Under the shirt (part.1 and 2)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

How Tom ended naked in his neighbor's garden. And in house of his former teacher.

Note.1: English is not my first language. Be aware of bad grammar.


Tom canot believe what happend to him.  First day of summer, and he was mowing Ms. Croft's garden. That wasn't nothing unbelievable. But he was naked, completly from head to toe. 
He feelt warm sunn beams on his exposed skin. Luckily for him, garden had tall fence. So was impossible for someone to see him. 
Exept of Ms. Croft of course. He knew, she can see him from living room. 
Right now, he was with his back facing the house.  So even if she was looking, she will only see his butt. His pale naked butt. Except, his buttcheeks wasn't pale anymore. His bottom was pinkish. Result of spanking which he received hour ago. How he get into this situation?

"Tommy." Women’s  voice interrupt his thoughts. 
"Take a break and come inside." Ms. Croft caled.
He was embarrassed enough, even without being called "Tommy". Like he was small kid. 
He was twenty one year old, why must she calls him with this childis name.
"Come one, Tommy. I have cold juice for you" called him Ms.Croft again.
He started slowly turning around. Tried covers his private parts. But it was not easy, because his cock was hard and it was dificult to cover his 16cm. Tom make insecure step toward the hause.
It was a strange feeling, walking barefoot on freshly cut grass. Sun tuching his exposed skin. Drops of sweat run down of his back and his uncovered butt. If he werent naked, he would be enjoing it.
When he comes close to the hause, he saw his reflection in glass door, and immediately looked down.  But it was too late, embarrassing image was already in his memory.
Pale slender boy, naked in garden, desperatly trying to cover his hard manhood.
After few seconds Tom looked up, Ms. Croft was partly hidden in the shadow of the livingroom."Faster, you are going like turtle." she said. "Some may think, you like to be outdoor like this." She added with smile.
"NO." Tom respended, and hurried inside.
As he passed Ms. Croft, he felt a slap on his left buttcheck. But it wasn't like beefore whe she spankedn him. This time it was gentle, playful. Then she squeezed his ass. Tom stopped, overcome by pleasant feeling. Although he doesn't like being naked. He had to admit that Mrs. Croft's hand felt good on his ass.
„Hmm, somebody likes it.“ said Ms.Croft. 
Her voice pull him from dreaming. She continued playing with his butt, gently massaget it.
„No.., this..“ Tom started babbling. But Ms Croft just smiled and take hand form his butt.
"Follow me, you naughty boy." 
She walked to the front door.
When Tom realised where she is going he froze.
„I expecting parcel delivery.“ she said „ and I would need your help picking it.“
Tom just stare on her, unable to react. Did she really want him to pick something while he is naked. 

Before he had chance to protest, Ms.Croft hands him something. Tom looked on one piece of fabric in his hands. It was couple of hours since he touch some clothes. 
"You didn't think I will send you on my front yard in your brithday suit." 
Tom loked on her with confusion.
"I am sure, some of my neighbor would like to see young handsome boy running around naked. But for that will be time later" she aded with misivouse smile. " Now, wear that."

Two hours before

When his mom told him she make deal with Ms. Croft. So Tom will spend, most of the summer, helping around her house,  he wasn't happy. He hoped for some real job. Mowing grass was summer job for kids. But it was too late to found somethink else. 
When he arrive to Ms. Croft house, was very hot morning. Tom was sweating, even before he start doing something.  Ms Croft, welcomed him and invited inside.
"Start with garage," she commanded "There are some old boxes, all of them need to be take and moved next to the garbage cans."
When Tom opened the garage door and saw what is inside, he immediately regretted his choice of clothes. White t-shirt and shorts was not good choce for job like this.
Nothing can be done now, clothes can be washed.
Just after thirty minutes, garage was empty. Old boxes was next to garbage bins. And Tom's clothes was filthy, like he pul them from garbage. He wipe sweat from his forehead, and came back to main door. Before he can even knock, door opened. Tom wants go inside, but Ms. Croft put her hand on his chest.

