Teen Master Part Four

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Alex takes his English Teacher's torment to new extremes in the classroom and the school toilet.




(This story is fantasy and the author does not condone any of the behavior herein. All characters are 18 yrs or older. )


We had to postpone the wedding.  We didn’t want to, but Alex, our teenage

blackmailer and master insisted.  Annie felt terrible about it because it

embarrassed her in front of all our friends and family. Everybody wondered what

was wrong, but nobody had a sick enough imagination to guess the truth.  Alex

started hanging around my apartment more and more. He also made Annie give him a key to her place so he could go over and fuck her anytime. Teaching became hell, especially when I had to see him in school.  

Now, I know my fiancé loves me, and I feel terrible that I have any doubts at all

about our relationship, but I also am not stupid, and I know she began to love

his fucking her. She loved his big fat teenage dick.  So much larger than mine.

I mean, my dick is average, nothing to be ashamed of, but this kid had a fucker on him that was almost grotesque. Everyone at school, girls, boys, teachers, started at the obscene lump in his jeans. He knew it too, and loved it.


My fiancé actually seemed to enjoy him treating her not with respect as I always did, but like a piece of shit… like some white trash cock tramp. Why do some girls enjoy that? She kept assuring me she was only doing this to keep Alex from hurting us... to keep me from going to jail.  but I could feel our relationship change.  She became more and more obsessed with the teenager’s cock. When I was in bed with them, sucking Alex's ass which he often forced me to do, while he fucked Annie... I could feel her thrust her cunt up hard against the boy’s dickroot.  I didn’t even understand how she could take so much dick in her. He must have been fucking actually into her womb. He would pull out until just the plumb-sized head was still in her cunt and the obscene length was out, with his huge balls swinging below, and then, slam it deep in again, as far and as hard as he could.  Since Alex refused to use a rubber and wouldn’t let Annie use any birth control, we both knew it was only a matter of time before she became pregnant.  Well, it’s happened.  We are sure the baby isn’t mine because Alex won’t let me fuck Annie any more, at least not for now. I can’t even jerk off and cum without his permission.


But the baby could belong to one of eight other high school students!  That's right, Alex has started to bring his buddies from school around to fuck Annie too. 


At first, she sobbed and went all hysterical, so he had to slap her around a bit.

He really slapped the shit out of her. It was horrible to watch. I cried too, but what could I do?  Alex could have sent both of us to prison for child molesting.  He and his grade 12 buddies were eighteen, but they all said they would swear that I molested them when they were 16 and 17. They would lie, and my life would be ruined.  People would believe him, especially with the pictures of us both sucking his dick.  So, my poor fiancé has to let all eight jock boys fuck her whenever they want to.  My God, how they batter her poor cunt. Last week, I had to drive

Alex, his buddy Ted and Annie all to a drive-in movie. These quaint things had opened again since the virus stuck and are now quite popular again.  They sat in the back of the car and fingered her while I drove.  I could hear their fingers squishing in and out of her cunt, and I heard Alex order her to spread her legs wider apart. She was crying and grunting.  


At the movie, I had to get them popcorn, and then they all fucked in the back during the movie.  She had to suck their dicks and stuff like that.  Ted, who was a muscular black boy passed his dirty wet jock strap up to me and ordered me to suck on it. The taste made me gag. He must not have changed that jock strap for weeks and weeks. The mesh pouch was stiff with dick leak and dried piss and cum. The ass straps had skid marks on them. I gagged and Alex hit me on the back of the head and told me to be respectful. This is how they treated me now, a man who was once a highly respected young teacher.  Alex pissed in a soda cup and then made me drink it.  He said he was too lazy to go to the toilet.  I heard him hanging his huge dick over the lip of the paper cup and then shooting his piss into it. Imagine, I was actually forced to drink the piss of a teenage boy. That was just the start of the gross things he came up with.  My life is absolute hell, but what can I do? 


