Teen Master Part Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The poor English teacher who fell under the control of one of his students, now has to turn his fiance over to her.



Teen Master Part Two


by dale10

All characters are eighteen or older. This is a fantasy.



Well it had come to this. That which I most feared had come to pass.  A

fucking impertinent, wise-assed eighteen-year old student of mine had

blackmailed me, a well-respected, mild mannered, twenty-eight year old English

teacher into being his slave and sex toy. It wasnt even really ever about sex

for him. I mean, he’s basically straight. He fucks girls like crazy. He sometimes fucks two or three girls from our school in one day.  No, his control of me is about power.  Although it started out as a battle over a grade, once he had photos of me  totally naked with his dick in my mouth, he knew he could have me slammed into prison for student molestation, and I was trapped. 


That’s when the real horror started.  Every day at school became a nightmare for me, as he thought up some new atrocity. Some new game of degradation and humiliation to play at my expense.


"Mr. Cuntman...”  as he called me, a special nickname he had for me and even used in front of some of the boys in school,"Mr. Cuntman, today when you are

teaching us, when you see me pick my nose, sit behind your desk and open up

the zipper to your pants. Then get up and walk around the room

lecturing. Everyone will think it was just an accident. Make sure you

stand right in front of that fucking jock who sits in the front row with

your hands in your pockets.  Oh yeah, and Mr. Cuntman, don't even think

about wearing any underpants. And oh yeah, your tucked in shirt better not be covering the goodies.  Can you imagine? I didn’t know what to do.

But what could I do?


So, every student in one of my classes had seen my dick, both girls and

boys.  With my hands in my pockets, and the zipper down, the gap spread and they all saw the flesh of my cock. And I know that, within a few minutes, the whole student body knew that..."Mr. Kunsman wears no underwear." Word spread from phone to phone. Students of both sexes looked at me and giggled.

Jocks sneered. One male student yelled in the hallway, “How’s it going Cuntman? (he used Alex’s derogatory nickname for me.) “How does the fiancé like all that meat?” the faceless jock voice full of testosterone shouted, and every kid in the hall roared with laughter.


Everyday some new horror, and I have no way to fight back.  "Mr. Cuntman, after your second hour class, go into the boys’ toilet on the third floor. Go into the second stall and take off all your clothes... everything."  He came in and took my clothes and left me stranded bare assed naked in a school toilet stall for the rest of the entire school day.  No one knew where I had gone to. I had to make up a

stupid story about an emergency at home.  Finally, when Alex did come up to the

bathroom at five o’clock, he brought a buddy of his along. A tough, dirty kid who

is a real loser.  I had to kneel bare naked on the toilet floor and first nuzzle both their ball sacks with my nose and inhale their boy ball sweat. I had to make loud sniffing sounds to get in all the nut sack stink. Then I had to lick their balls and lick down under their balls on their sweaty taints. The smell and taste make me sick to my stomach. Alex put one foot up on a toilet bowl so I could get my nose and tongue down under his ass crack. Then I had to lick up the ass crack across the asshole. To my horror, I am sure I got some dingle berries on my tongue. The taste was bitter and sour. I actually cried which made the boys laugh, and so of course I had to do the same for the other boy. He smelled and tasted like he had not showered in a week.


I wanted to curl up and die. Or run away. But what could I do? Next, I had to lick and suck both boys’ dicks, going from one teen to the other. Alex’s dick is massive, almost grotesque, but the other boy’s (his name is Ray) cock is uncut and has a very thick long foreskin. Through my tears, I tongued and sucked up under the foreskin and cleaned out all the head cheese.  For days after, I could not get the taste out of my mouth and head. Next, I had to suck both their dicks until they shot down my throat. It didn’t take them very long, they were both ultra-horny. I am a straight man, a respectable straight man, engaged to be married. Do you know what that kind of thing does to someone like me? How it damaged me?


One day the fucking asshole passed me in the hall, and he whispered to

Me, "Cunt... you better go check all the teachers’ mailboxes immediately. I

put a little envelope in every box, that you don't want them to see.”  I

raced down the hall, passing Joe Halverson, an ancient and highly respected

Science teacher and almost knocked him down.  I tore into the faculty work

Room and saw among the other mail, a white envelope in each teacher's box.

