Teen Master Part One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

A young English teacher makes a mistake by failing a student who will not stand for it. The boy turns the teacher into a sex toy.




Teen Masterby dale10





"What the fuck is this about my grade?"  he said.  I never should have opened my apartment

door.  Quite frankly I don’t to this day know how he found my address.  He was just eighteen,

and I am not a small man, so what was there to be frightened of?  Besides I had dealt with 

young punks before.  I was a teacher... a twenty-eight year old teacher who was highly

respected.  I was finally getting settled in life. I loved my job, loved the town in which I

worked, and loved my fiancé Annie.  I certainly wasn’t going to let some two  bit, smart assed

punk shake me .


"Watch your language Alex..."  I sternly admonished, seeing at once that the kid was really



"Watch your fucking face!"  He screamed and pushed me back into my apartment and onto

the floor.  He was in and had slammed the door before I knew what happened.


"That will be just enough, young man..." I shouted, but his Doc Martin came down on my

chest and pinned me to the floor.  He stood over me in jeans, a tight white tee shirt and a

leather jacket, looking down at me, his face twisted into an evil sneer.  He was a very

handsome boy, even I couldn’t help but notice that.  Everyone in the school talked about how

movie star bad boy handsome Alex Sommers was.  Dark black curly hair,  full lips, flashing

eyes. The whole bit, and a nose with nostrils that flared when he got angry.  He was very

angry now.


"You fucking ruined my life.  My old man took my car away, my Ma broke down in tears and

my old man hit her, and they told me at school they might keep me back a year because I am

failing your fucking English class, you fucking piece of shit. "


I knocked his foot off my chest, brushed off my tee shirt and sat up.  I am five nine, with a nice

slender but muscular build and can handle myself pretty well.  " I didn't fail you Alex, you did

it to yourself and you know it.  Now I'll forgive you your rough stuff because I know you are

upset,  but I....."


He cut me off with a boot to my face.  I fell back on the hardwood floor, cracking my head and

for a minute everything spun.  This boy was definitely dangerous and out of control.  His knee

came down on my stomach and I almost puked.  Before I could recover my senses, he had

grabbed my tee shirt in one fist.  Alex was only five eight himself but more muscular than I

was. A more buff body even though he was only eighteen. The kind of body the girls in school

go nuts over, and he had taken advantage of it.  Everyone knew when he was fucking some

new chick.  it was disgusting. He must have fucked thirty-five different girls this year alone. 

 He bragged of his conquests out loud in school, so everyone could hear. He spoke in graphic, filthy language. He would say things like, “Jesus, Amy’s cunt is really tight. Well it was, until last night. I stretched that hole and pounded her womb.” He would say these things right in front of the girl. I felt so bad for the girls.  He even took girls away from other guys and nobody stopped him because they were all afraid of him. Now I knew why. He was very tough, and it wasn’t an act.  I had always been shy in school and kind of envied how he was able to get any girl he wanted to bed.  Why didn’t they resist him? Was he that much of a stud?  I had even heard that he got three girls pregnant on purpose.  Talk was he never used a rubber when he fucked, and he made the chicks take their chances.  He also loved to pop virgin cherries.


Hands clutching my tee shirt, he pulled my face up close to his.  I hadn't realized before this

that my nose was bleeding, dripping on my tee shirt.  He looked me in the face, real

close.  "I handed in the fucking essay like you told me to. "


I tried to stare him down. "YOUR ESSAY WAS UNACCEPTABLE.  YOU WROTE, 'I fucked 

some really tight virgin pussy last night, and my big dick is sore as hell.'  That is not an

essay.  That is trash, and If I showed that to the principal, you would be expelled from the

school for good."


His eyes were dark, like some kind of black gems that sparkled.  His lips were very full and

pink against his pale, slender, finely shaped face.  He smiled and then spit a big gob right in

my face.  It was one of those thick full gobs with crap in it and I almost puked again. I 

brought up my hands to grab the fucking punk by the neck, but he elbowed me in the face and

sent me back into the floor. The filthy gob of crap sat on my cheek and I couldn’t wipe it off.Then, he grabbed my tee shirt and ripped it off of me.  When i tried to fight, he backhanded me twice, giving me a swollen, bloody lip. Who the fuck did this teenage monster think he was?

