Marty loses it

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Marty is a subpar member of Coach's college wrestling team. Marty's enthusiasm for the sport is not matched by his talent, and Coach wants to get rid of him. With the aid of a more skilled wrestler who is in on Coach's joke, Coach devises a very public humiliation that he hopes will render Marty utterly incapable of wrestling ever again, at least on a team in front of an audience.

Marty had just lost another match, and he knew his beloved Coach was displeased.

Marty was a short sophomore, with an unruly mop of red frizzy hair, around 5'5". He was about five pounds overweight but he wore it well; still;Coach had told him this was one of his problems. Marty was lazy and he liked beer, so he ignored Coach on this score. This pissed off Coach a lot. All of the other boys on the team stuck to rigid diets and regular workouts.

Not Marty. Coach began to devise a plan to humiliate Marty enough to get him off the team. Marty had become a liability. With Marty dispatched, Coach believed his team had a real shot at a championship.

Marty was considered cute, if somewhat brash and annoying at times. He had several good friends who put up with him. He was an average student, majoring in accounting an odd choice if you knew him.

Marty wasn't thrilled with his overal physique although he wasn't remotely close to self-loathing. Like Coach said, Marty would like to have been able to trim his waistline just a bit so it wouldn't jiggle. Same thing with Marty's pecs. Marty hated them. They would never firm up and they also jiggled. Marty's nipples looked weird to him. They were somewhat inverted and they were sensitive as hell, and they turned cherry red from their usual dark pink when Marty found them getting hard.

Marty envied guys who walked around campus shirtless and played frisbee, or just simply hung out and talked to girls. Marty could not imagine ever doing that. He felt he would be laughed at.

Marty also longed for more body hair. He had next to none other than pubes and armpits. Marty's skin was rather pale.

Marty noticed the problem with his nipples by accident, during a match. Marty wore a fairly thin yellow singlet when he wrestled, and underneath that, a flimsy G-string. Marty believed this outfit benefitted him the most, but the singlet did show off considerable flesh, which bothered Marty depending on who was watching him.

The singlet was supported by two straps on each shoulder. They covered his nipples completely, but sometimes the sides of Marty's breasts would protrude and of course Marty's ample red armpit hair was not covered at all. This did not bother Marty who considered his armpit hair very masculine.

However during this particular match, one of Marty's nipples popped out and Marty was startled at just how red and turgid it was. Marty quickly recovered the nipple with the singlet, wondering if he should invest in a new uniform. That was embarrassing! No one seemed to notice, it though, so Marty, as lazy as he was, never got around to replacing the yellow singlet with something a bit more substantial.

Marty would regret this down the road, but a lot of people would wind up cheering for that little yellow singlet.

One thing Marty didn't care for during wrestling matches was when other wrestlers touched his ass. Marty knew he had a good butt, even though it too jiggled, but he found it "gay" when he wrestled if his butt was upturned or being used against him for leverage by his opponent. Marty watched other matches and noted that this was just part of the sport, so he came to terms with it.

Coach's plan began with his announcement of An Evening of Charity Wrestling, starring all the members of them wrestling each other. Coach would compile the entire lineup, making the pairings he thought would work best.

There would be no referees. The team would be using a streamlined method of submission whre the wrestler who was able to pin the loser would yell "1, 2, 3" and the loser would say "submit." They'd done this in practice.

Coach paired Marty with Sheldon, a superior (and handsome) dark-haired freshman wrestler a few inches shorter than Marty. Sheldon was a natural and the apple of Coach's eye. Both Marty and Sheldon were clean-shaven and always well-groomed. Marty was jealous of Sheldon, who had the best body on the team and was a heartthrob with the girls on campus. Sheldon was disdainful of Marty for several reasons, so when Coach presented Sheldon with a little prank to play on Marty, Sheldon was delighted and eager to help. Sheldon knew Coach considered Marty primarily a nuisance.

Coach and Sheldon discussed the prank concisely, and when Coach gave Sheldon a key to Marty's locker, the plan was put in motion.

Sheldon went to Marty's locker clandestinely the night of the match a few hours beforehand. He knew Marty washed the singlet after each match and then put it on a hangar in his locker.

Sheldon made critical adjustments to the singlet and then put it back in the locker, smiling to himself.

Marty was surprised when Coach paired him with Sheldon. He knew Sheldon would outclass him. But Marty said nothing. He was also surprised that he and Sheldon would be the final match of the evening, since Coach usually put Marty on first, or worse, as filler.

The wrestlers were informed in advance that no referees would be used. It would be Coach's own system of the superior wrestler pinning the loser, declaring 1-2-3 submit, and the loser would say "submit," and that would be it. All the wrestlers had wrestled under these conditions and they were OK with it.

Coach wanted all the wrestlers to sit on the sides of the mat on chairs wearing normal street clothes, then, a few minutes before their appointed match, each pair of wrestlers would retire to the locker room to change. Coach told the boys it would be a  nice attention-getting gimmick. For some reason, this gimmick disturbed Marty. He did not like the idea of Sheldon seeing him undress one-on-one, since Sheldon was such a physical specimen it was intimidating to Marty.

The night of the match the gym was packed to the gills. Marty sat beside Sheldon watching Larry and Tim wrestle. Marty had decided to try to soften Sheldon up a bit.

"I sure am nervous, Sheldon," Marty offered. "You are a much better wrestler than me."

Sheldon scoffed. "Nah, Marty. You've been improving." Sheldon could lie convincingly. He smiled to himself thinking about what he had done to Marty's singlet and how Marty would react when he realized too late.

Sheldon's voice was deep and resonant, so, stupidly Marty took the bait. "Really? You think so?" Marty thought he sounded like a pipsqueak and was increasingly filled with mounting dread.

Sheldon patted Marty on the back. "Sure, buddy. I've been noticing." Sheldon always had noted that Marty was insecure about his body because of the quick change Marty did in the locker room and that Marty was known to be the fastest shower taker on the team. Sheldon surmised that Marty had an unwarranted inferiority comples. Sheldon had heard many girls on campus say that they'd like to date Marty, "if he could tone himself down."

Sheldon was no psychiatrist, but it was obvious that Marty was not in love with his physique. Sheldon loved his own body and maintained it. Sheldon knew Marty liked his beer and his pizza.

And as for the basics, Sheldon mused that Marty's trepidation was because Marty was not very well endowed and that Marty was insecure about that, and also insecure about his flabby little boy boobs, which always seemed to be jiggling. One of the other wrestlers had teased Marty about this and Marty had pouted for days.

Sheldon had glimpsed Marty's member in the locker room fleetingly, and "glimpse" was the word. Sheldon laughed to himself. He was gonna do Coach proud.

It was time for Sheldon and Marty to leave the auditorium and change into their wrestling outfits.