I tore mine open first, to make sure it wasn’t just one of his hoaxes which

he also does, scares the shit out of me with false alarms.  Inside the

envelope was a photo of me totally naked with a hardon! My big hard pink dick was even leaking. My whole life could be ruined in an instant, and the fucking kid didn’t even really care. Christ! What more could I do for the fucker? Alex had gone from failing English to getting A's.  what more did he want from me? I snapped the envelopes out of the other boxes, making sure I got every one... except... Halverson's box was empty.  He had just gotten his mail when he passed me.  I raced back down the hall and caught up with the old fossil.


"Joe you've got an envelope there...that I'd appreciate you

giving to me.”


"Which one?"


"The white one with your name on it.”


"And why should I give it to you young man?”


Oh, shit! I explained to him that it was a nasty prank played by

one student on another, and while I was  handling the discipline of the

student who had done it, I wanted to avoid any further embarrassment for the

poor student who had been abused.  Finally, after a long debate, he

surrendered the envelope to me unopened, and my fucking life was saved for

one day anyway.


Then, there was the lunch period when I was seated with fellow

faculty members, and Alex walked up to the table.  Most of the faculty hate

the kid and can't understand why I am so nice to him, and why he gets such

high grades in my class.  "Hey...Mr. C!" he said, and teachers frowned in



"Mr. C?"  one of the female teachers asked.


"Coach...its short for coach. He teases me and calls me English

Coach.”I looked at Alex with violent disgust, but he just smiled.


"Here's that carton of milk you wanted Mr. C.  Make sure to

drink every last drop. Its healthy for you.”


He set an open carton of milk on the table for me.


"Ah, yes, thank you Alex,”  I mumbled.  I wanted him out of there, but I

could see that he wasn’t going until I took a drink of milk.  The table had

grown very quiet.  I picked up the carton and looked into the tiny place

where you tear it open to drink from it.  IN THE MILK WAS FLOATING A USED

CONDOM!  Of course, I had to drink the milk.Since that day, I have

received other cartons of milk. Once one full of nothing but teenage boy spit. Gobs and gobs of thick slimy spit.  And once, one with about five loads of cum mixed in with the milk.


But all of that pales against the present horror which has

really ruined my entire life.  Alex made his ultimate threat a reality.

Here I was standing naked in the corner of my room, facing the corner, like

a bad little boy, standing there with a hard dick. If my dick got soft, he

would punish me. I also had to keep my dick leaking. If it stopped drooling, he would punish me. So, I had long strings of pre-fuck hanging from my dick whenAlex ushered into the room my fiancé, Annie.


She stopped in shock.  "Alex...what is the meaning of this.

Why are you naked in front of one of your students?"


Alex smiled.  “That's ‘cause he was just giving me a

masturbation demonstration, weren't you teach?"  At that point I did as I had

been instructed. I turned around and started to pump my prick in front of my

 teenage high school student and my twenty-two-year old fiancé. It felt heavy and thick in my hand, since Alex had keep me frigging it all afternoon without cuming. He had also fed me three Viagra.


"I don't know what is going on here, but it’s disgusting, and I am leaving...”  Annie said and turned to go.


"I wouldn't if I were you, bitch. Not unless you want

your future husband to go to prison for a few years."  Alex smiled.


Annie stopped in her tracks and turned around.  Alex

proceeded to explain the entire situation to her.  How he had forced himself

upon me one evening when I was about to flunk him in English. How he had

beaten me up, then taken revealing and compromising photos of me. How I was

virtually his slave, and at his beck and call.


"Oh my God, darling, isn’t there anything you can do?"  she

asked me, as I stood there like a jerk, jerking on my naked leaking prick in front

of her.  We were supposed to be married in a few week’s time.  Now my whole

life seemed a disaster.


"What can I do?  I don't know,” I said, big unmanly tears rolling down my face.  I didn't want my fiancé to see me cry, not at the mercy of an eighteen-year old boy.


But Alex was just starting. "There ain't nothing he can do right now. But there sure is something you can do.”


Annie looked at him with stone cold eyes. I so love and admired her

strength and courage.  "What? You want money?"


Alex laughed.  "Good idea. Yeah, I could use some cash, a couple of hundred, say. I hadn't even thought of that.  But I want something else. Something to teach your hubby to be here, something about what a fucking wimp he is. Something to teach you too. To show you what a loser you are getting, while there is still time for you to back out. I want you to let me fuck you!"


Annie blinked once,thats all.  Then, "Are you out of your mind?"


