Henry Wu poses nude

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Henry Wu is a shy, young, extremely handsome, bespectacled well-built teaching assistant at a midwestern university. His uncle Harold is an instructor for an art class. When "Uncle's" male model has to cancel a very important gig, Henry is persuaded to substitute. Henry doesn't walk around campus or even the dorm without a shirt on. So this is uncharted territory for Henry. Hilarity ensues (but not for Henry, who ends up feeling very stripped and humiliated).

On Thursday afternoon, "Henry," Uncle Harold groaned. "You've got to do this for me."

Henry Wu, a reserved, very shy but muscular young man of 23, groaned as well. His beloved "Uncle", Harold Wu, an art professor, was in a bind. Uncle's male life model had just called to tell the professor that he had a family emergency and would have to cancel Friday night's New Year's Eve "special" art class, which Professor Wu had been heavily touting as "celebrating the carnality of the New Year."

It was holiday break at the university, but more than a few students had remained, and theme classes had been sporadically scheduled for townies. A Christmas week bakery class had been so popular that a second one had been hastily arranged. Both had been capacity.

Uncle wanted Henry to fill in. This meant Henry would have to pose naked, and Henry not only had never done this, he had never even considered it. Henry was a very shy young man, even though he had the physique of a god.

Henry was just naturally modest, even though he had a great build and always had. He put in gym time, but honestly, Henry's looks just came naturally to him. He was straight and had had several girlfriends, but nothing long-term had ever transpired. Henry believed he was just too much of a stick-in-the-mud. He only drank wine, but he'd smoke a joint if offered.

If Henry was into acting, he could have been cast as Shang-Chi.

Otherwise, he was nothing even close to a show-off. He would not even walk around shirtless in the dorm, where he was a well-liked (by most) resident assistant. Henry would only use the showers when they were empty. He knew he had a fine physique and for an Asian man, Henry suspected he was more than adequately endowed. He just didn't like showing himself, and had a peculiar disdain for gay men who'd give him the once-over (and this happened frequently). Henry did like when girls complimented him on his body, as long as they were tasteful about it. He did not like verbally aggressive girls, or girls who pawed him when they were inebriated.

Henry wore wire-rimmed spectacles and kept his hair close-cropped. He was clean shaven and always immaculately well-groomed. Henry would not leave his room unless he looked like he was ready for a job interview.

Henry did not want to pose nude for people he'd be seeing on a regular basis, or frankly, for anyone, but Uncle was desperate, and Henry owed him a favor. But this is a very big favor indeed: posing naked in front ot the campus. NAKED. A huge word for Henry. Henry knew a lot of his friends would show up to see him without clothing. Especially the gay guys. This made Henry nervous. Henry did not fully understand his appeal to other men.

"How many people in this class, Uncle?" asked Henry. "And what is this 'carnality' thing?"

Uncle chuckled. "Oh, about 20 or so, and some of them are senior citizenss from town, nephew," he replied. "The carnality is just a hook. We usually use female models, but the class has been bugging me to get a naked man. So that's what I tried to do. Unfortunately, he has a FAMILY OBLIGATION."

It did not escape Henry that Uncle had stressed those last two words.

Henry looked down at his cheeseburger. They were having lunch in the cafeteria. Henry kept his voice low. "So you want me to be the naked man."

Uncle's voice was firm. "I do. You have a fine body. The class will appreciate it. Maybe you'll even get a date."

This was not the way Henry wanted to get a date. "Uncle, you are asking a lot of me, don't you think?"

Uncle persisted. "It is a simple life drawing job. I'll pay you $400."

Whoa, thought Henry. I could certainly use THAT.

"Let me sleep on it, Uncle," offered Henry.

Uncle could be stern. And today, he was. "I need your answer now."

Henry ate a french fry. $400. I could order a steak on New Year's Day, thought Henry.

"How long is the class, Uncle?" asked Henry, nervously.

Uncle said, "Just over two and a half hours."

Henry's stomach rumbled. Naked, for two and a half hours. In front of people. Henry didn't think he'd ever been naked for two and a half hours. He slept in pajamas.

"I've never done anything remotely like this, Uncle," Henry said, respectfully. "Being naked in front of the school and the town. I'm not sure I'd get through it. I feel embarrassed already."

Uncle tut-tutted. "You're making a mountain out of a molehill, nephew," he gently chided. "You'll be fine. I'll be there, after all."

Hmm, Henry mused. That is true. Uncle wouldn't let anything bad happen to him.

His Uncle's prodding touched Henry. Family was important to the Wus.

"Very well, Uncle," Henry heard himself choke. "I will do this for you."

Uncle clapped his hands with glee. "Excellent, Henry. I believe baring yourself will be good for you. Everyone should step out of their comfort zone. You'll be fine in the buff." Harold Wu thought it best to avoid the word "naked," for now.

Comfort zone, thought Henry. This is WAY beyond that concept. This is NAKED. In the buff, bare, how ever you want tto say it. It is NAKED.

The two men discussed mundane details, such as how Henry would become undressed. Henry did not want to undress in front of the class. Uncle assured him there was a standard changing room, and that a robe would be provided, and that Henry would simply take off the robe when the class began and give the robe to his uncle. This imagery disturbed Henry, but he realized there was really only one solution to get naked for this, and that taking off the robe was it.

Henry also thought, I will have to take the longest shower of my life on Friday afternoon. Should be OK. No one really uses the one on the first floor on Fridays since it's holiday break. 

Another factor in Henry's decision to say yes to Uncle was the fact that the  university was at best only one-third full at the moment due to holiday break. Henry reasoned, None of my friends are here, well, except Joey and Mark and Cindy, so there's that. And, $400.

Henry inquired about what type of "poses" he'd be doing. Henry had an awareness that life models did specific poses for a certain amount of minutes.

Uncle did not go into too much detail about this aspect, kind of brushing it aside, saying he had his models emphasize "spontaniety." "I do like posing them for maximum exposure," Uncle giggled.

Henry stared at Uncle. "What does that mean?"

Uncle continued to be amused. He was beginning to enjoy watching his scholarly, gorgeous nephew squirm at lunch. "It means, you're gonna be bare-ass nude. It is a life drawing class, nephew."

Henry regretted saying yes now. "Bare-ass nude." Naked. Henry could not finish his lunch. His appetitie was gone.


"YOU'RE going to pose nude?" screeched Cindy, as Joey and Mark lolled about. They were all in Henry's room, smoking weed. Henry had a Pepsi, the rest of the gang were drinking beer.

Cindy was a cheerleader type. Mark was a footballer, dark-haired and confident. The blonde Joey was a bit brainy but worked out obsessively. Henry thought Joey worked out to the point of madness, to be honest. Mark didn't have to work out, and he didn't. He smoked weed. Henry smoked weed with Mark and it was always fun. Henry also smoked weed with Cindy and Joey, but Mark was by far the most hilarious to smoke weed with. And Henry was fascinated by Mark's trimmed beard. It suited Mark to a tee. Joey was clean-shaven and boy-next-door. Mark was bad-boy, but he really wasn't. Henry knew it was a personae. Mark also shared a love for classic 70's rock, as did Henry. And Mark always foot the bill for pizza and beer, although Henry didn't drink much beer, but he would indulge in pizza for sure. Joey and Cindy also liked pizza and beer, so this gang had a lot in common, overall.

"I almost have to do it," a forlorn Henry answered. "Uncle is in a bind. This class has been heavily advertised, and it is as sold out as those bakery classes."

Henry paused for effect. He did not want his friends to think he would enjoy showing off his body (which Henry knew CIndy lusted after, she wasn't subtle). "Also, guys, it's $400. Cash."

Joey chimed in. "I'd do it. Why didn't he ask me?" Mark said, "Forget it. I could NEVER do that." Henry thought Mark would be a complete natural at posing nude for an art class. He had a perfect body and he was very handsome and he did wander around the dorm half naked at all hours. Granted he was high, but still.

Henry was kind of relieved he'd have a replacement if he balked. "I'll ask Uncle," he said to Joey. "Could you really fill in if needed, Joey?" Henry genuinely believed Joey was probably his best friend. Mark was a very close second, and Cindy a very distant third. Henry did not like to be pawed by drunk girls. Cindy had thrust her hand up his T-shirt one night and actually grabbed his nipple! Henry was mortified. Joey had pulled her off Henry, and Henry was very relieved. His nipple was still sore the next morning. Joey  had actually asked, after Henry had shared what Cindy had done, "Is your nipple OK? Do you want me to look at it?" Henry thought this to be very considerate but had declined his friend's concerned request.

Henry was happy that Joey and Mark seemed to genuinely like each other. Henry did not like dramatics. He was pleased to be part of a gang of buds. In high school, Henry had been ostracized for his scholarly habits but he did always get wolf-whistles from girls. which he did not really enjoy. College was certainly more fun in that it was more relaxed, and the wolf-whistles were more reserved, for the most part. Henry had no illusions that he had a fantastic body, but his body was not his calling card and he resented anyone who tried to make it that way. Henry had studied hard all his life. That was his identity, not a perfect physique.

Joey had no intention of filling in as a nude model. The idea kind of turned him on, and Henry was dear to him, but Henry was also the hunkiest Asian boy Joey had ever seen. Joey had never seen an Asian man that looked like Henry Wu, and he was now going to see him naked. NAKED. Best let Henry know this now, thought Joey, that I won't be available to pose, tingling at the thought of seeing his buddy completely nude on a stage, probably quivering in embarrassment.

