The Long Trip part 6

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Flashing unexpecting drivers

Big Chet had only been out of prison for six months, but he'd gotten his old bouncer job back at a nightclub called "The Chamber" it was in an unmarked warehouse off Cheshire Bridge Road. Its theme was BDSM, with hot girls in cages, young twink men on all fours on leashes, lots of weed smoking, and coke snorting, all gyrating to industrial music. I could smell Amy's cunt creme the minute we walked in. I think that was the moment she found her sexual calling. I personally. had never seen that much black leather in one place in all my life. The crowd was eclectic, from bondage freaks, to openly gay couples literally joined at the hip in chains connecting thin bands of leather. 

Chet showed us around, and introduced us to some regulars, before taking his place at the door. One woman was more obvious than the rest, she had flaming red hair and pale skin. She wore a light blue short cut bolero jacket open, with tassled pasties on her nipples, no top, and a sheer light blue chiffon skirt which showed her neatly trimmed bush. She was gorgeous, and my mouth started watering the minute I saw her.

Amy was magnetized to another Hot brunette who basically matched her description,  only this woman wore a leather one piece, that had half cups supporting her ample firm breasts. She sported a leather riding crop, fishnets and stilettos, and a leather police style hat with a silver badge on it, that read "Bad Bitch" to this day, Miranda and Amy have been close friends. 

Another startling revelation occurred that night. Among all the dancing, drinking, drug taking and revelry,  I spotted our manly friend Chet, grope a tall mans crotch as he entered. I found out later that the two had shared a cell in prison among other things. Just to know that I was in the company of the biggest bisexual crowd in Atlanta made me smile. 

Alicia the hot redhead and I paired off from the pack, and made out in a dark corner, we fingered and sucked each others nipples, that's when I discovered she'd used sugar glue to attach her pasties, they were still the sweetest tits I had ever tasted. We connected later before I left "Hotlanta" and it was a memorable evening of sensual delights.

This club stayed open all night, and in the predawn hours Chet was finally relieved of duty. We left the same way we had come, on Chets Harley Davidson. It had a sidecar that I finally got to ride in on the way home. We flipped a coin to see who got to ride there in it, and Amy won, now it was my turn! I was high and feeling quite unencumbered by the time we hit Piedmont Avenue. There was little traffic, so although helmeted and goggled, decided to pull my spaghetti strapped gown,  down to my waste, exposing my "Missle tits" (as Chet called them) every time he drooled at me. 

Cars began to honk and whoop as we passed them, a few, screeching tires to follow us. I turned and gave them sexy waves. The cool morning air had my nipples bulging, and the attention had my twat creaming. I finally decided to pull up my dress when I heard a crash behind us. As much fun as I was having, I couldn’t forgive myself if I had become a danger to the public.

I will never forget that night, and that place, and the amazing people I had the luck to encounter.  To Amy, I saw your passions blossom that night, and to Chet, know that I am so proud of all your successes then, and in the culinary world to come, and courage to unabashedly be who you are!

Submitted: December 11, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Loretta Martin. All rights reserved.

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Wonder Woman

Oh my God! You have a mind like a steel trap! Miranda is still my partner in bondage, lol! And Chet is now big time, Chef Chet! That placed closed down around 2005, I had some great times there! I should actually write about them! So fun to read about some of our exploits, I don't feel like Wonder Woman as much as I feel like Robin to Your Batman! We certainly were the dynamic duo!
Love and Miss ya Retta!

Sat, December 11th, 2021 6:31am


Awww! You are the sweetest bat (bad) girl I've ever known!
I do hope Chet is doing okay, I have worried about his
Business during the pandemic.
Please tell "MiRandy"I said Hi!
Ciao My Bella!

Sat, December 11th, 2021 12:24am


Sorry to hear that "The Chamber" closed down; I thought I might check it out the next time I am in that area.

Mon, May 30th, 2022 2:29pm

Loretta Martin

It was a "Hot"spot!
On a tragic note Chet died of the virus this passed spring.
Another amazing talent lost to this pandemic.

Tue, August 2nd, 2022 5:52pm

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