Had he no fear of consequences? When I’d passed him in the halls, leaning some poor girl up against the lockers with her panties down while he fingered her young cunt, I’d assumed he was just a stupid teen thug. But perhaps he was more dangerous than that.  I’d stand there almost hypnotized, watching him shove one, two three fingers roughly up the poor girl’s pussy.

I’d heard rumors there were some girls in love with him, whom he forbade to wear panties or bras to school, so he could display them and play with them in front of the other kids. 


"You are going to pass me in your stupid boring English class Mr. Cuntman...(My name is

Kunzman), and you are going to write a letter to the principal and one to the school board

saying you made a terrible mistake and I deserve at least a B, maybe an A. "


"You are out of your mind.  I am going to call the police and have you thrown in jail."


Sitting on my chest, he reached down and grabbed a nipple in each hand and pulled

viciously on my tit tips. I’d always had very sensitive nipples, I am not sure why.  I screamed in pain and then started calling out for help, hoping a neighbor would hear.  He banged my head so hard on the floor so that I was half out of it, hopped off  me, turned the tv on loud, and then sat on me again and continued to torture my nipples.


"You got tits just like a cunt...Mr. Cuntsman. Look at these big fucking nipples. Jesus, I bet

you get milk from them. Let’s see if I can get them to squirt milk.  I'm just going to work you over a little bit, just to get rid of any stupid ideas you might have about turning me in, and then we'll get to those letters you're going to write."  He twisted and pulled on my nipples until I bit my lower lip from pain. He pulled them as far out from my chest as he could and let them snap back. He rolled the nubs in his fingers. This fucking eighteen-year old kid. Twice more, he spit down into my face, leaving trails of slime. Eventually, my tits were swollen and raw.


Before I could think straight, he had flipped me over onto my stomach, and whipping the belt out from my jeans, he bound my hands together behind my back. Then with me lying on my stomach, he grabbed a handful of my light brown hair and yanked my head up and back.


"Now stop all that screaming. You are only going to make it harder on yourself.  This will go

much better for you, if you just learn your lesson like a good cuntman and then do what you

have to do to make it up to me. You can ask my brother. He used to scream and threaten

to tell my old man that I was messing with him, which only caused me to hurt him more. I

even cut off one of his fingers, did you know that?  We said he got it severed by the lawn

mower, but he didn't. I chopped it off ‘cause he wouldn't suck my ass. That would make a

fucking good essay wouldn't it Cuntman?  Let’s pretend I wrote it and you gave me an A."  He

spit in my face three more times.  This boy had a really wet, sloppy mouth.  I'll bet he kissed

the girls and made them cry. My face was now a mask of saliva slime.


He flipped me over again and started to unbutton my jeans.


"What are you doing Alex? You must be out of your mind!" I didn’t know if I should threaten or

plead. My whole face hurt like hell, and my nipples burned.  He tugged my jeans down to my

ankles and pulled them off my bare feet.I was lying bound in own living room, dressed in

only a pair of jockey briefs, being threatened by a teenage gangster.  It was ridiculous.


"It’s the same with the cunts when they don't want to fuck on the first date.  You know,

Cuntsman, I spend fifteen twenty bucks on the dumb twats. I take them to some dumb

Movie, listen to them gab all night, just so I can get some fresh dick action and empty my big nuts, and then the selfish bitch doesn’t want to put out.  Doesn’t even want to suck my thick, swollen fuckmeat! Well, I spend fifteen or twenty minutes working on them, and by the time I am through, they are ready to do anything I want, no matter how filthy and disgusting for them.And believe me, after they stiff me, I demand a lot. You probably don’t believe this, but I have a really sick fucked up imagination. Shit, the things I come up with.  I force them to take

me up the ass, which cunts hate, but dudes love.I love to fuck ass. I love to see the little cunts in pain.  And you know they aren't going to tell mommy and daddy,’Oh, I was fucked in the ass last night by this boy from school. I can hardly walk today.’ So, you see, I

learned that if you make an impression first, then the cunts will obey later.  Let them k now who is in charge.  So, what we are going to do here for the next couple of hours is... I am going to make an impression on you. One you will never forget.  And then you will come around and cooperate."