"Come on bitch, you gotta’ admit I am one of the

sexiest dudes you have ever seen. Everybody tells me that. Even the fucking

teachers.  I am also getting and A in Civics, ‘cause I let Miss Thurston suck

my dick. She says I have the most beautiful dick in the whole world. So it

won't be so bad for you."


Alex is, as I have said, movie star handsome. While not tall, he is well muscled, although not in a jock way. It’s more of a lithe, lanky, sexy body. He has dark hair

and eyes and a straight nose and full lips, a real street punk kind of



"I have only made love to one man in my life,” Annie said.  "And that is the man I am going to marry.”


"Him?  Twerpy Mr. Cuntman?  Man, bitch, you don't know what you are missing.  Here let me show you.”  Quicker than you could blink, Alex was out of his clothes. In seconds, he stood there as naked as I was, but not ashamed like I was. Young and handsome and proud of his naked body.  Proud of his strong chest and hard stomach. Proud of his tight bubble ass, of his strong legs and big feet, and most proud of his freakish fucking flaccid dick that hung six and a half inches soft, longer soft than mine was hard.


He licked his lips.  "You like that, Bitch, you like the sight of a real stud. Of a real man?"  A real man. He was a fucking teenage kid for Christ sake. “You like how big and thick it is? Look how nice and meaty and thick. Imagine that in your mouth.”


Annie tried to look away from his body but she couldn’t. I can't blame her.  the girls in school are putty in Alex’s hands.


“What do you say, Cunt? You like that slab of fuckmeat?”


"My name is… Annie,"  she stuttered.


He tilted his handsome head to one side and smirked.  "Yeah, well maybe I will call you... ‘Fuckhole.’" She winced. He glanced over at me. "Keep it hard Cuntman, or I get out the cattle prod.”  The situation was like something out of a sick porno movie. Until Alex came into my life, I had led a rather shallow, simple sexual life. I had fucked four girls in college and then three more after graduating. I dated pretty much, but then I met Annie. Wehad been fucking for about six months, usually once a week. It seemed to suit us.


Alex's dick started to get hard.  It was amazing to see on his not very tall, compact eighteen-year old body, the fucking cock of a horse, over ten inches long and as thick as a coke can.  With balls to match. It looked like he had hard boiled eggs in his sack. I truly do believe that some of Alex's psycho-sexual problem stems from the abnormal size of his penis.  It has given him the idea that he can pretty much have anyone sexually that he fancies. I guess, that’s not too far from the truth.


"Oh my God...."  Annie said, a hand to her mouth,

looking at the big bouncing, dripping prick on the teenage boy.


"Yeah, Fuckhole, look at this big beautiful dick, and then look at that puny matchstick that has been fucking your twat. You probably can't even feel his dick inside you. Ever wonder why sex wasn’t all it was cracked up to be?  That little worm hanging from Cuntman's crotch is the answer. You need a real dick to show you how wonderful fucking can be.”


Annie started to chew on a knuckle. She shook her head from side to side.  "God , no,”  she muttered.


"God yes.  Either you let me fuck you, Fuckhole, or I call the police and put your boy here in prison for molesting a student.  I got enough sick pics to put him away for good."  Alex scratched his pubic bush and his big balls danced in their fleshsack.


Annie looked at me, hopelessly, helplessly. "Do I have to let him do it, darling, do I have to?" I could see that she was terrified. I was the only man to ever fuck her.  She had a really tight pussy. There was every chance Alex would rip her open, damage her permanently.


"What should I do?" she asked, shaking, tears running down her beautiful cheeks. Alex’s dick lurched and bobbed and dripped.


What a selfish fucker I am. I said,"Annie,I don't want to go to prison. It’s just once. It will only last a few minutes. Please!"


It looked rather as if the life drained out of her just then. She got a pale clammy look instantly. Her eyes kind of went dead, and I knew our relationship would never be the same.


"Annie, do you know what they do to guys like me in prison?”Yeah, the same thing this fucking punk was about to do to her."Annie, close your

eyes and make believe it’s me."  That was possibly the stupidest thing I

ever said in my life.  All three of us almost laughed. She looked over at

the kid's ten inch drooling prick, and then at my six inch  hot dog  thick

prick. "Oh God Annie, I'm sorry. It’s not my fault."


