norman felt George's hand on his erection. Norman sighed. Norman really wasn't into the orgy concept. But out of solidarity, he began to fondle George, who was rock-hard under the pulsating waters of the hotel hot tub.

Herbie stripped naked and got into the tub. Herbie was uncircumcised and well-endowed. Will had never seen Herbie naked and he was impressed. Herbie sat on the other side of Norman, who made room for him.

"My my my," said Herbie. "The gang is certainly all here." 

The gym rat came over. He was now nude. "Is there room?"

The guys said, of course, but they hoped the gym rat, as hot as he was, would wind up next to Dan, who basically occupied a bench to himself. The gym rat got the hint and splashed in, sitting next to a suddenly ecstatic Dan. 

"I'm Felix," he announced. Felix, thought Will. This guy is not a Felix.

Felix told Norman, "I enjoyed your nude workout. That took guts."

Will told Felix, "You could do it. Your dick is much bigger than Norman's."

This provoked laughter from everyone except poor Norman.

"No way," said Felix. "It takes a lot for me to even get naked in a hot tub."

Dan wondered if Felix would let him touch his penis. He decided not to press his luck.

But then to Dan's surprise, he felt Felix' hand on his penis.

What a happy happy day, thought Dan.

He found Felix' penis. It was indeed large.

The other guys beamed at Dan. Perhaps Dan would get laid tonight!

Will said to Norman, "Norman, let's go back to the room."

Norman gratefully agreed. He wanted only to be with Will now.

Will and Norman left the hot tub naked and with erections. Chris went over to Will and said, "You guys can have Monday on me. No way you're leaving on Monday."

Will responded, "I am off on Tuesday, but I don't know about Norman."

Chris said, " I don't care about Norman. I just want YOU out here on Monday. Come by the office."

Will was extremely flattered. This was a big deal at the hotel. He said, "Thank you Chris. I will."

Chris patted Will's naked behind. Will thought he would cum.

But he did not, because Norman grabbed him and pulled him back towards the Spanish Room. Will was naked, Norman was naked, and Norman had decided it was time for them to take a nap.

Brian chirped, "Dinner at 7. Meet me back here at 6:30!!!!!!!!!"

George was deflated. But he was realistic. "Am I invited to dinner?" he asked Brian.

"You certainly are, be here at 6:30," said Brian, who found George quite enticing. 

Brian otherwise left this dinner invite opaque. He had an expense account, but a Netflix expense account was not without limits. Brian wanted Will, Norman, George, Brian, and Roger for dinner and he began to try to convey that. He did not want Felix and Dan, or Herbie, but he would include Herbie if necessary. Brian did not think Chris would include himself in Brian's dinner invitation, but he would most certainly include him if need be.

Will and Norman collapsed on the newly made bed. They napped. Will had set the alarm for 6:00 pm.

When the alarm went off, Will grabbed the shower first because he knew Norman would hog it.

Will emerged from the shower. Norman grabbed him. Will said, "Hurry up, we'll do this later. I am starving." Norman, in a good mood, laughed and threw hmself in the shower, singing "Singin' in the Rain." It was their favorite movie. Will dressed in a new summer ensamble, sat down, and smoked weed.

Norman emerged, naked. He looked better than ever. He wasn't erect, and for Will, he did not need to be. Norman motioned for the pipe and he took a big hit.

Will thought to himself, Norman is the most perfect thing ever. But he still wanted to humiliate him.

Perfection should be humiliated, thought Will. He watched as Norman dressed.  Norman put on tighty whities, new beach slacks, sandals and a new white shirt, which Norman unbuttoned just so, showing off his neck and the top of his tan chest. The shirt was also almost see-through, so Norman's nipples were somewhat visible underneath the fabric. It was a good choice for a night out at a beach restaurant.

Wow, Will thought. Norman is selling it.

Will also thought, OK, fine. You wanna show off. Be careful what you ask for, baby.

Let's go.

It was 6:15.

At the pool waiting for them were Brian, Alan, George and Roger. All four were dressed for dinner at the beach.

Will and Norman appeared and Norman's shirt got appraisal. Norman demurred, saying "I couldn't wait to put it on."

They all laughed, but Brian's wheels were turning.

The restaurant was called Bay Top, and it was high-end. On the way in, Brian informed the maitre'd there would be a seventh man joining his party for dinner. "His name is Reece, he's a Black man in his thirties. He will ask for me by name."

"Very good, Mr. Turner," said the maitre'd.

Once seated, they were promptly water by their waiter, Ian, a cute, tall, young blonde guy.

Ian gave them menus and asked for drink orders. Just then Reece showed up. He was handsome, well-built and very well-dressed.

Brian intorduced him and Reece sat down on Brian's left. Roger had taken the seat on Brian's left and George had taken the seat at the end of the table. Will sat across from Roger, Norman sat across from Brian, and Alan sat across from Reece.

They all ordered cocktails. Brian said "Order whatever you need. I'm on a generous expense account since technically I'm working."

Ian left with the orders and conversation began, beginning with mundand chit-chat about the island and the glamour of this restaurant, which was on an upper floor and had a stupendous view of the bay, which was now at sunset. It was beautiful.

Drinks arrived swiftly. Ian was very efficient.

Will looked at the menu. Whew, these prices. He saw Bay Top offered one of Will's favorite dishes and one not easy to come by: mustard glazed chicken breast stuffed with wild rice and pecans. A no-brainer order.

Other orders rangd from steak (Norman) to fish (Reece). Brian, Alan, George and Roger followed Will's lead and ordered the chicken.

Ian confirmed the chicken as a good choice. "It's my favorite," Ian confided.

Ian took the menus and disappeared but in minutes he returned with salads.

As the men ate the (very good) salads, Brian began his onslaught.

"So, Norman, I'm sorry I missed your all-day nude marathon at the hotel," Brian chuckled, a bit loudly.

A few heads turned.

Norman said nothing but he took a sip of his cocktail.

Reece asked Brian what he meant.

Brian said, "Norman has apparently been flouncing around completely naked at the hotel from the minute he arrived."

Reece laughed and took a look at Norman, who was beginning to squirm. "Well, isn't the hotel clothing optional."

Brian said, "Well, yes, but most men don't WALK AROUND THE CORRIDORS NAKED before they're even unpacked."

Will dove in. "Oh, he was unpacked."

Laughter. At Norman's expense. Norman drank.

Alan giggled. GIVE IT TO HIM MORE, Alan winked at Brian, who winked right back.

Ian had overheard and made a point to refill all their water glasses, slowly.

The guys continued to savor their salads and drinks.

Brian went on: "I mean, the minute I myself finally met Norman, he dropped his towel and stood there NUDE in the hallway talking to me as if it were the most NORMAL thing in the world! I myself had JUST CHECKED IN."

Reece said, "I bet you loved that. I bet he looks superb naked."

Will said, "He does." 

Ian patted Norman on his back. "Another drink, sir?" Norman nodded.

Brian continued, "Well, he has a nice body, yes, but I just thought, give me a minute to acclimate before you HIT ON ME."

Will said, "He hit on you?"

Norman said, "I did not. My towel fell." It sounded lame.

Norman tried to explain, because the restaurant had become rather hushed. "We'd just come from the pool. You were nude too, Will."

Will remembered and chuckled. "Oh. Yeah. But I got in the room right away, and you stayed outside."

Norman said, 'I didn't STAY OUTSIDE. I was having a conversation with Brian."

Reece chimed in, "NAKED IN THE HALLWAY."

Brian laughed, "NAKED IN THE HALLWAY."

Norman repeated, "My towel fell." It sounded more lame the second time. Ian arrived with Norman's drink and Norman took a big gulp because people were looking at him.

Brian shut up and finished his salad. The ball was rolling. He decided to save his best stuff after the entrees.

"Tell us more about this naked marathon," urged Reece.

Brian: "Oh, I will. But let's have dinner first."

Norman groaned, and drank, and glared at Will. Will just shrugged. George and Roger chuckled. Alan had an erection.

The guys finished their salads and Ian brought the entrees, which were incredible.

There was little conversation during dinner, as most of the men had serious munchies of one kind or the other.

But then the entrees were consumed, and over more drinks and coffee (all the men declined dessert), Brian went in for the kill.

"Welllllll," said Brian, regaling the audience at the table, and elsewhere, "I was told that Norman went to the back deck NAKED and lay down SPREAD EAGLE on a chair and got HARD and allowed PICTURES to be taken."