In the locker room, Marty's locker was on one side and Sheldon's on the other. Sheldon put on black tights over a jock, which covered him totally from the neck down. Marty had worn his G-string underneath his jeans to save time in changing, so he doffed his shirt and opened the locker. He thought the singlet hanging over the wire hangar looked droopier than usual. Marty checked to see if the singlet was somehow wet or something and it was not.

Hmmm. Sighing, Marty took off his shoes and socks--they wrestled barefoot beause it was Coach's preference--and then removed his pants. He hurried to put on the singlet because the G-string was small, flimsy, and it did not quite conceal all of Marty's red pubic hair and he did not want Sheldon to see this. Tufts of pubes were visible at the top of the garment. Since no one would ever see Marty in this G-string for a substantial amount of time, Marty didn't worry much about this exposure once he had the singlet on him.

Marty put on the singlet and immediately something was not quite right. The shoulder straps seemed much looser. In fact, they wouldn't stay up unless Marty continually tugged on them to do so! The left one especially. This is not good, thought Marty. Marty did not want to wrestle topless. Especially against Sheldon, who always wore this Darth Vader-type outfit concealing his perfect-ass body.

It was too late for Marty to get another outfit. Marty would just have to cope with it. But when Sheldon approached him and asked him if he was ready, Marty told him, "I'm having a wardrobe malfunction, I think. Go easy on my singlet, particularly the straps. They've been stretched, must have happened in the wash."

Sheldon feigned concern. "Really? That sucks. It looks like they're fine to me."

Marty grimaced. "Only because I have to keep pulling them back up. Just don't yank 'em off me OK, buddy?"

Sheldon laughed. "Don't worry. If they fall off all that will be exposed is your bare chest." Something Sheldon knew Marty really didn't want to occur. Poor Marty, thought Sheldon.

Marty said nothing. Sheldon had an odd grin on this face that made Marty very anxious all of a sudden.

Marty tugged on the tampered singlet and made sure the straps covered his nipples completely. Sheldon watched this with a twinkle in his eye, thinking that the clueless Marty had no idea of what was about to go down and that exposed titties would soon be the least of the dumb Marty's concerns.

Then both boys returned to the gym, where the mat awaited them. They were the last match. Sheldon was an audience favorite; as he radiated Tom Cruise charisma, and most people thought Marty an also-ran, if that. Sheldon actually received entrance applause, which unnerved Marty because no one even seemed to acknowledge Marty. Except for Coach. Marty noticed that Coach was grinning at him, which was not the norm. Usually, Coach looked at Marty as if Marty was deformed. Marty felt glad that Coach was on his side for once.

But Marty did not realize the girls and some of the boys in the crowd were enjoying ogling Marty's butt. Actually, a lot of the gay boys on campus fantasized about Marty, because they thought if they could get him drunk, they'd get to play with his naked body. The gay boys did not dare fantasize about Sheldon to any real degree. Sheldon was a straight arrow, insanely in shape, and a total babe magnet to boot. It would have been a waste of time for a gay boy to pursue the unattainable Sheldon.

But the loudmouth drunken cute Marty was another story. He reminded all the gay boys on campus of high school jocks that would do things under certain circumstances. One of the gay boys watching now thought to himself, I would love to grab Marty's little love handles and pull him into my mouth. This gay boy also drooled at Marty's titties, pretty visible underneath a worn-looking yellow singlet, and that the singlet barely concealed Marty's rather succulent ass since you could make out Marty's asscrack even without spectcles. Yum. The gay boy also noticed that Marty was jiittery and that he had cute tufts of red armpit hair. Sigh. "I would love to see Marty naked," said the gay boy. "He's a hottie who doesn't know it, my favorite type. I really would love to get him naked, tie him up, and touch him all over."

His friend sitting next to him, another gay boy, muttered, "So would I. Get in line."

The yellow singlet was snug around the vulnerable Marty's not very toned waist and you could see the darkness of Marty's asscrack. Marty had never been aware of this, no one had ever mentioned it. This was because it had not always been this way. Sheldon had altered the back of the singlet by sandpapering it a bit. So Marty's asscrack could be seen more than ever through the fabric of his yellow singlet, which had been worn enough in other matches that it was beginning to turn sheer in spots. Marty's asscrack was extremely visible and murmurs were beginning to build. Marty didn't realize how his asscrack was so visible. But Sheldon did.

Marty began to catch on that something was really not right with his singlet. In fact, that thought crossed Marty's mind as he walked side by side the fully clad, shorter, better-looking Sheldon. "This thing feels downright gossamer," Marty mused, noticing once again that Sheldon was a dead ringer for Matt Damon. Marty felt inadequate. Marty was hoping no one would really notice or care that his singlet was problematic. Now Marty was glad all attention seemed to be focused on his staggeringly handsome opponent. Marty was beginning to have serious misgivings at this point. He fekt almost butt naked. Marty felt his ass was as big as a building and that it was dragging the floor.

There is something wrong with the singlet, Marty would always remember thinking, along with why didn't I investigate this more at the time?

The singlet felt extremely vulnerable to Marty. Marty could never be naked in front of a crowd; this was unthinkable. But also unthinkable would be running away from a match. Marty was confused. He pulled at the singlet everywhere to make it more snug and cover him.

Coach, looking at Marty's dark asscrack through tthe yellow singlet, marvelled at Sheldon's ingenuity. Sandpapering had been Sheldon's suggestion and it sure had worked. Coach had never seen Marty's asscrack so pronounced or Marty's butt so jiggly and frankly appealing. Coach was amused to see Marty reach around and pull the singlet down aound his ass to cover it more. It didn't work, the more Marty walked and moved, the more the singlet exposed him. Coach couldn't wait for the wrestling to begin.

This was going to be epic, thought Coach. Sheldon winked at him. Coach gave him a thumbs up. Coach was surprised that he was getting an erection and shifted in his seat because he did not want anyone to notice this.

The boys began to wrestle and it was quickly apparent who was in control. Marty was so preoccupied with keeping his straps up on his shoulders and tugging on the singlet's butt cover that his usual mediocre peformance was worse than usual. Coach rolled his eyes at the sight, but chuckled knowingly to himself, thinking, the brat has this coming. Coach was loving Marty's futile attempts to cover his body. Coach noted that Marty's left buttock particularly had a jiggly quality that was fairly appealing. Coach realized Marty did not probably think so. Coach got more firmly hard.

Sheldon enjoyed Marty's increasingly frantic obsession with his shoulder straps and his butt coverage, and so did the audience. They knew Marty was frustrated and already embarrrassed, and they enjoyed seeing parts of Marty's bare chest exposed whenever a strap wandered down Marty's arm because everytime this occurred, Marty's eyes would bulge in alarm. The left strap was particularly problematic. At one point it almost slipped past Marty's hand. Marty was able to rescue it just in time. His entire wobbly left breast had been exposed and his nipples were already getting hard. This usually happened when Marty wrestled and he didn't like it, but what do you do.