Joey thought. "Oh, fuck, I forgot this is on New Year's Eve. No. I can't fill in. I have a date with Mary. I guess I could cancel. But Henry, man, I know you, you've already committed yourself. Tell you what, I'll drop by with Mary so you'll feel like you have friends in ths house." Joey felt guilty at his lustful thoughts and tried to make an effort to appear supportive, but he was NOT going to pass up the opportunity to see his pal Henry Wu, the shyest hunk on the campus, naked on a stage. And not only naked, but naked for an extended period of time. Joey knew Henry would be super uncomfortable, and this made Joey hot, and also a little guilty that he was this insensitive about Henry's forced nudity. But was it forced? Not really. Henry could have said no. Joey was a scamp at heart, so he dismissed his guilt fairly easily. Henry, naked. Yes! This is something Joey would never miss. He told himself he would be there for support. He knew he was lying to himself, but he did not care. He had always wanted to see Henry naked, and now it would be perfectly acceptable to do so and no one could say jack.

Mary was a nice girl that Henry himself would have dated. He kind of had a crush on her. Henry lliked Cindy only as a casual friend. He thought her man-crazy, and one night she had tried to kiss him after she had puked. She also had a tendency to grope when she was stoned. Henry did not like this.

Henry knew Joey would fill in if absolutely necessary, so he dropped the subject because he wanted everyone to stop talking about it. But that didn't occur.

Mark asked, "How many people in this class, Henry?" 

Henry answered, "I've been told 20 or so."

Mark gasped and clutched himself. "Oh my God." This did not make Henry feel better. He saw it as a bad omen, since Mark was one of the most level-headed dudes Henry knew. Henry noted that his friend Joey said not a word but looked very animated and fidgety. Henry blushed at the prospect of being nude in front of his friend Joey (not to mention Mary and anyone else) and hoped Joey would not think less of him for beind nude in a public situation. Henry would be sad if Joey thought him weak for agrreeing to help Uncle in this unusual circumstance.

Cindy laughed. "And you may KNOW some of them."

Henry finished his Pepsi and opened a beer. "I suppose so. I'm trying not to focus on that. There is nothing I can do about it. It is just an art class. I'm not the first life drawing model in history."

Cindy squealed, "I want to audit this class. You, too, Mark. Joey, Mary."

Henry frowned. "I don't think that is a good idea. You'll just make fun of me. This will be nerve-wracking enough."

Mark laughed. "Henry in the altogether, in the buff on New Year's Eve. I don't have any plans for New Year's Eve. Why not?  Cheap thrills, guys. We can get high beforehand. This class is at 7:00, right?"

Henry was somewhat flattened by his friend Mark's semi-derision. Mark had never seen Henry nude, nor had he expressed any interest in doing so, so Henry was thrown off a bit. To make things odder, Mark suddenly blurted, "Henry, come on. I've seen you shirtless. Don't be a stick in the mud." Henry blushed. Mark indeed had walked in on Henry one day as he was changing shirts. Henry had been flush with embarrassment. He didn't think Mark was gay or anything, but Mark was gorgeous, batted off girls with a stick,  and he had definitely looked at Henry's bare chest with appraisal. Mark strolled around the dorm without a shirt quite often, sometimes even in his boxers! Mark was beautiful, but Henry did not have Mark's confidence at being seen unclothed.

Henry had a pleasant flashback. Mark had remarked, privately, "Henry, you have beautiful nipples." This had rendered Henry speechless. They'd been watching a superhero movie on TV and drinking beers in Henry's room, and Henry was fully clothed, and Henry had commented, "I wish I had pecs like that." Then Mark had made his comment. Henry nudged Mark in the arm and Mark laughed. And that was that. Henry recalled that Mark had been shirtless and he had liked the fact that Mark was so laid back to be topless if front of people. Henry had looked at Mark's nipples. They were pretty nice, Henry thought, although not as big as Henry's but they had equal firmness and lack of hair. But Mark's nipples were not as dark as Henry's. Henry could understand why girls wanted to touch them; he'd heard this at lunch. "Mark's nipples this, Mark's nipples that."

In fact, Cindy had blown into the room and swooned, "Mark has his shirt off." Mark had drawled, "Oh, hush, Cindy." Cindy sat across from Mark and stared, and eventually Mark asked Henry if he could borrow a shirt. Henry gave Mark his treasured Doobie Brothers tank top. Cindy huffed. What's her problem, thought Henry. You can still see Mark's toned arms, his exceelent beard and his armpit hair and his nice personality. Cindy bored Henry with her never-ending demands in the dorms.

Henry did not like the idea of his three friends (high) and the demure Mary observe him posing in the nude. At least I know Mary will be sober, mumbled Henry. 

Cindy's tone softened. "We will absolutely NOT make fun of you. Your Uncle wouldn't allow that, Henry," she said. "Think of this as moral support."

Joey glared at Cindy.

"But none of you has ever seen me...naked," Henry groaned.

"I know," Joey teased. "You're the shyest guy in the dorm. Which is kind of hilarious. You must really need the $400." Mark and Cindy laughed.

Henry was now a bit annoyed. "Who doesn't?" he barked. Henry did not think of himself as "shy", he believed he was "reserved." A big difference, thought Henry. 

 Anyway, remembered Henry, just an hour ago he had chatted with Uncle and had been informed the class was almost full. He was freaked at the time but now he was glad. Uncle said most of the class was elderly townies. Henry doubted his four friends would get in at this point.


Harold Wu was on the phone with WNG, the local public access station. He drank coffee.

Harold said, "How many in the crew? 4. Fine."

Mr. Wu listened more, and answered, "He is 23. Yes, very handsome indeed. He's a hunk, as they say, but he is somewhat shy, which will be apparent once he is exposed. I mean, naked."

Both callers had a sustained laugh.

"I've been told that no one on campus has ever seen him nude," Harold Wu chuckled. "That's why this is so amusing. I'm glad you pitched this idea."

WNG's caller said, "I wouldn't mind attending this class."

Harold Wu laughed and said, "Come on in. We can make room. We'll have an open bar."

WNG's caller said, "7:00?"

Harold Wu confirmed the time and told the caller to arrive early so she could get a drink before the class began.


Henry Wu woke up, somewhat hungover. He was not a drinker, and he'd had five beers last night.

What always aided Henry in these situations was orange juice, which was always in his fridge. So Henry, in his pajamas, stumbled to the fridge  and pulled out a pitcher, from which he drank from.

He spilled OJ on his PJs, cursed, and then remembered, "Naked. Today is Naked Day."

Henry drank all the orange juice.


Cindy chatted with Barbara, who scheduled classes at the university. They were having breakfast at Barbara's house. Barbara was divorced with three young children. She liked her mimosas, early.

"You've GOT to get us into that class, Babs," Cindy insisted over coffee. "We owe it to Henry. He is as nervous as a cat."

Barbara laughed, "Oh, Cindy, cut to the chase. You just want to see Henry naked."

Cindy smiled to herself. "Doesn't everybody?" she batted her eyes.

Barbara laughed again. "Actually, you might think so. I've had more than a few requests for seats and we usually don't do that for art classes. But Harold Wu has been pushing this for a few months. So it's not just about Henry, I don't think."

Barbara didn't want to get overly chatty with a student, so she was editing herself in this conversation. Virtualy all of the requests for seats had mentioned Henry by name.

Shit, Cindy thought. I should have called Barbara immediately.

"Do you still have room?" Cindy asked Barbara,

Barbara smiled. "I'll get you guys in, but don't be late."

CIndy laughed. "We WON'T BE LATE. I think the boys want to see Henry naked as much as me. Henry is so shy. That's why this is so unbelievable."

Both women laughed.

"Poor Henry," Barbara screeched as she poured herself another one. "Maybe I'll drop by myself!"

Cindy noted once again that Barbara certainly enjoyed her breakfast cocktail(s).


Joey woke up stoned. It was the way he preferred.

What day is it, Joey's brain suggested.

It is Friday, you moron.


Date tonight. Mary. Oh, this is a mistake. WHY? She's tedious.

Henry is getting naked!

Mary would never go to that art class.

Fuck Mary. I'll surprise her. I'M GOING.

But wait. Do we have seats?

Call Cindy.


Mark met Henry for breakfast. Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at Henry. Word had spread.

Mark could tell Henry was jittery, and he knew why.

Mark asked his buddy, "How you doin' ? You OK? You don't have to do this, Henry."

Henry Wu took a slurp of much-needed coffee. "I'm fine. It'll all be over by midnight."

Henry Wu did not believe a word of what he just said, and Mark knew it.

Mark was straight, but he allowed himself a glance at Henry's body, and thought, "I can't imagine doing what he's about to do, but he has nothing to be ashamed about, looks like."

Mark had never seen his friend Henry naked. He'd seen him without a shirt, briefly. Conversely, Henry had never seen Mark naked. Henry had seen Mark in his boxers, shirtless, walking around the dorm, stoned. But, they'd never even showered together and they shared the same communal bathroom. Mark wondered if Henry thought he was gay and had designs him (like the majority of the campus). But Mark did not obsess over this, since he wasn't gay and only wanted Henry's sincere friendship. However, Mark was not blind: Henry was a gorgeous guy. Without a trace of vanity, Mark realized Henry thought the same of him, and he was gratified.

But secretly Mark thought it would be quite interresting to see his friend Henry in this predicament, because he was enjoying how Henry was already embarrassed, and he remembered to call Cindy to confirm the minute he was alone and could talk openly.


Via phone, Barbara assured Cindy that there was availability for her and possibly three friends in the matter of the 7:00pm carnality art class in which Cindy's friend (and lust object) Henry Wu would be posing nude for the first time in his life.

"Just don't be late," Barbara warned. "There's talk of a standing room line. I didn't know Henry was THIS popular."

Cindy thanked Barbara and hung up the phone.

"He's mine," she purred.


Henry Wu took the longest shower of his life. No one was thankfully around. Henry scrubbed every inch of his fantastic body until he was nearly raw.


