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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Getting naked in public view

I get enormous thrills,

That bring ecstatic chills,

A lubricated state,

That normals would abate.

I like to have malfunctions 

At populated junctions, 

Where I am left exposed

Most often without clothes,

I try to make it seem,

It's an accidental scheme, 

That my skirt fell off,

Or that I lost my top.

I see those flustered men,

Their lusty eyes zoom in. 

As my blouse is opened, 

Unnoticed it's unbuttoned.

I love to show my skin,

To all the horny men,

Who never had expected,

My nipples were detected. 

Or sitting on the train,

With my legs open again,

Missing frilly panties,

Or G-string only undies.

In a short skirt lacking,

I gleefully watch them jacking.

As my exhibition skills,

Bring unexpected thrills.




Submitted: December 05, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Loretta Martin. All rights reserved.

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The meter and rhyme are fun, energetic, and playful. The speaker is a tease, delightfully notorious and eager for the next lustful surprised expression...

Mon, December 6th, 2021 3:54am


I love being naked in public! Thanks Sweet Kitten!

Sun, December 5th, 2021 11:28pm


Well that sure might be a little more difficult to pull off in Salt Lake City than in most other metro-areas of the Country… But on the other hand, the reactions are probably more intense there than in most other locals!?! If you want severe thunderstorms then I guess tropical isles are home?!?

Mon, December 6th, 2021 7:35am


I've lived in the islands, I've lived on the coasts, I've lived many places more than most.
But nestled in the Rockies are a horny bunch, even the Momo's haven't you heard? Some if those patriarchal pervs have sister wives! I do try to avoid them and swing with a more liberal crowd, but risqué is good Anywhere!

Mon, December 6th, 2021 2:06am

Wonder Woman

You always were a show off! Remember our pantiless day at the World of Coca-Cola museum? When you fingered me then blew the guy in the bathroom? Good times!

Thu, December 9th, 2021 11:24am


Oh shit! He was ugly, but that wank! A dares a dare, and you don't welch!
Thanks for paying! What a day! Standing on the gantry at the bottling plant with no undies in skirts, giving the line workers a free show ! Those were the days!

Thu, December 9th, 2021 4:12am


Nude photo's on private chat here on Silk LM.
Now!!! this is a dare.
Great poem too.

Sun, December 12th, 2021 4:52am


There is something so hot about a woman who will tease (men especially) with "accidental" glimpses up her skirt or down her blouse. Vive la femme.

Fri, May 27th, 2022 7:05pm


I am such a blatant exhibitionist...I forcibly popped a button off a white shirt in the grocery line this week, as a stud was trying to get a nipple glance...I just made it easier for him as I emptied my cart in front of him...I am so bad!

Tue, August 2nd, 2022 10:23am

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