Teen Master Part Five

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Alex's hold over his English teacher keeps expanding, with the poor man's fiance now a prisoner of the sadistic teen.



by dale10




I stand bare assed naked in the corner of the bedroom masturbating my dick. I have been ordered to masturbate it very hard, until it leaks a lot, but I have been forbidden to cum. This is incredibly difficult to do. I have been continually forced to edge until my dick feels ready to explode and my balls are in extreme pain.  I

thought my dick was of average size and ability, until I learned what an eighteen

year old teenage boy with a gigantically thick and long fucker could do to my fiancé.  He's on the bed now, fucking her brains out for the third time tonight.

Before he fucked her, four of his high school buddies fucked her. I know because I was made to suck them hard before they fucked into her and then clean their dirty, cum and cunt juice slick dicks with my mouth after they finished.  


She wraps her legs around his lean but muscular teenage jock back right above that hard bubble butt that I have sucked out so often. My tongue has been up that boy asshole for hours at a time. He makes me tongue kiss his asshole while he plays video games. I am now used to the bitter taste and degrading feeling. It’s not so bad. I have had to do much worse.  She thrusts her no longer tight pussy up hard onto the root of his huge prick. For some reason she just can’t get enough of that prick.  She freely admits it now, even though she is shamed by her confession. She cries about it and tells me she is so, so sorry. She hates herself for what she does, just as I hate myself for what I do for Alex.  It’s like a fucking drug addiction her.  An uncontrollable addiction to this boy's meaty, juicy cock.  I have seen the high school girls salivate just looking at Alex’s lump.  Over forty girls in the school have sucked his dick and swallowed his cum. Several teachers too, and myself being one of them. I however, unlike the others was forced to. Forced into bondage to this teen thug.


Does Annie still love me?  She swears the does, although she also admits that

she does not know what she would do if she ever had to give up Alex's teenage

prick.  He knows she needs to be treated like a fucking slut, worse, a dirty fuck animal, and he enjoys it to the max.  A few months ago, I was a happy twenty- eight year old about to married English teacher at a local high school.  Then, I dared to give the school teen punk a failing grade.  He appeared at my apartment one night, beat the shit out of me, forced me into homosexual sex acts, took pictures and then threatened to send me to jail for molesting a student unless I not only passed him in English with an A, but became his sex slave until he graduated. 


He is so fucking, God damned handsome and masculine and tough, and I am a kind of fragile, delicate, eyeglass wearing, intellect type and, well, let’s be honest, I am fucking scared of going to prison and having my life ruined. You know how easily a person’s life can be destroyed with social media nowadays. So, I fell under his control. But at the time, I never guessed my fiancé would become his slave too. He did the same thing to her, threatened her first with my destruction, then

with her own.  Then he slowly taught her to not only love his big, hard, punishing

teen dick, but to crave it, to need it. After he fucks her, he may allow me to

lick his prick and balls clean of cunt juice and boyfuck.  And to tell you the absolute truth, I have begun to question my own masculinity. I have begun  to wonder if it is not right that I am submissive to these constantly horny, sadistic teenage boys. They have made me feel that I actually am some sort of lower being to them. I have none of their animalistic power.


She is now two months pregnant with his child.  Of course, he got her pregnant on purpose. I begged him not to do it, and he just laughed. Then again, the baby could belong to the dozen other teenage boys he brought over to fuck Annie over and over and over. Alex said he kind of hopes it is the baby from one of the black boys who fucked her. He said he wants to bring diversity into our lives. Poor Annie has cum dribbling out of her cunt and ass almost all the time. Imagine getting fucked eight or nine times a night in all your holes. Sometimes more.  


We postponed our wedding to try to sort out our fucked-up minds and lives, but now Alex insists that we get married. He wants me to marry the girl he is fucking, the girl he is fathering a bastard child with.  He insists that the wedding take place seven months from now, so poor Annie will be nine months pregnant when she walks down the aisle. He will be the best man, standing next to me to greet her. The shame of it will be almost too much to bare. I don’t know what Annie's family who are very conservative, religious, and straight laced will do.  He is ruining Annie's life as much as my own. 