Coach signalled Sheldon to get the show on the road, as he found himself becoming kind of aroused and he was ready for Marty to be humiliated to the extreme. Also, Coach had not yet had dinner. Sheldon clutched Marty's butt in one deft maneuver and rubbed the abused fabric of the singlet. Marty found this strange. It got stranger when Sheldon pulled on the fabric covering Marty's ass. This produced a tiny tear in the singlet that exposed a bit of skin. The more Marty wrestled, the larger the tear became, and soon you could actually see Marty's exposed butthole in its splendor off and on, an unusual sight in a college wrestling match, especially for charity. There were many seniors in the audience and they began whispering excitedly.

No one was saying anything out loud, but Marty's butthole was definitely being noticed. It wasn't really a big butthole, but it was a butthole, and it was being seen by all.Coach was grinning ear to ear.

The gay boys were hard as rocks watching this. Some of them were perspiring. One of them said, "I cannot believe what I am witnessing." Another took a photo with his cell phone. Actually, most of them took photos with their cell phones. One gay boy said, "I could spend an afternoon on Marty's nipples." "His nipples?" responded his friend. "What about his asshole?" The gay boy replied, "That would be for the evening."

Larry, watching with Tim, whispered, "Look. You can see Marty's asshole. Oh my God. You can SEE MARTY'S ASSHOLE. Thank God it looks washed. His asshole is visible to all these people."

Tim laughed, "And he doesn't even know it. Look around though. Thr crowd's gettin' it. The gay crowd over there are taking pics. Oh, shit."

Larry grinned. "Yep." Larry knew the more Marty wrestled, the fabric would tear along with him. Larry glanced at Coach to see if Coach was concerned. Coach was laughing. A light bulb went off in Larry's brain: Coach is enjoying Marty being exposed. Coach is approving seeing Marty's private butthole being exhibited! Wow, thought Larry.

Marty wondered why he was hearing more giggles than usual while he wrestled. Then he finally  lost control of the left shoulder strap completely and it hung uselessly down by his left hip, exposing more ot Marty than Marty preferred. Marty felt Sheldon's hand on the top of his left buttock. His ass! Then he began to feel Sheldon's hands everywhere they shouldn't be on bare skin. His lower back, his upper shoulder. Marty never wrestled topless. This was new, and it was uncomfortable. What?

One of the gay boys said, "Is Sheldon stripping Marty naked? If so, drinks are on me." The gay contingent laughed uproariously, drawing stares from others. This made the gay contingent laugh louder, and one of them said, "Look at the prudes watching him being stripped. They're not doing a thing about it. Typical. Probably Trump supporters, whatever that is nowadays."

"Brain dead it what that is," commented a sophomore female. Most people laughed at this and went back to watching the stripping of Marty, although one fat woman in a MAGA hat complained, "They have to bring politics into everything." Then she farted and ate a supersized bag of potato chips. "Yuck," someone said. "Does she bathe?"

A woman chimed in, "They'd elect Bigfoot if he was a Chrisitan and had guns."

An elderly man offered this: "You know, I thought i saw Marjorie Trailer Greene the other day in the field next to my house. But it was just Mr. Jones' horse, that flabby old mare, tied up to a fence with a big yellow scarf. I tell ya, that horse can shit like no tomorrow. It's an ugly horse, too. And its whinny sounds like a scream like a red hot poker had been shoved up its big ole ass."

A male child, wearing a Lord of the Rings t-shirt, who somehow was in this audience, sang out, "I've seen that crappy horse wandering around the streets with its tongue out. She steamy shits as she walks. It's like the horse has no control over its bowels. I think the horse has rabies or something. It's fat, too. It's the fattest horse I've ever seen. You'd thihk with the amount it shits out of itself, it would lose weight. It never does. It's always fat and it's always shitting all over the place."

An older woman, the stylish Mrs. Garland, proclaimed, "That godawful braying horse should be put down. It's deranged. And its shit stinks up the entire street!"

Another said, "I know Mr. Jones. The horse's name is "Georgia." Jones watches Fox News all day. He doesn't take care of his own horse but he goes around removing pride flags from porches and yards when it doesn't rain and he's not too drunk."

The obese, farting MAGA woman tried to make a point, "Politics ruins everything. We have to get back to Jesus, stop Black Lives Matter, break the woke Hollywood elites, STOP abortion, stop LBQTG plus, kill the woke social media, boycott the gay Disney pedophiles, kill the woke liberals, lock up Hillary and Nancy Pelosi, expose the COVID collusion, protect our 2nd Amendment and our Supreme Court, stop the steal, and save America!"

Everyone ignored the obese MAGA woman. She smelled bad, and her dentures had just fallen out anyway. "Her name is Maureen," someone commented. "She has ten cats, maybe more. Do not go to her house..Your lungs will shut down out of fear."

Then to further degrade herself, Maureen pissed herself, and it was visible through her red sweat pants, not to mention you could smell it instantly.

"Should we call 911?" "Not yet, Let her vomit on herself first."

Maureen just sat there. She really didn't know where she was. She sensed people were hostile to her presence. But since these were not alien thoughts, she just smiled to herself because she had five microwave pizzas in the fridge and she had finally bought discount cat food. And there was a Trump rally next week in a cow patch in the next state. It was on a Saturday, so Maureen did not have to miss work at the candy factory, although Maureen would miss the candy she'd snatch on those overtime weekends.

Maureen was glad she'd gotten that cat food from the Dollar Mart, even though she'd had to endure insults from one of her rapists on the way to her car: "My God, bitch, you're as big as a house!" Hmmph. He hadn't said that when he was raping her on the gravel near the trash, although he HAD called her a bitch and as Maureen recalled, a drunk pig.

 Anyhoo, Maureen had grown weary of her babies hopping on the kitchen table and trying to share her Jimmy Dean breakfasts. She couldn't even leave those out if she hadn't finished them (rare). Those leftover Jimmy Dean breakfasts were perfect snacks on paper plates, even cold, as Maureen watched Tucker Carlson and thought he was so cute even though her friend Dora described Tucker as a deranged chipmunk with the voice of a ten year old girl. But Dora was one of those entitled blacks. She worked as a secretary, what did she know anyway? They'd met in a bar one Saturday night. Maureen had allowed Dora to be her friend, but afterwards it seemed like Maureen always had to do the calls and the texts, and Maureen always also had to bribe Dora with drinks, just for Dora to make an appearnce. Maureen supposed Dora felt inferior, being Black and all.

Maureen knew Dora had a boyfriend, but he was a Negro lowlife into rap music, so Maureen did not feel bereft that she herself was single. She did enjoy Dora's boyfriend, Nigel, when he had marijuana. But Nigel never showed the slightest interest in Maureen, even she didn't wear a bra and wore low cut torn T-shirts.

