Hide and seek

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A play date with cnc


  Hide and seek


It was a lovely sunny evening as you ventured towards town ... You had decided this was nuts and the guy would never show up but in your gut you really wanted it so bad.


You had received instructions by text at 5pm with following with no deviation allowed


- dress as follows a nice loose skirt and low cut top and flat shoes as you may need to run !


- on o'connell st you are to get onto the 46a to the Phoenix Park and go upstairs and sit at the front


- on arrival at the last stop get off and go to the entrance gate and wait



Intrigued by this text you did as instructed and boarded the bus .. It was windier than expected which made you giggle as you knew men had caught sight of your innocent white cotton panties which you had seen turned them on. Blushing you sat down on the top deck of the bus and looked around it was busy but a guy in sunglasses and a hoodie caught your eye and you wondered but looked out the window.



Time seem to drag as it was rush hour, traffic moved slowly and people scurried about hoping to get home before the ominous dark clouds opened up on them.



In your head you imagined how it would happen but still was not sure he would be man enough to do it.



Finally at the last stop ... You realised the guy with the hoodie had gotten off so it wasn't him and you got up and went down stairs catching the drivers eye as you departed.



At the entrance to the park you looked around and saw nothing when you heard your phone go .... A text from Den. "You have 10 minutes to hide slut,perfect outfit for me to rip off you " and you looked around and saw no one then you jumped as you felt a hand on your shoulder .... 9 minutes 30 seconds - run rabbit run ... I am coming to find you soon



As you set off ... You looked behind to see if you could see who was speaking to you but the tone of text suggested you best run and run quickly



As you mingled in the crowds exiting the park, you knew you had to move quickly and as far away as possible. Seeing the playing fields in the distance and lots of trees you could easily hide there and not be found quickly and if he found you he would work for it.



A text beeped "8 minutes coming to find you " , shit move quicker ... The fields seem close but not close enough trying to use the tree line on the road to keep out of sight.



The next text went off "7 minutes" ... Running a little but those large boobs are not built for speed. You reached the playing fields of the cricket club and a match was about to start .. Mingling in the match crowd you could see the forest tree line getting closer now ... Beep "6 minutes" bumping into people as you realise soon he will be in pursuit with only one thing on his mind. Getting flustered you start to jog - the wind picking up and you had a sense of foreboding looking at the heavy dark clouds above ... Due to running you suddenly saw two missed texts "5 minute warning " and "4 minute warning". You were close to the forest line and eased up feeling safer and relieved ... It was dark but safe.



Beep "3 minute warning" and you looked to pick a vantage point to give you as much of a view of the park and close my fields. You realised your top was stuck to you with sweat and your breathing was heavy. Beep "2 minutes" you could also feel that your cotton panties were soaking you ignored the feeling building up and tried to concentrate no one beats Evie  at hide and seek. Beep "60 seconds ".



Rain had started to fall and it was growing darker and you were feeling more isolated and less secure by the second. I should of stayed closer to the crowds and I hope he wasn't a pisstaking Prick who had fucked off on the bus leaving you all alone with some very real predators about.



Beep"you better be well hidden rabbit - coming to find you! You have been warned". The game is on and you scanned the horizon guessing he would of kept an eye on you for as long as possible and would know you headed to the forest.



Time ticked even slower as the rain picked up and various people came close to shelter but not near you ... You kept losing sight of people and wondering could it be him.



You heard a branch break close by and startled And with excitement building in your body and your heart beating so hard you thought it would explode, you turned to see it was a deer ... Phew you thought and laughed but as you turned you felt a strong arm grab and drag you to the ground.



Looks like I found my rabbit and with that you could feels hands everywhere as you tried to see who all you could make out was a hoodie with a baseball hat and sunglasses on .. You tried to scream and push him off - he enjoyed watching you fight as he grabbed your hands over your head and leaned into kiss your lips - you feel him moving Dry humping you as you struggled then he took his glasses off and glared at you - don't fucking scream you hear me ? Nod if you understand .. 



Holding your wrists together with one hand you heard a belt buckle getting on done and the sound of a zipper ... You knew what would be next as you tried to shut your legs .. A strong hand pushed them open and You felt fingers along your white cotton panties - your pussy is betraying you Evie he laughed as he felt how wet they were and pulled them to the side to slide a finger in roughly then a second soon he was finger fucking you hard enjoying the soft cries of no and moaning, he seeked your clit and worked it as he called you a dirty little slut. You started to involuntary move your hips to meet his movement getting wetter and wetter ...... It was too much for you and you could feel it building up from your toes you were close and ready to cum, to finally feel release from this torture.. 



Moaning louder but suddenly just before you cum he stopped. You cry out what the fuck don't stop and he smiles asking since when did you have an opinion !



Stand up Evie and go stand by that tree wrap your arms around it and wait for me ..: don't even think of running away. Your legs are like jelly you want to run but can't



You are soon in position and jump when you feel your panties yanked straight down to your ankles - your Pussy exposed to the cold and he tells you to put your hands out behind your back and lifts the skirt and orders you to hold it and not to drop it , hold it tight and he steps back and a firm hard hand comes down on the right cheek and then the left not too sore but enough to go red , increasing the pace and rhythm and asking you to explain yourself and your slutty behaviour. Each spank you confess some dirty little secrets as your ass gets redder finally you feel a finger tracing along your pussy lips then another and soon he finger fucking you hard from behind and it feels good - don't drop that skirt and feel a tap on the ass again



Then you feel him kicking your legs apart a little place your hands on tree don't remove them and with that you hear a thud and a shuffling sound as he moves closer craving your tight pussy or maybe it's your ass finally you feel him leaking along your lips as he rubs off your pussy - it feels good but wrong you don't fancy him but then with a hard shove he is inside , he had promised to use a condom , it's too late now as you feel his cock grow harder in you , leaking and pulsing as you grip it tight. His grunting growing grabbing your hips hard you feel his bony fingers digging into you , leaving his mark on you



Suddenly he makes you bend over more for longer harder thrusts , slamming his cock into you. Knowing you need it hard , feel his thighs slam into your legs as he increases the pace , wanting to explode in you and let you feel the force of his ejaculation.



Getting a good speed up , your pussy juices soaking his cock and balls and the more you call no the harder he slams in , his balls slapping off your ass, you feel it building you will not be denied and before he can withdraw you clamp down hard on his cock as you orgasm screaming , your body shaking and as you release him you feel him grab a fistful of hair did I tell you had permission to cum ?



Get on all fours on the ground now - without missing a beat you dropped to the ground and using your Pussy juice as lube you feel the tip of his cock trying to enter your tight ass slowly inch by inch - you had not agreed to this but it felt so good as you adjusted to the feeling soon he was nicely inside and building up speed and strength as he reached around to rub your clit as he fucked your ass hard. I need to cum you dirty slut as you felt his cock twitching inside you and then with a screaming shudder you felt him loose control filling your tight ass with cum



Suddenly he fell to the ground smiling and exhausted - you sense a chance to escape pulling up you panties as cum oozes out of your ass - run rabbit run there is more for you soon xxx 


Submitted: December 03, 2021

© Copyright 2023 An Sionnach Rua. All rights reserved.

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Simply entertaining.
erotic humor.
I could imagine two lovers playing this game.

Tue, December 21st, 2021 9:50pm

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