Reece gasped.

Alan: "I missed this part too. But I heard you could see EVERYTHING. And that Norman was the only one NAKED."

Norman drank, and said nothing. Will just sat there nursing his own drink.

George and Roger smiled, since they had seen this in real time and were enjoying reliving it. They were also enjoying Norman's current humiliation as well. Norman was turning red.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, after that, Norman decided to go to the courtyard, STILL NAKED, and he made Will stick an ANAL VIBRATOR up his ass while he lay down on Will's lap on a sofa."

Ian poured more water and then brought out cocktails "on the house."

Ian began to give Norman once-overs every time he reappeared.

"He didn't make me do that," said Will. "It was my idea. It cost me $29 with tax."

This provoked a roar of laughter at the table, and from a few other tables.

Reece asked, "What did this SEX TOY do to Norman?"

Alan: "OK, I can answer that. He drove him nuts. He was thrashing about like a porn star and he made these whinnying noises. It was actually funny to see a GROWN MAN, NAKED, with a VIBRATOR STUCK UP HIS TAIL, WRIGGLING ABOUT LIKE THAT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT."

Alan punched his words home and there was a lot of giggling in tthe restaurant.

Norman thought it best to ignore all of this. He drank.

George and Roger exchanged glances. Brian and Alan were ganging up on poor Norman. Hilarious!

Reece was enthralled. He was staring at Norman and asked him, "Why did you let your boyfriend do this to you in front of strangers?"

Norman struggled for an answer and then meekly replied, "We're on vacation?"


Reece: "Vacation? You had a VIBRATOR IN YOUR ASSHOLE."

Brian: "That's what I heard. Everybody who saw it was talking about it and I think there are pictures."

Will: "There are no pictures of that. It happened, but I did not allow pictures of it."


Alan: "Any one who witnessed it doesn't need pictures. It's something you don't see too often, a NAKED LAWYER BEING ANALLY STIMULATED IN PUBLIC."

Norman muttered, "Enough." He drank.

Brian: "Then, and this next part I sadly missed because I was on the beach, but the many conversation I've had abou it have been so DESCIPTIVE I feel like I WAS there, I heard that Norman got tied up on the bed in their room and had Will open the window so everyone could see he had on a COCK RING and he was NAKED...."

Reece: "Norman seems to LIKE BEING NAKED ALL THE TIME."


Reece: "What happened? DId he cum?"

George tried to help Norman. "No. He did NOT cum. He peed."


Ian poured more water.

Reece: "He PEED?!?"

Brian: "All over himself, from what I heard."

Will drank. He could feel the rage from Norman's face like it was a heating fan.

Reece: "How embarrassing!!!!!!"

Brian: "Yes, but he did it anyway. Apparently he just can't control his own body when he is exposing himself in the NUDE."

Alan laughed. "I had the privilege of using the remote control on him. I ratched it up to the top. You should have seen him. He was HARD and his cock was bobbling back and forth. You could also clearly see that his NIPPLES were hard, and you could clearly see his ANUS."

Ian brought more drinks. He could see into Norman's shirt and he saw that Norman's nipples were small but they seemed to be quite hard.

And he took his time serving them. He was grinning ear-to-ear. He winked at Norman, who just glowered at everyone in humiliation.

"After that, Norman still wasn't satisfied that we'd seen enough. He came out to the hot tub naked. I was there for that. And he went over to the gym and WORKED OUT NAKED WITH AN ERECTION."

Reece: "He certainly has stamina."

Norman: "Thanks for dinner. Come on Will, we're going to a bar."


Norman got up and grabbed Will by the arm and led him away. Will waved at the table. "Great dinner, Brian, thank you. We'll see you back at the hotel. Remember, tomorrow is SHAVING DAY."

The other diners applauded as Norman stormed out of Bay Top, dragging his smirking boyfriend with him.

"Well!" said Brian. "I seemed to have struck a nerve."

Alan laughed, "Norman is so SENSITIVE."

Reece: "I want to see him naked. What is 'Shaving Day'?"

George explained.

Reece: "Can I come watch this? What time is it tomorrow?"

Roger giggled. "High noon. On the back deck."

Brian: "Just text me when you're outside. I'll let you in."

Reece ordered another drink. Ian asked Brian: "I've to the back deck many times. I'd like to attend this event as well. I'll bring a bottle of wine."

Brian gave Ian his phone number, grinning and proud of his effective storytelling abilities.

After dinner, back at the hotel, around 8:00pm:

Brian, George, Roger, Alan and Reece are in the hot tub. Reece has been admittted as Brian's guest. This is not an uncommon practice in the hotel, as Chris believes it promotes his business.

Will and Norman are nowhere to be seen.

"Where do you think they went?" asks George.

"Norman said, a bar, so a bar, I think," replied Roger.

"Mr. Ross is drinking a LOT today," said George.

"Wouldn't you?" laughed Alan. "He's been seen NAKED all day long with a HARD-ON, everyone knows his last name and everyone knows he's a lawyer."

Brian giggled. "I LOVE IT."

Reece: "I think you boys better ease up. That man was royally pissed at the restaurant."


Reece looked at Alan quizzically. Brian patted Reece' knee. "It's OK. Alan is an actor."

Reece: "Oh. I should have known."

Just then, Will appeared with a bottle of scotch, still wearing his dinner clothes. He greeted his new buddies and took off his clothes and hopped into the hot tub.

"Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," said Will. "I love this as it gets darker."

"How is Norman?" asked George.

"He is mad at all of us," answered Will. "I put him to bed."

"Which bar did you go to?" asked Alan.

"Ice Palace. Norman screamed at me. No one paid him no mind. There was a drag show."

"What did he scream?" asked Brian, genuinely interested.

"Frankly, I just turned off my mind, to be honest with you. I told him all along that I was going to show him off this weekend, and before we came out he kept saying, don't tell me more, don't tell me more, just surprise me, blah blah blah," Will babbled. "And so I did and so I have."

Reece: "You like humilating your boyfriend."

Will: "Yeah. It turns me on."

Reece nodded. He liked this Will.

Will offered shots to everyone and they were accepted.

When it was obvious everyone was a bit sloshed, Will leaned forward, conspiratorially, and said to the other naked men in the hot tub:

"Listen. If you are still up, come by the Spanish Room around 2:00 in the morning tonight. If there is a light on, look in the window. I am gonna make Norman masturbate on the bed, naked of course."

"Do you think he'll do it?" asked Roger.

"Do you think he CAN do it, is the question," offered George. "He's been knocking 'em back all day."

"Yes," said Will. "I do on both counts. He had a steak for dinner. He went to bed with an erection. He's been stimulated all day long. I asked him if he wanted me to jerk him off but he just fell asleep. He'll wake up in a few hours, woozy but horny. I've been with him a year. I know how he operates. Come by the room if you're up. This will make what you've seen so far look like Disney. Norman is electrifying when he jerks off naked, he really gets into it. I will arrange the blinds in the window so he won't know there's voyeurs outside. Norman doesn't know that room, especially in the wee hours. I know that room well, and I've played this scene myself. I've set an alarm for 1:45. Come by and look in. Just don't talk. If he hears voices, he might not do it. And guys, NO PICTURES. I'm not gonna put a mask on him."

Reece fretted: "I don't have a room here."

Brian: "You DO tonight. And you can just get up in the morning and go to Shaving Day directly."

Reece: "OK. Thanks, Brian. I am looking forward to all of this. I want to see your boyfriend naked, Will, I hope you don't mind me saying that."

Will: "Are you kidding? That's the whole point!"

They all laughed and Will poured more shots.

There was some fooling around in the tub. Brian got a bit handsy with Will but Will was afraid Norman would wake up and come out and see this, and ruin Will's humiliation plans, so he reluctantly fended off Brian, who was becoming increasingly more interesting to him.

"I'll give you my phone number," he told Brian. "Tomorrow. I'd better go to the room."

"Don't forget guys," Will said as he climbed out of the tub to  lustful stares. "2:00am."

Will grabbed his clothes and the booze and left.

"I think I would rather see Will masturbate," said Roger.

There were murmurs of agreement.


Will's cell phone alarm. Why? was Will's first, very reasonable thought. He found the phone and shut it off. Oh, he remembered.

Norman grunted and rolled over in the bed.

