Chapter 9: Seduction + Blackmail = Relationship

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: CFNM

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The next day, my relief of actually being able to get dressed this morning was short-lived. As I walked into my Math class there was a cacophony of applause and hooting at my arrival. I blushed for I was reminded as to why that was. All of the girls in this room have seen me NAKED. They have seen, and some even felt, every nook and cranny of my body. They saw me dress up in ridiculous underwear and a lavender silk shirt like I was the faceless character on the cover of a paperback novel. I frowned as I looked to my students who were concentrating their x-ray vision in my direction. I tried to shake it off. I tried to be extra demanding of my students by calling on them for difficult questions, solving high level equations, and speaking as harshly and critically as I could manage.

It was to no avail.

No matter how hard I tried to make the class, no matter what I did to make them forget about yesterday's nude fiasco, my students would just laugh off any and all snide remarks I made towards them. Even more surprising was that they were answering any question I gave them correctly. They completed their work quickly and efficiently all the while eyeballing me lasciviously. Seeing me naked and vulnerable has permanently altered the class dynamic.

As the class was dismissed, it became clear to me that any fear and respect I achieved as an educator had diminished into almost nothing in regards to the relationship with my students. Once everyone left, I plopped myself down at my desk and cradled my face in my hands.

(Well, at least they're studying just like you wanted Avery. You will have the highest Mathematics test scores in Intectus Deprehendi's history. All it cost you was your dignity.)

I felt a soothing presence approach me. I didn't have to look up to see who it was. "Bridget." I called her name.

"I'm sorry," The apology was unexpected but I didn't raise my face "I'm certain you already guessed; it was because of me that everyone's test scores rose up so dramatically. I noticed that mistake you made in that first equation ages ago. Rather than telling you about it, I used it to my advantage to form a study group behind your back with all the other students so that they would excel come the next test. I'm the reason you lost the bet. By extension, I'm the reason you ended up getting seen naked by your class and my art class." She was being sincerely sympathetic.

I shook my head and looked up at her then. She looked so lovely, wearing a sleeveless blouse and a blue plaid skirt and stockings. "No, do not apologize. The blame lies squarely upon my shoulders. I'm the teacher, I should have noticed all on my own that I was pushing a flawed equation. I was hurting all of you academically without even realizing it. I deserved to lose that bet. I am also the one who signed up to be a nude model for Sands' class without even reading the prerequisites just so I could cover my ass...ironic, when you say it like that."

Bridget snorted. "Always the responsible one aren't you?" She reached across the desk and held my hand. Lifting it up to her face, she gave my palm a kiss and my heart fluttered a bit. "Go out with me Professor."

I blinked. Did I mishear her? "Sorry?"

"I think it is quite apparent at this point that I really like you. Have I not told you as such? And lets not pretend you don't feel the same way for me."

My mind was swirling. " you...why do you like me?" That was all I could muster.

"You are a man who accepts both his strengths and his weaknesses. This grants you confidence and humility. You hold true to your word no matter the cost; that makes you dependable and trustworthy. You're smart, you're handsome, you have a very nice ass, and most importantly I have the most fun teasing you mercilessly."

I could not explain the feeling I had inside of me right now. Bridget liked me. She actually liked me. As I finally sorted out my thoughts, I knew I had to give her my response. A small flicker of happiness from within me stirred erratically at being confessed to by Bridget, only to have it demolished once my rationality kicked in.

"I'm sorry Bridget," I shook my head solemnly. "I am truly and deeply sorry. In another another place...but...I just can't. I am your teacher, you are my student, dating is completely out of the question. I'm afraid I...indulged myself too much from your friendliness. I even gave you a false sense that this attraction between us can go somewhere, but it can't. I could get fired and you could have your reputation marred. So I deeply regret to tell you..." Bridget climbed on top of the desk and slid close enough to my face to kiss me.

"I understand completely Professor," She removed my glasses gently from my face and placed them in my desk drawer. "I would never wish to see you fired and I know that those very principles that I love so much about you would keep you from taking this any further without a good enough reason. However, before we end this once and for all, can I have one last memory with you?" She placed her hand on my face and stroked my cheek.

"What do you want?" I looked into her eyes, completely mesmerized by her voice.