"Not so fast, Tommy." she said. "No chance you will go to my house in this dirty clothes. Take them off."
"You heard me," she pulled his shirt. "Take them off. You can take a shower and I'll wash these."
Tom reluctantly started taking his shirt off. Ms.Croft was carefully watching him.
"See it wasn't difficult." she said and take his shirt from him.
Tom few seconds watched his shirt in her hands. Unable to look on Ms.Croft, he can only guss where is shee looking. He was 100% sure that she is watching his naked torso. Tom was no bodybuilder, and he dont sport regulary. But he was lucky.  He was slim and even had some visible muscle thanks to almost nonexistent fat.
"Tommy continue, or do you want to stand half naked in my front door?" Ms.Croft ask him.
Again that childisch name. Tom tought, when he started take his shorts down. Meybe when she sees me naked, she stop caling me that. Well almost naked, in my underwear. When he finally take his shorts off. Together with his shoes he gave them to Ms.Croft.
She looked him up and down, and smiled.
"See that wasnt that difficult." She said. „Now just last thing and you can go inside.“
Tom eyes almost pop out from his head. Did she really suggested him to strip completely? Here, outdoor.
She was watching him and waiting, with his clothes in her arms. 
Tom quickly looked around, street was empty.
Ms.Croft still waiting.
It was crazy, he can`t strip naked outdoor. Or can? Then he decided, he grab waist band of his trunks. And pulled them down. 
Quickly steped from his underwear. He hear how Ms.Croft gasped, but she said nothing.
After he take his socks off, he straighnet, trining to cover his penis with his free hand. He offered rest of his clothes to Ms.Croft. She looked in shock, Tom thought.
Without word she take his clothes walked into hous.
Tom was folowing her, covering his private parts with both hands. 
She stoped front of the staircase.  „Bathroom is upstaiers door on the left. Take shower.“ Ms.Croft comanded.
Tom start climbing the stairs, in the midle he realised that she can now see his naked butt. He stoped. 

„Is there a problem. Tommy? Keep going.“
Tom try not to thinked how his butt must look as he is climbing the stairs. He wanted to look back and see if she is watching him. He can swore that he can feel her eyes on his naked butt. No he did not do it. After he reached the top of the stairs walked into the bathroom.
He leans on the door and exhaled.
Finaly he was safe, sort of. He was still naked. In Ms.Croft house. And his clothes was who know where. 


After refreshing shower Tom descended to living room. With wet towel around his waist, he looked around.

A here you are,“ Ms.Croft speak behind him. „How was shower?“ Tom turned and saw her standing next to staircase. Hands crosed on her chest.

Good, thanks.“ he answered. He noticed her eyes loking on his towel.

Ms.Croft can I have my clothes back?“ he timidly asked.

"Oh they are not clean yet, i was waiting for you to shower so I can get towels washed too." she said. Is she really suggesting to him to get her the towel? Only thing he has for cover his nakedness?

"So, give it to me" she said and reach her hand.

"But I have nothing under it" Tom stuttered.

"Well, I hope you have something under that towel" she said with smile.

"You know what I mean" Tom said. "I am naked under it."

"You dont have problem with that. When you stripped in my front door."

"You told me to do it." Tom said. "You said to me, to give you last pices of my clothes."

Sudenly Ms.Croft start laughing. Tom loked on her with confiuson.

"Oh honey," said Ms.Croft when she stoped laughing. "I was meaning your socks." She added.

Tom was absolutely dumbfolded. Now it make sanse.

"But when you take down your trunks." she continued "I was in shock."

"And when you seamed to have no problem to strip naked before me. I said nothing."

Tom still shocked, that he strip before her so easy. Said nothing.

"I must say, it was realy pleasant sight you give me there." Ms.Croft continued speaking. "It was long time I saw naked man. Especialy one handsome as you. And when you ware climbing the stairs. Oh boy that butt of yours was delisous."

"Ms.Croft." Tom pleads. "Can i have something to wear?"

"I don't think so. Now give me that towell. You dont had problem to be naked before I don't know why you should be bashful now. I will count to four, And if you don't hand towel when I get to zero. There will be consecuences." Ms.Croft said with stern voice.

Tom trembled.

"FOUR!" Ms.Croft started counting.


Tom trying to think some solution.




Tom did not move.

"Now, Tommy."

Again that childe name. Tom thought as he turned and take towel down. He gave him to Ms.Croft. She already saw his butt, so it was no point to hide it. But he covered his private parts with both hands as best as he can.

Ms. Croft came back without the towel. She sit on couche and looked on Tom. Whom was still standing on the same spot. Naked as day when he was borne, with his hands clasped over his groin. Ms. Croft chuckled. For someone who had no problem strip naked outdoor. He was now acting realy bashfull.

"Tommy come here." she ordered him. And pointed on spot right infront of her.

He reluctantly obeyed.

As he stand befor her, his groin was in her eye level. She looked on his hands as if she was trying to looked trought them. Then she place her hands on his hips. Tom shivered.

Her hands were cold, and it reminded him that he is stil naked.

„Now Tommy, we must talk about what just happend.“ Ms.Croft break the silence. As she looked to his eyes. Tom dont understand what she means, so he stay silent.

„I told you that there will be consequences if you dont give me that towell when I counted to zero.“

When she said this, she started slowely rubing his left hip. That movment distracted him for moment.

„But I given to you on time.“ He protested.

Ms. Croft continued tuching his hip. „But after I told you so, not when I reached to zero.“

Tom opened mout, but cant tought what to say.

„See, Tommy, you have two options here.“ Ms.Croft continued.

„First: I will call your mom and tel her evrything you done. How you striped outside, then perded naked in my house. What will she think about you?.“

Tom again opened mout but again he said nothing.

