The Long Trip part 4

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When you find out your friend is a Superhero.

Amy, my dear friend,  who will probably read this and get a chuckle, should have her exploits recorded for posterity. 

I rose to a warm sun shining in the window. I was a bit hungover from the previous nights overindulgence in wine, and and the brightness was a little too much for me. I had purchased some cool round black sunglasses with the side guards, and decided to shelter my sore eyes from the solar exuberance.  I walked to the Lav and saw an amazingly spacious marble shower with a bench, and panels overhead that showered you like raindrops. I had to try it. I retrieved my toiletries and entered the awesome shower, it was warm and inviting.  I sat on the marble and realised that it too, was slightly heated. This new experience prompted me to  spread my legs and rub my twat. The warm water trickled down between my breasts to a mini waterfall landing right on my clit. I masturbated until I climaxed, scrolling through my past few days memories,  and all the hot cocks I gladly encountered. 

I stood up and turned off the shower, remembering that I failed to find a towel, but no bother, a switch just outside of it came on and a hot wind blew from every direction,  a grate below, warmed my pussy, while at least three blew my body dry! I leaned into the grate on the wall, and dried my hair. After flipping my hair, I stepped off the pressure switch and the spaceage dryer switched off. I  knew Amy was a greenie, who was big on conservation, and would only settle for the latest technology.

I walked out to see the opened curtains on the patio with double sliding glass doors,  and the comfortable looking patio furniture.  I was on the fourth floor overlooking the pool, and thought nothing of going out for a nice warm air bath, sporting my cool sunglasses and nothing else.  I brushed my platinum blonde hair back and then paraded outside, casually leaning over the balcony,  my tits pushed out between my arms. I looked down to see a few sun bathers and a few swimmers, one man in particular who turned around to float on his back while shielding his eyes, looking straight at me. I smiled and was mildly amused at the attention,  then looked to my right to see a young man with his mouth opened as far it could possibly be, staring lustfully at me and grinning from ear to ear. To my left an older man at a table reading his paper, who saw me and his eyes bugged out of his head. He rubbed them with both hands like I was a mirage or an illusion. I turned back to see the lad groping in his shorts. I didn't want to cause too much commotion so I slinked back inside. Just then the Door opened and my friend Amy walked in with two bags, I ran over and hugged her in my nakedness,  and she said "Damn Retta! Haven't seen you in years, now I see every inch of you!" She laughed and took my hand, twirling around me to get a look..."Stunning as Always!" She said, smiling.

"You can't go out like that though, you'll get us both arrested!" She giggled, her eyes darted all over me. "I have the perfect silk dress, you're gonna love!" She took me by the hand and drug me into her bedrooms walk-in closet. Exquisite outfits, arranged by colour hung on the perimeters. "Pick something, I have to make a call, and I will be right back." She said, adding, "I'm SO Happy to See you! I've missed You!" My sexy voluptuous friend hadn't changed a bit, always kind and generous, and a complete knockout.

I heard her sternly making demands on the phone and then concede,  as obviously her wishes were being met. She was a no bullshit negotiator, which made her a brilliant litigator. I dressed in a silky gown she pulled out while walking to the living room it was sheer and beautiful, and I did look great in it i had some heels that went perfectly,  but they were packed away in the van. So I went down to see if I could retrieve them. 

Amy walked out with me and told me how she had been loving her job. She clearly had the upper hand with these corporate cucks, and they probably thrived on her domination.  I opened the  back of the truck and started going through my many bags of shoes. I was bent over my ass clearly visible in the sheer dress, when I  heard a groaning wincing painful sound. An old man in his sixties,  walking with a cane, collapsed behind us as he opened his car door. I was shocked  and hoped my sexy state, hadn't led to his fainting. 

Amy turned and rushed to his side, she took his pulse and checked to see if he was breathing.  He wasn't.  She handed me the phone and told me to call 911. Then she sprung into action. She began CPR, giving him chest compressions and breathing deeply into his mouth. I  frantically asked her the address, as the operator wanted the location to send an ambulance. I was shaking, and upset, fearful that the old man might die right there. I repeated the address as she told me, never missing a beat. Then the old man coughed, and he opened his eyes. She had saved him. 

The most amazing thing came next, she picked this guy up like a doll, and carried him  across the lot, into the lobby, gently laying him on the couch. The Ambulance arrived within minutes and they put him on a gurney,  taking him in to check him out. My friend not only was the sexiest bombshell on the block, but a Superhero as well. To this day, I still call her Wonder Woman. 

The old guy Albert, survived, he had forgotten to  take his heart medication.  He came over and played cards with us one day, and we put on a fashion show for him. Amy became his favourite neighbour, he later confessed that his heart skipped a beat when he saw my "sweet ass" (his words) the joke became that we were a force of nature, I knock 'em dead, and Amy saves 'em!


Submitted: December 09, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Loretta Martin. All rights reserved.

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Wonder Woman

You have a remarkable memory Retta!
I had forgotten poor Alberts name!
I called him Scooter, and you know he loved that!
I told you he passed away in '15
I just couldn't save him then.
Love ya Doll, I should be embarrassed but go ahead, tell the rest!

Thu, December 9th, 2021 11:15am


Thank you sweetie! I am enjoying this!
Poor Albert! I am spilling it all!

Thu, December 9th, 2021 4:20am

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