Teen Master Part Three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Young punk Alex continues his dominance over his high school teacher and the man's fiance. They both become his sexual slaves, and the eighteen-year old boy's perversion seems to know no bounds.

Teen Master Part Three


by  dale10




Up until a few weeks before the horror began, my life had been damn near

perfect.  I was a twenty-eight year old healthy athletic English teacher, highly

respected and loved by my school, its students and the parents. I was engaged to

be married to a wonderful girl, Annie, who adored me and was fun and strong and

independent.  Now my life was shattered, and all because of an eighteen-year old

street punk student who got a failing grade in my class.  The young hoodlum beat

me up, took compromising photos of me naked and performing sexual acts, blackmailed me, and well, now my life was a living nightmare. A living hell. 


I stood by the side of the bed watching the naked teenage thug Alex

fuck the shit out of my girlfriend Annie. I could do nothing about it. It was an

almost nightly ritual now, and the god damned thing about it was that no matter

what my fiancé said, I could tell she loved his big fat thick dick. Can you imagine how that made me feel?  I was losing her to his thick teenage cock!  The first

time he had blackmailed her into letting him plow her, he had said I would go

to jail for molesting students if she didn't comply. It was horrible to see him stretch her delicate cunt with his thick fucker. And he fucked her so hard, so ruthlessly, I was sure he was damaging her insides. I will forever hear the sound of his big balls slapping against her and forever see the sight of his muscular naked ass globes rising and falling as he fucked ever deeper and harder.  She cried

for two days straight. She almost had seizures at the memory of how he had debased her, making her lick his spent dick clean of his cum and her cunt juice.

I had been forced to participate, licking his swinging, slapping balls while he fucked and then tonguing his tight sweaty asshole. We were both severly traumatized. 


After that first time, I was scared to even go to school to teach. I dreaded having to look at him with his cocky smirk. He continued to torment and humiliate me at school, with new degradations. He did things like write “Mr. K. is a cocksucker” on the boys’ bathroom stall walls. He called me Mr. Cunt right in front of the other jocks. He didn’t allow me to wear underwear, and he would make me jerk off in my pants, so there were pecker tracks on view all day to the students. My dignity was gone. He broke the zippers on my trousers, so I had always be careful that my dick didn’t show. But none of that was as horrible as what happened in my home. As what happened with my dear love Annie.


After the second time, he fucked her, forcing me to watch and help and masturbate my own dick to leaking, I could tell she began to want his fat fuckslab.

She began to lust after his teenage fucker. I could never understand why some people go so crazy over teenage boy dick.  Alex knew she was being won over. He constantly made jokes about how my tiny dick could never satisfy her any more, and I really think, no I know, she started to believe him.


I was twenty-eight, he was eighteen, but he was built tough and he was handsome as all fuck. Everyone admitted that, and he had this enormous fucking cock, and mine was average or a bit smaller. And, oh Jesus, she was starting to want him, to need him. What about our upcoming marriage? What about all our dreams and plans? What about our love?


 It wasn’t about the grade anymore. I had had caved and changed the grade. He was now getting A's in my class without doing a fuck bit of work. No, it was about the power. He sadistically loved it. He loved to humiliate and degrade me.  That’s why he didn’t fuck her in private, why he made me watch and even help.


He was a nasty boy. He fucked so damn hard, I thought he would break some of her bones. Honest to God, not like I fucked, romantic, gentle. No, he slammed his hips into her as hard as he could, the sound of his big balls slapping against her filled the room.  So did the sounds of her grunting like an animal, like a pig.  The way he ground his slender teen hips against her, I could tell he was trying to hurt her, to rip her. He was also trying to get her pregnant because he never used a

rubber. That made Annie sob a lot when he wasn’t around. She didn’t want to get pregnant. But what could she do?  


I watched his strong, hairless, muscular ass clench and unclench, rise and fall as he pumped his dick into her stretched out cunt. How could she stand it? How could she love it?  And then, he’d pull out, his fucker dripping fuck and cunt slime and he’s crawl up and shove it in her mouth. He would pull her nipples out form her breasts until I thought they would rip off, and then, he’d let them snap back into place. She sobbed, but seemed to want more and more of his abuse. One day, he shoved a large wooden spoon into her cunt after he fucked her and scooped out his cum and then fed it to me. He shoved my toothbrush up my asshole and then made me brush my teeth with it. He degraded me in front of her. He took pictures of my cock and balls and put them on her phone next to pictures of his huge teen dick and nuts. He also put pictures on her phone of me sucking cock, and suggested she put them on facebook. She didn’t of course Still…


Her entire attitude toward me had changed. She was cool, non-committal. Alex had forbidden us to have sex. I would have sneaked, I wanted so to make love to her, but Annie said we had to obey him since he was now in charge. She sounded bitter when she said that to me, like she blamed me for the whole thing. Our relationship was disintegrating because of a monstrous teenage boy.