Will got up, nude, and adjusted the blinds of the window. On the inside of the room, it appeared they were closed. But in actuality, on the outside of the window, you could clearly see in without any trouble. Will had done this more than once, but to make sure, he threw on shorts and quietly went outside and peered in the window.

Yep, you could clearly see the bed, and Norman, under the covers on the bed.

Now, he had to not only wake up his groggy boyfriend, but set him up for further humiliation.

Will re-entered the room and lowered the covers so that Norman was exposed. Norman's dick was flaccid. Will set about to rectify that. He knew how to get Norman hard.

And he sure did. Within three or so minutes. Norman opened his eyes and smiled. A good sign. "Will," Norman whispered. Norman surveyed his nakedness for what felt like the hundredth time that day. "Is that window closed?"

Here is the test, thought Will. Everything hinges on how the next few seconds go down.

"Norman, look at it. The blinds are clearly closed."

The only light in the room was from the bathroom, where Will had left the door open. It was more than enough light for Will's purposes.

"And there's no lights on anyway," Will fudged.

"Ungggghhhhhhhh, I had too much to drink," Norman drawled, but he let Will continue to fondle him.

"I can't believe I can get hard," Norman chuckled. "Geez."

Will laughed along with his hot naked boyfriend. He heard footsteps outside and watched Norman to see if he had also. It appeared he had not. Good, thought Will. Will glanced at the clock: 1:52a.m.

Out of the corner of his eye, Will could make out a figure looking into the room.

Time to get the show on the road, thought Will. Will was shirtless and he made sure Norman saw him that way. He knew Norman worrshipped his chest.

"Norman, wake up. I want you to masturbate for me. I'm horny."

Norman lay flat on his back. "You're just insatiable. Give me some lube, then."

Will's heart leapt. He had the lube ready and he put it on Norman's penis and balls, which were beginning to come to life.

Will said, "I'm gonna sit in the chair and watch."

Norman replied: "You want me to put on another show."

Will: "Yes, baby."

Norman: "I think I should I put on the mask. I don't trust that window."

Fuck, cursed Will, but he thought, better not push my luck. "I'll get it for you, but no one can see in and your concerns are misguided."

"Fuck my misguided concerns. Get me the mask if you want me to do this."

Will retrieved the mask and put it on Norman's gorgeous face.

A shame, thought Will. But anyone watching this knew who the naked man was anyway, so what the hell. There would be NO mask-wearing tomorrow, thought Will. He would fight Norman tooth-and-nail on it.

Norman began to stroke himself, languidly, and Will, sitting close to the window, heard more footsteps, and very low whispering. Norman did not seem to notice. He clearly wanted to cum after all the day's excitement, understandably.

Norman got rock hard and his balls tightened. Will heard a gasp from outside and said, "My, it's getting windy outside."

Norman was in his own erotic world, as Will had predicted. He stroked his penis, and he even played with his nipples, because he knew Will loved that. Norman stroked with one hand, up and down and over his cockhead and slit, and he used his other hand to fondle his balls.

"I want you to play with your asshole," said Will.

"OK," slurred Norman, and he abandoned his balls to do so. Norman didn't like doing this, Will knew, but he'd do it for Will.

Norman fingered himself and stroked. Hie nipples were obviously erect. He was quite a naked, private sight indeed.

Will heard shuffling outside and glanced at the window. There were at the very least four men looking in. Let's see, that would be: Brian, Alan, George, Reece. Or maybe four total strangers. Until tomorrow, Will would not know. Norman most likely would never know.

Then Will knew Brian was there because he heard him whisper: "He has no idea he's being watched."

Someone chuckled. Then Will heard more footsteps. A fifth man.

The window was large enough to accomodate a fifth man, Will knew.

Norman stroked and fingered his anus. He began to moan and writhe on the bed. 

"Yeahhhhh," someone outide whispered.

"The wind is picking up," Will said.

"Ohhhhh," Norman moaned. "Oh, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum, Will."

"Do it baby," said Will. 

Someone outside suppressed a laugh.

"That wind!" exclaimed Will.

Norman groaned and pulled on his penis.

He ejaculated. It was a ton of sperm. It went all over Norman's gorgeous naked body.

Someone outside whispered, "Fuckkkkkkkkk that was hot."

Norman abruptly raised up on his elbows. "IS THERE SOMEONE OUTSIDE THIS ROOM?"

"No, Normy, it's the wind," said Will, and he went over to Norman and calmly smeared Norman's semen into his hot tan chest. He pushed Norman back on the bed. 

"You can go back to sleep now," said Will. "I'm gonna go back to the hot tub for a few minutes. Thanks for the show. It was top-notch as always. Here, let me remove the mask."

Norman, spent, collapsed back on the bed, and Will covered him up. Will poured himself a drink, took the shorts off, and collected his key and a towel, and left the room. 

Outside were the original invitees to Norman's show: Brian, Alan, Roger and Reece. Along with them was the gym rat, Felix.

"Shhhhh," said Will. "I'm going back to the tub. Norman is done for the night." 

Will was naked because he was just holding the towel in his hand. The others followed Will to the pool area, silently, admiring Will's butt in the courtyard lights.

Norman, in the room, went to sleep, thinking: I've been played again.

And he had a dream about Shaving Day, in that it was covered by CNN and Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen kept demanding closeups of his anus.

"If we wait long enough, shit will come out of it!" Andy Cohen yelled, drinking out of a bottle of Tito's. Andy Cohen was referring to Norman's anus!!!!!! In the dream, Anderson Cooper grabbed the vodka bottle and drank half of it, and Andy Cohen called Anderson Cooper a shameless alcoholic and grabbed the bottle back from Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen sat on it and loudly complained that it had ripped his pants and that he knew the nanny of his adopted child was stealing booze from him. Anderson Cooper produced a flask and drained it on camera, not giving a fuck anymore. Andy Cohen also screamed that HE was "the REAL HOUSEWIFE!, CAN'T YOU SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Andy Cohen then reminded everyone that he knew Madonna, and Meryl Streep, and that HE WANTED MORE TITO'S.

In the hot tub, in the real world, everyone there laughed, fooled around, and drank too much. Chris came out at 4 as was the norm, and told them, with apologies, that the night was over. Everyone stumbled to a bed.


Will got up and held his head in three hands.

"Fuck me," said Will. "Where am I?"

Will looked around. "Oh yeah. The Spanish Room."

Will looked at his sleeping boyfriend, who was lightly snoring. He whispered to him, "Honey. I'm going to the village to get us breakfast. I'll be right back."

Norman gurgled and buried his cute head in his pillow.

Will got dressed and left the room with his key.

No one was around.

Will strolled down the boardwalk. His destination: a tiny breakfast shoppe called "Marvin's."

There were early risers already there. Will was known at Marvin's. He ordered two breakfast sandwiches and one order of breakfast potatoes, and two large coffees. Marvin, the owner, said to him:

"Hot time in the old town tonight, I'm hearing. Here, have a couple of muffins."

Will paid, smiling, and went back to the hotel.

Once back inside the hotel, Will encountered Richard, who was also a carpenter as well as a bartender.

"Breakfast," said Richard.

Will gave Richard a blueberry muffin, wrapped in a napkin, with butter packets. 

Richard pinched Will's penis through his shorts.

Will went to the Spanish Room.

It was 7:30 a.m. The seagulls were flying and wondering who was going to feed them.

Will went into the Spanish Room, where Norman was coming to life. When Norman got a whiff of the coffee, he sat up.

"Give me that NOW," he commanded. "I cannot describe the dream I had. It involved television personalities."

"Who?" Will asked. "Betty White? Mary?"

Norman snorted. "There was a Mary."

Will served his nude boyfriend breakfast in bed: a breakfast sandwich (egg, cheese, bacon on Marvin's special roll), a large coffee, and half of the potatoes on a plate.

The food was demolished in minutes. Will made himself a plate and also vacuumed it all up.

The other muffin was for the seagulls, and the ducks in the bay.

Norman stretched. "Where'd you get that food? Holy crap. That was really good."


Norman got out of bed, wonderfully naked. "I'm hitting the shower."

Will nodded.

Norman, with food in his system again, gracefully and sexily made his way into the bathroom, and closed the door, which amused Will.

Norman took long showers, but in the middle of this one, he emerged, wet, and asked Will to retrieve him a Fleet enema from his luggage.