Joey, Mark, Mary and Cindy got high. Mary was not really strict. The art class was soon, and they could not wait to see Henry Wu naked. They were all laughing, but some of them had ulterior motives.

"I am expecting a phone call from him any second,'" Joey laughed. "To ask me to do it."

Mary looked at Joey and said to herself, "I wouldn't mind seeing that." She wasn't in love with him, but he was dashing.

Mark said, "He will not disapppoint Uncle. He'll be there, and he'll be.....NAKED!" Mark laughed. He was actually beside himself with glee at the idea of Henry, his shy friend, up there in front of people, naked.

Cindy felt a tingling in  her loins, and not for the first time that day.


Bard Hall is where the art class will occur, room 300 (the largest classroom in the building, on the top floor; it is normally utilized for plays).

Henry Wu arrived early. He just wanted it over with.

There was a WNG camera truck parked outside.

Why? Henry wondered. Oh, he reasoned, it must be because of New Year's Eve.

Henry wore a tracksuit underneath his North Shore coat. It was around 30 degrees outside and it was lightly snowing.

Henry was not that familiar with Bard Hall, so when he discovered Room 300 he was startled to see that the room was much, much larger than he had envisioned.

And also, that there was a film crew inside.


"Uncle, a film crew for public access?"  Henry Wu yelped. "TV? You failed to mention this, Uncle." Henry was still clothed at this point.

Harold Wu held out a form. "Yes, just sign the release, Henry," Harold barked. "I told you I always start on time."

"I am assuming they will pixelate," fumed Henry. "Really, Uncle, you should have informed me...."

Privately, Henry Wu  was confused at this sudden turn. Not only an audience (including four friends), but being taped for local television. Heney had been assured by this flaming idiot named Ted that the show ("Small Town Follies") was late night only at 1 in the morning and that any full-frontal nudity "would be edited"

So, Henry under the gun reluctantly signed the release, just as Mark, Cindy, Mary and Joey, Barbara, the WNG operator (Gale) and plenty of strangers strolled into Bard Hall.


Henry Wu, in a white robe, peeked around  a corner at the CROWD in Bard Hall. Well, it was a crowd to Henry. This was way more than 20 people. Henry felt like he would throw up soon.

Uncle Wu surveyed the audience. Indeed, the class was full, with several "guests," and they certainly did seem primed.

Room 300 was basically a studio onto itself. The students were evenly spaced, the guests sat on the sides, and Henry would be posing on a slightly elevated platform  There was a large cheap table nearby.

Henry was very dismayed to see rows of folding chairs crammed near the platform. And they were becoming increasingly occupied. The platform itself was bare. There was a chair nearby, where Henry hoped Uncle would keep the robe in plain sight as he had been told

Wine was being served. Henry had already had a glass of red wine, served by a student he knew hated him, Luis. Henry didn't know Uncle was Luis' mentor.

In the back of the room, Luis continued to pour wine, very pleased at  himself for giving Henry Wu, the naked model, a healthy shot of Viagara in his wino. Luis knew what Viagra could do. He chuckled at the thought of the naked Henry's "reaction" when it kicked in.

Luis thought Henry arrogant. Henry had written him up several times in the dorm, which annoyed Luis. So Luis thought it would be funny to fix up Henry's pre-jitters drink. It had actually been Professor Wu's suggestion,  jokingly, last night over beers.

Ten minutes later.

Henry Wu is on the stage, in a white robe, avoiding all eye contact. He can hear the voices of his friends and is distraught, but he does not know exactly where the friends are. He frankly really does not WANT to know.

Henry knows there are gay men in the audience. He can hear their comments: "Can you believe he's going to do it?" "Can you believe we're going to see it? "I've lusted after him for months." "He's going to be naked. We're only a few feet away. We'll be able to see all of him." "He's gorgeous." "He's so shy, I can't believe this is happening." "Happy New Year, guys." "I saw him in the dorm once with a tank top. You are in for a treat. He is built like a brick shithouse." "I just want to see his dick and his ass. He's so prim, this should be fun."

Henry was aghast. All these gay men evaluating him and lusting after his naked body. Henry felt nauseous and reticient. Uncle said, "Pay no attention to comments, nephew. You are here to do a job."

Henry has wondered if it would be easier to do this if he had doffed his glasses, but at the last second decided not to. Now, he wished he had.

"All right, Henry," Uncle said. "Give me the robe."

Henry felt woozy and almost like he was in a bad movie or a disturbin dream. But he untied the sash of the robe. Doing this felt like a colossal mistake. Uncle gently removed the robe. It came off easily, to Henry's mortification. I'm naked, Henry thought. I am really naked in front of all the gay guys. Does my penis look odd? It feels odd. Henry also thought his testicles felt odd. Henry heard titters and gasps. One of the gays said, "Jesus Christ. This guy is beautiful." Henry blanched. He was a straight man. Men were not "beautiful." Another gay man dramatically proclaimed that he had "died and gone to heaven." Henry felt like he had died and ended up in hell. The titttering increased and morphed into chuckling, which made Henry feel like his life was ending in slow motion.

Henry Wu is naked and he is fully aware of it. His Uncle has just stripped him naked (and more than a few people said that uncle had just stripped nephew; there were a few pearl-clutchers in disapproval).

Henry Wu had a virtually perfect body. flawlessly maintained skin, V-shaped torso, abs, defined pecs, naturally smooth chest, dark, trimmed underarm hair, medium sized masculine brown nipples, strong legs, strong back, firm ass with deep crack, sexy outie navel, 5 inch penis with ample head, generous testicles with almost no hair at all, the suggestion of a treasure trail, trimmed dark pubes, beautiful manicured feet and hands. And since Henry was very handsome, this was quite a sight to behold, especially because it wasn't often you'd see a young man with spectacles stand naked like this in public of his own accord. Also, since Henry was known to be quite reserved and kept to himself, this spectacle was pretty amazing, akin to seeing a priest take off his clothes in public.

The audience oohed and aaahed. The audience realized Henry was already embarrassed. Henry blushed. He had never been so naked, in his innocent mind.

Some rube sputtered, "Look at that egg roll." A few people laughed. Henry felt likie throwing up. Uncle came over and muttered into Henry's ear, "Ignore that. He's just jealous. People are worshipping you. Have fun with it, nephew."

In further support, someone, a young man, said, "keep going, Wu, you look great." Henry did not recognize this supportive voice, but he found strength in this comment, even though he still felt naked, which he was. 

Henry looked at the audience. He picked out way too many faces. Oh, no, Henry moaned inwardly. I will never live this down. And they all know it's being filmed!

The film crew was comprised of a fluttering gay man named Ted, two man-hating lesbians named Lisa and Patty, and a burly cameraman named Al.

Henry had approached Ted earlier since Ted seemed to be in charge.

 And he had asked, "I am assuming the nudity will be pixelated. You know, blurred."

Ted had smirked at Henry, who he perceived as condescending especially under the circumstances. "I know what pixelate means. We'll do our best. I mean, you HAVE agreed to be nude. I can't promise you the moon, sweetie. You signed the release."

Henry simmered. "I was not told I would be taped for TV. You do understand. I'm doing this as a favor for my uncle."

Ted smiled. "I understand perfectly."  Ted had an erection. He was salivating to see this young guy naked. And he was enjoying Henry's palpable discomfort at this early stage of the evening.

Back to present, Henry standing naked on the platform in front of everybody. Already, Henry regretted dearly his decision to be naked in this building. It was a mistake. He felt odd sensations in his body and his mind.

The audience was not looking at Henry's mind.

For example, one woman said to her friend, a gay man, "I have never seen nipples like thaat on an Asian man."

Her friend chuckled, "How many male Asian nipples have you seen?"

The woman replied, "They don't have nipples like that in the kung fu movies. Bruce LEE did not have nipples like that."

"You got me there," said her friend. "Yep, those nipples are pretty incredible. But take a look at his cock and balls."

"Oh I have," said the woman. "Believe me. And that tapered waist."

The gay guy moaned, "Don't brring that up. I want to kill myself."

The woman laughed.

The first pose is just standing there, Uncle told Henry. Do it frontal first, get it over with. Keep your arms by your side, don't try to cover yourself. You're here to pose nude. They've seen figure models before. Flaunt it, Uncle xzic. Shos them your attributes. Henry had said, "Uncle, that is vanity. I am not a vain person. I am apprehensive about showing my nude body to complete strangers, not to mention all my friends."

Uncle had merely chuckled.

So Henry Wu, naked, well-built shy Henry Wu, stood there facing the room and a television crew.

There  were more than a few whispered "wows."

One woman said, loudly, "That is the most gorgeous naked man I have ever seen. He is simply flawless."

Henry heard that with everyone else. He swallowed hard. He did not feel "flawless." He felt naked, exposed, and ridiculous.

Cindy gasped, "Oh, my God. He looks fantastic."

Joey laughed. "I take it all back. Props. He has guts."

Mark smiled and thought, Henry looks great. I need to work out more.

Joey thought, Henry looks great NAKED. I must tell him this immediately.

Mary just stared. She had never seen a naked man. And she knew and liked Henry and realized how awkward he must feel right now because he clearly was uncomfortable, barely making eye contact with anyone, looking down, looking down at his nudity. But she was glad she came, because she had wondered if Asians could blush, and now she could see that they sure could. Mary was surprised at the xize of Henry's penis since she'd always heard Asian men were not overly endowed. Mary also noted that the skin on Henry's penis was darker than the rest of him, and she found this sexy.

The first pose lasted ten minutes. To Henry, it felt like ten hours.