Not counting her two rapes behind the garbage dispenser at the Hootyhoo Bar, the last time Maureen had had sex was when she was ten years old and her mother had had to go to a wedding out of town. Daddy had been so sweet afterwards and bought Maureen tons of ice cream and cake and let her stay up late to watch a double feature of Pocahontas and The Little Mermaid as long as Maureen promised not to not tell Mommy about their special Friday evening. And it was so very special: Daddy had trained little Maureen on how to suck cock. It was God's will, Daddy had said.

But Maureen had since only sucked one cock: her handsome pastor's at the Lord God's Heavenly Hollow Church on Crestview Road, after the Halloween bake sale. Maureen did not consider this sex, because Pastor John (who looked like that man on Daddy's favorite TV shows, the one who had played Santa Claus in movies) had informed her it was all in the name of Baby Jesus and that Maureen was performing an act of Christianity during a heathen time of year and that Maureen would definitely go to Heaven and meet the real Pocahontas and play jacks and have ice cream with her and maybe even go trick-or-treating in the clouds.

Back to the gym: A young man spoke. "This town. It used to be fun. All these sad creatures wandering around. Who doesn't take care of they own animals?"

"People on meth? Trumpy cult freaks?" a young girl, Marcy, asked.

"What is the difference?" someone inquired. "The degree of lack of teeth," a good-looking man answered, chuckling. This man resembled Bradley Cooper. The gay contingent gave him stares. The man laughed it off, winking at the gay guys. But he stretched and showed off a chest underneath a button-down shirt. He was tanned. Lust was shot his way. He was used to it. He stared back at the unfortunate Marty and the flat-out beautiful Sheldon. The man, Greg, was into humiliation, but he had never witnessed anything quite like this. He wanted to see Marty stripped completely, and suspected he would be seeing this eventually. Greg had been doing mild handiwork on the campus and had just strolled into the gym casually, never anticipating a show of this nature.

Marcy stressed, "If you have a pet you should take care of it. Why wouldn't you do that? Are these people just crazy?"

Mrs. Garland sighed. "Probably, Marcy. I know it sounds harsh, but hopefully the dang beasts will just collapse from neglect or exhaustion. It would probably be for the best. Their relatives have long written them off anyway,"

The child asked, "WHICH dang beasts?"

Then they all laughed and re-focused on the naked Marty being debased on the wrestling mat,

Poor Marty could not even count on the party of family values to save him, even as they seemed to be having a chatty old time while they watched him NAKED. Sad!

Sheldon refused to grant Marty any modesty and easily thwarted every effort Marty made to restore the strap. The rip in the singlet on Marty's active tail increased, and now Marty was aware of it. He could feel air and he could hear ripping. Marty wondered just how much of his butt was visible. Matt was also mad at Sheldon because he had told Sheldon of his singlet problem beforehand, and Sheldon was ignoring Marty's embarrassment. Indeed, he was making it worse for Marty,

Greg had a raging erection. He was glad he could put his sweater over his jeans. This was fucking unreal! 

Horrified that he was being kind of stripped in public, Marty tried to overcompensate by upping the ante on his energy. This only amused Sheldon, and it didn't do much for Marty's exposure either. Now the right singlet fell completely and Marty was completely topless. Marty's boobs were bouncing and his nipples were completely erect.

Tim noted this to Larry. Larry said, "Sheldon is stripping him. He is going to take that singlet right off Marty."

Tim scoffed. "No way. Coach won't allow that."

Larry smiled. "Watch and see. Coach can't stand Marty."

Tim felt sorry for Marty if this actually happened, but he continued watching the match, kind of hoping it did, since Marty was clearly flustered and so far only his bare chest was exposed (well, if you didn't count the butthole, which was still occasionally partially covered at least somewhat depending on Marty's and Sheldon's movements).

Sheldon glanced at Marty's rear, saw that Marty's writhing hole was more on display and decided to show the people much more of Marty. Sheldon observed Marty's sheer panic at the straps being completely down and that the spaghette straps of the G-string and the sides of Marty's buttocks were becoming a bit visible.

Sheldon liked touching Marty because Marty shivered when he did so. Sheldon wasn't gay, but he was sexual, and this was fun, humiliatng this little redhead in public. Besides, Coach had sancitioned it.

This Marty is going to be stripped naked, thought Greg. Hilarious! Greg took a pic with his phone, making sure to get a shot of the redhead's butthole, still at this point semi-concealed, but increasingly coming into everyone's view.

Sheldon grabbed one of Marty's fleshy titties. "Sheldon, I'm not gay," Marty rasped. Sheldon replied into Marty's neck, "You sure about that? Then why is your little nubby penis stabbing me in the leg?"

Marty retorted, "Why do you hate me? I don't hate you." Sheldon laughed, "I don't hate you. I just like showing you off, your cute little red body." Marty pleaded, "Sheldon, no, don't do this. I would never do this to you. I have to go to school here." Sheldon giggled. "Marty, you can wear clothes to classes, although I'm sure people would love it if you didn't." Sheldon squeezed Marty's tit. Marty whimpered. "Your little boy tits would be the talk of the classroom" Sheldon taunted. Marty cursed, angrily. "You are not being fair to me." Sheldon squeezed the tit and rubbed his fingers over Marty's erect nipple. "Too gay," Marty moaned, in public. "Yes, it appears so," purred Sheldon, rubbing the nipple harder and clandestinely nibbling on Marty's ear.

"Are these boys having sex in front of us?" someone asked. "Who cares?" someone reesponded. "Look at the redhead's body. He is almost completely nude. This is better than TV." Many people laughed.

Marty, for his part, was alarmed by all of this but especially by the fact that the usually snug middle of the garment, which always had covered a good portion of Marty's waist and navel, had inched its way down exposing said waist and navel completely. Marty's wrestling movements made his little belly wobble along with his breasts. I am not gay, Marty repeated over and over in his mind, as he heard onlookers proclaim him to be so and Sheldon touched him intimately, unabashedly, in public, more so than any girlfriend had ever done in a bedroom or even a car. In fact, Marty was realizing no one had ever touched his body so much ever before. He felt really embarrassed. Sheldon did smell good, thought Marty, but Sheldon was HUMILIATING him.

This is my worst nightmare, thought Marty. Sheldon is deliberately exposing me. Why isn't Coach stopping this? Marty also did not appreciate the jeering audience, who he realized was laughing at him. They were completely won over by Sheldon and his pranks.

Marty suddenly realized that his asshole was visible to everyone. HIS ASSHOLE! He became very flustered. His asshole was VISIBLE TO EVERYONE. This cannot be happening, thought Marty. Sheldon touched Marty's skin all over. Marty was in a frenzy of total confusion. He was almost naked, and he knew it, and he felt Sheldon's hardness.

Sheldon decided it was time to remove the yellow singlet completely from Marty's flailing little cute fleshy body. He was anticipating doing it, too, and doing it in a way that would torture Marty and titillate the audience.

