Scheduling Conflicts

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The story you are about to read, is true,
The name has not been changed,
due to the ironic nature of it.
To date, it was my busiest day ever.

It was my morning routine, a daily walk on the beach. I wore my bikini and sand shoes,  and brought along my "fanny" pack, filled with a few necessary items, lipstick, mints, a small jar of fine crypto and a small marble pipe and lighter. I rose everyday before daybreak for my walk, I discovered on several occasions that the earlier I went, the more likely I was to become a voyeur. 

Many people as it turns out, like to have sex on the beach, bloody hell, there's even a drink named for it! My usual walks were around daybreak, but because of all the lewd activity I started going to bed early and getting up at four. Usually, I was in a rush, I was barely dressed before hitting the dunes! One morning I actually walked completely nude, out my door, down the lift, through the workout room and onto the beach. My sand shoes I wore, but I carried a half top and bikini shorts in my Fanny pack. But that's another story that involved seducing the Authorities.

One of the early days however,  I found myself on a small boardwalk step smoking the weed. I  must have attracted attention in my skimpy outfit, because a young handsome fisherman with big hands said "Hi" in a whispered seductive voice, actually I am not sure if he said "Hi" or "High?" He sat down close to me and pulled a bag from his pocket, it had purple crystalline buds inside, which he later gave to me. He packed my small marble bowl, and I took a drag... I  was completely high as a kite on one toke! When he came back into focus he was licking his lips like a hungry man. My pulse quickened as he began to massage my breast, his hand inside my bikini.  I moaned in ecstasy as I groped his crotch where the throbbing beast lay. I thought his button fly would pop from the swollen pressure of this monstrous cock! The girth was what made my head spin, because my fingers wouldn't close around it! His tongue penetrated my mouth, as I began stroking him, it took two hands just to work it! I immediately went down on his enormous cock head which throbbed in time with his pulse. I could only take the mushroom head in my mouth. My pussy was dripping cum.  After a few minutes of glorious gagging and slurping, I stood and shoved my pussy in his face, as he licked my clit, my wetness dripping, then he flipped me over, propped me on the wooden rail, ripped my bottoms off and thrust this beautiful cock inside me! He was so long that he met my cervical boundary with only half of it inside me! I came immediately, as he filled me completely, and then came several more times before he'd eventually explode inside me.

He turned me back around,  and said "I'm Randy." 

"You certainly are!" I responded breathlessly. And we passionately kissed.

The sun was rising over the ocean as I turned to see four other men with their hard cocks out, each stroking to the sex show we'd just given. One man shot his load across the dune, and left.

Another boldly approached us both. I thought for certain,he would fuck me right there, but instead, he bent down to lick the cum off Randy's monster dick. It turned me on so much, to see another man lustfully suck such a huge cock. He stroked his dick with one hand, and tried to manage the horse cock in his other while moaning and sucking. It didn't seem to bother Randy, whose cock was becoming harder. Another man approached me and pushed me down by the other cock sucker, he then forced his meat into my mouth, it wasn't as big as Rands, but it was the perfect length for deepthroating. I began choking on it while helping the other guy stroke my new friend. There was a certain sexual synchronization to it all!

He came all over my face within a few minutes,  undoubtedly because he'd been stroking to our little show. He backed away, as I saw another distant man beating his wank senseless. I felt obliged to go over, and take it in my mouth, and he filled it immediately with his cum. There I was face plastered, gargling cum, my tits and ass dripping man juice, as I looked up to the boardwalk above. Another group of Five other men were wanking away, and I realised that day, I was going to have a scheduling conflict...

Two men battled their way down the stairs to get to me, although I was exhausted, they both flanked me and started roping their ponies. I took each in hand and began the marathon jerk-fest, making sure their spunk nozzles were pointed in my direction. I leaned over occasionally to polish their knobs with my tongue, and eventually they shot me with their hot jizz. One was definitely inspired by the other, when he saw his opposites boner erupt, which obviously flipped the others switch to pop off within seconds. I suspect he too, got off to cocks just as much. The other three advanced and I  put my hand up. I was spent. I trudged down to the shore and rinsed all the cock juice off of me. I noticed a family of whitish tourists carrying their chairs and floats up the beach, and they had paused, in shock.  I'm certain that they saw some of this wild sexual bonanza as well. I returned to see the other three standing, dicks stowed, waiting for an invitation,  and being the kindest cock sucker in town, I graciously took down their numbers for a future rendezvous. Which I obliged everyone in turn, after taking a break for several days. That is still my record, six Penises, well five penises, and one giant shlong in one escapade. 

Randy and I became friends for years afterwards.  To this day his enormous cock is the biggest I've ever seen, or felt, or sucked, or jacked, or dreamed about.

Submitted: December 02, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Loretta Martin. All rights reserved.

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Wonder Woman

Oh My! I don’t believe I heard this one! Lovely experience!
A Little suprised you couldn't handle them all!
No you're the Superhero!

Thu, December 9th, 2021 11:39am


Tee hee! I am a bad girl!

Thu, December 9th, 2021 3:58am

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