“Okay Hole, enough small talk. My dick is getting itchy, and my fucking balls are churning. So, strip off those clothes and let me see some tit and pussy."  Is

this how Alex treated his school girlfriends. I knew it was.  I'd seen him

standing with a bunch of his buddies in the hallway, and while they

talked, he had his hand up under the skirt of some cheerleader, roughly fingering

her pussy. And the cunt just stood there and let him, because she so wanted

to be his girlfriend.


Annie stripped. She did it slowly and full of shame. I could see the toll it was taking on her, like she was shedding her ethics, her morals and her self-esteem.  She has a very pretty but unremarkable body. Nice tits but small, little apple handfuls, not big bra busters.  Her pussy is very pretty, only a little hair on it. She is rather like a young girl.  Alex stood stroking his big, wet dick watching her.


"Not bad, Cunt,” he said when she stood naked in front of him, fresh tears dripping onto her breasts. She hung her head.


“You got a cute little pussy. Don’t be shy and cover yourself. Spread your legs a

little so I can see it better. Such a cute little cunt slit.  Use your fingers and spread your cuntlips for me." He spoke quietly, but there was control in his voice.


Annie was shaking really badly now and crying really hard. I felt so bad for her.  She looked at the floor.

"Jesus, Hole, I'm going to be fucking you in a few minutes so you got nothing to be shy about. Now spread your fucking pussy lips for me."


How in God’s name could a teenage boy be so warped, so twisted?


I was in agony. I stood there frigging my prick. Totally helpless to help the woman I love, the cause of her humiliation. Her pale white face turned red and the blush moved down her neck and even into her tits.  Her nipples were hard and pointed.  She reached down and with two trembling fingers delicately spread her pussy lips so the eighteen- year old boy could see inside her cunt. There we stood, me naked and pumping my prick and Annie holding her cunt lips apart.


"What do you do for a living, Fuckhole?"  He asked, moving in close until his wet erection almost touched her, and then rubbing his own finger up and down her slit. She shivered uncontrollably, as his finger neared her clit.


"I… ugh… oh God… please don't do that, please. I work at a

day care center...."


He squatted naked in front of her, his huge dick standing out and drooling onto the floor, his balls almost scraping the carpet. He looked right up her pussy, humiliating her even more, on purpose, for the fun of it. “I can see the fuzz on your pussy lips. You look as young down there as the girls in my school.


A shiver went through her body, and her nipples grew harder and more pointed. He laughed and blew air into her cunt.  I thought she

would collapse. She actually had to put a hand on his naked shoulder to keep

on her feet. She was touching the teenage boy's naked shoulder.  He

had his finger in her cunt. He worked his finger one digit deep into her cunt and moved it around. She held her breath.  He reached up with his other hand and  squeezed her right nipple.  She closed her eyes and chewed her lower lip.


 I couldn’t stand the abuse. I was crying like a baby, and my dick was leaking like a faucet onto the carpet."Please Alex, don't do this. Do anything you want to me, but leave her alone."


Alex looked over at me and smiled rakishly.  "I will do anything I want to you, after I fuck her” He worked a second finger into her cunt. Her breathing was ragged and labored.  He worked them around inside her pussy. He stood up very close to her, letting his throbbing dick trail cockslop all over her pubic mound and

stomach.  I could feel my teeth grinding together.  "You see, Fuckhole,” he said to her, rubbing his dickhead on her cunt lips, “fucking is a natural act.  We make too much of it. We get it all twisted up with love and shit like that.  Two people

should enjoy rutting just like animals do.  Its natural, it’s fun. Feel

my big fat teen dick against your body? Why don't you be a good girl, kneel down like a good little cumdump and lick my cock and balls for me a little bit."  He

raised his hands and applied gentle force to her shoulders, sending her down

onto her knees, until his drooling dick slopped all over her pretty face.

He covered her crying face with pre-cum, thick, glistening sexsnot, mixing with her tears, and I cried and beat my dick harder.  She opened her mouth and licked

his dickstalk, then at his instruction, licked his wet leaking cockhead, getting fuckslop all over her tongue and lips and teeth. He had a huge pisshole and pre-fuck bubbled out of it. Then, at his orders, she licked his huge, swinging nuts, lapping up the nutsalt sweat like a puppy.