So he simply grabbed the straps as they hung around Marty's waist. And took a step back. Then another step. Then another baby step. Marty was becoming systematically exposed (and horrified). Marty screamed, "Sheldon, stop it, man! What the fuck, dude!" Then Marty simply began babbling incoherently, trying vainly to grab his singlet and bring it back up to cover himself.

Greg was in ecstasy but he struggled to appear stoic. Fuck, the fully clothed wrestler is literally stripping the goofy one bit by bit. Greg found this intensely erottc and felt himself quite wet between the legs.

More and more of Marty was becoming revealed. The audience was cheering. They were  seeing this guy stripped naked. They loved it. The oldsters were howling. They'd never seen a man stripped in public before. "Joe," said an older lady. "Should we help him?" Joe replied, "Are you kidding? Shut up, Edna." "But he looks like our grandson," Edna responded. Joe drawled, "He ain't our grandon, and besides, our grandson would never put hisself in a position like this. Look, the kid's dick is coming out." "Oh, my," tittered Edna. "It almost is." Joe chuckled, "Don't get your hopes up mawmaw. It's not gonna be a big one." "Oh, Joe," giggled Edna. Edna was stimulated and she decided she would request Joe to sleep in the nude tonight. She'd make him a sandwich.

Coach was in heaven. He was hard as a rock. He crossed his legs and just acted complacent. Marty shot him a look that conveyed, "Help me." Coach ignored it. He stared at Marty's frantic naked movements and grinned. Marty looked horrified. No one was helping him! Old people were ogling him and mocking him!

Sheldon took more and more backward steps. The singlet slid down Marty's body. The pubes and the G-string were revealed, which provoked screams. Marty tried to grab the fabric of the singlet and pull it back up repeatedly. He was outmatched by his opponent, who was stripping him with slow relish. Sheldon's grip on the straps was too firm for the frenzied Marty to deal with successfully. Sheldon took more steps back, and the singlet slid down Marty's thighs, then down his legs, then down to Marty's feet. Marty could not believe Sheldon was doing this to him and that no one was stopping it and that people were not pitying him at all, only laughing. Even the old women of the town were laughing, ladies who gave him cookies at fairs. Marty saw that the old farmers were laughing at him more loudly than their wives.

Marty crossed his feet to keep the singlet on him in any way possible. Sheldon simply inserted a foot in between Marty's ankles and separated them, which made Marty's feet lose control of his garment, and the singlet came off totally to applause. Sheldon laughed and tossed the singlet to the corner of the mat as the crowd cheered him on.

Oh shit, thought Greg. All he has on now is that G-string, if you can call it that. His pubes are out and about. Greg knew that G-string was not long for this world, and with that, Greg ejaculated in his jeans. Greg sighed. I should learn to time myself, he thought, but this is so over the top. Greg kept watching.

Marty now only wore a flimsy white G-string held up by thin spaghetti straps. It did not look good for Marty but everyone else was enjoying themselves.

Marty yelled in fury, "HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING TO ME??????????" His boy tits were like jelly as he thrashed about almost naked. Marty noticed an extremely good-looking man staring at him from the bleachers, grinning. The man looked like the guy from The Hangover. Oh fuck, thought Marty. Please let it NOT be the guy from The Hangover.

"I always suggested to Marty that he wear a jockstrap," said Larry.

Tim laughed.

"Well, maybe he will now."

Larry replidd, "It's too late. Sheldon is going to take that off too. Marty is going to be nude. Naked. I think Marty is being punished by Coach. Hey look at that guy in the bleachers. He is having a lot of fun. He reminds me of somebody."

Tim looked on in disbelief, knowing Marty would be very humiliated if Sheldon stripped him naked. Who wouldn't be? Still, Tim hoped Larry was right. It would be mind-blowing fun to see Marty completely naked in front of the team and the school and a good deal of the town. Tim glanced at "the guy in the bleachers." "Oh," Tim laughed. "That's Bradley Cooper."

"What?" Larry exclaimed. "No way."

Tim answered, "Maybe he has a relative in town. Who cares?" Tim was not impressed by Hollywood, but he had an awareness of it. Tim's brother was in a television series, so Tim was a bit jaded about all of it.

Marty's initial reaction to his sudden nudity was to roll over on his stomach. He knew this would expose his ass totally (and probably part of his balls), but he figured this was the best solution at this moment. He longingly stared at the discarded singlet on the corner of the mat and surmised that if he were quick enough he could crawl over there fast and put it back on.

That's what he tried to do, and Sheldon allowed it for a bit, because it was a rather pathetic but hilarious sight and the crowd was lapping it up.

As Marty crawled, humiliated and almost nude, towards his stripped off uniform, he felt his nipples and his G-string covered genitals graze against the wrestling mat, and he felt tingles all over his body. He was very aware the image he was projecting and that his ass was on full display in front of virtually everyone he knew.

But just when the nearly nude, crawling, embarrassed Marty got close enough to touch the singlet, Sheldon grabbed Marty and stood him up in a cruel full nelson.

Greg got instantly hard again, amazed. Wow, he thought. I'll jerk off to this for weeks. He took another pic.

Sheldon's latest move stretched Marty out enormously and showed him off to an almost shocking degree for a charity wrestling evening. Even Marty's boytits firmed up somewhat in this position. No one in the crowd had expected a show like THIS. Marty's G-string was lowering in all the excitement and more pubes were visible, along with a little testicles on the sides. Marty's penis was a protrusion and it didn't seem to be a big one, but if you looked closely (and many were) you could see the outline of Marty's cockhead and even his slit. Marty was sweating, and it was not from exertion.

It was from being stripped, humiliated and embarrassed by Sheldon and the crowd. And who was that stranger taking pics of me and grinning all the time? Marty wondered. Please let him not be from The Hangover. I'll be on social media!

Marty immediately realized that he was going to be on social media, if he wasn't already. His stomach rolled over. People laughed and laughed. Why is no one helping me? thought Marty.

Marty glanced at Coach. Coach was taking pictures of this. MANY people were taking pictures of this. Marty felt utterly betrayed by everyone.

Marty appealed to Sheldon. "Man, don't strip me anymore. This is over the top. I did NOT agree to this. You can't strip me like this. The G-string is falling off. I don't want to be naked. This is too much. Pin me and end the match. Please. I'll pay you."

Sheldon replied, "Can't end the match yet. They're having too good a time. There's celebrrities in the audience. It's good for the school."

Marty persisted: "IT'S NOT GOOD FOR ME OR MY REPUTATION! Sheldon. Don't do this to me. Please don't do this to me. I've always been nice to you. Please don't strip me."

Sheldon laughed and ran his hands all over Marty, knowing that Marty was slightly stimulated already. He wanted Marty to get a hard-on before he disrobed him totally. He knew this would utterly destroy Marty. First the hard-on, which would be bad enough, then being stripped completely naked to show the pulsating hard-on off totally.