He makes her wear a very short leather skirt in public. It doesn’t come to the

bottom of her ass cheeks in the rear, and in the front, it barely covers her

pussy, the hem being one inch below her cunt. He will not allow her to wear any panties, so if she even moves the least bit funny, or sits, her entire shaved pussy shows. He forces her to sit in the food court of the mall with her legs spread in front of young boys and men. He makes me wear her panties sometimes. He takes me to the mall and makes me stand at a urinal and take my pants down, so the panties show when I piss. He does this when there are other men and boys in the bathroom.  


He makes Annie wear high, very high, heels and a see through blouse with

no bra so her nipples show clearly.  She is in total shame. And still, she almost pounces on his big drooling dick every chance she gets.  What bothers me as a teacher of kids is how a boy of eighteen could become so perverse, such a total degenerate who enjoys degrading and humiliating others. 


At home and at school, I have to give him and his buddies blow jobs whenever

they want them. That's right I am now a total cocksucker. And I swear to God I am

straight. Never even had a queer thought. And here I am sucking dick and taking

it up the ass.  I teach in school with my teeth clogged and my tongue coated with teenage sperm. And that’s not the half of it. Every day and night is hell with

this boy. He torments me all day long in school.  I live in fear that someone

will discover my perverse existence, and he will say I molested him and show the pictures and I will go to jail for forty years.  So I gargle with cum and drink piss, and sometimes even eat shit.


I stand in the corner of the room and beat my meat as I have been ordered to do. I can hear his fat teen dick slopping in and out of her wet pussy. I can hear

her beg him to fuck her harder.  My darling Annie, my love, my fiancé. This

boy, so much younger than she is, with his smooth  muscular boyish body, controls her like a fucking puppet.  He pulls out of her cunt with a slurping popping sound and she goes nuts. She needs his cum. She begs him to put his dick back. He laughs and crawls up her body. He presents his pussyslop covered dick to her face, and she hungrily licks the dick stalk and then the slop covered balls. His

 hairy nuts swing back and forth. Even his teenage nuts are much larger than mine.


The doorbell rings, and I freeze with terror.  Still feeding Annie his fuckmeat,

he turns his dark-haired head and winks at me. "You know what to do Mr.

Cuntsman. Don't fuck up or it will be really bad for you.” 


Yes, I know what to do. I am to answer the door bare naked with a hardon. I am not to cover myself in any way. On the other side of the door will be a pizza

delivery boy. I am to explain that he arrived just as I was fucking my fiancé.

Alex just loves to see me humiliated in this way.  I go to the front door,  my

dick bobbing in front of me, leaking a lot from masturbating for twenty

minutes without cumming. My body is trembling. In the bedroom, I can clearly hear Alex once again fucking Annie. I can hear his prick slamming into her, their bodies slapping together, her animalistic grunting. The doorbell rings again.  I have no choice.


I take a deep breath and open the door.  There with a silly red cap on, holding

a pizza in his hands is one of the boys from my own English class.  Alex

knew this. He did this on purpose. The boy is Johnny Schmidt, a fair haired 

straight A student who is a very good if somewhat meek and mild mannered young man. His father is a minister. The jocks sometimes tease him and call him a sissy boy faggot. He looks up at me, blinks several times, looks down at my dripping erection, and doesn't know what to do.  His hand starts to shake.  Has he ever even seen another dude’s penis drip?


"Ugh.. ugh... I'm sorry about this Johnny… you see I was making love to my

fiancé, and I thought this was a friend of mine at the door, so I didn’t

bother…” my excuse was so weak, I couldn’t even finish the sentence.  I saw him

gulp.  Now, he too was sure, like so many other boys in the school, that I was a

faggot, boy molesting pervert.  Alex had seen to that.  All of this would support

his story, if I didn’t remain his sex slave.


"Ah, that's okay...”  he managed in a very high thin voice, not knowing where

to look.  Suddenly from the Bedroom came Alex's voice screaming "Take it

bitch. Take  my big fat cock you worthless cunt. You fucking dick ditch. You



Poor Johnny started to shake. His silly red pizza cap tilted on his head and

fell off.  "I ugh, I think I better go...." 