Will did as requested, highly turned on and amused.

Norman resumed his shower, singing Liza Minnelli songs.

They both loved Liza Minnelli and had watched "New York, New York" multiple times. "Her most  underrated performance on film," Norman had declared several times.

"Normy," Well shouted through the shower, "I'm going to the back deck to feed the seagulls."

"OK honey!" Norman shouted.

Will left the room and left it unlocked. He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. He did pour himself a little wake-up shot before he left since he's just eaten a rather substantial breakfast and he'd had coffee. Will was not known as a coffee drinker.

When Will got to the back deck with the seagull muffin, he was pleased to see he had it to hmself. It was a gorgeous day.

You had to know how to feed these gulls.

And Will did.

He parsed the muffin carefully. The gulls circled around as Will threw crumbs into the bay.

Will knew that when a leader gull sampled food, it would caw to its friends there was food.

A leader gull swooped down and ate a bit of muffin. It then gave the go-ahead, and eight or ten more gulls flew in as Will tossed more muffin.

They gobbled it.

To Will, this was almost as good as sex. He threw more muffin in, for the ducks. The ducks were afraid of the gulls. A few of them paddled over and had some breakfast, which made Will think he should have ordered another muffin just for them.

Will heard a voice. It was, uh, who? Will tried to clear his head, which frankly still felt like a basketball.

It was Roger.

"Ouch. We're up early," said Roger.

Roger was wearing only his famous jockstrap. Now, THIS is the way to feed the birds, thought Will. GOD, ROGER LOOKED HOT.

"Hey, Roger," said Will. It was getting warm, so Will took off his shirt.

Roger carried a bottle of orange juice. He sat down on a bench.

Will thought to himself, "If I wasn't committed to Norman, I'd be on top of that in a second." AND I STILL MIGHT.

Roger smiled and said, "it's shaving day."

Will laughed, "it is that. He's in the shower, er, getting ready." Will told himself not to elaborate.

Roger drained his orange juice. "Are you drinkin' yet?" he asked Will.

"Yeah," Will replied. "You want a shot?"

"I'd love one," said Roger.

"Don't move," said Will. He hastily went back to the room. ROGER ROGER ROGER. OVER AND OUT. SLOW DOWN WILL YOU ARE ALMOST MARRIED MARRIED MARRIED.

It was 8:00 a.m.

Will grabbed what was left of the scotch, realizing he'd have to make a visit to the liquor store later. He took another cup and the bottle to the back deck.

Roger and his jockstrap hadn't moved. But now there was another man: George.

Fine by me, thought Will. GEORGE. THIS WAS TEMPTATION CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Huh?

Will sat down the booze and realized there were only two cups. "George, I don't have a cup for you. Go get one from the little kitchenette." 

George left and came back with a porcelain coffee cup. Good enough, thought Will.

Will poured. The three guys sipped. Since the well-built, redheaded and levelheaded Roger was the most fleshily exposed, the focus naturally was going to be on Roger.

Roger said, "Guys. It's a jockstrap. I couldn't find my shorts and I wanted to get some air. It's such a fine morning."

Will responded, "It certainly is a fine morning for a jockstrap. But why don't you remove it? You're gonna get a weird tan."

Roger laughed: "I'm not Norman. Norman has far more balls than me. It's too early to parade around the hotel in the nude. For me, anyhow."

George admonished: "Roger, you are the biggest tease ever."

Roger said, "I am NOT. You can't say that about me, George."

George said to Will: "Roger has danced naked on top of a bar in the East Village."

Roger: "I was drinking Jaeger! Shut up, George."

Will was fascinated at the dynamics between these two fuck buddies who obviously had a lot of affection for each other. 

A thought raced through Will: I WANT TO FUCK BOTH OF THEM. Norman would not allow himself to be fucked. "Give me more time," he'd say. Will knew that Norman was punishing Will for being a carefree little slut before they'd met. Will didn't think this entirely fair, but he understood Norman's position.

Roger said, "I'll be right back." He got up and left the back deck. He returned minutes later wearing gym shorts.

Oh well, thought Will, making a mental note to pick up some Jaegermeister when he visited Lucille at the village liquor store. He hoped Lucille would be stoned enough to give him a discount. She usually was, and therefore did, since she always told Will if he wanted to switch, she lived on Baywalk and the door was always unlocked.

By now it was 8:30 a.m.

No one had mentioned Norman's masturbation show.

Will said he'd better check on his boyfriend, and he reluctantly left Roger and George.

Back in the Spanish Room, Will found Norman smoking weed.


Will smoked weed with his nude boyfriend. Not a bad way to wake and bake on the beach on a Sunday morning.

"You up for Shaving Day?" Will just jumped into it. "Let's hit the hot tub first."

"OK," said Norman. He'd had at least one morning cocktail.

"By the way," said Norman. "About last night.........that masturbation you had me do......"

"Norman," Will laughed. "That was last night. Let's go to the hot tub." To Will, this seemed a sensible response.

Norman put on a T-shirt and baggy shorts and agreed that the hot tub sounded pleasant. He allowed Will to pull himself out of the room, and he forgot his key.

Fuck, thought Norman on the way out. I forgot my fucking key.

In the hot tub at first were only Will and Norman. Eventually they were joined by Reece, Brian, Alan, Roger and George. All men were nude.

Brian "congratuled" Norman on his "midnihte show." "I loved it when you played with your nipples," said Brian. "A lot of guys won't do that."

Geoge "And his asshole. That really turned him on. Me too."

Reece: "He sure got it to himself, that's for surre."

Norman blanched. They'd all seen him masturbate--to orgasm!!!

"We have to cancel the shaving, Will," Norman turned to WIll. "They've all simply seen too much of me."

Will calmly took a sip of scotch. "We're NOT cancelllng Shaving Day. It's been planned too long. Everybody's seen too much of everybody. You're not exempt. Grow up."

Norman fumed. "But you said the window was closeed."

"He didn't lie to you," Alan sdrrawled. "The window was closed. The blinds were slightly open. You should have checked. You wore a mask, so you were slightly concerned. But because of your laziness, we got to watch you put on a little show. Don't blame it on Will."

Norman cleared his throat. "I don't need your fucking ass opinion, Alan."

Alan laughed. "I love how your balls bounce up and down when you jerk, and your titties flex. Hot stuff, Mr. ROSS."

Then Alan led a gossipy litany amongst everybody except Will and Norman about Norman's masturbation  performance. Words like "titties, "nipples" "cock", "balls" "anus," "hole," "moan, "semen," flew back and forth fast and loose partnered with gestures and staccato laughter.

Norman's face burrned. "I CAN HEAR THAT, YOU KNOW."

Brian turned to Norman and deadpan, said, "WE KNOW."


Wil was just laughing at the whole thing and enjoying Norman's frustrated humiliation at the realization he'd been watched by at least five guys outside the window at 2:00 in the morning, masturbating with abandon, naked. It was small comfort he'd worn a mask. They knew who was and they knew his full name.

Eventually it was 10:00 a.m. and the guys who hadn't eaten announced they were heading for some breast. This left Will, Norman, Alex and George.

Dan joined them, sober for once. He was in a pensive mood and said little.

Alex: "So how does Shaving Day commence?"

Will: "I will bring him out to the back deck, Naked."

Norman groaned.

Will: "I iwll have set up a table with a bowl of water, a can of shaving cream, a pair of clippers, and a disposable razor. I'll have a towl. First I'll turn him over and shave his asscrack. He doesn't have but one or two hairs back there but I figure since his asscrack has been so popular I'd give ie one more dance under the sun."

Alex giggled. "Delightful."

Will drank a ahot, pleased at Alex' enthusiasm, and continued: "Then I'll roll him over on his back and have him put his hands behind his back. Will trims his armpits. So this won't take long either. I'll use the clippers first, and then to make them really smooth, I'll put on cream and shave them totally bare. As bare as when he was eight years old."

Dan said, "That's sexy. I like that."

Norman reddenned and looked away at the pool, where Herbie was taking a dip in a speedo.

"Then?" asked Alex. He was enjoying Norman's discomfort at these descriptions.

Will said, "Then ther's nothing left but Norman's groin. You've seen that he manscapes his pubic hair. No hair is around his penis at all. BUt I'll have to trim his scrotum, which will be delicate. I'll use whatever instrument is appropriate for the task. And volia, Norman will be as bare as a baby!!!"

