“Yes Virginia; there is a Father Christmas.”

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Virginia is home for Christmas. Its all ho, ho, ho, with her step brothers girlfriend, her step brother and her step daddy.

Virginia woke up early. She was home for Christmas. This was the big day.

She was very excited, though she had arrived back home for Christmas, only on its eve.

She had been exhausted after several hours of driving.  Her mum understood and her step dad agreed to catching up tomorrow... and right then and there ...  just letting her get some much-needed rest. Though somewhere in the conversation it was mentioned her step brother James now had a regular sleep over girlfriend, Stella.

Virginia caught the name...Stella...who would be here tomorrow for Christmas lunch.

Our Uni lass was eighteen and Christmas was still exciting.  She was self touchy excited as she woke up too early but realised she had a more urgent need.

Virginia was so excited as she knew big gift cards were the most likely presents as she had excelled at Uni in her first year away from home.  However; it was the need to pee that had woken her. The full bladder.  The irritating, urgent demand.

The last thing she wanted was to use the toilet next to her parent’s room along the hallway at six in the morning. They would sleep another hour at least. Nothing for it but to head down the stairs to the second bathroom next to the laundry.

Virginia had completed the full happy relieving tinkle. The plash, burble and splash created by the warm stream from her body and the loud flush of the cistern were over.

Then it hit her, she had slept frickin naked last night. Well in her flat , she did full buff or sometimes skimpy nightie panties. Here she was  in the bloody downstairs loo and she was stark naked.

Fuck it, if her mum saw she was a pussy trimmer or her step dad took in her boobs, fuck no. This was not the moment, Christmas morning, to be au naturale in your parent’s house.

Virginia did the stealth listen.  You hear stuff that’s not even there. Was that a door opening? A floorboard creaking. 

‘Oh, get a grip’ she told herself.

She had the light bulb moment.  The clothes basket in the laundry.  Anything would do for a modicum of decency.  She was ‘covering’ desperate, which is unusual for a young woman who revelled in getting her gear off quickly and keeping it off all night long with any available guy.

The laundry was across from toilet at the base of the stairs. There were two other doors, off from the stairs, one to James room and the other to the garage.

Shit, she thought, she should have used the upstairs loo. James catching her naked coming up or down the stairs. She hadn’t considered that in her pee need rush.

Virginia opened the loo door for a peek. It was clear at the moment. The laundry door was open. She made her dash for it. Straight to the washing basket.  Flipping its lid up, super fast.

“Oh shit” she mouthed out to herself.

The washing basket was empty.

Her mum was way super tidy and clean.

What would Virginia have given up for an item of clothing. Maybe not trimming her coochie for a few weeks.

Well maybe not; but fuck she could have done with at least a stepbrother’s dirty sports pants, a rank towel or even her own mother’s daggy undies or her stepdad’s boxers. She was however; left with her own exposed butt, private flappy bits and bouncing boobies.

Virginia spun around. She was going to risk the full scurry up the stairs two steps at a time and dive under her doona and imagine this was all a dream...

“Fuck,” she said it; totally stunned.

“Oh, Fuck,” was seemingly echoed back, except it was Stella; absolutely fem-gorgeous in her sleek, curvy, fully shaved; skin suit.

Stella had been heading for the toilet but wow she had found something way more compelling.

Here were two young women taking in each other’s ‘starkers’ moment. 

They both knew independently they were guy fondling heaven but the first forbidden lure of fem-nakedness had them both trapped in each other’s sensual web instantly, without a sapphic thought crossing their minds.

It was flesh seeking flesh as flesh seeks flesh naturally. Usually for a girl a guy. But this much unexpected, ripe, exposed and good-looking skin…well...girl to girl... it was on.

Stella recovered first from their long mutual staring. She brazenly entered the laundry. Virginia held her ground; confident in her sexual exposure now.

Stella knew how to operate naked with a guy’s body and was fascinated by Virginia’s girly body and what it offered instantly to her eyes.

Brunette Stella taking in brunette Virginia and vice versa. Both hourglass figure perfection. The fem-curved aesthetics, the graceful, busty flawlessness.

Picture what you will; they both had it and it escalated into pure, immediate, frickin attraction and the need to feel.

From there it was the requirement to touch bodies that dominated for both young women. Boy it was fast. Well, there were no layers of clothing to get off.

Stella and Virginia were enjoying their tongues greeting intimately. Two great kissers in mutual action. Wow was this hot and getting hotter fast.  They were both so frickin bodily greedy like kids that can’t wait to open presents and tear straight into the wrapping.

These girls could feel the private presents under their fingers, whipping up moisture like fluffing up cream. It was already about the spiky repeated peaks of pleasure coursing through their bodies. They knew what they were giving. They knew what they were receiving.  Two sets of fingers were probing with girly adroit touch in light sweeping motions; carefully nimble, then rapid, then softly, then stroking firmly but not too intently.

A girl knows a girls needs; and finally stoking the pressure point of each other’s alert clit.  Some deft direct touches of the pinkish, rigid little beads; but mostly they knew how to tease and tease; circling the nub at its edges. They knew from self practice and applied it to each other.

Stella’s slit was so smooth; inside and out. Virginia in turn was sharing her light pubic tuft and her silky cleft of wetness.

Their nipples came into accidental contact and they both went “mmm” in common unexpected delight.

They knew how good it was to touch their own cute-ish titties alone but boobs melding and moulding into each other and their hard teats greeting each other unintentionally; well, this sent shudders of pleasure through their two escalating to orgasm bodies.It was the astounding combination of softness and hardness meshing together. Their so sensitive nipples grazing over each other.

Stella was intoxicated; she held her nipple and flicked it back and forth over Virginia’s nipple, creating even firmer chest erections for both lasses. 