At school, it’s even worse.  The other day, I was teaching... giving the

kids a test, when Alex brought a note to my desk. It said:  "Cuntman; unless

you want your fiancé gangbanged by ten guys tonight, you better do exactly as I

say.  Now for starters, while sitting behind your desk, completely remove your

shoes, socks, and pants! (I have been forbidden to wear any underwear, except

sometimes a pair or Annie's panties.)  So, I sat at my desk, giving a test,

praying no one would come into the room, bare assed naked from the waist down. I was so fucking scared. It felt so strange, my balls resting on the desk chair, my dick out in the open air, with a roomful of teenagers in front of me.  The note went on. "When you see me scratch the back of my neck, I want you to get a nice big hard on for me and then call me up to the front of the room, so I can look over the desk and check it out."I heard some of the boys in the room tittering and chuckling, so I knew Alex must have shared his prank with them. I told the class to keep quiet during the exam.


Then, I sat there in a room full of high school kids, jacking my prick.  I feel less than human most of the time now, but that was a new low. It completely destroyed my self-esteem.  At first I could not get my dick hard, I was too scared, but I saw Alex frown at me, and so I beat my meat harder.  Any kid looking up at me could see my arm and hand moving as I pumped my dick.  Finally, I got the hard on and called Alex up to the front of the room.  He had that crooked, nasty, dirty smile he often has when he is playing one of his sadistic games.  He leaned casually over the desk and checked out my naked lower body and hard prick. 


Jack Willard a very nice boy and an excellent student rose from his

seat to ask me a question. He stared up the aisle.


"Jack, stay in your seat." I snapped, and all the kids reacted to my strong

intonation.  I am usually a very friendly easy going teacher.  Poor Jack got all

red in the face and sat back down.  Alex laughed and wandered over to sit on

the desk of a cute young girl in my class.  The poor girl, all red in the face

too, looked up at me for help.  What could I do? I was sitting there half naked

with a fucking boner.  Alex brazenly began to rub the crotch of his jeans right in front of the girl. Her eyes went down to his dick limp. Other kids noticed. Alex’s dick erected and his huge fucker traveled down the leg of his pants. The other kids wondered why I didn’t say anything. I was trapped, and I had lost the respect of the decent boys and girls in the class.  


Finally, Alex let me dress, but before the class ended, he

told me to report to the third-floor bathroom.  The third-floor bathroom was

usually deserted because nobody wanted to walk all the way up there. 


Well on this particular day, there were five boys there plus Alex. All students of mine. All friends of Alex.  I couldn’t believe he was sharing his hold on me with others. The more who knew of it, the more dangerous my position. And remember please, all of this was happening right in school.  I did not want to spend forty years in prison for molesting a student, especially since

I was totally innocent.  Alex ordered me to strip naked in front of the other senior thug, loser boys.  They all smirked, and three of them lit cigarettes.  I begged Alex to reconsider. He kicked me hard in the nuts, and I fell to the cold tiled floor, grasping my pounding testicles. It wasn’t just the physical pain but the emotional and mental humiliation that overwhelmed me. How could I strip naked in front of high school boys? But I had no choice.


I got it over with as quickly as possible. I didn’t know what to do with my suit coat, but Alex took it and tossed it into a urinal that was flooded with piss. My pants followed. Another of the boys took my wallet and fished out all the cash I had in there and also pocketed my credit cards. Alex himself kept my phone.  I kicked off my shoes and peeled off my socks.  Now, I stood before them totally naked.  stripped naked, my dick wobbling and shrinking with fear. Two of the boys held me by the arms, while the other three took turns punching me in the stomach and kicking me in the balls.  You know how it feels when you accidently hurt your nuts playing sports or just fooling around… how waves of nausea and pain course through your whole body. Well, this was like that, only ten times worse, because they kept tormenting my balls.  I started to cry, really  hard.  


"Look Mr. Cuntman is crying like a fucking pussy.  That's what he is,

a fucking pussy," Alex shouted and the other boy all laughed. They held me and kicked my legs further apart so they would have a better target. Each boy jumped and then kicked out, so the toe of his shoe caught me right in the nutsack. I was sure I would pass out from the pain. I blubbered and sobbed and accepted that I was weak and submissive with them. They made me shout out that I was a “fucking pussy.” Then, they put me on my hands and knees, and Alex took off his belt and started to beat my ass with it. I'm a twenty-eight-year old man. Imagine how I felt in front of these young teenage boys.  They made me crawl around the bathroom, naked on hands and knees, while they whipped my ass with their belts.