Near the end of the ten minutes, Henry began to feel an odd sensation in his groin. It wasn't anything he was familiar with. Uncle had told him he could take a bathroom break at anytime, "but come back clean."  But Henry didn't think he needed to pee or anything. This feeling was alien; it was a tingly hotness that Henry had never before experienced.

Henry heard muted murmerings and giggles. Henry glanced down. To his astonishment, his penis was stiffening!!!!!!!

In front of everyone. Henry was mortified. What should I do? he thought. Henry remembered Uncle had told him that if THIS HORROR happened, just to ignore it. Henry was realizing that this was easier said than done. The more he tried to ignore it, the firmer Henry's elegant penis got. Henry was devastated. A few of the observers were sympathetic, but the majority were loving Henry's humiliation. The majority's mindset was: you have a beautiful body, you're showing it, so what if you get excited. Sorry, you asked for it.

Uncle suddenly furthered Henry's humiliation by telling him suddenly to put his arms up over his head and grab his elbows, thwarting Henry's plan to cover his penis with his hands.

Henry did as instructed, reluctantly. He felt moisture in his armpits and he didn't have much hair in those locations, so Henry fretted that the moisture would be noticed. He also knew that his friends were aware he had hangups about perspiration, and that they would get a kick out of seeing him sweating on a stage, naked.

A gasp from Ted. The lesbians snickered. Al joked, "Do you really want me to get his dick? It's beginning to move around."

Lisa sneered. "It looks gross." Patty replied, "Oh shut up Lisa, it's a nice piece of sausage." Al was taken aback at this type of language from women, but oh well, they WERE dykes, they hated men.

Ted took Al by the shoulder and said "Get as much of that as you can. It's why we're here. But get his face too, he signed a release. No one is making this guy do this. He's getting paid."

Al grinned. For a fag, Ted was kind of fun. Al also thought, the Asian model is a gym rat, so what if he's hard and fuck he's getting paid. Actually I might like to see him more humiliated. I'll have to keep the camera focused, because I know Ted wants his face as much as possible.

Henry Wu's penis was getting erect in Room 300. And so were his nipples. Everyone watched as Henry stood there with his arms up, elbows clutched, and perspiration on his forehead and trickling down his torso. Henry was sweating in public, naked, on a stage. He could not fathom it.

Cindy giggled, "Henry is getting a boner." She and Mary high-fived. Mary felt a stirring.

Joey and Mark were gasping for air. "Oh, no," said Joey. "Oh, yes," said Mark. The young men laughed hard. Mark felt guilty, for a few seconds. 

Mark spat out, "He's sweating. You know he hates that." Joey laughed. "And he's doing it..."

"NAKED!" Joey and Mark sang in unison. Mark looked at Henry's tortured face and realized Henry had heard Mark mocking him. Mark felt chastened, but he did not stop staring at his naked friend.

"What do you think he's going to do?" said Cindy. She was a little concerned about Henry's perspiration. It was absolutely verboten for Henry to sweat unless he was playing tennis.

"We're too loud," Mary interjected, realizing that poor Henry could probably hear all of this. She knew others could, because they were giggling.

Henry Wu stood there naked, hearing everything above. In this pose, he had felt his defined pecs and manly nipples stiffen, but now they felt like they were downright throbbing. The worst part now was that something Uncle had offhandedly told Henry not to obsess over--an erection--was truly happening, in real time, in front of a lot of people, and Henry was embarrassed and humiliated. Uncle had said, "It almost never happens, but when it does, no one cares. Pretend you don't care. It is perfectly normal."

This did not feel normal to Henry whatsoever. Henry's erection had taken on a life of its own. First, it had lazily swayed in its flacid state, sleepily emerging from Henry's well-groomed black pubic hair, then it clearly began to thicken, then it stood straight out, then it enticingly made its way to 100% by sticking straight up towards Henry Wu's quivering chin. In fact, Henry felt that his penis was TOUCHING his neck. Of course this was impossible, but it was how Henry perceived this awful lack of self-control.

Henry tried to minimize his perspiration problem. It seemed the least of his problems right now. This was fine until Henry felt sweat trickle down his right leg. Then he became even more anxious.

No one had ever seen a naked Henry Wu is this state. Certainly not underneath Room 300's massive overhead lights.

Henry's friends were aghast. "I know he wants to drop through the floor right now," said Mark. "I feel sorry for him. Poor guy is sweating out of embarrassment. Look at him. You know he has a phobia about that. The overhead lights are too bright."

Cindy said, "I don't think it's the lights, Mark." Mark smiled. He and Cindy were on the same page. They were enjoying Henry's humiliation but no one would admit it openly.

Joey could not remove his eyes from Henry Wu's nakedness. He said nothing. Does Henry manscape? Joey wondered. This appeared to be the case. Joey felt very warm. Very very warm indeed. He remembered the night Henry had fallen asleep on his couch. Joey had removed Henry's glasses, and came very close to removing Henry's clothes. Joey cursed himself for this missed opportunity, but tomorrow was another day. Joey gazed at Henry's nudity and vowed never to not take advantage of a stoned Henry ever again.

Cindy and Mary giggled, nervously. "I feel sorry for him, too, but this is pretty great," said Mary, touching herself. Cindy had never seen the "virginal" Mary quite so uninhibited and Cindy felt threatened. Cindy wondered why stupid Joey wasn't more interested in his vapid date. He was clearly more interested in looking at the naked, embarrassed, perspiring Henry.

Cindy told herself, well, this IS quite an event. She refocused herself on Henry's throbbing erection. She looked also at Henry's contorted face, damp with perspiration. Cindy knew Henry did not like sweating. She smiled to herself. Henry Wu was doing far more than sweating, although Cindy noted with satisfaction that Henry's perspiration was now extending down his legs, which were beginning to quiver.

Uncle Wu watched as the television crew filmed his sexually aroused nephew naked and half the university ogled Henry's embarrassed body as well. Despite continued pleading glances from his nephew, Harold Wu did nothing to intervene. Harold could tell his "carnality" New Year's Eve gamble had paid off, and he was going to let it play out.

Harold Wu chuckled as he watched his muscular nephew's naked penis achieve full, startling  erection. He wondered, did Luis use that Viagara I gave him? Henry will have to beat the girls off with a stick, Harold Wu thought.

Speaking of Luis..........

Luis' shift was over, and he moved closer to the stage so he could see if the Viagara worked. From what he had heard as he moved closer to the haplessly naked Henry Wu, the pill was apparently working like a charm. Luis smiled to himself and thought, write me up for THIS,  you fucking nerd.

Luis got as close as he could to Henry. He wanted Henry to know he was there watching his humiliation. There were folding chairs. No one in those chairs was sketching, which Luis found odd. Are they here just to gawk at a naked man? wondered Luis, then he chuckled to himself. "Nice. Even worse for him."

Henry Wu was nude on a platform, arms up, elbows clutched. He wore spectacles. This was the only thing he wore in a room of forty people (and counting, due to the use of cell phones this evening). Henry became used to the sound of the door to Room 300 opening and closing, opening and closing. He observed that every time the door opened, people came in. When it closed, it did not mean people were leaving. Everyone coming into Room 300 was staying put the minute they got there.

Henry Wu was perspiring on his forehead and under his exposed armpits. Tiny rivulets of sweat were dripping down Henry's naked torso, mostly on his sides but down to his legs and feet now. Many women in the audience found this irresistable. Some men in the audience found this beyond erotic. The straight men watching were just indifferent, but they were interested in the spectacle. The perspiration embarrassed Henry to no end. To him, sweating in the nude was almost as unbearable as the erection. Almost. Both were bad. Henry couldn't fathom that perspiration from his armpits had reached his feet.

And what the fuck is up with my nipples? Henry thought as he glanced down. They're sticking out like crazy. This is humiliating. I can't believe my body is betraying me this way. Mentally, this CANNOT be turning me on. I am fucking EMBARRASSED.

$400, Henry remembered. Just do this. Stop sweating. It's snowing outside. Henry tried to go zen.

Barbara and Gale stared at the beautiful naked Asian young man on the platform. They sat in folding chairs, and had cups of wine. Both women cherished the fact that the young man was erect and humiliated.

Gale: "He's a TEACHING ASSISTANT?????"

Barbara: "AND a resident assistant."

Gale: How will he show his face around here? He has a raging hard-on and we've got it on tape."

Barbara: Oh, you're not going to show his erection, are you? Can you even do that on television?

Gale: It's public access. We get away with stuff sometimes. It's a late show segment anyway. LOOK at his asshairs. They'res only five. He cleans his ass to make it beautiful.

 Barrbara: People will get word ot this. Look at this room. I've never seen Room 300 at Bard Hall so...packed.

Gale: I guess word got around of your golden boy. I can see why. He is a specimen. He's also in a state of mild shock, I think. 

Barbara: Shock? He is HUMILIATED. Look at his face. I almost fesl pity, but this is too hot. Look at his pubic hair, Gale. You know he grooms it. Look how symmetrical it is.

Gale watched as more flop sweat trickled down Henry Wu's beautiful body. She also watched as Henry's penis throbbed and seemed to be getting.....wet? OMG.


Others began to distance themselves away from Gale, even if they agreed with her.

Barbara thought to herself, I have never seen such hard nipples on a man. I am smitten with the naked Henry Wu. Wonder if he dates older women?

Gale said out loud: "You're right about the pubes. Those are definitely manscaped." She laughed, loudly. She knew Henry had heard her because his entire body shuddered and other people laughed. She counted Henry's ass hairs again. Yep. Five. YUM.

Gale was fortified to announce her discovery to Bard Hall; "Henry has five hairs in his asshole. Two are short, one is just a whisker, hut TWO OF THEM ARE MEANT TO BE PLUCKED; Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/

Barbara realized it was time to get Gale out of the art class, even though Barbara really did not want to leave.