I was pretty near hysterical and scared out of my mind, I don't mind telling you.  "Listen

Alex… listen..." I screamed at him, "It’s not too late to save yourself.  Stop this craziness

Now, and I'll forget it ever happened.  We can talk about how you can make up the work. We

can settle this in a positive way.  Don't go so far that you regret this later. Please Alex, you

are only hurting yourself!" He laughed, a big, white, even-toothed, magazine cover smile and he grabbed me so hard by the balls that my body lifted right off the floor.  "No I am not hurting myself. I am hurting you. I have you by the balls, Cuntman, and nice big balls too from the feel of them. Nuts like walnuts in a nice full fleshy sack! Be a shame if something happened to them. What would your poor fiancé do then?  Her future hubby has squished nuts and can’t have sex!  Well, maybe I'd step in and fuck her for you once in a while, so she gets some cock."  He squeezed my nuts through my underpants until I almost blacked out.  I started to gag and heave, and my whole body shook. I could feel his fingers working themselves on my nuts, pressing them until I was sure they would pop. Everything started to spin. Then, he released me

and, with one smooth motion, ripped down my underpants. I was naked. Tied up on the floor

naked before this teenage thug.He stood over me smiling.  the pain in my nuts coursed through my entire body.  I gritted my teeth until the numbing ache subsided a bit. I could smell his raw teenage male sexuality.


"Jesus Christ Cuntman, you call that a prick? Christ, my nine-year old cousin has one that big.

How big is your dick?"


At first I could hardly even focus on what he was saying.  He nudged my dick and balls with

his boot and fresh pain brought me around.


"I asked you a fucking question.  This is just like school, Cuntman, the school of life.  Only here I ask the questions and you answer. Now, I asked you a question.  How big is your dick… when its hard I mean? It looks all shriveled up like a mushroom now. Is that ‘cause you are scared?  How big is it hard?" I saw boys in my classes playing with their hard-ons all the time. I  never said anything, because I know teenage boys have trouble controlling that sort of thin. Several boys who sat in  the front spread their legs and squeezed their dicks and balls all through class. I suppose they were trying to fluster me. Well, it never worked. As far as my own hard-on was concerned… 


"I don't know..."  I could feel now how swollen my lip was.


"You don't know?  You want I should get a tape measure and measure it?  I'm not too gentle,

I warn you."


"Six inches... it’s six inches."


He threw back his handsome head and roared. "Six inches? How the fuck does your fiancé

even feel it?  You can't even reach her inner cunt to give her a decent fuck. You are pathetic

Cuntman. No wonder you have to settle for teaching English. You gotta get off by impressing

little kids, ‘cause you can't impress adults worth shit. I wanna see. Let’s get it hard."He knelt

down by my body, and with one hand unashamedly began to fondle my cock which was

small as a mushroom at the time.  With his other hand, he started to rub my nipples.


"Come on, Cuntsman, get a nice little stiffie for me. Come on, throw a boner for Alex. Come on,

you cute little baby dick, stiffen up.  He got two fingers around the shaft and began to frig. I

was naked on the floor, being masturbated by one of my own teenage students. How totally degrading and humiliating. I couldn’t fucking believe it. He talked to me in a baby voice… or rather talked to my dick.


"Show Alex what a big strong dickie you are. Show Alex what scares all the girls. All the

fourth grade girls that is. Come on, come on, you can get hard.  Concentrate,

Cuntman. Concentrate. Think about the  hot horny jocks at school. That might make a faggot like you hard. Think about all that big teenage jock dick swinging around in the locker room. Think about all those fat teenage cocks and chubby ball sacks.  Which one is your favorite,

Cuntman?  I know! That fucking clean cut jock who always sits in the front row in your

class. What’s his name? Kevin. Yeah, Kevin the Cunt, captain of every fucking team.  I'll bet

you'd love to suck on Kevin's big fat dick, wouldn’t you? Come on admit it. Tell Alex that you'd love to suck on Kevin’s cock."


I didn't answer fast enough. He slapped me hard. "I won't say something like that." I



"Sure you will."  he dug a fingernail into my pisshole hard.


"Aahhhhhhhhh! I wanna suck Kevin’s cock. I wanna suck Kevin's cock.," I screamed.


"See, isn’t the truth always better? Maybe we should telephone your girlfriend, and you should

tell her you are dumping her for the cock of this jock in your English class.  With the size of

your dick, she probably suspects you are a fucking faggot already.  Come on, Cuntman, you

are not getting hard.  I got news for you. I've seen Kevin in the locker room, and his dick isn’t

nearly as big as mine.  It’s not as small as yours though. There’s not a boy even in the freshman

class with a dick as small as yours."