"Spread your legs apart when you crawl, so your fucking balls swing,”  Alex yelled, and I had to do that for the boys, allowing them to take snaps with their belts at the rear of my nutsack, and at my ass globes which were now stripped with scarlet marks.  When the belt would connect with my nuts just right, I was wracked with numbing crippling pain. I would roll up into a fetal positon there on the toilet floor.  I was a teacher on the toilet floor in degrading, humiliating agony. The guys would all high five each other for a successful hit.  Ted, Alex's best buddy, found a toilet plunger someplace, and they proceeded to shove the wooden handle of it up my asshole. They were not gentle about it either. The more out of it I became, the more they laughed. I promised to do whatever they wanted if they would just stop hurting me. And believe me, It did hurt like

hell. The wooden handle was rough and burned as it fucked the inside of my rectum, and at times, it felt like my guts were punctured.  I coughed and sobbed and choked and groveled and begged them to have mercy. It just egged them on more. They were young animals in some kind of sadistic sexual heat. Their hard, young dicks in their trousers were erect and leaking pre-fuck, causing large stains on the crotches of their jeans. The armpits of their tee shirts were soaked with sweat.  They forced me to crawl around the room like a dog,  with the plunger up

my ass. Each move sent waves of pain through my guts.  Alex kept making certain enough plunger handle stayed up my fucked hole, at least ten inches. I was blowing air from my mouth to keep conscious.


And then Alex ordered me to crawl over to the urinals and lick them clean!

I said this particular bathroom isn’t used much, nor is it cleaned much. The whole room stank of piss and other things, like one of those filthy public toilets you find buried deep in subway stations or at bus stations.  The urinals were streaked and caked with dried, old piss stains. The piss trough bottoms were yellow-brown with dried urine. Piss from teenage boys.  Here I was a very smart, good looking college graduate, a teacher of some repute, a scholar, kneeling naked in front of piss trough urinals. My ass burned and balls throbbed.  I would at this point have done almost anything to stop the pain and torment.  I leaned in, opened my mouth and extended my tongue.  The room spun and I felt confused, almost as if I somehow deserved this treatment.


I leaned in more and began to lap at the crusty yellow stains caking the dried urinal bottoms.  In my head, I had images of teenage boy dicks spurting the piss.

Teenage boys who were somehow more powerful and more masculine than I was. I licked the dried piss stains out of urinals, gagging and coughing, naked on my hands and knees with a toilet plunger up my ass. The guys roared with laughter, and several of them flicked cigarette ashes onto my bare ass to keep me in line. the boys were all dressed. I was the only one naked. I was the only one totally vulnerable and submissive. When would it be over? When would it stop?  Not yet.


Next, with their fat teen peckers pushing out their now wet jeans, they ordered me to crawl into one of the toilet stalls. I was shocked at the graffitti on the walls of the stalls.“Mr. Morton sucks Dick.”“Suzy Colter takes it up the ass from the football team," stuff like that. There were drawings of big shooting dicks and drawings of girls cunts. There were email addresses of some of the girls in the school, and notes saying which ones were great cocksuckers. There was even one large written message about me. “Mr. Kushman is a fucking cocksucking fairy sissy faggot!” It said.  With it was a crude drawing of a face that did not look like me at all, sucking on a huge dick.  The walls of the stall were also streaked with

pecker tracks... cum slop... long trails of dried cum from where guys had shot

their loads, jerking off against the walls.  It looked like a hundred boys must have used this stall to beat their meat and unload their ball sap. It was sickeningly gross.  Alex calmly ordered me to lick the cum stains off the stall walls.


"A good teacher helps to keep his school clean. You can do your bit by licking

this stall nice and clean.”  See if you can tell from only the taste and smell, which pecker tracks are mine!” He and the other boys laughed.  


I told Alex I had another class starting soon and had to leave and was rewarded with a backhand slap across my face. My lip began to bleed. My asshole hurt so badly from the plunger up it that at times, I almost blacked out.  I licked the walls of the stall. Most of the cum streaks were old and not easy to get off. I had to lick hard enough to turn the tried fuck into paste in order to remove it. it must have taken ten minutes. When at last only the graffiti remained on the walls and door, and the cum was in my stomach and coating my tongue, I was then ordered to lick the floor around the toilet bowl clean. The tiled floor was covered in dried piss and cum and just plain dirt.  After that was done, Alex pointed toward the toilet bowl.