They knew they needed to cum and cum really fast. They were both on the floor; side by side, pussy finger probing and clit licking in the mutual sixty-nine. It was an unscripted invitation of lustful enjoyment. They were both assured and direct.  Hell, it was intense. They had that beginners, lezzo novice, brisk enthusiasm. They knew their favourite part of self and went for it on another girl’s body.

Stella knew Virginia’s shape and coochie recesses were basically her girly shape and folds; they launched into each other; fingers finding flappy, crinkly flesh first. Next, fingers building happiness pressure and suddenly moisture was leaking everywhere like magic: sweet lubricant from within smearing in and out of their love nests. This was because fingers worked quicker but more gently now, because the sensitive spot was super aroused. The liquid fem juice led the way, the gliding path to each other’s clit tip, the sliding between the flimsy lips, and one finger hooking into the base of each other’s Cupid’s tunnel. Well they were both on the way to being anal hoes.

Shit they were so aroused together, neither knew the other has never been here before, never contemplated a girl for sex, but neither will either young woman ever look back, as they licked each other’s clit to awesome thigh squeezing climaxes.

They were moaning openly and so expressively in appreciation of each other’s goddamn skill when it comes to activating orgasmic release through their personal joy buzzer. Fuck were their two bodies buzzy with flooding euphoric fem-shiver and fem-shake happiness.

They should have had the girly spoony cuddle time next, but James whose cock thought it was going Stella coochie hunting in the shower or toilet, to give her a surprise early Chrissy present; got the full boy eyeful on the laundry floor instead.

“Fuck” was all he got out of his mouth.

However; did his eyes take in everything: he took in his step sister’s cute glistening coochie and his girlfriends rapid tongue flicking and saw both sets of legs squeeze around their heads and their reciprocated succession of orgasmic moans. He got really hard at their soft arse play.

Stella raised her head and just crooked her finger.

Virginia under the full sway of the grand encapsulated pleasure spasms residing in her wasn’t thinking stepbrother. She just saw a fat erect boner wandering into their girly scene. It was like part two was beginning....

Stella had that lustful, uninhibited edginess now; completely unchecked and guided James’ hot rod straight into his stepsister’s moist ready coochie from behind. She deliberately spread her legs and got her bent over the washing machine.

Stella was mimicking thrusting too, pushing into James body from behind.

James suddenly realised it was Christmas day and fuck Christmas was awesome.

His boner was so hard. It was stiff and inflexible with total excitement. He was boning his stepsister with his girlfriend’s approval.

James was pumping with conviction, force and full deep cock power. God did Virginia have a sweet cunny. He would have pumped till Christmas lunch or the inevitable jizz explosion that would have arrived sooner but he wasn’t going to stop until he was maxed out. If this was immoral; apparently, James just wanted to keep being bad.

Stella wanted and needed a share of the cock action.

Virginia realised she had been excessively greedy and hell it was Christmas and she wanted to share the seasonal joy with her new friend.

Virginia guided Stella into a similar position to the one she had been in: legs spread and bent over. James didn’t care, a slot for a pecker, is a slot and he was wildly randy.

James was surprised as Virginia held his aching pecker firmly before he could divide Stella’s slightly parted pink lips fully with his throbbing Christmas gift. 

Virginia massaged his heated sausage while fingering Stella’s private balloon knot. Wow was the girlfriend getting excited.

The stepsister guided James’ man package, where she believed it must be a regular visitor. Well, the moans from Stella and the look of cockstruck bliss on James’ face told Virginia this was all a new delight for the pair.

Tight, igniting and divine for two. Their bodies exploding like chrismas crackers.

Shit Stella was moaning like a pro in a porno. Virginia cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle the girlfriend’s passionate vocal frenzy.

‘Oh God’; James was frickin groaning now in a full deep male key. Probably because of the combined restricted pecker pressure provided in Stella’s cute back passage and Virginia’s fingers working his ball sack perfectly.

‘Shit, hope we don’t wake mum,’ passed fleetingly through Virginia’s mind.

The step sister should have covered her stepbrother’s mouth as he got louder; but she was enjoying the digit probe for self and his delirious happy response.

She gave up trying to suppress; the irrepressible Stella’s moans of delight and accidentally made her louder, fondling her breasts with her free hand.

Virginia was grinding her pubic mound into James’ butt in a competing motion with his driving measured, cock ploughing shoves, deep into Stella’s now slightly relaxed, but still so snug, anal skin tunnel of supple support.  It was orgasm inducing male heaven for James.

Virginia gasped and her breath was sucked out of her in a euphoric rush. Why, because her legs were parted from behind. Her pussy was refilled. Now by an even bigger cock. It was amazing. She surrendered completely to the professional pounding prick. It was a taming of her wanton privy parts; completely.

Virginia’s eyes had closed instantly on contact. It was the need to embrace it all, the sheer size of the male piston and the ecstatic happiness of having received: one super big schlong. The one you dream of.

Stella and James were lost together, bursting into mutual orgasms.

Virginia was popping like corn, her bodily climax mechanisms expanding and swaying to the focussed bliss, then the spreading pulses of joy.  A fabulous intense orgasm; unleashed through her.

She recognized the voice attached to the cock, though she had known from the instance of penetration. But she didn’t care. She was drenched and gorged in delight; as her step dad said:

“Yes Virginia; there is a Father Christmas.”

He eased his cock from her pussy.

"And he gives big gifts"

And with a smirky; " ho, ho, ho,"  he rammed his huge dick into his step daughters butthole.

Submitted: December 01, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

What a randy Christmas that! Loved out you wove that tale of a very familiar family Christmas, J. One holiday treat that could not be beat, and so many at the loo just naked and ready for action.

Sat, December 4th, 2021 8:05am

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