Sheldon discovered he liked grabbing Marty's boy tits and squeezing them, because every time Sheldon did this, Marty reacted visibly with a dementedly contorted face. This thrilled Sheldon to no end. He'd never explored another man's tits this way and was quite intrigued at the response he was getting.

Any time Sheldon's hands grazed Marty's nipples, an electric shock surged through Marty and wound up in his groin. It took Sheldon very little time to figure this out and he played Marty's fleshy body like a fiddle. In minutes, due to Marty's wriggling, Marty's penis head was visible, peeking through the top of the white G-string. If Marty had stopped moving, he would have been better off. Soon, due to movement, the cheap G-string had managed to lowered itself below Marty's balls, exposing Marty's shaft for the first time, and of course the more or less hairless balls, which merrily bounced around.

Greg inwardly moaned. "Thank God I came in here tonight. If I had missed this, I'd kill myself." Greg was again rock-hard and his own nipples were poking his shirt. Greg's forehead perspired. This was one of the hottest displays of male nudity he'd ever seen. Marty wasn't exactly his type, but he was being stripped naked, his body was cute enough, he was aroused, and he was definitely humiliated. Four for four.

Marty wanted to just die. His dick was hanging out in front of everybody and it was semi-erect.  It was pointing straight out into the crowd. The picture-taking increased 200%. The celebrity in the bleachers took pic after pic, grinning all the while. Marty felt utterly degraded.

Marty's armpits writhed sensually and he was perspiring there heavily. He was red from head to toe. Never had he been exposed naked in public. "No, No, No," he yelled. "Mercy!"

Ignoring Marty's pleas, Sheldon abandoned the full nelson temporarily and just ripped off the G-string with a single flourish. He simply threw it on the mat. It was now just a piece of useless cloth.

Marty bent over to cover himself but Sheldon restored the full nelson quite easiily and Marty was no better off than before.

Greg gasped. He wanted that G-string desperately but would have had to make a scene to retrieve it. So he just took more pics. Marty was now NAKED. Greg had realized that Marty had made note of Greg's attention. Greg waved at Marty and gave him a thumbs up. Marty grimaced in embarrassment. Greg had never seen another man blush so overwhelmingly. Marty was a fire engine.

Marty was completely nude and his penis achieved full erection. Marty proved to be a grower. The penis had gotten consideraly fuller and it was pulsating, not to mention bobbing around slapping itself on Marty's abdomen and upper thighs. This actually made sounds, if you could hear it over the crowd. Marty could hear it. It was a loud flapping noise. Greg heard it as well. Greg's own erection threatened to thrust through his jeans. I ain't dead, thought Greg.

The women in the audience were going insane. The men were just laughing at poor naked Marty, sure glad it was him being so roundly humiliated, and not them.

Sheldon knew it would only take a few maneuvers to complete this utter degradation of his insipid naked teammate, so he took his time, maximizing poor Marty's impromptu photography session and his equally impromptu nudity and humiliation. And frankly, Sheldon was enjoying touching Marty and pushing Marty's buttons while Marty was naked. Sheldon also knew the imagery of himself completely covered and Marty flailing about without a stich would be powerful to see. Sheldon was straight but he was very open-minded and he did not care what anyone would say.

Desperate for coverage, Marty twisted and turned frantically, but there was nothing he could do. Sheldon was too powerful. The twisting and turning only egged on the crowd because they knew Marty was so embarrassed to be naked. More than a few also were enjoying Marty's wrigglings and jigglings.

Sheldon was very aware that the crowd enjoyed watching Marty squirm and wriggle nude, and he had a new idea. He threw Marty to the mat, which of course made EVERYTHING wobble, stood over the naked boy who was flat on his back, and grabbed Marty's left leg and pulled it up in the air.

Sheldon suspected Marty was ticklish and he wanted to find out just how much. So he began to tickle Marty's left foot. Marty was indeed extremely ticklish and this drove him crazy. He screamed for help at the top of his lungs as the crowd hooted and laughed at him as he thrashed naked on the mat, balls bouncing, cock bobbing, tits wobbling, the whole nine yards. Dozens if not more pics were taken of this.

This was so popular Sheldon tickled Marty for a good ten minutes. He did the right foot also, and at one point was able to straddle both of Marty's legs and tickle both feet at the same time. The sounds emitting from the nude redhead were a mixture of sobs, laughs and gurgles. Marty's penis remained erect and in fact had gotten moist. Marty was horrified to see precum on his piss slit. His piss slit was exposed and it was oozing!!!!!

Greg was just in heaven. Stripping, nudity, tickling, humiliation. It does not get better than this.

Sheldon decided he next would attack Marty under his arms. This proved popular and successful as well. Sheldon sat on Marty's hard-on and dug his fingers into Marty's naked, hairy armpits. First Sheldon teased Marty by pulling and tugging on the hair, which made Marty wince, then Sheldon did the actual probing and tickling. Marty screamed "STOP IT" and tried to pull Sheldon's hands away. No dice. Sheldon was just too strong for Marty. Sheldon moved forward because Marty's hard-on was sticking into Sheldon's butt and Sheldon wanted to expose the hard-on rather than cover it and give Marty an ounce of modesty.

Sheldon's movement allowed the hard-on to stick straight up behind Sheldon's strong tights-clad butt. Sheldon continued his tickling and extended it to Marty's ribs as well. The hard-on throbbed and glistened between Sheldon's covered buttocks. This was a rather erotic, awesome sight, and more pictures were taken of Marty's humiliation, which at this point was almost unbearable to the writhing, thrashing Marty, who was failing spectacularly in his efforts to throw Sheldon off his nude body.. Marty knew his erection was leaning against Sheldon's asscrack and this nauseated him to no end.

HOLY FUCK, thought Greg. He glanced at the discarded G-string and the ruined singlet, long forgotten at this point, and decided before he left this gym, those two "garments" would be his for keeps. Thrown to the corners of the mat, Greg said to himself, "Get them now."

He put his sweater on made his way over to Marty's last vestiges of clothing, discreetly, The sweater was bulky enough to conceal his erection, thankfully. He kept one eye on the match, but he had a mission in mind, and he knew if he didn'tt complete it now, someone would beat him to it.

"Do you think he is going to cum?" Tim asked Larry. "That is a raging boner and it looks...wet."

Larry chuckled, "I would LOVE to see that, and so would Coach. Look at Coach. He's like a kid in a candy store."

This was true. Coach was loving the tickling of Marty. This had not been planned, this was purely part of the fiendish Sheldon's program. Coach certainly didn't mind, and neither did the crowd.

Sheldon kept the nude Marty down on the mat and wrestled him traditionally, although Marty was just a rag doll at this point. Marty did everything possible to roll over on his stomach to cover himself. He wanted to be pinned and allowed to put clothes on his body. Sheldon allowed him no privacy and exposed him over and over and over.

