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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

growing things

It starts small, a pulsing throb,

I  play with it, I do my job. 

It's softness changing,

Growing bigger,

Into a bouncing quiver.

I sigh at the sight, 

So much bigger, 

Than I  imagined, 

In my mouth, 

I feel its warmth, 

As it moves in and out.

My lust for it no doubt, 

Makes my heart beat 

Race and Pound.

With my knees on the ground,

I dream of this hypnotic state,

Where pleasure is for my date.

His moaning signals, as it explodes,

And down my throat it goes. 

My satisfaction is met,

But only momentarily I bet.

For I shall look to find another,

That in my face it will smother,

I feel I'm growing just like them,

I just can't wait for it again. 

Submitted: November 29, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Loretta Martin. All rights reserved.

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Your excitement promises an enjoyable time to any lucky man who is capable of winning your favor… How I wish I could be such a man!!!

Mon, November 29th, 2021 8:30am


I wish you could be too! I have no limit on lucky men! Lol!
The question is who'll be my favourite?

Mon, November 29th, 2021 12:54am

Wonder Woman

I am so enjoying reading your exploits!

Thu, December 9th, 2021 11:29am


Thanks my Dearest Friend!

Thu, December 9th, 2021 4:06am


no doubt that this poem will enhance a few things to grow. Lustful image implied here, and her realization that she may be just as addicted as her male lover(s). Wonderfully put.

(And yet we get the impression that she was doing just what she wanted?)

Fri, July 29th, 2022 8:10pm


Oh fuck yes! I want cum!

Tue, August 2nd, 2022 10:05am

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