Henry had not realized that his manscaping would be turned against him in such a public fashioin. He only spent a few minutes doing it, for God's sake, it wasn't an obsession, he just wanted to look groomed. His heart sank. Henry felt everything he ever did was backfiring on him. He was NAKED, NAKED, NAKED.

Someone in the audience whispered loudly, "He's sweating bullets. He is embarrassed to be nude. I don't think he's done this beforre. Look at how he is sweating. It's going down his legs."

Someone responded to this: "I'm not looking at his legs." The two people giggled.

Henry heard this clearly, and he wanted to kill Uncle.

Henry wanted to change poses and he tried to signal this to his seemingly oblivious Uncle who Henry noticed had never stopped drinking wine. Finally, Uncle motioned for Luis, who was far too close to the platform for Henry's liking, to assist the professor with moving the large cheap table to the platform. Uncle told Henry to relax. The naked Henry covered his erection with both hands and stood to the side, off platform. He saw a paper towel, grabbed it, letting his erection free, and wiped off his perspiration as best (and as quickly) as he could. He also wiped off his penis, because when holding his erection Henry realized his penis was moist. Henry tossed the wet paper towel on a folding chair and was dismayed when someone snatched it. Henry was uncomfortably close to two drunk women in the folding chairs. Henry fumed about setting up folding chairs for an art class. Look at what they attract, thought Henry.

Tacky, just to see a naked man, Henry thought. Why am I the NAKED man? Why isn't my erection going down? WTF? I'm gettting precum. I'm showing PRECUM. Oh my God.

Henry stood there, naked, covering his throbbing and slightly wet erection (precum wasn't stopping) with both hands, standing to the side, slightly crouching, comically (to many in the crowd's silent amusement).

Uncle and Luis moved the lightweight table to the platform. Luis leered at the naked Henry, and re-took his folding chair. Luis had noticed that Henry was leaking pre-ejaculate and Luis was thrilled.

"All right, Henry," instructed Uncle. "Climb up on this table. When I say FREEZE you are not to move a muscle."

The forcefulness of Uncle's statement rattled Henry. So he complied without comment, although he had plenty he wished to unfurl at his Uncle.

Henry Wu, 23, a shy, well-built intellectual, climbed up on a table  The only thing Henry wore were wire-rimmed spectacles.

Otherwise, he was naked as the day he was born. He wasn't happy about it, but he was getting paid to do it, so he was silent.

He was in Room 300 of Bard Hall at a mid-sized midwestern university on New Year's Eve.

Henry Wu was not only naked, he was sexually aroused. He had been slipped Viagara in a glass of red wine minutes before he took his clothes off to pose nude. Henry was not aware his predicament was because of a drug. He had no idea why he had a hard dick in front of all these people.

Everyone in the room, which included a four-person public access television crew, was aware that the art class model was stimulated and there were many who zeroed in on the additional fact that the poor model was absolutely mortified at being seen this way. Several onlookers were aware of the fact that the nude model's friends had simply shown up out of the blue. None of those onlookers pitied the model; they supported the friends whole-heartedly and enjoyed their not very subtle comments, which the nude model had to be hearing.

Henry Wu  climbed on the table. He had one foot on the platform floor, and the other leg was on the table. He was in mid-climb and he didn't like that the cameraman was directly below his upturned tail with his scrotum dangling about.


Someone said, "Seeet Jesus." It was Gale, who had not left. Barbara also had remained.

Henry thought instantly: HE CAN'T BE SERIOUS. But he froze. Oh my goodness, Henry thought to himself. What they are seeing now. What are you doing to me, Uncle? How can you expose your own nephew this way? This is beyond intimate. Oh my goodness, Uncle.

Ted, Oh my God. Close-up. CLOSE-UP, Al. Use the zoom.

Lisa and Patty: They'll NEVER air THIS.

Ted: Shut up girls. They're going in a new direction.

Lisa: What? Porn?

Henry wanted to evaporate into thin air, becayse he had heard all of that. None of these observers seemed to care that he could hear their rude commentary.

Henry realized his anus was now fully expossed to certain areas of the room. And a TV crew, but surely they would never air that, thought Henry as he felt HOT AIR in between his buttocks. Thank God he had taken that long shower. They just don't show men's ASSHOLES on television. Do they?

Henry also realized that his nipples were noticeably erect and his testicles were goofily dangling between his open legs, and the worst thing by far was the disaster of Henry's erect penis, still formidably hard and now beginning to seep fluid. Can they see this? the naked Henry wondered. Henry heard snickering and someone said the word "seeping."

"OK, they can probably see this, Fuck," Henry muttered. Seeping.

Many observers noted that the naked erect male model was beginning to talk to himself. They found this odd, but amusing. They wrote it off to his humiliation and the uncomfortable, revealing pose he was in, an obvious assessment. Also the fact that the nude model was seeping, which could not have been what this obviously shy naked male model wished for in public.

Uncle Wu looked at his nephew's upturned, spread ass. Mr. Wu noted that his nephew Henry's generous, completely smooth ass was certainly a fine one. Mr. Wu also noted that Henry's anus was frankly specatular in its masculinity. Mr. Wu remember he had bathed Henry as a small boy. Mr. Wu remembered when Henry had not even a suggestion of body hair. Now Henry had pubic hair. And hair under his arms, although not that much. My, Mr. Wu marveled, Henry has certainly matured. Mr. Wu drank another glass of wine. Henry was naked, two feet away. Mr. Wu knew Henry was embarrassed beyond measure, but he had expected this and did not plan to do anything about it.

And, Mr. Wu noted to himself, Henry was sexually aroused. I know Henry expects me to stop this, but I will not. We did discuss this. Besides, everyone is loving it. Henry will get over it. Oh, wait......he is beginning to produce pre-ejaculate. Perhaps I should give him a little break.....nahhhhhhhhh, this is stimulating. The ladies are loving it and I will get more students. The gay guys will be bugging me even more. I'll have to hire more men. I don't think Henry will give me a repeat performance......

Henry Wu was producing pre-cum. He glanced down his body in abject nausea as the glistening which had begun earlier in his piss slit, resembling light gelatinous rain began to produce a dribbling wad of fucking increasingly sturdy pre-cum, dangling and oozing its slow way down to the surface of the table where an increasingly agitated Henry was unwillingly showing off his nude body. Henry was grabbing the back of the table with his right hand and the side facing the audience with his left, and he knew he was beginning to quiver for a multiple of reasons. He had one foot on the floor and the other sprawled on the table. His ass was in the air, and it was wide open. Henry's balls flopped down between his spread legs. Henry had never been seen this way in his life and he was freaking out.

Henry watched in disbelief as the strand of pre-cum slowly but inevitably made contact with the table and slightly puddled. Henry knew others saw this, because he heard gasps the second it happened. Henry's shame felt insurmountable.

Uncle Wu watched in admiration, among other things. 

Cindy, Mary, Joey and Mark had these reactions:

Cindy: He is wet.

Mary: I know, he is perspiring heavily.

Joey: That is not what she means, Mary, honey.

Mark laughed.

Mark. You know he must be in agony. I am surprised Uncle Wu isn't giving him some type of breather. His pre-cum is reaching the goddamn table. That is PRE-CUM, and he's being filmed.

Cindy: This has probably happened in art classes before. I just didn't think it would happen to one of my friends.

Joey: Exactly.

Mark: I mean, look though. He might ejaculate in front of us. Without touching himself. Henry will freak if he does that by accident.

Mary: No way. Can guys just do that?

Joey: I can't. That would be classic. Wouldn't that be funny?

Mark glanced at Joey and had thoughts. So did Cindy. Mary just stared at Henry's pre-cum. She didn't really know what pre-cum was, although she had an idea, but she knew that most guys didn't probably go around showing it naked.

Henry Wu's sperm clung to a table through a strand. This embarrassed Henry to no end. This, and the fact that Henry was posing nude in an art class with his Adonis butt in the air and his legs spread. You could see Henry's rectum. Not the mention Henry's nakedness was being taped for public access television.

Barbara and Gale observed with bottles of smuggled-in airplane booze. After all, it WAS New Year's Eve.

Barbara: Ever see THIS before?

Gale: I've known a LOT of assholes, but I've never seen one this up close. You know, I wouldn't mind licking it.

Barbara: You've made that CLEAR, Gale. I wasn't talking about his damn hot rectum but I agree with you about sucking on it. Don't  you see that he is oozing cum?

Gale: Oh. He IS. I hadn't noticed.  Oh shit. He has got to be humiliated.

Barbara: Look closely. It's spread down to the TABLE.

Gale giggled. Oh, you're right! He must be absolutely mortified.

Barbara smirked. Well, his uncle is the professor, so I guess this has been approved. Professor Wu is very well respected. And everyone's been chattering about the "carnality."

Gale: This is CERTAINLY carnal. My pussy is a hotub.

Luis watched with his friend Phil, a janitor in the building. Luis was close enough to know that Henry could hear anything he said. Phil was very amused at the goings-on.

Phil: "Look at that. He's cumming."

Luis: "Looks like it. Can't control himself. What a pussy. No one in the dorm is gonna pay him no mind after THIS."

Phil chuckled. "Oh dear."

Phil: "I've never seen a boy show off his asshole like this."

Luis: "He's no boy. He's a smartass in his fucking twenties."

Phil had no animosity towards Henry Wu, who he perceived as a gentle soul, but he said: "All right." Phil had to admit he was enjoying the Asian kid's obvious humiliation and the reactions of  the people watching Henry. Phil had never observed another man's exposed asshole before. He found it fascinating that another man would allow himself to be viewed so intimately, not to mention filmed. Phil noticed a few people sneaking in cell phone photos, but he said nothing, even though he knew this was a forbidden practice in Room 300. Professor Wu was drinking; it was not up to Phil to control a classroom on New Year's Eve. Phil was supposed to have the night off. So Phil just continued to watch Henry fidget, nude.