Due to crowd reaction and his own enjoyment, Sheldon used Marty's submission to expose him in every way possible. Marty tried to put up a fight when Sheldon sat on Marty's chest facing Marty's feet and pulled Marty's legs back, exposing Marty's asshole to a shocking degree. Many pics of this were taken. Marty knew his asshole was obscenely shown and that his scrotum and perineum were as well. "Sheldon, how can you do this to me?" Marty rasped. Sheldon just lowered his hands to Marty's spread, wobbly ass and pulled it apart wider.

Greg got the garments. No one was paying attention to him. Greg looked at the mat. DAMN, I'M MISSING THE BUTTHOLE UP CLOSE." Greg hurriedly made his way back to the bleacher, where we was given ample room to sit and gawk. Greg had stuffed Marty's "clothes" into his jeans. They fit there easily, as there weren't much of them left.

Greg saw Marty' delicious naked asshole, and ejaculated one more time in his pants. He almost yelled out. But he didn't yell out, and recovered to take a tawdry series of anus photos which would eventually be printed and framed.

Marty screamed again, "HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO YOUR TEAMMATE?"

"Like this," Sheldon answered. "Oh look, you have no hair at all in your asscrack. My, your butthole is a big one." Marty was amazed and mortified that Sheldon would touch his naked ass in front of people.

Marty didn't like this implication and struggled to throw Sheldon off him. He did not want Sheldon fondling his naked ass, and this is what Sheldon was doing. Marty failed miserrably, merely adding to his humiliation by inadvertently twitching his butthole as he moved. It twitched, opening and closing. Sheldon's strong hands were incredibly firm and this was Marty's worst nightmare: another man touching his ass and exposing it.

Those close to Marty could not believe what they were seeing. Sheldon himself thought the twitching butthole was a nice surprise, albeit a devastating one for Marty.. Sheldon took great pleasure in pulling Marty's quite nice buttocks open as far as possible and exhibiting Marty's masculinity to its utmost fullness. The lighting in the gym exposed Marty's male secrets very explicitly. Sheldon whispered to Marty, "Thank God you showered. Your insides are being photographed." Marty cursed and tried to wiggle free, but could not. It only made his asshole twitch more, which delighted the onlookers, particularly the ones in the front row closest to Marty and his unruly anus. Marty was aghast at the show he was being made to put on. He heard a girl say, "Look at Marty's asshole. He is showing his asshole to everyone. I am in his accounting class. I will never be able to look at him again without imagining his naked asshole sticking up in the air in this gym. Look at Marty's asshole. How could he let himself be stripped naked?"

The reply to this, from a guy, was: "As a wrestler, he sucks. As a nudist, he's not that great either. He could lose some weight. I agree, though, when I see him on campus, the first thing to come to my mind will be his big asshole. I never liked him anyway. But now it will be fun to make comments to his face about his asshole and his little cock and his flouncing little titties and the fact he let a FRESHMAN strip him buck naked."

Marty began to sob. He recognized the voice of this guy as Billy, who lived in the dorm, only two doors down. Marty thought Billy liked him. Now Billy had proclaimed his utter disdain and Billy had seen him naked and defeated. Marty tried to stifle his tears. I still have dignity, he told himself, even as Sheldon pulled his buttocks open to oohs and aahs and jeers. Martty had trouble believing a teammate could be so deliberately cruel. There was another comment from Billy: "Marty is a wuss. A naked, naked wuss. I can't wait to see him in the dorm. One thing's for sure, he won't be walking around naked, not that he ever did. No one wants to see Marty naked anyway."

"Oh, I do," said the girl who had started this exchange. "I love his humiliation. When redheads blush, you can surely tell."

"True," said Billy, chuckling.

Elderly women in the audience loudly announced that they had never seen red asshole hairs before. Marty heard this and silently died. One old man chimed in, "My son has them. But he doesn't show them to people. I only know because I had to give him baths after an accident." Marty died again. It was being implied he was showing his red asshole hairs willingly, which was far, far from the case.

Marty's penis was now fully erect and very clearly oozing fluid, and it was noted that Marty's scrotum had ceased bouncing and was now completely tightened. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize what this meant or what might occur as a result. Many in the crowd drooled in anticipation.

Sheldon released Marty's legs, Marty lowered them in a false sense of relief, and then Sheldon touched Marty between his legs under the guise of wrestling maneuvers. Sheldon touched Marty's balls, his penis shaft, his penis head, his penis slit and glans, and then Sheldon teased Martty's anus and came very very close to inserting a finger, encircling the rim enticingly. Sheldon took Marty's cockhead in his fist and twisted it around. This drove Marty insane (and the crowd as well). Sheldon also continued to touch Marty's nipples, as Sheldon recognized they were Marty's tropic zones and Sheldon thought that to be extra-humiliating for a man.

Larry commented, "I gotta give it to Sheldon. He's clever enough to make what he's doing look to Marty look like wrestling, but what's doing is fondling him in front of us to make Marty lose it."

Tim said, "I was just going to say. What Sheldon is doing is certainly having an effect on Marty."

Larry laughed, "Yeah. The DESIRED effect. Look at Sheldon's face. He looks positively demonic. That's why I think Coach set Marty up. Marty is nowhere in Sheldon's league."

Tim laughed as well. "Especially now. Sheldon has clothes on. Marty sure don't."

At one particularly unforunate moment (depending on your point of view), Marty was actually able to stand up on the mat. He made the decision to bend over and grab his knees, as if this would conceal his nudity.

Since there were spectators on all sides, although the bulk were faccing Marty, this was a hilarious malculation on Marty's part, as Larry and Tim now received an explicit showing of the redheaded teammate's spread open asshole. "Goddamn," remakred Tim. "Does he realize what he's exposing?"

Larry laughed. "I guess he'd rather cover his pee-pee than his big asshole. Well, we know he's a natural redhead."

Tim grimaced. "Oh, my God. And his titties are bouncing to beat the band." Then Tim took a picture of Marty's hole with his phone, while laughing. Marty heard Time laugh, and threw himself back on the mat on his front.

Sheldon did not miss a beat. He continued wrestling the embarrassed Marty and exposing the redhead's inadequate naked physique to the enraptured, jeering crowd.

This open exhibition and exploration of Marty's slightly fleshy, nude body by the muscular, magnetic Sheldon, his well-built, fiendish opponent is what did Marty in. The naked student felt intense sensations all over and then he felt gobs and gobs of wetness. Then he heard yelling and screaming. Loud yelling and screaming. Marty knew what was wrong, and why they were yelling. Marty knew he was ejaculating. Staggering. Marty was ejaulating, naked. In front of the team. In front of Coach. In front of EVERYONE.

Marty was orgasming, cumming profusely in front of the thrilled audience. Sheldon was laughing at him. Semen was flying everywhere--on Marty, on Sheldon, up in the air, on the mat, everywhere. It was quite a spectacle. Sheldon got some of his cheek. He laughed in Marty's face and said to him, "Damn, man. What the fuck is wrong with you? You just came on my face!" Marty wanted to kill himself, because Sheldon said this quite loudly.