Sometimes, under pressure, we crack. For some stupid reason to maintain my pride, I 

protested.  “My penis is average size."


He laughed so hard he fell off of me. "Six inches, average?  That is the biggest fucking lie ever

Told, and told by those tiny dicked twerps who want to feel adequate.  If six inches is

Average, then where do all those hung dudes on the internet and stuff come from? "


My dick was not going to get hard.  He slapped it hard.  "That is one useless dick you've got

there.  You wanna see a real dick?  You wanna see what a real stud dick looks like? " It was

a rhetorical question.He threw off his jacket and peeled off his tee shirt.  He had a really

fine body. Tufts of black pit hair peeked out from beneath alabaster paled pit skin.  His nipples

were not puffy and large like mine, but perfect nickel sized discs on a slab hard chest. He was

more a young warrior than an eighteen-year old boy.  Like something out of the Greek myths I

taught to pimple-faced freshmen boys.  He untied and kicked off his boots, but left on his white

socks.  Then he peeled down his jeans. Of course, he wore no underwear.  He didn’t have time

for underwear. Not when one fucked as much as he did.


I actually made a gasping sound, and Alex caught it and laughed.  His dick was unreal.  Over ten inches of pale fuckmeat with bulging blue veins tracing the beer can thick stalk. Alex kicked

off his jeans and stood over my face. I looked up at his huge hard-boiled egg sized nuts, and

the cuntbuster above them.


"How about that?  I'm bigger than any boy at our school.  The cunts sob to me… ‘oh

Alex, I can't take that huge thing, I just can't. But of course, they do, and I teach them to love it. To crave and need it. it pretty much ruins them for any other guys who want to fuck them though.  I mean once you feel this in your twat, you are hooked.  I had six girls call me last weekend, begging me to take them back.  I told one of the cunts I would date her again, if she sent me three photos of her sucking off her family dog. The fucking slut did it too. It was gross but also hot. Of course, I put them all over the internet and totally ruined her reputation. I mean, what dude is going to date and kiss a chick who sucks dog dick? At school, we now call her dog dick breath! She won’t last the semester.  I only wish I  had held off and made her get fucked by the dog too. That would have been crazy!”  he laughed. “They need my dick, Cuntman. They live for it."


"Alex, I think you need help.  It’s not your fault.  You have some kind of psycho-sexual

condition. Sex is far too important to you. Maybe its glandular, but you..."  I was silenced by

a huge dollop of pre-fuck falling from his dickhead and hitting me in the face.


“Here, Mr. Cuntsman, suck my toes."  He shoved the toes of one size eleven foot in my

mouth. He still had on his white socks which were soaked with foot sweat.  I gagged at the

odor and the taste.Then, he dropped onto my chest and sat with his balls on my mouth. His

nutsack was sweaty and hairy.  "Here now, lick my balls like a good cunt.  Show me there are

no hard feelings between us, and you are going to pass me in English. Lick my scumsacks real



I had never had a homosexual experience of any kind.  I was in a state of severe shock.  I just

lay there with his scrotum flesh spread out over my face.  The scrotum of an eighteen year old

boy.  The smell of his balls was overwhelming. Sweaty, unwashed teenage nuts. "You have five seconds to start licking my balls, or I am going to light one of those dinner candles over there and shove it up your ass."


I licked his balls.  The idea of doing it is actually worse than the action.  I mean ball flesh tastes salty, and smooth, and I don't know what all.  I've become an expert ball licker since this first time, and have now learned to do it without feeling much at all.  I licked his nuts for about ten minutes while he masturbated his big dick and talked about how cute my fiancé looked in the picture next to my tv, and how he really wanted to throw a fuck into her. The balls smelled stronger and stronger as they became coated with my saliva.  I was sure it couldn’t get any worse. Then, he hunkered up some more and squatted over my face. I was looking up into his muscular ass.


"My absolute favorite thing in the whole entire world Mr. Cunt, .is to get my ass sucked. I love it even more than fucking. So be a good teacher and suck my ass for me."


His ass cheeks were very full and hard. Pale and smooth, with a deep crack lined with dark hair. Squatting the way he was over my face, the crack spread and I saw his brown

Asshole ringed with hair. The sight of the hole and the smell of ass sweat were enough to cause me to puke.  I threw up my dinner all over my own face and the floor around me.  Alex stood up and kicked me in the face. He padded to the kitchen to fetch a towel and came back, his fat

prick bouncing ahead of him, like a fucking war club, except leaking, and he wiped the puke from my face and floor. Then, like a careful parent or housekeeper, he gently washed my face with soap and water. Then, with a change of personality, he stuck the bar of soap into my

mouth to clean the puke taste out, so I could properly taste his ass juice, he told

me.Then he squatted over me again.