He almost shoved the pizza at me and backed away.  What a tragedy. I had really

liked this student, and I had been such a good teacher. 


"I have to pay you Johnny. Just a minute” My dick was swinging all over the

place and spraying pre-fuck.  From the bedroom, Alex shouted, "Hey, Mr. Cuntsman, get in here and suck out my asshole.”


I thought poor, innocent young Johnny would die right there on the spot.  "Ahh, that’s okay. You don’t have to pay me. It’s free." he stammered and turned and actually ran down the street.  I stood holding the pizza, filled with terror. Whom would he tell about this?  His mother and father?  The school?  Oh Jesus, my life was so fucking miserable.


I took the pizza into the bedroom.  Alex had obviously shot a load. He was lying

on his back, and Annie was lovingly licking the pussy juice and cum off his

flaccid but still huge dick and bloated ball bag.

"Get some plates, Asswipe, and get me a beer too, "Alex ordered.I

hurried into the kitchen to return with plates, napkins and a beer for Alex.  He

hadn’t offered us anything to drink.


He wolfed down a huge hunk of pizza like any normal eighteen-year old boy and

then got creative.  He took a hand full of cheese and sausage and pepperoni and

mushroom gunk and he shoved it up his own asshole. Right up his sweaty, hair ringed asshole.  He had to push it way in with his fingers as he lay there on the bed with his strong teenage legs spread.


"Here you go, Cuntsman, eat this pizza out of my asshole,”  he smiled. I felt

sick. Annie looked up to me and then looked hungrily down at Alex's ass pucker

with cheese hanging out. 


"Ugh… I'll... do it for you, if you want Alex.”  she almost whimpered. While

she said this she fingered her cunt, sperm squirting out.  


"I don't want you to do it, you stretched out fuckpig you. I want Cuntsman to

do it.” I moved toward the bed like a robot.


Alex spread his strong thighs wider, and I crawled between them.  I could smell the sweat stink from his recent fuck exertion. I place my mouth on

his sweaty asshole and began to suck.  I stuck my tongue into his rectum and tried to scoop up some pizza. His dick thickened and bounced against my head. Even though I was lost in his muscular teen ass,  I could hear his voice talking to Annie.

"Hey Twat....shove a piece of pizza up your dickslopped pussy.” 


"Oh Alex, I'd rather...”


"I don't give a fuck what you'd rather. You got ten seconds to stuff your cunt

with pizza.” Then he moaned in pleasure and pushed his ass into my face.  I

could feel him working his rectum muscles like he was taking a shit, only it was

pizza squeezing into my mouth. I chewed and swallowed.  Out of the corner of 

one eye, I could see that when Annie had her cunt stuffed with pizza, Alex

shoved it deep into her guts by fucking his toes into her twat. He wiggled his

teenage toes and pushed the pizza in deeper and deeper, until he had half a foot

in her, and she was grunting and fucking back on his toes. My pregnant fiancé

was becoming a regular dick whore for this teenage boy.  He fucked her twat with

his foot while I sucked out his asshole.  His teen prick was hard again and leaking into my hair.  After I had eaten his asshole clean, he shoved me further back and pulled his foot from Annie's cunt. Then he ordered me to lick and suck his foot clean of pizza and cunt juice. I sucked on his sweaty boy toes and licked in between them. I licked the ball of his foot, cleaning it of pizza and pussy slime and cum. He reminded me to be sure to clean beneath his toe nails as well.  While I did that, he rammed his fingers up Annie's twat and scooped out the pizza and fed it to her. I could see her tits heaving, she was so gone on the perverted lust.  Her nipples looked like they might explode off her tits.


"Fuck me again Alex... please!" she begged him. 


"Jesus Bitch. You are a smelly old cunt. I got to save some of my healthy boy

spooge for teenage twat.”


Teenagers! What's happened to them?  What caused it?  The decline of the

Family, television, the internet and social media? 