Bridget crawled on top of my desk moving towards me. Grabbing me by the tie, she pulled me up from my chair to smash my face in for another powerful kiss. We were both smart people, we knew what we wanted. I scooped Bridget up into my arms as she loosened my tie; as well as the buttons on my shirt. As soon as my blazer and shirt shrugged off my arms and hit the floor, my hands were free to undo the buttons on her shirt this time. I was still wearing a white wife-beater and the both of us were unwilling to break our kiss to pull it off. So instead, Bridget just ripped the thing right off my back leaving it in shambles at my feet. We were both in the throngs of mindless passion now.

Once I loosened the last button on her shirt, I grabbed her by the shoulders and laid her on her back on the desk. She was wearing a lacy pink bra and, my God, her rack was enticing. I gave her a kiss her on the mouth once again, followed by a series of kisses starting from her neck, down to her cleavage, and then her navel. I savored her skin's softness. I could have taken this moment to collect my thoughts; stopped myself from crossing this line any more than I already had. But for the first time in my life I simply was not thinking at all and I actually enjoyed it. A lot.

Looming over her again, I placed my hands on her knees and began sliding my hands up her legs never breaking eye contact as I panted heavily and carnivorously into her breath. My fingers reached her hips. When she pulled out a small stack of condoms from the cup of her bra I almost laughed, "I can always count on you to come prepared for my class." I felt the edge of her panties. I yanked them down her thighs then pulled them right off her feet, tossing them aside.

"One definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity," Bridget handed me the condoms. "and I plan on getting lucky." As I took a moment to rip open one of the packets with my teeth, Bridget had already unfastened my belt and jerked my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I was naked before her once again. My dick was at full mast ever since she started unbuttoning my shirt. Bridget's opened blouse slid off from one of her shoulders as she laid back on my desk and spread her legs invitingly.

I equipped myself with the rubber as quickly as I could. I tossed the rest of the condoms aside as I plunged myself deep inside her, leaning over her on the desk for good measure. Bridget let out an eager cry, her pussy already wet from anticipation. I began thrusting my hips forward frantically and Bridget wrapped her arms and legs around me letting out pleasured moans as I slammed her clitoris rhythmically. I was holding her now, my lower half greedily plundered her insides as she climaxed over and over again. Breaking out into a sweat, I groaned loudly as I finally unleashed my load.

As I steadied my breathing, I brought her face to face with me. She was looking like the cat in the cream. Our chests rose and fell against each other as we hungrily brought our lips back together again. Despite the intense orgasms from us both, I was still rock hard inside of Bridget so I gyrated my hips some more to build up for another go with her. "Mmmn..." As we tongue-wrestled one another, my hands traveled along her back until my fingers found the clasp of her bra. Before I even had a chance to unhook the offending garment, a bright flash coming from our side gave us pause. Someone had taken a picture of us fucking on my desk! I very reluctantly stopped kissing Bridget to turn and see who it was.

"Whoa! That was as hot as hell!" Scarlet was smiling ear-to-ear as she nudged Ingrid who also had her phone out, no doubt recording everything that just happened.

My face flushed a deep scarlet at the sight of their camera phones being aimed directly at me in my shameful position of nudity. "I...wha...what are you still doing here!?" I managed to cry out through the awkwardness.

Ingrid shrugged. "We never left Prof."

"We were just waiting for Bridget to finish speaking with you so we could make plans to meet up later." Scarlet twirled her red locks with her index finger. "We had no idea that this was going to turn into a romp fest but I am so glad it did." I was so focused on how the class was treating me then switched my attention to Bridget, I didn't realize we had an audience.

I looked at Bridget then, searching for an answer. Did she know her friends were standing there the whole time? If so, why did she initiate sex? What was her endgame? Scarlet approached us then. I wanted to run away, but with my pants around my ankles, my dick balls deep inside of Bridget, and her arms and legs constricting around me, escape was not even possible. Scarlet held up her phone to my face, playing back her recording of the wanton footage of Bridget and I going at it on top of my desk. I was panicking, my heart was jack-hammering. What is she going to do with this footage?

"As you well know Professor Finn, if this video gets out you can lose your job to say the least." Scarlet smiled devilishly. "Unless of course you fulfill my demands." I should have known it would come to this.

"What do you want me to do?" I prepared myself for the worst.

"It's quite simple Prof..." I waited nervously for Scarlet's demands now holding on to Bridget for cover and comfort as if she were a koala bear clinging to my neck and waist with her appendages. "You are to ask Bridget to go out with you and continue to date her if you don't want this video to get out."

I blinked. "Huh?"