Greg found himself getting hard once again. He couldn't believe it.

Larry and Tim said nothing, merely looked at each other and raised their eyebrows at practically the same time, and then they both burst into laughter.

Marty wanted to cry right then and there, and almost did. I'll have to leave school, he thought.

Satisfied, Sheldon pinned Marty and confidently bellowed the 1-2-3, Marty submitted meekly and then Sheldon stood up and went back to the locker room to change, without a care in the world but with a considerable amount of his defeated nude opponent's sperm on his tights, not to mention his gorgeous face. He hoped Coach had enjoyed himself.

Marty sat up, nude and sperm-soaked,  and wrapped his arms around his knees and beseeched anyone to get him something to put on. The crowd merely laughed at him. Tim walked over with a towel and Marty wrapped it around his waist, gratefully. He ignored all the sperm distributed around the mat.

"Good show," said Tim. Marty fled to the locker room amidst jeers. Tim was a little turned-on himself. He had enjoyed Marty's humiliation immensely and especially had loved watching Marty cum all over himself in public.

Marty did not leave school, although he came close. He did quit the wresting team. Coach told Marty he was sorry to seem him go, but he understood why, after Marty's "memorable" loss to Sheldon at the charity event. Marty looked down at the floor when Coach told him this.

Coach framed all of his pictures of the inept, naked, humiliated college wrestler. He displayed them in his study and he would wack off to Marty about once or twice a week. The pictures were graphic, so Coach always kept the study locked. He was unmarried, but he did have a maid. The study was off limits to the maid and because of the Marty nudies, now to everyone else as well.

Coach was deeply satisfied each time he even thought about Marty losing total control of his naked body in front of that audience. Looking at and enjoying the pictures of the supremely embarrassed redheaded boy was the icing on the cake.

Marty was forever known as the clumsy red-headed naked wrestler who blew a load during a match. This, he did not care for, and he avoided the now even more popular Sheldon like the plague. Marty also avoided the internet because he was informed by Tim that his naked wrestling pics were on at least three websites.

Sheldon did not need or want Marty's friendship, since Sheldon knew he had already taken Marty's dignity, and that there was extensive photographic evidence ot this. Sheldon had posted Coach's photos himself on "Nude Wrestling Gone Wrong."

Finally, though, Marty did go on a diet, and he lost the five pounds.

But a gaunt Marty did not have the same appeal.

The nude, jiggly, aroused humiliated Marty was the one preserved for all time.--from the towsnpeople, the gay guys in the school, the perverts in the town, Couch, Marty's teammates, and you can bet, Sheldon.

Marty always walked around town with sunglasses and his head down. There were always comments, however, and they were most often, lewd and crude and very embarrassing. 

A few girls agreed to date Marty, since they had seen him naked already and liked his body, and they'd seen many pictures of the nude Marty in his state of embarrassment. But when the girl would bring up the wrestling fiasco, and the girl always would, the date was ruined because of Marty's degradation. The girls secretly enjoyed this.

Sheldon was elected Student Body President, twice in a row. Once at a frat party, Sheldon did approach Marty and slapped him on his butt. Marty threw a fist, missed, went outside, threw up, and left the party. Everyone laughed at Marty. Sheldon later got laid that evening.

Marty never got laid in college after the wrestling exposure. He was viewed as damaged goods. Everyone had seen him naked, and they had pictures to boot of the very naked, sexually aroused redhead, floucing around nude in public in front of a hundred or so people. The pictures circulated heavily. Marty was asked to be a go-go boy at the local gay bar. He considered it, but ultimately refused as he did not know how to dance to club music. Marty preferred classic rock. Marty managed to graduate, but just barely.

Marty had been stripped naked and humiliated beyond all reason. He didn't like it at all. He eventually turned gay and moved in with an older man, Greg, who owned a hardware store. Marty is now on staff there, managing the books and whatnot. Greg, who Marty was relieved to discover was NOT a Hollywood actor, transformed Marty considerably, turning him into the loudest bottom in town and amazingly, a health food nut. They are still a couple, and very happy, except when Marty's  humiliation wrestling experience becomes a big topic in mixed company and cell phone pictures are insensitively produced over drinks. Then Marty sulks for a few days. Greg has framed photos of Marty's butthole in his office, and Marty hates this, but Greg insists.

The photos are in a dark corner of the room, but when sunlight floods the office, it is unmistakable what you're looking at. To his credit, Greg has not identified the asshole, but everyone knows who it belongs to. Marty hates this with a passion and once cried about it. Greg took the pics down for a few days, but they were back up quickly. Greg loves the pics and explains this to Marty, but Marty calls it "a violation of my dignity." This type of chatter just makes Greg horny, and more determined to keep the pics on display.

On the off chance Marty will try to destroy the pics, Greg has informed Marty that he has copies, and that "everytime i have to make more copires, the Hindus at the photo shop will do so also, and your globes will be all over the globe." This makes Marty pout and say inane things like "Why do I have to have a famous anus?" Greg usually just laughs, strips Marty naked, and fucks the shit out of him, grabbing Marty's titties, turning on music to cover Marty's caterwauls of pleasure. During a session of this nature, Marty usually masturbates and cums, in big loads, so Greg realizes Marty is enjoying himself. They usually watch a movie together afterwards and have wine, then fall asleep on their bed with their dog, Bertha (named after Greg's grandmother).

Sheldon now has a very popular podcast where he wears gorgeous tailored suits. Marty will NOT watch it. Greg does watch it and occasionally,  masturbates to it. Marty does not know this, and Greg wants to keep it that way. Everytime Greg watches Sheldon in a ssuit, Greg thinks of Marty naked.

Marty's singlet and G-string are in Greg's car. He keeps them there for business trips. Marty has no idea about this; the garments are well-hidden.

Coach continues to masturbate to his own nude Marty pics to this very day. He looks forward to it, even. Coach had to admit, Marty has a choice butthole, especially if you'rre into red hairs





Submitted: January 02, 2022

© Copyright 2023 davey. All rights reserved.

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ENM Enthusiast

A great story! Love the slow stripping as they wrestle, and if I may say so I do love a good old revenge sequel, it'd be very exciting to see Marty try to get revenge on Sheldon, Coach, even both of them, or even fail at achieving it and gets even more humiliated, so many possibilities! but all in all, love your work, keep it up!

Wed, January 5th, 2022 8:13pm


Thanks, tjsmiley. I appreciate your comments. This story is based on an incident I witnessed, and I knew the "Marty," so it was not that difficult to write once I got going (I had a small crush on "Marty--his real name is Larry, and he was kind of a jerk). I'm glad you liked my version of what went down. I am not sure I want Marty to get any revenge. I'll think it about it though. Thank you again for feedback. It is much appreciated and it will keep my writing here.

Wed, January 5th, 2022 11:05pm

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