When Alex walks around my apartment it’s quite a sight. His thick dick swings. The head of the prick is so nice and big, not like my little peanut prick. I know my dick is average in size, but compared to his, I feel totally inadequate. I think his massive dick is what gives him his bravado and courage.  His big balls swing and bounce too, like a bag full of two hard boiled eggs.  I wonder

what it is like to be eighteen and have a dick and balls like that. To have a

body like that.  He loves his body.  He pauses to pose in the mirror. He sticks his hot, hard ass out and pushes out his chest. His waist is narrow, and his stomach hard.  He has two nice deep cum gutters at his lower abdomen. He is totally filled with himself. He finishes his beer. He throws me the beer bottle. 


"Here, shove this up your ass.” he says as if it’s the most casual thing in the

world. He never stops being perverted.  It’s with him twenty-four hours a day.

The bottle is really painful and Annie has to help me get it far enough up my

asshole to please him. It goes in, way beyond the narrow neck, so that only about two inches of the thick base is sticking out. Yes, it is extremely painful.  I can hardly move.


"Thirsty?"  he asks nonchalantly.


"Yes..." I say, chewing my lower lip against the pain in my ass. 


"Come here,” he says in front of the floor length mirror.  "Crawl over here.” 


I am the boy's twenty-eight-year old high school English teacher, and I don't

want to do it. My God, I don’t want to do it. I want this filth out of my life. But I go down on my hands and knees and crawl over to him, the bottle sticking out of my rectum. It hurts like all fuck when I crawl. 


“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”  he orders.I do, and he rests

the big fat head of his flaccid dick on my tongue. It feels like a bologna sausage  on my tongue, so heavy and full.  And I can feel the pisshole opening and closing like a little mouth.  He has a very large pisshole too, of course. And then, he starts to piss.  Because his pisshole is so large, his piss gush is strong and forceful, like the spray from a firehose. Somehow I knew that even his pissing would be more masculine than mine.  It actually knocks my head back a bit and piss runs off my chin onto my chest.


Annie watches from the bed, fingering her cunt and moaning as Alex pisses into my mouth. She digs her fingers in deep, trying to approximate the feel of a dick.  He keeps his dickhead just on my tongue, so Annie can see the big fat teen cock urinating, and also, so I get all the taste of the rank yellow piss on my taste buds. His cockhead is fat and soft and smooth, but the piss spray is so strongI have trouble swallowing as fast as I have to. I know if I spill a

single drop of Alex's piss I will be punished terribly, but there is already pee dripping from my chin onto my chest.  His piss is precious, to Alex anyway, and I am starting to think to Annie as well. It is a holy elixir from his meaty fucker. I don’t know what he had to eat, but his piss is very dark and very strong in flavor on this day. Not like it is sometimes at school when he makes me drink his piss for lunch. Does all of this make me feel like a piece of shit or lower?  You bet! It scares me too, something awful. An unnamable abstract fear, like fear of the dark, or fear of being closed in a tiny space you can’t get out of.  


When he finishes, he shakes his dick off onto my face. Sending piss drops like rain onto my nose, cheeks eyes and forehead. I hold still, afraid of angering him. I have become something for him to piss on and into, nothing more.  Then he turns to the bathroom to take a shower.  "I gotta hurry, I got a date."  He says.  Annie moans.  Why I am not sure. He stops at the bathroom door.  "Hey Cunt,” he says to Annie.


"Yes Alex?" she purrs hoping for another fuck I suppose. 


“Get that fucking Seminary student cousin of yours over here. It’s high time I threw a fuck into his faggot ass.”


“Please Alex, he is very innocent and very religious.”


“So, does that mean he can’t suck dick?  Besides, that’s all I hear those future priests do is suck dick and take it up the ass, all day and night. And then they pray and are forgiven. Ha! What a life. Get his ass over here this weekend.” 


He turns and goes into the shower. Annie collapses on the bed in a heap of tears. She does that. First she is a lustful whore, then a guilt-ridden wreck.  I just stand there, not knowing what to do. Should I console Annie? I do love her very much, I think. How long will Alex be my master and control my life? I stand there not knowing what to do next.  


Alex solves my problem.  "Cuntsman, get your sorry ass into the kitchen and

write me a check for two hundred bucks," he shouts from the shower.  I turn

silently to the kitchen. For some reason my cock is rock hard.

Submitted: December 08, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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