She didn’t like cocksucking, I knew that. The thought it was demeaning for a woman to do that, and she only did mine once and a while for a few minutes after I begged her, so I admired how she took his huge thick prickhead into her mouth, and then six inches of its over ten length.  The sound of her sloppily slurping on his teen dick filled the silence of my room, and I loved her all the more for being so brave.  He forced his prick deeper and deeper into her throat and she gagged and he laughed and continued forcing it down. Surely, he could not expect her to take all ten plus inches down her throat? Surely he didn’t expect those small teenage girls at school to do that? He chuckled and said  he loved to hear cunts gag on his big dick.


"That's enough, for Christ’s sake. She can't take any more."  I screamed.


"She's doing just fine. I’ll have my big sweaty balls resting on her chin in no time.  You’d be amazed at how much dick cuntfaces can take.”  She almost collapsed and had to put her hands on his ass cheeks for support. Her fingers gripped his ass globes. He wound his fingers in her hair and used her ears as handles while he

fucked her face. That boy sure knows how to fuck, I'll have to give him

that. He would get an A+ in fucking class. I wondered how young he was when he started, because he was an expert at eighteen. He pulled his prick from her sucking lips, and her tongue followed swiping away strings of pre-fuck.


"Get on the bed, bitch. I'm going to fuck you. Get on your hands and knees. "


"On my hands and knees?"  she asked, dazed and confused.


"Yeah. I'm going to fuck you like the slut bitch dog you are.  You are going to feel a real dick for the first time in your life.”


“Oh God, I don't think I can take it…” she sobbed. Her hands were wrapped around his veiny pulsing prick, sex slop drooling from it like water from a waterfall.


"Its gonna hurt like hell. It always does, even after I been fucking a twat for months. But it’s a good hurt. It’s an awesome hurt. You are going to feel owned... used... completely fucked and fucked up. You will think about my dick all day every day from now on, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it.  You will telephone me begging me for my cock."


He almost threw her onto the bed, then like a satyr, crawled up behind her and grabbed her hips.


"No... wait... please... wear a condom..." she almost screamed, trying to crawl away. He grabbed her by her tits and squeezed.


"A condom?  Shit no. Ain’t no way I am gonna ruin a perfectly good fuck with a rubber."


She was almost hysterical.  "But I don’t… I'm not on the pill or anything!"


He laughed.  "Then, get ready to be a pregnant sow!" Both Annie and I screamed in agony and grief. My dick rose up and slapped my lower belly.


She tried to crawl away across the bed, she did, but he was too strong for her.  I wanted to jump in and knock him to the ground, but I had been ordered to stand there and beat my meat and watch. It was the sickest thing I ever saw. 


It started out as rape.  She screamed in pain as he fat cockhead entered her pussy. I could see the cunt lips stretched by the girth of the dick. She

begged him to take it out, to go slow, to please stop. Then her pleas

turned to grunts, as he rammed his prick deeply into her guts.  She had never

felt anything so deeply inside her. My dick had certainly never reached

those inner cuntwalls. I had never probed her pussy pit, battered her womb.

"Oh God, stop, you're killing me. You're killing me,” she screamed as he slammed into her, sweat spraying the room and me. All more than ten inches of teenage dick into her cunt, his balls loudly slapping against her, his hips bucking, his back arching.


“You! Cuntman,” he yelled to me, wet black hair

plastering his smooth young face.  "Get your ass over her and lick my balls

while I fuck her.”  We were insane, mad. This was some Lewis Carroll nightmare.

My dick was so stiff, it felt difficult to walk.  I crawled onto the bed and

put my head down beneath the fucking couple.  I found it easier if I lay on

my back... my face beneath the fucked cunt... his balls slapping my nose

and mouth, as he plowed her stretched pussy. I stretched out my tongue and started to lap at the swinging sweaty slick nutsack. The smell of fuck was

overwhelming.  Annie was grunting like a stuck pig on each inthrust. The

boy's breathing was hard and heavy. He was very, very rough. He pounded into

her as hard as he could, like he wanted to kill her with fuck, showing no consideration for her or her poor, damaged cunt. I licked at his scrotum faster and faster as the fuck rhythm increased. I lapped his nuts like I was a dog.  I got his ball hair caught in my teeth.