"You puke again, and you will lick up your own puke.  Now, start by licking up and down

along the ass crack. My brother has gotten really good at this.  I love to get my ass

sucked after a hard day at school.  Now, after licking up and down the sweaty crack, suck on the the ass hairs. Get them nice and clean. You know, Mr. Cunt, I think you are going to be my regular full time ass licker from now on."

I am too. But that’s another story.


"Now, rub the tip of your tongue right across the asshole itself. Rub it across my shithole.No gagging now, like some stupid teenage girl. That’s not polite. Yeah! Oh, yeah. Kiss my shithole. Pretend it’s your fiancé’s mouth. Kiss my dirty shithole. Very good, Mr. Cunt, I won’t need to punish you. You are a first-class ass licker.  Now stick your tongue right up my asshole as far as you can and wiggle it around. "


I don’t know about most of you, but I had never had my tongue up anybody's asshole. It was

the sickest thing I could think of. Alex thought of much sicker things later on, but I try to not think about them. Here I was, tonguing the ass of a high school senior boy. Where did these kids get this stuff from, the internet?  How could a teenage boy know all about ass sucking?


"Now with your tongue up my ass, suck on my asshole at the same time. Don't be shy about

making pig noises. I love the sound of someone sucking my shithole. "


After ten minutes of ass sucking, Alex suddenly stood up, his erection drooling all over the

place, tore his belt from his jeans  on the floor,  and started to beat the shit out of me with it.  I screamed so loudly, he took off his dirty socks and shoved them into my mouth. He beat me for fifteen minutes everywhere on my body, even on the soles of my feet.  I had huge red welts all

over...but my ass was almost black with blood blisters.  I blacked out twice, the second time

he woke me up by standing over me and pissing on my face. A hot, hard torrent of strong yellow piss splashed onto my face, went up my nose and into my mouth. It stung in my eyes and mixed with my tears.


"Are you starting to get the picture, Mr. Cunt? Are you starting to learn that from now on, you

will do whatever I say in class and out, twenty-four seven. You will obey my every wish, my

every command. You fuck up even once, you will be in a living hell. Do you fucking

understand?"  he snapped the belt against my scrotum and I vigorously nodded my head.


That's when he took the digital photos of me sucking his dick.  He told me in no uncertain

Terms, that if I hadn't written letters by the following morning, he would show the

Photos, saying I had molested him, and that I had done it before he turned eighteen. And I would not only be out of a job, but in prison as well. I was so scared, I don't honestly remember what that first cocksuck was like. i don’t remember the feel of his big, wet, stinking dick in my mouth, not that first time.  I have remembered the hundreds of time since, because he makes me write essays about it and read them to him and his buddies. He makes me write long love letters to his thick cock and his asshole. I have to rhapsodize over the taste and smell of his asshole.  


My own ass is still not used to the humongous size of  his fucker, and I'm not sure it will ever

be able to accommodate him without extreme pain, but he likes to give me pain. He also likes

to humiliate me in public. Would you like to hear about that?  About the things he makes me

do at school during the school day while I am teaching.  Two things, for some reason, torture

me more than any of the other horrors that now fill my life.  I don’t know why these two bother

me so much, just some stupid macho hang up I suppose, but they do.  One, is that I hate the

most when he comes over after just having fucked some bimbo school girl and makes me lick

the cunt slop off his dirty dick. I mean, I have to teach this girl the next day, be nice to her, try

to help her. And the night before, I was licking her pussy juice off Alex's big, fat, pink, slab of

fuckmeat.  Often, there is virginal blood which he makes me lick off too.  Part of me hates the little girls for their stupidity. Another part of me feels sorry for them.


But the thing I hate the most, is when Alex talks about how he is going to fuck my fiancé

Annie. He has fucked up my life so badly that she is all I have left in this world. I can't bear it

if he ruins that too.  Lately, he has made me call her and talk to her on the phone while he has

his dick up my ass. He fucks me painfully while I tell her I love her.  Dear God what am I

going to do?

Submitted: November 24, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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