Akex asked: :Have you done this to him before?

Will: No! This is the world premiere.

Alex: We're all so honored to be the fist to see MR. NORMAN ROSS stripped COMPLETELY.

Will: I never thought of it that way, but I guess you're RIGHT!!! He won't have NOTHING on. He'll be TOTALLY COMPLETELY.................

Dan: NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan, Alex and Will:  NAKED NAKED NAKED NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Herbie came over to the hot tub. "Who's naked? Oh, you all are."

Dan: "No Herbie.. Get in and we'll explaain."

Herbie removed the speedo, and Will re-explained the logistics of Shaving Day.

Herbie grinned. "Wouldn't miss it? Looking forward to it, Norman?"

Norman: "I just want their little game to be over as swiftly as possible."


Norman got out of the pool and took a dip, which shut them up a bit.

"He's soft," mused Herbie. "How big is he soft, Will?"

"About six."

Alan: "Impressive, I have to admit."

Will: "I have no complaints."

Norman decided to fill the time between now and noon by working out. IN A TOWEL. He wrapped the towel around himself and did every availabe exercise under the canopy. No one distirubed him. It was a prime beach day; everyone was at breakfast, at the beach, or simply strolling around the bay.

This ate up about an hour of time. At 11am, Norman decided to take another shower when he was the hot tub was practically full with tha chatty Brian and Alan among them.Norman did not sse Will anywhere.

Norman grabbed his clothes, not wanting to put them in on in front of the other guests. He walked back to the Spanish Room with a towel in one hand and his clothes in the other.

The room was locked, and Norman rememberd he'd left the key in the room. He knocked.
No answer. He called out Will's name. Nothing. Norman cursed, and dropped his clothes to he floor, putting on the towel.

Dan appeared and grabbed the towel off Norman. "Six inches, huh?" Dan peered at Norman's crotch.

"Dan, what the fuck? II'm getting dressed."

"Why? You're gonna be naked again in an hour." Dan grabbbed the towel and Norman's clothes and ran off, laughing.

Norman was naked in the hallway again. He looked frantically for anything to cover himself. Nothing. He heard men approaching. One of them was Chris.

"Oh, thank God, Chris," said Norman. "I'm locked out. Can you let me in?"

"Sure, let me go get the master key," said Chris. "Don't move." Cheia' companion was a houseboy Norman had seen but not met. The houseboy was very young and he was leering at Norman.

A minute passed. Then five. Then ten. Several men walked by and giggled at Norman's predicament. They were all new arrivals. Norman covered himself with his hands.

One man recognized Norman. Another lawyer, Borden. "My stars, Ross, where are your cloothes?" Borden also glanced at the young housseboy.

"Borden, uh, I got locked out. They're getting the key."

Borden chuckled. "I hope so," and walked on, laughing.

Norman's heart sank. Borden was one of the top lawyers in town. Now he'd be pegged as a pedophile.

Chris strolled back with the key. "Sorry it took so long. This hasn't happened in a long time."

Norman felt stupider than ever. Chris opened the doorr but said, wait.


Chris had his cell phone. I always take  a picture of guys who lock themselves out. From the neck down, of course, a full one from the back. Let's do your back first.

Norman did not want to be a  bad sport after Chris' assistance, so he allowed both pictures to be taken. Then he fled into the room amidst Chris' and the houseboy's chuckling.

Norman was sweaty. He jumped into the shower. While there, he heard the door open and Will saying, "Yoo hoo! I've booze and shaving stuff!!!"

Norman thought: Booze=good. Shaving stuff=bad.

Norman exited the bathroom to see Will in his summer clothes unpacking bags. He pulled out another bottle of scotch and a bottle of jaegarmeister (which puzzled Norman, neither of them drank that sfuff). Plus shaving cream and disposable razors and assorted snacks.

"For shaving day, I'm going to have to tie you up," said Will. "You shouldn't be moving around as I shave you."

Norman ssid nothing. It was 11:45 a.m.

"Don't bother getting dressed," said Will. "You wlil walk out naked just like yesterday."

"Not even a towel for my entance?" protested Norman. "At least give me that, Will."

Will softened. "OK, you can wear a towel when you enter. But it comes off in seconds."

"Thanks," said Norman. It was something.

Will announced he was going to "set up" the back deck and would "collect" Norman in five mimnutes. Will put items in a bag and left the room, unlocked.

Norman located his key and put it on his wrist.

It was 11:54 a.m.

Will returned, rather grim. "Steel yourself, Norman. It's SRO on the back deck."

It was 11:59 a.m.

"Come on," said Will. "Let's go." He took Norman by the arm. "You look beautiful, Normy. Just look at yourself in the mirror."

Notman made himself look. He did look spectacular. He also looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

No one was in the ccrridor and all the rooms had their door closed. When they got to the door of the back deck, this is who Norman recognize: Brian, Reece, Alan, George, Roger, Felix, Dan  Richard, Herbie, Chris, the young houseboy, Borden (!) Enrique, Matt, Philippe, Ian the waiter*(!) and Gerard. And miling about where at least a dozen guys Norman had never seen before, young and old. Everyone had on shirts and shorts and everyone had some type of drink.

Well over thirty men.

Norman felt nausea.

The chair for the shaving had been set in the middle of the deck. It was covered with a cushion. Will  had already tied his neckties to each of the four ends of the chair. A small chair and  small table sat on one side. The table contained a bottle of scotch, a cup, a can of spray sunnscreen, a can of shaving cream, electric clippers, and disposable razors. And a bottle of aloe.

Wil led his towel-clad boyfriend over to the chair. Some of the observers had chairs; most of them were standing.

Will told Norman to lie down on his stomach  Perspiring already because he heard giggling, he whispered to Will, "there'a a kid over there with CHris." Will replied,  "He's 13, don't worry." Norman thought the kid looked much younger than that. The kid was staring at him. The kid was going to see him naked (again). They ALL were going to sse him naked (again).

Will tied up Norman quickly, and then removed the towel slowly.

Norman was nude on the back deck. Murmuring began and pictures were taken. Will announced, "You can take photos of Norman from the back, but once he turns over NO PHOTOS ARE ALLOWED."


Everyone agreed, but this did nothing for Norman's anxiety. Borden was watching this. And why is that WAITER here?

 Will began by spraying Norman with sunscreen all over his back but liberally on his tan-lined ass, explaining "I love his tan line, don't you?" This gave Will carte blanche to play with Norman's buttocks a bit. Norman closed his eyes as he realized what was being exposed.

Then Wiill simply opened Norman's buttocks wide to show "only two or three little blonde hairs. Can everybody see?"

Eveybody shuffled over to take a look,and a picture. Norman's anus was explicity exposed under sun again. Ian took five pictures from different angles and announced he was doing so.

"This is low-rent stuff," said Borden to a friend. "Do they pay these models to display themselves this way? Norman Ross over ther, the naked man, is a corporate lawyer."

The friend couldn't answer. George overheard, "Norman isn't getting paid. He's fulfilling his husband's fantasy. A lot of that goes on here. It's pretty vanilla, usually."

Borden watched  Norman's ass being fondled and, now, shaved, by the shorter blonde hunk next to him. "That the husband?" Border asked Chris.

"Yes," said Chris. "They're very close."

Borden harrrumphed. "I should hope so."

Will shaved Norman's rump gently and he did it twice. For a finale, he said he had to make sure no hair fell into places it shouldn't go, and he fingered Norman's anus, which got  mumurs of approval from almost everybody. Norman grit his teeth and held the chair, refusing to squirm. This mad his fine backsie show off every muscle and turned on everyone watching.

Will finised off Norman's back by applying aloe lotion, partiularly to the asscrack he's just bared.

Norman's scrotum was partially visible underneat his pelvis and several onlookers took closeups of that.

"Time to turn over, baby," chirped Will, as he began to unty his nude, humiliated boyfriend. The crowd began to get eveb more animated.

Norman dreaded turning over, naked, with every fiber of his being

"Go on, turn over," taunted Alan. "Yeah, turn over pal," teased Brian. "I want to sse you turn over, too, son," said Reece. 'Turn over!" wailed the 13-year-old houseboy. "Make him turn over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Norman reluctanly turned over to applause, and turned beet-red. At least his cock was flaccid. Will tied him up spread eagle within seconds.