Henry continued to ooze preseminal fluid and considered releasing his grip of the left side of the table and swatting away the offending semen. But before he could do that, Uncle commanded a change of pose. Uncle told Henry to climb up fully and remain on the table, but that the table was going to be moved a bit.

With Henry crouching on his knees bent to cover himself on the table in anticipation for further instructions, Uncle and Luis moved the table flush to the back of the platform (and the room). His crouching had proved giggling, so Henry eagerly seized the chance to sit on his heels and grab his knees to himself and cover his wet hard-on. Henry felt his erection poking him in the abdomen. Oh my God. It's not going down. And Henry felt his buttocks on top of his feet. His naked buttocks.

Henry's coverage was short-lived. Uncle told him, "Lie down on the table facing us. Lie flush against the wall. Prop yourself up on your elbows,":

Henry did as instructed, watching his erection revealed again. It was still very wet, and Henry's abdomen was wet as well. Henry was also still perspiring, although not heavily, just enough to embarrass himself. Henry did not like perspiring in front of people unless it was in sports.

And once again Henry realized his anus would be shown. Were these traditional poses? It seemed terribly invasive to Henry for anyone to show themselves this way. Henry could not recall seeing sketches like this anywhere.

On his back, naked on this cheap table, Henry propped himself up on his elbows. He had hard nipples and a full throbbing and wet erection. He was in Room 300 at Bard Hall, posing nude for his uncle's art class, and he was being taped for public access television. Henry was not enjoying any of this. He had friends in the room watching and he was beyond humiliated. He was lightly perspiring, which he hated as he saw it as a weakness unless one was actually exerting themselves and "all" Henry was doing was posing naked. Also, Henry's gaping asshole was fully revealed, to the delight of virtually everyone except Henry. Few people in Room 300 had ever seen an obviously embarrassed naked man expose his anus so openly, so this was an entertaining novelty. They also enjoyed ogling the muscular young Asian man overall, who was wearing only eyeglasses and was clearly mortified at all the attention he was receiving for his nude body.

Henry's asshole gaped further when a slightly intoxicated Uncle Wu grabbed Henry's ankles (Henry had futilely tried to close his legs) and plopped Henry's feet flat on the table, and then pushed Henry's legs as far wide as he could. Henry gasped in this sudden further debasement, and whispered, "Uncle, what are you doing to me here? Do you realize what they are seeing of me? I honestly believe this is exploitive of you to show me like this."

Uncle whispered back, "This is the carnality, nephew. I will now pay you $600."

Henry gulped, and said in a normal speaking voice, not caring who overheard. It was his only line of defense. "Oh Uncle. You are showing way too much of me. My friends are here. Why did you let them in? They're not art students."

Uncle Wu just grinned at Henry. Henry realized Uncle was not sober now.

Henry said, "We're almost done, are we not, uncle? I don't enjoy being displayed this way anymore."

Uncle whispered, "Yes, We are almost done. Just don't move now. You look wonderful."

Henry froze in place in this lewd, lewd position, naked. As Uncle moved away and revealed Henry fully, the whisperings and the giggles commenced. Henry Wu did not feel very "wonderful." Just nude and obscenely displayed, humiliated and embarrassed, degraded and demoralized.

The most private section of my naked body is being seen by everyone, thought Henry. By my friends. By my uncle. By these strangers. They are seeing the part of my body that expels my bodily waste. They are seeing my damn asshole. And they are loving it! I will never live this down. Never. 

Ted: Wow.

Lisa: Disgusting.

Patty: I love it that he is embarrassed. Look how he's sweating. Can you imagine what he's thinking?

Al: You girls haven't mentioned his boner.

Lisa: There's a reason, Al.

Cindy: Wow. He's really, uh, opening up. I just hope he's clean down there.

Joey and Mark laughed. Mark said, "I'm sure he is. It's Henry." Joey stared at Henry's vivid exposure. This was Joey's fantasy, seeing Henry this naked (and humiliated, since Joey found Henry to be somewhat of a prig at times).

Mary: I can't believe he's doing this. He's the last person on earth I thought I would see doing this. I mean, he's kind of a nerd. And he is showing his butthole!

Joey: Then he's a naked nerd with a butthole. I think he should be admired. Look at Barbara and her friend in the front row. They are in heaven. (Joey could relate.)

Mark: I have to agree with Joey. I think Henry is VERY admired. Look at this room. There's a bunch of people who have no interest in art. I mean, besides us. They're just here because word got around it was Henry Wu and they want to see him naked. I also think Barbara is shit-faced. I am proud of Henry and I am glad he is my buddy.

Joey thought, oh hush Mark, but he said this: That's why I think friend Henry should be slapped on the back. He was worried about getting hard, and now he is. This is worst nightmare stuff. I will have to console him. I also don't think he planned to show his, uh, butthole.

Cindy thought: What?

Mark: He'll see the humor in it eventually. I know him. I think it's funny now, though. I have to admit, I never imagined seeing Henry Wu with a full erection in public.

Not to mention his full asshole, repeated Joey, giggling.

Mary and Mark both laughed and watched Henry's  erection twitch above Henry's cavernously exposed asshole.

Joey nudged Mark. "Should we yell out something? You know, as his friends?"

Mark grinned. "Like what? I'm willing. We will yell together."

Cindy: "Be nice. You GUYS will not yell out ANYTHING."

Mary's alcohol kicked in fully, and she yelled out: "NICE ROD, HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" At the top of her lungs. She followed this up with, "AND WE LOVE YOUR ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cindy, Joey and Mark collapsed in disbelief and then merriment. Cindy said to Mary, "Oh my God, Mary, shut up."

This outburst alarmed Uncle, and he poured himself another glass of wine. They were saying the word "asshole" and the professor preferred terminology like "anus." Oh well, thought the academic lush, guzzling wine like bottled water. It was New Year's Eve and everyone was having fun (except Henry).

Henry heard Mary and his "friends" and something just turned him on fire. The awareness that he was the object of lust was like a switch had been turned on. Henry suddenly uttered a strange gurgling noise and looked down in horror and fear as his penis ejaculated loads of semen upon his upturned perfect chest. One glob of sperm made it up to Henry's eyeglasses. Semen on his EYEGLASSES. In public! Henry wanted to vomit when that happened.

The semen was all over him. And it was almost steamy warm. Henry wanted to evaporate. He heard the laughter almost before it happened. No one produced an ounce of sympathy or concern, only delight. At Henry's considerable expense.

The room had erupted, predictably. Reactions were very diverse; they ranged from hysteria to disgust. But no one prepared to leave. No one wanted to leave. They wanted to see what happened next.

Uncle drank more wine and smiled. This would not soon be forgotten. He relished his nephew's utter humiliation and embarrassment. He also loved the odd moan that Henry has allowed everyone to hear as he shot a load on his completely naked body. It was quite a private, lusty sound, Harold Wu thought. He knew Henry would have absolutely no sense of humor about it. Perhaps, WNG would edit the audio, but Harold Wu hoped they would not.

Henry tried to compose himself in seconds then decided he had been through enough humiliation. He leapt off the table, watching in dismay as his intimate semen fell to the floor and was photographed by WNG.

A female film crew member exclaimed, "Oh my God. He's dripping cum." Everyone in earshot laughed.

To jeers, Henry staggered to the chair where the robe lay. He grabbed it and covered himself, fleeing to the changing room. Once there, he dressed furiously throwing on clothing on top of his semen-drenched body. Uncle knocked on the door.

Uncle said, "Here's your money. Thank you, nephew." Harold Wu thought it prudent not to say anymore.

Henry, beet-red with fury and embarrassment, opened the door fully clothed. He grabbed the $600 cash from Uncle.

"Is there a back entrance?" asked Henry. "I don't want anyone to see me or hear me talk."

"No back entrance, but I'll usher you out, just keep your head down," Uncle said sympathetically. The professor knew that Henry was thinking about "the ejaculation sound," not to mention everything else. The drunk academic smiled to himself.

The two men managed to get out of the building without fanfare although the television crew followed them.

Uncle said to the crew, "That's it. We're done. Thank you. I know you will edit that with taste." There was snow on the ground. Henry trudged ahead with purpose and said not a word.

The crew laughed and shrugged.

Ted: Well,I think we have enough.

Al: Dude shot a LOAD.

Lisa: Horrible. But that noise he made was pretty cool. It was like a piglet.

Patty. Did you see his face? He wanted to DIE.

Ted: I can't wait to edit this, with taste, of course.

Lisa: I'll buy you a case of Kleenex.

Ted: Bitch.

Al: Do you think WNG will show  him cumming?

Patty: Don't be surprised. They want to go more cutting edge.

Lisa: By showing a dork spewing a load and squealing? 

Patty: Lisa, really. You can hardly call Henry a dork. (Patty was not as hard-edged as Lisa, who sported multiple piercings and tattoos.)

Ted: Henry Wu signed a release. He's kind of a prick, and I'm gonna get in as much as I can. The piglet sound will be included. Don't worry about it.

Al: I'M not worried about it. But the kid might be. He works here, doesn't he?

Ted: That is not my concern.

The lesbians laughed and patted Ted on the back. 

Al secretly enjoyed that Henry had had this very public mishap, and that Al had taped it for posterity.

Henry's friends reactions:

Mark: We have to get him VERY DRUNK TONIGHT.

Joey: You know, guys, that kind of turned me on. I mean, I wish it had been me,

Mary: Well, now you know what could happen, I guess.