Scarlet smiled and shook her head as if she were dealing with a child trying to use the stove for the first time. "Come on Finn, it's pretty obvious that you got it bad for our Bridget and for some reason I cannot comprehend, she has it in for you too." Scarlet reached out and placed her fingers on my butt cheek and began stroking. The sensation from her amorous touch hardened me up inside of Bridget once more. Bridget let out an adorable cooing noise as I lengthened within her vagina; she tightened her grip around me.

"All we're doing is giving you the excuse you clearly need to do what you both want." Ingrid followed Scarlet's example by circling around me so she could stroke my other half of my butt. I was covered in goosebumps. I attempted to shift a little to position myself in a more comfortable pose but with my pants around my ankles and my penis several inches inside of Bridget's pussy my shifting only served the purpose of pleasuring Bridget who was thoroughly enjoying having my dick wave around inside her. With no chance of escape, I just stood there in a cold sweat with Bridget hovering over my desk as I clutched her half-clad form in my arms.

"We know that you are a total stickler for the rules," Scarlet continued to pet my ass. "but you have made exceptions before to save your career, we are counting on that. Plus, we'd like to think you would be willing to bend your morals just a teensy bit for Bridget's happiness and yours."

"So just tell yourself this:" Ingrid waved the incriminating photo on her phone at me while still playing with my butt. I flushed. "'these rotten girls are going to destroy my entire reputation if I don't keep banging their friend.' Just tell anyone who gets suspicious that you're being blackmailed (technically true) into dating a student and you will have all the reason in the world to sweep her off her feet (like you're doing now, hehe). So what do you say? This is what Bridget wants, and you want it too, so let yourself have it!"

Are they for real? They were doing this just so I could ask out Bridget? Its true that my self-enforced standards would never allow me to date a student but in spite of that, I still did quite a few things with Bridget that would totally have me reprimanded to say the least. I always seem to want to bend the rules when it comes to Bridget. I looked at her then, her serene face now a picture of hopefulness. She wanted this thing between us to happen, and frankly, I wanted it too. And now, Scarlet and Bridget were providing a good excuse (by means of blackmail and sophistry) for me to go for it.

I shook my head in defeat but I was smiling the whole time. "Well seems like I have no choice then," I sat Bridget back down on the desk, still warm inside her, and pulled one of her hands towards my mouth so I could kiss her knuckles. Kiss. "Honestly, coercing me to date a student," I spoke the words so they could be heard by the other two in the room but my eyes never left Bridget. "when dating a student is strictly prohibited." I pecked Bridget on the lips then. Kiss. "I mean it's disgraceful," she kissed me back. Kiss. "it's prohibited," I kissed her again. Kiss. "it's immoral," Kiss "it's naughty," Kiss, Kiss "it's forbidden," Kiss, Kiss, Kiss "It's HOT." We kissed each other more forcefully this time, moaning and twisting our tongues in harmony.

"We are going to give you two a moment." I had all but forgotten Scarlet and Ingrid. They took their hands off my buttocks as they stepped away from us. When Bridget and I finally pulled apart from making-out we were both smiling brightly, though Bridget's eyes narrowed in expectancy. I knew what she was waiting for.

"Well my sweet Bridget, under duress of blackmail, I would like to propose you and I become an item." I spoke half-jokingly.


"And also because..." I was beginning to sweat "...I like you. A lot. You're beautiful, smart, perhaps even smarter than me, sexy, attentive, and you stick around no matter how intolerable I get. I need that."

"Consider your proposal officially accepted my darling Avery. Now," Bridget wiggled her hips playfully keeping me hard inside her vaj " I'm glad that we got some practice in beforehand but now its time to officially consummate this relationship. Are you good for another round?"

I answered her with an exuberant thrust and she let let out a pleased sound. "What a voracious appetite my girlfriend has." I spoke to her in a deep voice.

"Fortunately for you." She grabbed the back of my head and slammed me down on her mouth for an impassioned kiss. I thrust my hips wildly and she continued to climax as I groaned in ecstasy. It wasn't until I had my second orgasm when I noticed that Scarlet and Ingrid didn't actually leave the room at all. They were standing right by the door snickering away as they recorded our little spectacle on their phones. My face turned blazing red. I pulled out of Bridget, letting the full condom slide off me and drop to the floor as Ingrid snapped another photo. It is not uncommon for confessions to be quite embarrassing, but I am pretty sure mine took the cake.

Submitted: June 20, 2022

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