Will thought, "I hope Norman can get through this. I have never seen him more embarrassed."

Norman lie down under the sun and closed his eyes. After Chris' speech he was not concened about photos anymore.

Norman's nipples, never really soft, began to perk up. His balls hung low and his asshole was slightly visible. Hie long, dry beautiful penis hung lazily to the side of his pubic hair.

Will repeated his ritual of sunscreen because it gave him an excuse for the crowd to watch Will touch Norman's incredible body wherever he saw fit. He rubbed Norman's chest and nipples, telling Norman to relax, and he rubbed Norman's feet and legs and thighs, and then he really rubbed Norman's cock and balls and pubes and all of  Norman's cherished tan line.

Norman opened one eye to locate the 13 year old kid. He saw him, distrssingly close next to Chris, eyes bulging and looking directly at Norman's large penis, with its every contour exposed in the sun. Norman shuddered in humiliation, wondering if Borden had noticed the young houseboy watching all this.

"Now THAT is devotion," someone blurted as Will "applied sunscreen."

Will paused for effect, just so everyone could get a good luck at his naked, humiliated boyfriend.

He sipped his drink and sat on the chair, wondering if Norman would possibly get hard again. Didn't look like it. In fact, Norman's penis looked worn-out, if impressive in size.

Norman opened his eyes and saw everyone staring at him, grinning. "What's the lull? Get it over with."

Will took one last look at Norman's manscaped pubes. He'd miss Norman's pubes and he knew Norman would too.

But pubes grow back, so Will took the clippers and removed most of Norman's armpit hair. When finished, he applied cream and got rid of any strays.

Norman squirmed a little and the crowd watched intently. Soon Norman's terrifically sexy armpits were bereft of hair, there was only bare skin.

Under the sun, delightfully, Norman began to perspire there. Nice!

Norman took the clippers and removed the bulk of Norman's already manscaped pubic hair, throwing it on the ground. A few onlookers gathered it as souvenirs. As Will shaved Norman, Will played with Norman's floppy penis, occasionally grazing its glans and head. Norman did not respond. He lay rigid on the chair, allowing this degradation to play out.

Surprisingly  no real comments were being made, only vague whisperings and a lot of giggling.

When Will finished with the clippers, he applied the cream and  a disposable razor. Finally Brian said, "That's it, Will! Finish him off!"

Alan chimed in, "Don't forget his balls!!"

Norman blinked and wriggled his toes. LAUGHTER.

Will shaved Norman's crotch with the shaving cream and disposable. He wanted it BARE.

When finished with that, he told Norman to lie perfectly still because "your SCROTUM is next."


Chris said, "I'll allow close-ups of Norman's genitals right now. BUT ONLY CLOSE-UPS."

Norman whimpered and groaned in protest.

"Sorry, Norman, it's just too sexy to ignore," apologized Chris.

So many photos were snapped of Norman's now bare pubic area, and ongoing shaving of hisi testicles, which of course Will had to do twice "to make sure I get ALL of the hairs."

Once Will had shaved Norman totally bare, he again applied aloe, liberally. This time, Norman's penis came to a little life and began to stiffen.

Borden had moved in closer, snapped a photo,  and said "Interesting pubis, Mr. Ross. My staff will be very interested, especially the ladies."

Nightmare. "Hurry up Will," said Norman. And Will knew why. Will wasn't done for the day with Norman, why it was barely 2:00pm and there was still the upper deck to explore! And happily, there seemed to be life in his boyfriend's cock again!

Will finished with Norman's body (for now). He wiped him off and untied hiim. The observers applauded and made every effort to grope him anywhere. A lot of ass-grabbing. Many wanted to touch his nipples, and a bunch wanted to caress the newly shaved pubic area. and even the newly bare armpits Someone (George?) got a good handful of cock and balls. Norman grabbed his towel and made his way through the lusty crowd, to his room, where he threw on the towel, bemoaning his lack of pubes Norman locked the door and had a joint and a glass of Jaeger. He collapsed on a chair. "Goddddddddddddddd," he said.

Norman glanced at the sex toys on top of the TV.

"Oh, shit," he said, remembering something about the "upper deck,." and poured himself another shot of Jaeger.

Will had a discussion with Chris. They were in the hot tub. It was around sunset and amazingly, they were alone.

"I'm giving you guys Monday on the house," Chris told Will.

"Wow." (Will had already taken Monday and Tuesday off before he left town; this was not first time at no rodeo, baby.)

"So, Will, this upper deck fantasy. What time?"

"Monday, obviously. I don't think I can't get anything else out of him today."

"3:00? I want to put up flyers that Norman's demonstrating sex toys."

"Sounds good, just don't use his picture or hir last name," said Will, and they shook on it. Will stumbled back into the Spanish Room, and his naked boyfriend bundled up in sheets. "Honey, I have good news."

He told Norman the good news and Norman groaned. "I can't take Monday off," he slurred, unconvincingly. "BREAKFAST" purred WILL. Norman giggled and bundled up more.

"Yeah, you can take a few more days," said Will, and set the alarm for 8:00a.m. so that Norman could call in and request Monday (and Tuesday) off. 


Norman: "Ursula, just call it PTO. I have a lot banked."

Ursula (secretary): "NO WORRIES, MR. ROSS!! ENJOY THE BEACH!! GIGGLE!!!"

Norman hung up. "Let's have breakfast."

Will had already showered and shaved. "Good idea. You wanna go downtown, or have me go get it and bring it here?"

Norman: "I need to see the beach. Let's get out of here and go to the breakfast place."

Will: "Let's wake and bake first and have a shot."

Norman: "OK."

The two boyfriends did just that. Norman threw on summer attire that looked like it'd been lying on the floor, which it had. Will was more nappily atttired. But Norman, even looking like an unshaven beach bum, was still a looker indeed.

Norman and Will did not bother with the hot tub/pool/gym or any other areas of the hotel; they got high in the room, and left the premises to get food.

It was a spectacularly perfect summer day. They first took a look at the beach, which was empty at this time of the morning, and then they made their way to the breakfast place in the middle of town.

A few guys were also up, so Will and Norman got many appreciative looks. It was a toss-up as to which man received the most. Norman did most of the blushing; Will just grinned.

At breakfast, both guys ordered bacon and eggs, with home fries and toast. Will insisted half of his toast had to go to the "gulls and the ducks." Norman agreed. They both had coffee, Norman had to have a Coke.

No one at breakfast approached them, but they were certainly a focal point of attention, and they knew it.

It being a Monday, many vacationers were leaving.

But not all.

Willl calmly said to Norman, as they fed toast to seagulls on the beach, "I've promised you will demonstrate ses toys on the upper deCk, naked. Chris wants to put up ambiguous flyers, without your face of course."

Norman: "You are pushing my envelope, Will."

Will: "I know. But it's what I want. Will you do it?

Norman: "NO CELL PHONES ON MY FACE." He tried to grin but it came out as a grimace.

Will: "Let's get a bit more high in the room, and we'll work it out."

Norman: "Oh, all right."

The two men drank and smoked for about an hour and finally Will had convinced a stoned Norman it was his "obligation" to go through the "harmless" sex toy demonstration. Will had skillfully manipulated Norman's sense of honor, of that once a promise was made, it must be kept.

And it was still "VACATION"!!!!


A nervous Norman did had some caveats:

(1) He would be "fucking nude again" but he would wear a face mask,

(2) Cell photos only from neck down. No other cameras of any kind.

(3) His name would not be uttered, or if so, he was to be called "Nicky."

(4) Will would monitor this at all times and would curtail it if it went in the wrong direction.

(5) A two hour limit, MAX.

(6) And no one was allowed to touch him except Will. Especially not Alan or Brian. "It's OK for George or Roger to touch me, within reason," Norman dreamily offered.

Will agreed to these caveats, well knowing they wouldn't last very long considering. But he would give it his best.

It was now 11:00 a.m. Will gave Norman some privacy so he could shower, shave, brush, floss, douche, etc etc He told Norman he'd come back for him at lunchtime in an hour. 

On his way out of the Spanish Room, glancing back at the now-nude, stoned Norman, stumbling his way into the bathroom, Will heard Norman mumble the word "esploitation."

Yessiree, Bob.