Mary was delighted that Henry had ejactulated all over himself and moaned so loudly, immediately after her shoutout to him.

Cindy: Henry must feel awful.

Mary rolled her eyes. Cindy was so obvious about Henry. I mean, Mary could see why, especially right now, but Mary thought Cindy kind of trashy. Mary had her sights on the wiry, lively Joey, even though Mary's friend Joyce had told Mary that Joey was a homosexual. "He has Rent-a-Cop on DVD," Joyce patiently explained.

Cindy watched Mary and wondered what she was thinking? Did she think she had a shot at Henry? Watch and learn, sister. Cindy thought Mary elitist.

Barbara and Gale couldn't stop cackling.

Barbara: "It was a GEYSER."

Gale. "Stop it, you're killing me, Barbara. Here have another shot."

Barbara accepted. "And that sound he made." Barbara cackled further.

When Henry Wu arrived home, he found he was weeping. He went to his kitchen and found a beer. He drank it in a flash.

Henry took off his jacket and opened another beer. What a horrible experience, he thought. What will I say to people?

There was a knock on the door. Henry knew who was there.

Henry said, "just a minute," and tried to compose himself more. Then he opened the door.

Cindy, Joey, Mark and Mary entered, carrying bottles of wine.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" they yelled.

Henry tried to smile, but he didn't feel it.

Joey broke the ice. "How are you? You were great, by the way. Congratulations."

The rest of the group sidestepped the embarrassment of Henry's sperm-drenched finale, until of all people, Mark said:

"Good job, Henry. I'll bet that's the first time a naked male model has shot his wad in an art class on New Year's Eve," Admittedly Mark was stoned.

 "The television footage should be sizzzzzzling," an aroused Mary offered. "Can't wait to see it. I hope they got the sound."

Henry said, "Mary, please."

Cindy glared at the now-slutty Mary who was leering at a chagrined Henry. Simmer down, sister, both Cindy and Henry shared the thought.

Joey: "That WAS quite a wad, Henry, and you sounded like a porn star, bro." Henry (instantly): "SHUT THE FUCK UP JOEY."

This group continued to get more drunk and they began to smoke weed. At one point Mary snuggled up to a very confused Henry as Joey observed this sudden change of events,

Mary is MY date, thought Joey, but it barely registered.

Joey suddenly realized: I want Henry, I don't want Mary. I want to make Henry moan for ME. Joey drank more. He could see Henry wasn't responding to Mary very much, although he was nuzzling her probably out of respect. Joey replayed Henry's spectacular nakedness in his head. 

Joey's inner bitch emerged and he was amused to see Cindy watching Mary and Henry on the couch together on New Year's Eve. Cindy had steam coming out of her ears.

Cindy suddenly lunged at Mary and Joey heard her say something like get off him you cunt, and Henry just sat there dumbfounded, getting drunk as fast as he could.

Mark laughed. "See what happens when you pose NAAAKED," Mark teased Henry.

Stop it Mark, Henry groaned. Henry blushed just as much as he had when he HAD BEEN naked.

Joey smirked. He was going to have to think about Henry Wu much more seriously. He was going to think about a LOT of things much more seriously.

For the first time in years, Barbara pulled out her old vibrator and thought about the poor naked Henry Wu, his public humiliation, and secretly (her fetish) Henry's large rectum. She'd always liked playing with her ex-husband Ralph's ass, although Ralph, a former Marine, hated it.

After Barbara orgasmed twice, she had more white wine and eventually passed out but not before drunk dialing Ralph to wish him a happy New Year. Barbara went to dreamland thinking about men's assholes and the sounds they make when they ejaculate.

As for Gale, Gale met up with an old beau and enthusiasticlly got laid even though the old beau was, well, old, and not nearly in the physical condiition of the naked Henry Wu. Gale didn't think she liked Asian men erotically, but now she decided she did. She couldn't wait to watch the television program. She knew she'd tape it.

Professor Wu masturbated all night New Year's Eve. He felt guilty the fifth time.

He would buy Nephew Henry a nice New Year's Day dinner at his favorite restaurant tomorrow. He would enjoy the resulting conversation, immensely.

Harold Wu jerked off two more times and then went to sleep.

Henry Wu slept fitfullly on New Year's Eve, in his pajamas and a bathrobe, and alone. Before he dropped off to sleep, he obsessed over one of Mark's last comments: 

"Hate to tell you Henry, but they were taking pics with their phones."

Oh no, thought Henry. Uncle had promised no cell phone photos. Henry had not noticed. The lights made it impossible to fully see the audience. Henry had initially appreciated this.Could this get any worse?

When the TV footage aired, it did get worse (for Henry). Nothing was pixelated or blurred. The channel had decided to go for broke. Henry was displayed in graphic detail. The erection was not edited, nor was Henry's ejaculation,  nor was any relevant audio.

The footage was so popular that WNG aired it for two weeks straight, until a community board stepped in and stopped them. Still, the recording was duplicated heavily, and it was even shown in the local gay bar (both silently as background, and at midnight, with stereophonic sound).

Henry was devastated. His friends rallied around him, but there was little for them to do or say.

Joey began to jerk off to the footage at least once a day. Joey turned up the sound to the max. So did Ted. 

Al jerked off to it twice, two days apart, but he always made sure he knew where it could be located.

Luis watched it over and over with friends, laughing his ass off. "Look, this is where he---" and then when Henry exploded his cum and moaned, everyone yelled. "Oh, shit."

Mark watched it alone, a lot.  He found it fascinating. He did not tell Henry he was watching it, which gave Mark a kind of secret satisfaction since Henry had asked Mark never to look at it ever.

Cindy and Mary, in fact all the women in the community, also pleasured themselves watching  Henry Wu's exquisite humiliation on their phones or televisions.

Henry and Uncle's relationship chilled. Henry was angry. Harold Wu persisted in restoring their bond, but it took months.

Henry Wu could not believe footage like this of a naked man would be aired on television. Henry had seen just snippets of porn, but Henry knew this was certainly in that realm. Shots of Henry's erection were in close-up and you could see Henry's piss slit. Shots of Henry's nipples were magnified followed by pans to Henry's panicked sweaty face. Shots of Henry's anus were simply not to be seen, but here they were, every wrinkle, nuance, whatever, right there on tape. Henry wondered if he should file a lawsuit.

In summary, most of the people at the college and in the town knew what Henry Wu, a 23 year old teaching assistant, looked like naked, and cumming all over himself in public. And they didn't hold back from teasing Henry. The consensus was, "he has a hot body, he's deep down fine with it."

This was not the case. Henry turned down dozens of date requests from girls and a handful from guys (nightmare). 

He finally dated Mary and they were an item for a time. Mary was the envy of the campus. She never discussed the art class with Henry because it upset him and ruined the day or evening. But she too watched the footage when Henry wasn't around. But one night, Henry caught her watching it and exploded, and demanded the tape. They argued, and Mary caved, since she'd made several copies, expecting this.

Cindy had laughed about Henry's embarrassment, saying, "You know my favorite part? It's not when he cums. It's when the precum hits the table. Look at his face when that happens. It is priceless. If you know Henry, you know that is a moment where he wants to just wither away."

So Mary had to go back to look at Henry's face in that sequence., not that she minded. No one watching that sequence would automatically focus on Henry's face, since his big asshole and dangling balls and erect cock were really the object of the camera's gaze, but the cameraman had managed to get a good shot of Henry's bespectacled, perspiring face, blinking rapidly, looking down at his naked body and his clothed audience in a kind of confused daze.

When Mark watched the footage, particularly the last two poses, he noted to himself that Henry seemed to be somewhat hyperventilating. Mark was dating Judy, a sophomore, but he found himself one night taking out his own penis and masturbating to Henry's obvious humiliation. Mark also could masturbate to this situation from memory if he was in a hurry.

Mark knew he could never inform Henry about the fact he jerked off to Henry's embarrassment. So he never did, but Mark always watched "Small Town Follies" when he wanted to toss off a quick one. It was always guaranteed to produce results. Mark suspected Joey watched the footage as well, although this was never discussed at length. Joey had a habit of dropping little lines like, "When he cums, look at the frown lines. He is freaking out, " "his asshole convulses when he shoots," or "I swear his nipples look like firecrackers when he is cumming."

Mark found Joey's comments kind of baffling, as he was only into Henry's overall humiliation, not actually his body. But Mark found himself looking for Joey's "details" when he revisted the footage, and they were certainly accurate. Mark realized that Joey was most likely gay; it was not a big deal to Mark at all. He had suspected it when Joey watched Mark undress in a locker room once. A glance just a few seconds too long. Also, Joey and Mark had wrestled in Mark's room one night, and Mark's sweatpants had become undone and he was wearing a jockstrap. Joey had been thrilled and had actually tried to play with the jock, and since Mark was shirtless, Mark fought him because he did not want to wrestle Joey naked (Joey was fully clothed in a T-shirt and gym shorts).

Gale hosted hen parties and featured the footage on a big screen. These parties were always well-attended and always by Barbara. Henry heard about these parties and grimaced. No one dared tease him to his face about the hen parties. Henry did ask Uncle to have the hen parties stopped, but Uncle sadly informed Henry that this was "out of his hands."

This of course prolonged any reconciliation.

The cell phone photos did not resurface at once. But they eventually did show up. Henry was in the cafeteria one morning, alone, when Cindy came over with her phone and showed him a picture on her screen. It was Henry, naked on the table with his opened asshole and firm erection and the demeaning precum strand. "I found this online," Cindy told Henry. Henry looked at the photo and just turned away. "I don't care anymore," Henry lied. He'd been expecting something like this, and here it was.

The photo clearly showed that terrible strand of cum dangling from Henry's erection. And Henry's blushing face.