„Second option: Spanking.“

„What?“ Tom finaly find words. „You want spanked me? I am not a child.“

„Its ap to you, i am giving you two choices. You can chose the first one.“ Said Ms. croft and patted his left tight.

„I am curious to see how your mom will drag you home, naked.“ She added after few second pause.

„So what will you chose, one or two.“

Tom was in turmoil, both options was terible. He was never spanked. On the other hand he cant let his mother see him naked.

„Spank me.“ said Tom reluctantlly.

„Pleas.“ added Ms.Croft.

„Spank me...pleas.“ Repeated Tom.

Still cant belived he chose this. He hope that Ms.Croft wont be strong enought to give him pain.

„Good choice, If you want to know my opinion.“ She said

„Maybe you will even like it.“ she added. Tom doubet that.

„So usualy first step would by for naughty boy to take his clothes off.“ She start to explain.

„But that is not a problem here.“ Ms. Croft said smiling and again patted on his naked hip.

„You are already in your birthday suit. Now lay over my lap.“

Tom slowely lays himsel on Ms. Croft lap. His penis squeezed between his body and her skirt.

„Is this realy nessesary?“ Tom ask, in last atempt to escape his punishment.

„O it is, would be shame not to procede when we are already in these position.“

She answered and Tom feelt as her hand lightly cruised over his buttcheek.

„You have wery beautyfull butt, Tommy, it would look especialy good red.“

Tom try mentali prepare for first blow. But befor Ms Croft can give first slap, phone ringed.

„Dont move and be silent.“ she comanded. Tom feel her body move as she reached for the phone. Before she answer it, she put her free hand on his butt and started gently massaged it.

„Hello,Hellen. How are you.“ Ms. Croft said. Tom gasped and moved. When he heard his mother name.

Ms. Croft squeezed his buttcheek. When he stoped moving her squeez released. He almost stop breathing as he trying to lisent what his mother saing on other site of the line. But he onley heard Ms Croft.

„Not at all, he is very good. Right now Tommy is mowing my graden. I must tank you again. It was good idea from you.“

Ms Croft said, and continued massaging Toms naked bottom. As if it was the most normal thing one can do while making phone call.

„Realy? He never mentioned that he dosent like to be called Tommy.“

„Nonsens, I think it suits him.“

Tom started to have dificulties to follow the conversation. As Ms Croft still played with his butt. It started to feel very good.

„But why are you calling. I doubt it is just to tould me that your son thinks Tommy is childis name. And he dosent like when someone is calling him that.“

„Understand. I will tell him when he finish mowing.“

„I could tell you but you would not belive me.“

„Ok, You know I was working in private schole as asistent. It was in time when corporal punishment wasnt forbiden. And that was one of my responsibilities. Spank unruly children, well mostly boys. And after all these years. I am continuing doing it. Some perents cant handle thier chldren, so they send them to me.“ Ms Croft explained.

„No, usualy young boys. Some of them are old as Tommy.“

„I am not kiding you.“

„Contrary, right now I have on my lap one young man waiting for his spanking, and he is same age as your son.“

She said and again squeezed Tom butt. He almost stop breathing.

„You know, spanking od young boys isint about inflicting pain. It is more about humilation and embarassment. Trust me, nothing is worst for boys who see themself as adults, than when they are naked bend over and spanked.“

„Of course they are naked, it is part of the punishmen.“

Ms Croft explained.

„But now i must end this call. As I said someone is waiting for me. Dont worry I will tell him. Have good day Helen.“

Ms. Croft put telephon away, and focused back on Tom.

She looked on naked boy laing in her lap, his bottom muscles flexing and relaxing. In anticipated first spank. It was realy beautifull view. She patted his buttcheek and said.

„Your mom wont be picking you today. She had some work emergency, and wont be home untill tomorrow. So after we end here will give you ride back. But first this.“

Ms. Croft palm landend on Tom butt, but now it wasent gentle. Loud smack echoed in room. Tom yelped more from suprise than from pain. Before he can compose himself he felt another smack on his butt.

Ms Croft dosent count them, just continuing spanking switching between his cheeks. Tom was yelping and gasping, trying to move. But She keppt him on place. Mercylesly slaping him on his butt.

Tom dont know how long it takes when sudenly she stops.

„You can stand now.“

Tom started rubing his bottom right after he stand. He can feel hes buttcheeks ware warm.

„So this is how he looks.“ said Ms. Croft. Tom cant understand what she is talking about. Unil he look down and realise she can see his penis now. Fast his cover his groin, but it was too late. She saw everithing now.

„Tommy it si no need for that. Hand to the sides“ Ms. Croft said and he obeyed. No point to disobei.

„Now go to the corner and stand there, put hands behind your head.“

When he was in position, she obesrved him. What a great picture. Young man, naked in her living room, with freshly spanked bottom. She loved this moments and this was just start.

Submitted: December 29, 2021

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