Now to find Alan, Brian, Reece, Ian, Dan, George and Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will easilly fround Chris in the corridor. "He's up for it," Will told Chris, who was putting up flyers with erotic male art--no pics of Noaman--with the headline "LIVE SEX TOY DEMO 3PM UPPER DECK. TOTALLY RAW NUDE SEX SHOW. BRINK A COCKTAILS. IF IT RAINS, WE'LL MOVE IT TO THE BASILICA ROOM." (The Basilica Room was the largest room in the hotel, with an enormous four-poster bed.)

But it did not remotely look like rain. Norman was gonna humiliate himself under a blazing sun, on the upper deck.

Chris: "Is he nervous? I want him to be as nervous as a cat."

Will: "He's trying to play it down, but yeah, he's nervous."

Chris giggled. I'm closing the front desk from 3 to 5. There's no boat 'til 5 anyway. The whole staff will be up there watching Norman."

Will got queasy. "OK." Was this going too far?

Will told Chris he was going around the hotel gathering the "cast of characters."

Chris said, "Don't worry about Alan and Brian.They'll be there with bells on. They're in the hot tub."

"OK,"said Will. "i wanna find Reece, Ian, Enrique....the other pervs."

"Good luck," said Chris. "They're around somewhere. I've seen them."

Will ran into Dan in a hallway. Dan was drunk already but he knew of the demonstration and insisted he would make it on time. Wandering to the pool, Will indeed encountered Alan, Brian, Ian and Reece, nude in the tub, laughing

Will stripped to appreciative looks and got it in the tub.

"Can't wait for SHOWTIME!!!!!!" Alan screeched. "I just hope me makes those whinnying sounds again, they were classic."

Brian said, "I am pumped to see Norman utterly make a fool out of himself doing this."

Reece: "Me too." Ian: "I must admit I have sympathy but I don't care, he's hot."

Enrique, Gerard and Phillippe appeared, stripped, and entered the hot tub, giddily, wearing their girth with abandon. "We're bringing canapes, girls," said Gerard.

:"Has Norman seen the flyers yet?" asked Enrique.

"Nah, he's in the shower," laughed Will. 

"He's gonna scream," said Enrique. "Everyone in the hotel who's here is going to this."

"How are you gonna do it?" asked Ian. "What's the set-up?"

Will sat down. "He'll come out in a towel...."

"NO," Brian interjected. "He comes out NAKED. No towel."

Will gulped. "OK, got it. He'll come out naked, the devices will be tastefiully be laid out on a table--there will be the red long anal vibrator and the vibrating cock ring with the remote, which I AND ONLY I will be operating. Norman will like down on a chaise lounge in the middle of the deck and you guys will seat yourselves as best you can. Chris said he'll be putting up extra chairs and a few small sofas. Some of you guys may have to stand."

"Go on," said Alan, who was tenting through his speedos.

"Then, Norman will simply begin. With the anal vibrator. He'lll have to wiggle it in slowly like last time, which will be hot. He'll be wearing a mask, sorry."

There were chuckles, esspecially amongst those who had seen this previous "performance" by Norman in the courtyard downstairs.

"I'll turn the thing on, and depending on what transpires, I'll make him demonstrate it for at least a half hour,' said Will.

"NO," said Adam. "A FULL HOUR."

Brian agreed. "It must be a full hour, I say."

Whew, thought Will. These guys were surely UP for this!

"Then what?" asked Ian.

"The vibrating cock ring. I'll take out the anal probe and put on the cock ring."

Groans. Why take out the analy probe......

'Don't worry guys, the finale will have him using both at the same time, and I'll need help tying him up to the chair spread eagle."

"I will, I will, I will!!!!!" Alan, Brian, Ian, Reece, and suddenly George and Roger making a late appearance

George said, "Let me do his arms, Will. I'll do it so fast he won't know what hit him."

Roger said, "Give me the feet. I'm quick.".

":It's lunchtime," Will announced. "Let me go see how our STAR is doing."

Will climbed out of the tub, slowly, making sure Brian got a good, long, tasty glance at his ass.

Will informed his cronies it would be best if none of them saw Norman until 3:00, believeing it would add to his apprehension and his embarrassment. All agreed.

Brian announced he was ready to party. He climbed out of the tub, naked and sat on the edge, exposing his fine, wiry, slightly hairy body. Brian had big balls for such a short, compact guy. They hang pendulously over the edge of the hot tub, enticingly. Brian winked at everyone as he pourded himself a drink.

Hot stuff, thought Will as he ventured back to the Spanish Room, where he found a calm, freshley showered, cologned, groomed Norman having a ham sandwich, wearing a fluffy beach towel and sitting in a chair. He was also having a cold beer.

"Ah, it's my executioner," Norman smirked. "Tell me how this is going to go down."

Will sat down on the bed. "I'll go up to the upper deck and set it up--your chair, some towels, the toys of course, an extra mask, sunscreen, stuff like that. Chris is adding seating...."

Groan from Norman. "Adding seating."

"Yes. Added seating," said Will, chuckling. "So, then at 2:45 you will simply come up, naked."

"No towel?" yelped Norman. "That is not fair. That's a long walk to do naked---through the lobby, AND ISN'T THERE A NEW BOAT AROUND 2:45?,part of the pool, two spiral staircasees...."

"No towel, Norman, Nude," said Will. "We took a poll."


Norman crossed his beautiful arms over his gorgeous cheSt, red-faced and fuming.

"Then," Will continued, "you'll demonstrate the red anal probe like you did last time. Just work it in slowly; they'll be snickering and rude comments, just ignore them. Get it all the way in. I'll turn it on when it is in place."

"Gee thanks," Norman smirked. "i'm the luckiest guy in the world."

Will knew Norman was just being obstinate, so he said, "Norman, THIS time, when you hear yourself making sounds, let it all rip. Give 'em a show to prove you're having fun with it."

"Fun," mocked Norman.

"Yeah, fun---for thirty minutes."

"A HALF HOUR?! Are you nute? I was thinking fifteen minutes tops."

"Lord no, Norman. Why are you bringing this up now? You've had, uh, HOURS to ask these questions. A  HALF HOUR,NAKED ON THE UPPER DECK CHAIR WITH THE ANAL VIBRATOR!."

"in front of people," said Norman, grravely.

"We're at the hotel," responded Will, pouring himself a shot. "You know that."

Norman sighed.

"You're really getting off humiliating me and embarrassing me, Will."

"I am," Will showed Norman the tent under his own towel.

Norman drained his beer, shaking his head, then lit up another joint.

"And then what happens after I've raped myself with the jellyfish? said Norman.

Norman had uncrossed his arms, and Will noticed that Norman's nipples were erect.

Will matter-of-factly laid out the rest of the prorgram:

"After you've finished with the anal probe--for the moment--,,,,"

"Hold on, Will, 'for the moment'?" Norman seized on this.

"Yes, we may use it again bfiefly," Will breezily threw off. "Anyway, we will then apply the vibrating cock ring as we did previously and simply let it do its thing, ALSO for thirty minutes. I will of course be using the remote control on you, Norman, since we are partners."

"You want me to subject myself to a HALF HOUR of THAT ONE TOO?!?" Norman screeched. His nipples were throbbing hard. "That little thing is 100 times more evil than the red eel.!:

"You've used the evil little thing before," Wil  calmly reminded his hysterical boyfriend.

"THAT DOESN'T MEAN I GODDAMNED LIKED THE FUCKING EVIL LITTLE THING!!!!!" Norrman was so xexy when he was angry, Will thought, as he watched Norman's veins pulsate in his neck and, well, everywhere you could see them. And oh, that perfect chest, when it heaved in indignation!

Willd eadpanned. "I am sorry. But you are a man of your word, and many guys have planned their day around your ADVERTISED exhibiion. They'res PARTIES. It's SUMMER."

Norman paced back and forth. "OK, all that will eat up one hour. But these flyers are promising TWO HOURS OF FUN. What's in the second hour?

Will waved a hand. "Oh, just meet and greet, wine and cheese, booze, flirting, nothing to conern yourself with. By the way, Mr. Cruise, you are the one who suggested two hours, not us. Chris would have been happy with 90 minutes. Just be naked, a gentleman and enjoy your new fans."

Norman felt an immense sense of foreboding. Will was being way to wily. And Norman was now acutely aware that his boyfriend Will was getting just as much attention as he was.

AROUND 1:25pm:

Norman has fretted about going to the gym to work out before his "performance."