It was the definition of a stripped, humiliated, good-looking young man. Henry did not want to be this version of  a poster boy. Being computer savvy, Henry knew this photo (and any others) would be widely circulated internationally.

Henry began to receive weird phone calls at all hours. After a certain point, he simply did not answer any numbers unless he knew the caller.

Phil the janitor at Bard Hall began to relish showing off Room 300 to visitors. "Yep, this is where it went down. We mopped up the sperm, of course." This always got a laugh.

Barbara began to refer to Bard Hall as "Bawd Hall" and she did not have to explain why, after a time.

On campus or even in town, Luis would catcall at Henry, "there goes nude Wu," whenever he saw him. Henry had to tolerate it, there was nothing he could do. To Henry's gratification, not everyone laughed at Luis' comment, but there were always those who did.

Once Mark laughed at the comment, and Henry refused to speak to him for a week. Mark never laughed at Luis again in Henry's company.

Henry became even more modest in the dorm, Joey thought Henry almost paranoid about even being seen shirtless in his own room. But secretly Joey liked Henry's sustained embarrassment and jerked off about it.

Joey and Mark discussed tricking Henry into coming into one of their rooms, tying him to a chair, and making Henry watch the footage, but Cindy talked them out of it.

"Too much, guys," she chided. "Just watch it on your own. I know you do. He's well aware if's out there and he will not be your friend if you do something like that."

Both Joey and Mark loved Henry in their own way, so they dropped the idea.

One day Henry Wu was online and he discovered a website devoted to "stripping and humiliation." Curious, he explored this website.

Under the heading called "art class revelry," Henry found four very nude pictures of himself. He was absolutely identifiable.

There was commentary on the website about Henry's photos: "This is a young teacher at a college posing naked, as you can see. It appears the class took a turn for the raunchy. Look at his body closely. We think he did not want to do this but was talked into it."

There was a comments section. Henry made himself read some of them:

"I was there. His name is Henry. He did this as a favor. The photos don't convey his humiliation. He was almost convulsing."

"He did ejaculate. That photo is real."

"He's my friend, and I don't think he would want these pics posted like this."

"I was there as well. He was as nervous as a cat. I loved it."

"I have worn my vagina sore watching this. I was there too. It was as hot as you imagine."

"When he ejaculated, people yelled and clapped and laughed. It was really hilarious. Just not for him. He jumped off the table and grabbed his robe, but we seriously saw his jizz fly off his naked body to the floor. I'm not making that up. I think I saw a girl photograph that. I do recall his ass wobbling as he tried to get the robe around him but he finally gave up and just ran to the dressing room holding it in front. His dick was soft but it was flopping around. I have never seen anyone so utterly humiliated. I'll never forget it. It's great to find these pics. This is a young Asian man, if you can't tell. They're usually so reticent. So this is pretty funny. Also, the pics of his anus are pretty extreme."

That was the last comment Henry allowed himself to read.

Henry stared in disbelief at the color pictures, all of them quite explicit,  and then closed the website, never revisiting it.

Henry Wu had been stripped, humiliated and everyone seemed to know it. Henry was bereft. It was strange knowing that so many people had seem him naked and in stages of sexual arousal, no to mention a good portion of these people thought it was funny. Henry had never been able to see any humor about the art class. Henry worried about future employment if the art class became more discussed (not to mention, viewed).

Not to worry, Henry eventually found a good job. Miraculously, the art class incident was never mentioned. Out loud, to Henry, that is.

But more parties were held. Just not with Henry in attendance.

The gay parties in the nearby town where Henry found employment were the best attended, and word spread quickly of what was being shown on wide screen televisions. Henry was unaware of this, no one dared clue him in because he was very well liked at the office, but Henry did notice, to his consternation, that his gay co-workers fawned over him and continually asked him out to lunch. Henry did not want to hurt anyone's feelings, so he accepted invitations occasionally, but always went dutch.

One gay male employee, Brian, said to Henry one day over sushi: "Did you ever pose for an art class, Henry? You ought to."

Henry froze. Oh my God. Well, here we go.

"I did once. I didn't like it," Henry said, dismissively.

Brian said nothing, but he looked at Henry keenly. "You didn't LIKE it?" Brian implored, and there was a suggestion in the question that Henry knew meant something like "Brian from accounting has seen that tape."

Henry just ate. He could do nothing else. 

Henry knew Brian from accounting wanted to have sex with him. Henry ordered a beer from the waitress.

The waitress smiled at Henry, rather knowingly. Henry saw that Brian winked at the waitress.

Henry's beer was "on the house." The waitress slipped Henry her phone number. Her name was Lucinda.

Henry was single, having gotten rid of the insipid Mary by moving to a new town. He never wound up calling Lucinda though, because he knew she too had probably seen the WNG tape and he just didn't want to deal with that in a new relationship even though Lucinda was attractive. But Henry pegged her as needy.

On break, Lucinda told her co-workers, "Yeah, that's definitely him. Brian works with him. He is HERE in the dining room. Oh my God."

Lucinda's overweight manager Hannah told her to calm down and that Lucinda had three tables waiting because her "typically overlong break" was over.

Lucinda fumed to her coworker Janet, "That fat bitch won't cut me any slack. That is HENRY WU from THE SMALL TOWN FOLLIES. If I don't make some kind of move, that little slut Brian will grab him."

Janet asked, "Is Henry Wu gay? I was told he was straight. No one wants to date Brian. He has STDs."

Lucinda all but yelled, "WHYYYYYY do you think I'm trying to connect? You never know nowadays, with all these metrosexuals. Henry Wu could be bi. I mean, you saw him cum on himself in front of other men!"

Hannah interjected, "Ladies, really. We have customers hearing this shit. Please do your jobs. Besides, Henry Wu does not date waitresses." Hannah waddled away, laughing.

Lucinda huffed and finished her shift, angry. On the way out, she touched Henry Wu's shoulder and told him to call her anytime.

Henry Wu smiled at her. Brian told her to go home. The restaurant was closing, but Henry Wu had ordered another round and customers were allowed some leeway with this.

A week later, a bombshell dropped. It was the footage. Henry found out it was being shown at coworkers' parties. He was devastated. He went to human resources.

HR told him flatly, "let this go, don't bring attention to it, we don't care that it happened," and Henry just resigned himself to a lifetime of one mistake haunting him for the rest of his life. The last thing the female HR employee, a middle-aged Asian woman, said to Henry was:

"Mr. Wu, we've all made mistakes, but you look wonderful in the nude. We are pleased that you work here. It was a life drawing class and you posed for it. Cherish it." She said it with a big smile. "Cherish that," she repeated with relish.

Henry Wu did not cherish that. He didn't believe a dignified male would, either.

The phone calls resumed and Henry changed his number on a regular basis. The voicemails were as such:

I love your Asian nipples. I didn't know you guys had such hard ones. I'd lick them. (A woman named "Angela.")

I want to eat your body (a woman).

I want to suck your toes (this one sounded like it was from a child).

Your scrotum and anus is my screen saver at home (this from a man). My children love it. Of course I had to explain what it is.  My wife thinks it's OK, she is very open-minded about sex. My mother stares at it all day. We'd like to have you over for dinner. I don't allow the kids to watch you shooting your load, so don't worry about that. But Grandma sure does come to life when that part happens. (Henry screamed in rage when he heard this message, because it was delivered with absolute nonchalance and a lot of chuckling.)

I want to fuck your big hole with a condom (a man named "Nick" who told Henry to meet him for a drink "on me" Friday happy hour at an Irish pub called "Paddy's".)

Your anus is unusual. I have masturbated to it. (A gruff male voice, but Henry wasn't really sure of the gender, to be honest).

When you cum, I try to time it so I cum at the same time. I've gotten really good at it! (A young man who enthusiastically proclaimed himself to be christened "Paul Hawthorne.")

I love the way your eyes scrunch up when you cum. You are very handsome, by the way. (A random female, no name given, which frustrated Henry because he actually got turned on listening to her.)

It was so cute that you kept your glasses on while you were naked and ejaculating (this from a male voice that Henry kind of recognized but could not quite identify). 

Please marry me. (Too many, both female and male, and all creepy).

Please date me (most of these were from much younger men).

Please date/marry me, Mr. Wu. (These, Henry deleted instantly.)

Henry, please come over and take off your clothes and cum. I'll make dinner. (An elderly woman named "Susie.")

Henry, I was so happy to be there. I am so happy there's a record of it. You are so adorable. It's Barbara, honey. Call me. I'm only an hour away.

And so on.

Henry Wu posed nude on New Year's Eve. And he never really recovered.

But he made a lot of folks very, very happy. One of them (who shalll remain nameless) even printed a T-shirt with a pic of the naked Henry Wu with the banner "ASIAN ANUS."

it's a shirt that now sells for $20 on Pride Weekends. It is not clear whether or nor Henry is aware of its existence. If he walked on the beach on Fire Island or any gay resort, he would be very aware (and further humiliated). This attention-getting white shirt can be purchased in medium, large, or X-large, and tthe pic of Henry's naked body is in living color, most especially his Asian anus. And the "ASIAN ANUS" banner is in large black lettering. It is hard to miss. You don't often see the word "ANUS" on a T-shirt.

Consider all this when your uncle asks you for a favor!

Happy New Year.
























Submitted: January 01, 2022

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Good one, cant wati for next chapter.

Sat, January 1st, 2022 7:35pm


I've added a bunch in the last few hours, so keep going back.

Sat, January 1st, 2022 11:52pm


I love so much of this story! Though I will say Lisa dropping that slur right after the cumshot reeeeallly subtracted a lot for me. It went from fun and sexy to just kinda feeling gross.

Tue, January 11th, 2022 11:38pm

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