Alex arched his strong young back and looked down into Annie's face while he

was balls deep into her.  He smiled. She looked scared, and sweaty, and worn out,

and turned on, and dazed and almost worshipful."Fucking Bitch..."  he said and

then he started to spit into her face. Gob after gob, thick, slimy spit, white and

bubbly all over her face.  I started to cry for her, but Annie bucked her hips more and grunted and groaned again, as if trying to get more teen dick into her. Her face was now coated with a mask of spit sauce.  Then he swung his black haired evil head around toward me grinning.  “Get over here, Cunt, and lick my gob from her face!” As if to taunt me further, he leaned down and blew his nose onto her face. She winced and sobbed, but her groin kept fucking up to meet his cock.


I crawled across the floor as I had been told to do, making sure to keep my balls and dick swinging as he had ordered, and up onto the bed. I leaned over my beloved darlings face and felt sick at the mess covering it. Snot and spit. Teenage nose and throat gunk. I must have hesitated a second too long, for he hit me hard on the back of the head. I bend down and began to lick the fucking mess from her face. Her eyes would not meet mine. I felt her hump, still trying to get more teen dick into her. He must be battering her womb. My mouth became thick with spit and snot, and I had no choice but to swallow.


"Hey, Cuntman," he growled, "Get down there and lick my fucksacks." 


As usual, I licked his big balls or his sweaty ass while he fucked my

fiancé.  It made my own dick hard and dripping, my own pencil prick as he called it, nothing compared to his huge, sweaty, pulsing fuckslab. Why the fuck did I have to be born with a small dick?  And yet it was average. Why did I feel so inferior next to this boy? Oh, sure, I had a great mind and was a great guy, and good looking, but why couldn’t I be a real nasty hung fucker, even just for one day. Alex just took whatever the fuck he wanted from life.  Sweat from his ass crack dripped down on my face, as I licked his big black-haired swinging scrotum and watched close up, as his prick spread and stretched my fiancé’s cuntlips.

I then had to feast on his moist, sweaty asshole, making love to it with my tongue. If I didn’t tongue kiss his asshole with enough enthusiasm, he punished me. So, I worked that tongue real good in between his ass lips and thrust it into his inner rectum. The taste was strong and bitter. Me, a highly educated, intelligent young teacher eating out the asshole of one of his high school students.


After he came, he let me suck her pussy, trying to suck the baby seed

out of her cunt before it took root, before it gave us a kid even before we got

married.  Annie would just lay there moaning, half crying, half coming down

from orgasms like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t begin to tell you the number of orgasms she had when he fucked her. I realized that she seldom had had even one when we fucked. Either she or I would rub her off, after.  But when his dick was in her, she seemed to be cuming continually.


Then of course, I had to lick the fuck slime off his dick and balls, clean him up real good. If he wasn’t spotlessly clean, he would punish me. I had to suck each pubic hair, just in case there was fuck imbedded there. I had to suck his ball hairs, and lick in the wrinkles of the fucksack.  I had to lick deep into the crack where the testicles and dick met the crotch and leg.


The first time he fucked her up the ass, we both hated it, Annie because of the pain, the terrible pain that hurt her for days after because of his big prick and his ruthlessly hard fucking, me, because I had to suck his scum from her shithole and lick the ass slime from his dick.  I puked and puked even days later thinking about it. But now, two weeks later, we were both used to it. Annie’s asshole, like her cunt was suitably permanently stretched to handle the teenager’s cock.  


But that wasn’t the worst. Oh, my, no.  Do you want to hear how bad it got?  Then you have to hear what Alex did to Annie’s eighteen-year old cousin, the seminary student.  An innocent, religious, virginal boy. You have to hear about the utter filth Alex submitted that sweet kid to. How he destroyed not only the boy’s body, but his faith and his soul and spirit. How he forced the boy to commit sinful acts against his religion and his body and the bodies of others.


Peter was always a gentle, sensitive boy, not cut out for the rough games most boys his age played. He was bookish and introspective, shy in front of others. He had a sweet disposition, an almost pretty face, and an angelic smile. He was super religious, and since he was about ten, he had wanted to be a priest. I remember once, shortly after I first met him, he and Annie and I had gone to hear a classical concert, and I accidently found myself next to him at the urinals during intermission. He grew quite red in the face, and turned his body slightly, so there was no chance I might accidently see his teenage dick. He was the exact opposite of Alex in every way. When Alex pissed at school, he stood back from the urinal and didn’t touch his pecker, so that all the other boys could see it pissing. Then he shook it off in full view.


Peter was such a lovely teenage boy, that it broke my heart watching what Alex did to him. It sickened me to think of what Alex forced me to do to him. Poor Peter slipped away from God forever, into the darkness. As only one example, imagine, as an eighteen-year old seminary student, having the word “COCKSUCKER” tattooed across your chest. But that, that wasn’t the half of it.

But you’ll have to wait until next time, I am too broken and ashamed and exhausted to write further today.

Submitted: November 28, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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