Will had vetoed that, and had instrcuted Norman to do nude push-ups and sit-ups and jumping jacks in the room instead.

This was turning both of them on.


Alan, Brian, George, Roger, Reece, Ian and others were angling for seats to the "demo".

It was a gorgeous summer day, not a cloud in the sky, with gulls flying overhead.

A beach lounge chair was in the middle of the upper deck. Around the chair were a  variety of other, smaller chairs: wicker, metal folding, wooden, you name it. Old stuff. There were outdoor sofas as well, behind the chairs. There was room between the chairs and sofas to walk around or stand.

Reece and Ian, smiling knowingly, grabbed lower "reserved"  left and right seats in proximity to the beach chair.

Alan: I am so glad I have Upper Left Chair so I can whisper shit in his perfect little ears.

George I have Upper Right because life is FUN. But poor Mr. Ross.

Brian: I'm gonna grab the one next to George.

Roger: I want a chair directly across from Norman Ross' cock.

Brian: That puts you right next to me. I'll save it, but let's grab it.

Roger: Cool!

(All these guys are buzzed in some fashion. None of them are unable to function.)

Chris, the blonde, built owner of the hotel, appears, wearing only tight cut-off jeans. He looks like Adonis.

Chris: You guys are getting here EARLY. (Chuckles) We'll have the wine and cheese afterwards. Will just texted me that Norman is climbing the walls and just wants to get it over with.

All the men except George laughed, especially Alan and Brian.

Chris: Norman has no idea what's coming to him. Will has kept it coy.

Brian: Then Norman is just stupid. Two separate sex toys. He doesn't get it that' he'll have to use both at once?

Alan: You have to admit it is the obvious finale. But Will's fooled him, brilliantly I think.

Rogeer: I agree brilliantly.

Chris: So the plan is to tie him up before he knows what hits him?

George: We have a code word.

Chris: What is it?

George: "CODE."


Spanish Room.

Will is in beach attire. Norman is wearing a bathrobe. He has just taken another shower.

Will: OK, I'm taking this up.

Will grabs a beach bag.

On the way out, Will tells Norman:

I'll be right back.

Norman closes the door and pours himself a shot.

Will goes up the tiny spiral staircase to the upper deck with his beach bag. He is thrilled to see the room 1/3 full already.

Saying hi to everybody, Will approaches the "stage" and hands the bag to George, who rummages through it, nodding.

"All there?" Will asks George.

"Yup. Four neckties. I counted," George responded, smiling.

"Get rid of the neckties before he comes up," says Will.

George, grinning, hands a necktie to Alan, Reece and Ian.

"Is he nervous?" asked George.

"YEAH. Is he?" asked Roger.

"Very," said Will. "He is already humiliated."

"YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" rejoiced Alan and Brian. 

There ain't no sympathy in this room, rhought Will. Sorry, Norman. Will was rock hard. 


Spanish Room.

Will returns. Norman is still in the bathrobe, sitting in a chair, looking grim.

Will: "OK, Normy, it's time, Get that off and let's go up." Will knew now that if he wavered even in the slightest, this afternoon was a total bust.

Norman: I can't do this. It's BROAD DAYLIGHT.


Norman heard giggling outside the room and these snippets of conversation, "he's a coward," "he's afraid", and "he's some drunk lawyer or something."

Will was steadfast. "They're waiting. Let's go. We're getting FREE FUCKING ROOMS OUT OF THIS, NORMAN!"

Norman removed the bathrobe, grabbed his key, and allowed his lover to pull him naked outside the safety of the Spanish Room. There were onlookers, and they gasped.

As tNorman and Will walked to the upper deck, down the hallway near the courtyard, into the lobby, past a bit of the pool area, and then the first spiral staircase, these things occurred:

Will walked behind Norman. This way, he could enjoy Norman's encounters with startled but always delighted faces, and also watch how Norman's nude body would convulse and instinctively bdnd over and trying to cover itself during such encounters,  Will could also enjoy watching Norman simply walk nude in front of him, the way Norman's milky white ass would jigglle just so and how Norman's crack was so surprisingly deep.

Norman inquired: How many people up there? Any women?

Will: Women aren't allowed here, especially for anything like this. I'd say the deck is 25% capacity. (This was a lie, because when Will left the upper deck ten minutes ago, it was easily at 50% and was sstill filling up.)

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, it's Norman!" a young guy yelled as Norman approached the spiral staircase. "Don't worry, Norman, we're right BEHIND you!!!!!!!"

Norman recognized the voice as that of Borden's strident, flamboyantly gay intern  WHAT was his name? And was he here with BORDEN?!? Norman's stomach rolled over.

Will: Keep walking, Norman. I'm right behind you.

Norman kept walking, up, naked. He felt summer breeze on his penis and balls.

Will and Norman made it to the second spiral staircase, although Norman was gettting a LOT of looks and commentary, and Will was being ignored.

An unconcerned Will: "Well, duh, can't have it all. He IS naked."


On the stairs on the third floor of the hotdl, the blushing Norman's naked, shaved, perfumed ass was in Will's delighted face, 

Norman saw the upper deck. Here was George, gesturring to a beach lounge chair in the middle of the upper deck. Chairs (too many chairs) and sofas surrounded the lounge chair, obviously where Norman would carry out his "demonstration."

I MUST BE OUT OF MY MIND, thought the nude Norman, who was now solely the object of any attention in the room.

"Norman, keep walking. Get to the chair," said Will, as gently as he could to be heard.

Observations from the audience at this point:

Alan: LOOK. He's going through with it. Fuck, he's naked.

Brian: He sure is. He's also stoned and terrified. But God, that is a good-looking naked man. I can't wait to see him humiliate himself further.

Alan: Nor can I.

Reece: I've gotta book a room here real soon.

Ian: Me too, Reece. Did you get your tie?

Reece: Locked and loaded. And I like tickling feet; he's really in for it, sorry.

Ian chuckled. He kind of felt bad for Norman, who they all knew was being billed as "NICKY," but Ian just thought, everyone loves a good joke, right? And NICKY/NORMAN was a hut nervous little stud.

Ian just realized that NICKY was walking right into the "stage." Nude, Norman lay down on the lounge chair, awkwardly, to chuckles he did not appreciate.

On a table, Norman saw: sunscreen, baby oil, aloe, the awful sex toys and the remote, and a seashell.

Most of the guys in attendance wore T-shirts, tanks, shorts, and/or swimsuits. A handful were shirtless.

Will, still in floppy beach attire, told his naked boyfriend: "OK. Worst is over. Just lie back and put your hands behind your head."

Norman: Oh, really. 'Worst is over." FUCK YOU. And all this hands behind your head, hands behind your head.

Will: You're being stupid. You KNOW it's effecttive. Especially when they're shaved.

Gregory: I agree with Will.

Roger: Me too.

Norman threw up his arms and seethed.

Brian: Oh, why not.

The near-capacity audience enjoyed "Nicky" and his total exposure. They chuckled and made fairly lewd comments.

Some comments were not lewd, but actually amusing, and these comments kept Norman going:

Male, 60s: No way he is a hustler. A hustler wouldn't care about a face mask.

Male, 50s: He's an actor. I've seen him on TV. He's fallen on hard times. Still hot, though, I'll give him that.

Male, 20s:: That man is not an actor, or a hustler, or a doctor. He is an attorney in Manhattan.

Male, 60s: Get outta here.

Male, 20s: On my mother's grave.

Plates of canapes were being passed around, and people had brought their own booze, so it was becoming a party.

From somwehere, Dan yelled: "Start the show!!!"

A deep, patrician, male voice was heard. BORDEN. He said, "Is the demonstration about to begin? Oh look, there's 'NICKY'. NAKED."

A shrill, singsongly noise followed: "HE'S GOING TO STICK A VIBRATOR UP HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Borden said, calmly: "Rowan. I'll TELL YOU when to TURN IT ON. Until then, watch and learn."

Norman, naked and feeling very exposed underneath the summer sun, heard all of this, and his insides churned with nausea.

Everyone around Norman observed that his nipples were hard. It did also go unnoticed that he had no pubic hair, and his armpits were shaved. And that he was blushing to beat the band.

Everyone looking at Norman had a hard-on. In fact, one onlooker had already shot a wad in his pants, silently. He stood there hoping his baggy shirt covered any obvious stain.


























Submitted: January 04, 2022

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