The Long Trip part 7

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two horny girls in an adult bookstore gloryhole...what could go wrong?

Two days before I  was to leave "Hotlanta" I contacted my new friend Alicia, from the Chamber.  She asked me out, to have some "afternoon delight" and wanted to take me down near the club, where there was an adult bookstore and peep show. Apparently Alicia knew the owner of Southern Nights, and told me how much pleasure she had received there. I was excited  to go, and was in the market for a new dildo.

Alicia picked me up in her car, she was sexy as hell. She had beautiful natural breasts like me, and I loved sucking on her hard pink nipples. I diddled her pussy all the way there, then we made out like teenagers in the parking lot. She finally suggested we go in and check out the Arcade, and do some shopping. I found some crotchless panties with red hearts that were adorable,  and I was happy to find a realistic Doc Johnson there, a nice flexible silicone model. Happy with my purchase, I followed my sexy friend into the arcade.

There were video and private peepshow booths, we chose the farthest video booths by the bathrooms and for good reason. There were two different benches in each, and a plastic lined gloryhole behind the paneling.  Shortly after removing the panel,  a long hard cock came poking through.  This faceless beauty throbbed, like it had been waiting for a warm mouth.  it was a Dong that curved down as if the length caused it to. It was uncircumcised,  and once fully erect was too much for even me to deepthroat fully, although I did give it a try. Another big black dick came through next to it, and Alicia began devouring the monster, her pale white skin against the chocolate wand was a huge turn on. I kept licking, but ripped the new dildo from its package and shoved it in my cock pocket. I started alternating going down on the juicy curved wank, and shoving the faux cock in my pussy, I eventually took the dildo which had a ball sack suction cup and stuck it on the bench, then began easing up and down on Doc's cock while slurping the hot hard man meat protruding from the wall. I heard a voice on the other side say "Oh God!" As the hot spunk hit my tonsils. I came instantly and looked over at Alicia,  who was still sucking the dark meat, but had her ass plugged against the opposite wall getting fucked by another cock.

I decided to help my new friend out and got on my knees between her legs. As she continued to bob for dick. I began licking her clit as the other dong penetrated her from the wall, occasionally licking the underside of that dick as it went inside her. I held that cock stroking it into her,  and gently rubbed his balls, his nuts tightened up as he exploded in her, she ferociously began gagging on the big black dick, as I began sucking on the one that just came inside her. I began fucking myself with "Doc" as I made the other dick hard again, and he went off again. With a beautiful facial. I rubbed that wang all over my now sticky face, until he retreated.

We both went to the Lav to freshen up, then next door to the bar for drinks. One man who was huddled over his beer had light blue jeans like Mr. Curved dick. I asked him if he'd ever been next door and he smiled, and he said, "just came in there." I knew it was him. I rubbed his bulge through his pants and recognised it immediately.  "I want you to fuck me this time." I said, as I rolled my tongue,  just like I had done while sucking him.

He introduced himself as James, and he took me across the street to the motel. As I was walking out, a tall black man was walking in, and Alicia said "Well Hello big fella... I thought that was You!" She winked at me, and smiled. We met later to compare notes. 

It turned out to be an afternoon of Many delights. And I had made some more friends for life, with Alicia and sweet baby James.

Submitted: December 13, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Loretta Martin. All rights reserved.

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Wonder Woman

Whoa! Nice! Afternoon Delights is still there! Chets friend Dale (biker dude upstairs) worked the counter there for a while.
Did you know Alicia got married to one of the Lawyers from Coca-Cola?
A really square looking dude too! Must have it where it counts for her.....(wallet) I saw her two or three years ago at the softball game and picnic! Lol!

Mon, December 27th, 2021 3:52am


Oh my God! So funny! I kinda remember him, from the party, fumanchu dude? Alicia! What! ! ! ? She always was about the status it seems, but I didn't know her that long.Wallet! Too funny, but yeah...miss ya Sis! ×××???

Mon, December 27th, 2021 6:26am


I've been in plenty of adult book stores in the past and never had the guts to use a glory hole. The guy at the counter told me when I started toward the back "Watch out back there; we have a couple of bitches who like to bite off the end of your dick." Nuff said.

Mon, May 30th, 2022 2:34pm

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