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To maintain control

One must take the reigns

To dish out control

Along with the pains

How dare you talk back!

Did I ask you to speak?

I will drive my stilletto

Right into your beak!

Now as I was saying

Take it all bitch!

My strap on so hard

Don't make me get the switch

I grind in your arsehole

As you plead and moan

I know that you like it

As you've often told

Degradation it seems

Is your guilty pleasure

My dominance is mine

Metered out in good measure

Should I get the butt plug

And stuff up your gob?

I can't tolerate your simpleton sob

I can see this is going to take us all night

So relax your ass, don't put up a fight

Strap yourself in

As I poke your poop hole

And remove what is left

Of your miserable soul

You once thought you'd have

A chance at my nookie?

But here you are saddled

My sadistic Pookie


Submitted: September 16, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Wonder Woman. All rights reserved.


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