I was shaking so badly I only heard half his words. I could not focus on anything, my mind was so blown with humiliation and disgust. “Now, Mr. C. be a good faggot teacher and lick the toilet bowl clean too.” 

The stench from the bowl was mind blowing.  I found it difficult to breath.  I slowly looked up over the lip of the bowl. The inside was encrusted not only with dried dark yellow piss but also with thick brown rings.  I could stand no more. I puked, heaved vomit into the toilet. The boys laughed, and I was told I now had to lick up the puke as well.  I fell to the floor, beaten and exhausted, unable to do any more, but the boys who were relentless and insistent, took turns kicking me. They forced more plunger handle up into my guts, until I howled with pain. I screamed that I would obey, and I licked up the puke. I was then allowed to rinse

out my mouth with toilet water, which I lapped from the filthy bowl. In my stupidity, I thought things had reached their lowest point and could get no worse.  I was wrong.


One of the boys, a curly headed, fresh faced, cute kid, had gone into the stall next door and now announced that it was ready. They had me crawl over, and I smelled the shit before I saw it. He had taken a dump in the toilet but not flushed it.


Alex smiled at me, that damned fucking sadistic smile.  "Lunchtime, Mr

Cuntsman.”I told him I wouldn’t do it and tried hysterically to crawl toward the door of the bathroom. I couldn’t even get to my feet with the plunger in my ass.  Two of the boys grabbed my naked ankles, so I slammed down, my face smashing into the hard stone tiled floor, and dragged me back on my stomach. Alex took out his big cunt-fucking dick, the same dick with which he was fucking my fiancé,  and pissed all over my body and face.  Three of the other boys followed suit and soon I was a piss-stinking mess.  I was spitting up the boys’ piss from my mouth, and it ran down my chest and stomach and groin. They kicked me back into the



"Now Mr. Cuntsman, eat your lunch. Be a good little pussy teacher and

eat your lunch.”  I stared down at the turds floating in the toilet bowl and

wanted to die.  What could I do?  I no longer had a life. I no longer had a future. I was the slave of a teenage boy.  I leaned down, my hair falling over my

face, slick with piss, and opened my mouth. I bobbed in the toilet water and

came up with a log of shit in my mouth. Nothing on earth could be more demeaning.  


"Fuck man, look at that,” Ted whistled, " our fucking English teacher

is eating shit.”  How could I ever face these boys in the classroom again? How

could I face anyone? THEY HAD THEIR PHONES OUT AND WERE TAKING PICTURES.Oh my God, I didn’t want to go to prison, and all of these boys could swear in court that I had molested them.  It would be lies upon lies, of course, but what did they care?  I tasted the bitter, chalky taste of the shit. The smell was worse than the taste.  I started to chew and swallow, going far away someplace in my mind.  some place I had learned to hide when things got unbearable.


After I had eaten the three turds, the boys allowed me to dress in my pissy clothes, but they would not allow me to wash. I told them I wanted to go home sick, but they insisted I finish the day teaching. I had to go to teach my next class smelling of piss and with shit on my breath and clogging my teeth. Alex reminded me that each of these boys was to receive an A in my class. I was also to be at the disposal of these boys at any and all times. I had to do whatever they said, no matter how filthy, without exception.


"Whew, you stink Mr. Cuntsman...”  One of the boys smirked as the bell rang and they pushed me out of the bathroom into the school hall. 

Earlier tonight, three boys from school fucked Annie... at the same time! One in

her mouth, one in the pussy and one in the ass.  They would change positions

every few fuck strokes.  It was kind of a game.  I had to move around on the bed

and suck on each of the teenage boy’s sweaty assholes. If anyone had told me even a few months ago that I would ever suck on a teenage boy’s ass, I would have said the guy was not only a sicko, but absolutely nuts. I was allowed to suck the cum from Annie's cunt and ass after the boys shot off. Then, I had to lick the

kids’ dicks clean of cunt juice and ass slime.  Annie curled up in a little ball

and cried herself to sleep as usual.  The boys decided to play a little game. I

had to sit with my legs spread and they bowled oranges at my scrotum, seeing who could hit my ball bag the hardest. Teenage boys sure have sick minds. In my

day, only ten years ago, any teenager I knew would never have conceived of something so perverted.  How times have changed. 

Submitted: December 06, 2021

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