"Cuntman, suck my ass.”i almost gagged at the thought of it.  Suck his ass?  Suck the ass of a teenage high school boy?  Suck his dirty teenage ass while he fucked my fiancé? Would you do it?  Would you suck the ass of a teenage boy while he fucked some cunt? Well, to my everlasting shame, I did.  I shoved my face between the tight cheeks of his hard, muscular, pale, sweat dripping ass and licked.  First his ass crack, and then his rank asshole. I became possessed. I sucked and tongued the boy’s asshole while he fucked my fiancé. I shoved my tongue as deep up his shithole as I could. I wiggled it back and forth, tasting God knows what. Heaving and gagging and sucking and licking and eating.


Was I so afraid of what he might do to me? Or was I too caught somehow in

the power of his spell?  There was something so fucking dirty about

him, about everything he thought and said and did, something so fucking

filthy about every move he made, I had never met anyone in my life who so

personified the word"Fucker."


I sucked his ass...tasting ass sweat and I don't know what all, sucking harder and harder, trying to suck his very insides out, until he finally blasted his load up my fiancé’s dickditch. I justified it by telling myself, if I sucked his ass hard enough, he would cum more quickly.  When he finished shooting, he dragged his still thick

slop dripping dick from her cunt and rolled over on the bed on his back.

Annie shuddered and collapsed, then tried to crawl from the bed.


"Where you going hole?"  he asked, grabbing her arm.I

was tasting heavy ass flavor on my lips and tongue. My dick was running now.


"To wash up..just to clean up."  She could hardly move

she was in such pain. Cum bubbled from her swollen, stretched out cunt.


"Lay down.”  he ordered, his dick getting limp but still

thick and fat and slick with cunt juice.


"Please, I don't want to get pregnant."  She looked and

sounded like a broken talking doll, only half there.


"Lay down and shut up.  if you don’t wanna get knocked

up, then your boyfriend here can suck my cum out of your pussy. He better

hurry though, before those little spermys do their work."  Shit they

were already down in her over ten inches, but I did the best I could. i sucked her cunt and had her try to squeeze the cum out into my mouth.


"Push like you are going to the toilet..." I told her, amazed that any male could shoot so much cum. Jesus, her pussy was a fucking swimming pool. The cum and cunt juice combo tasted awful, but I did my best to help Annie, as she had let him fuck her to help me. My dick was so hard I could have screwed a doughnut. i wanted, I needed to fuck.


"That's enough,”  Alex snapped, spreading his

legs, stretching out his big feet.


“But I think she still has some in..."


"I said, that's enough.  Get over here and clean up my dick.”  Annie lay face buried in her hands, crying, while I licked Alex's big, fat, stinking, fuckslab clean of my fiancé’s cuntslop and his cum. I had to lick the ballsack and his thighs too, so much had leaked down. He got up eventually and got dressed in silence.

Annie and I lay on the bed, our bodies feeling heavy and immobile, like corpses.


Before he left he smiled.  "We'll do this again on Wednesday night."


I raised my head. “You said just once. You said you'd

fuck her just once.”  Annie looked up too, hair hiding most of her pretty



"I know, but I changed my mind.”He was rummaging

through Annie's purse for money. "She's gonna need it real bad again by

Wednesday, you wait and see. She’s not gonna ever be satisfied with your

little weenie. Tomorrow morning, her pussy will start itching for my dick, and

by Wednesday, she’ll be begging for it. Hey who the fuck is this?" He had

pulled a photo out of her purse.


Annie didn't respond quickly enough for him, and she

saw a flash of his violent anger. He threw the purse at her naked body

hard, it hit her on the shoulder with a loud smack, and she screamed.  I

wanted to do something but didn’t.


"I said, who the fuck is this, you cockhungry piece of

shit?"  he screamed.


Annie looked at the photo with red rimmed bleary eyes. "That's my cousin, He stays with me sometimes, when he is in the area. He’s a seminary student, studying to be a priest."  she said without much feeling.


"How old is he?"  Alex asked eyes sparkling. I felt my

stomach tighten.


"He’s y our age, eighteen."


"Yeah, well bring him along next time he’s in town!"


I sat up.  "You can't Alex, you can't. I won't let you!"  I never saw the lamp coming.  I lay on the floor, my head bleeding. Annie almost hysterical.  Alex stood at the door."Bring the little holy roller along next time he’s in town, if you know what's good for you. I ain’t never fucked a seminary student. It might be fun.


He turned and was gone. We lay on the bed, not touching. Feeling filthy.

Unable to even cry any more. Surely there was nothing worse Alex could do to us.

Submitted: November 27, 2021

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