Chapter 9: Sweetest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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He found the air mail lying on the front doormat seven weeks later. The envelope bore a red stamp featuring a grey kangaroo. Beside himself with excitement, he slit it open, took out the sheet of blue paper, and read:


I wanted to let you know I’m okay. I’ll be okay. I enjoyed myself. I had fun.

I’ll always love you,


He felt as if she had just stabbed him in the chest, crying like a wounded animal, searching for her face, her heart, her love, in the darkest recesses of his mind: a lair, in which to die. He had failed his A Levels, lost his job, and lost her. He no longer had anyone to live for.


April Fool’s Day 1973:

Georgie was heavy with child. Her breasts were swollen with milk. Her abdomen, fully distended. She slumped on the wicker chair feeling her baby prod her stomach. Her fiancé marvelled at how she pushed herself to the limits of her endurance to birth her miracle. Tom treasured her, cherished her, every pounding heartbeat, each sublime kiss. He lay his head in her lap.

They’d found their way upstairs to the pink bedroom: her wedding cake bed with its nest of soft cuddly toys, the snow-white cot, the rocking horse, a cradle bedecked in pink. As soon as she fell pregnant, Georgie instinctively knew, her baby would be a girl.

They enjoyed a perfect love, a love that was all-consuming, unselfish, and respectful. She was happy at last. Tom was all she wanted in a man: passionate, caring, considerate. Her eyes misted with tears. She took his hand, wrapping her fingers around his palm, and held him to her swollen belly. Georgie was enormous. The skin on her bulge was stretched. A brown line ran the full length of her belly from her protruding navel to the swathe of teak hair which sprouted profusely, hiding her folds. Proudly, she rubbed his fingers over the round of her belly so that he could feel her baby, kicking inside her.

Tom beamed with pride as he felt the baby reach for its father. Its tiny fists, pummelling the lining of its mother’s womb, wanting to touch the man who seeded her with his sperm.

He felt her lightly stroke the hair on the back of his hand, seeking his intimacy. Exhausted, Georgie closed her eyes, savouring the smell of his skin as he moved closer to her. She felt his lips kissing her eyes, the welts of tiredness that dwelt beneath, her hollow cheeks. The subtle brush of his mouth over her pursed lips. His hot breath on her face. The tip of his tongue licking her neck.

Georgie stirred, feeling a delicious tingle inside her, a glorious hardening she hadn’t felt for months. His tongue left a line of saliva down her chest, licking the salt from the moist fjord that separated her heaving breasts. She became aroused, pushing his hand inside her pants, guiding his fingers through her matted hair, parting her folds, feeling her. She felt his leg slide up her thigh, alarmed by her daring, knowing how she might gratify herself through his tender touch, as he thrilled for her.

Tom brushed the shock of hair off her face, kissing her fully on the lips. She felt his eager tongue enter her wet red mouth; his tip tickling the back of her throat. He rubbed her. She gasped, struggling to control the thrill of her arousal,

‘Strip for me.’

She admired her man’s muscular physique: the hairy chest when he unbuttoned his shirt, his pert bum when he dropped his trousers, the rigid, rearing cock that crowed so proudly for her. Still wearing her bra and briefs, she stood up, a little dizzied by her rampant lust,

‘Think we should lie on the bed, don’t you?’

Stretched with torsion, he hobbled to her tidy bed and lay down at the centre, watching expectantly as she slipped the bra straps off her shoulders, uncupping each breast, leaving her bra hanging loose to tease him. She pushed her heavy breast up to her mouth for him, tickling her complected nipple with the tip of her tongue. He fought to contain himself,

‘God, you’re beautiful!’ he cried, waiting for the moment of her intimate revelation with bated breath.

Georgie slipped out of her briefs, her explicit act of reveal exposing the beauty of her twitching bulge, the impressive contour of her breasts, the divine arch of her back, her fleshy buttocks. She was breathless, panting for him. A naughty expression crept over her face,

‘Would you like me to…?’

His heart nearly jumped out of his chest. Flustering, flushing scarlet, he nodded, ‘Yes.’

‘Lie back then.’

Tom lay back in awe of her as she clambered on top of him, sinking her belly comfortably onto his chest as she lowered her head and took him inside her warm mouth. Georgie was run down. Gently, he rubbed her furuncle, the nasty boil, festering, on the cusp of her left buttock. He caressed her, parting her soft flesh to expose her dark beige folds, then licked her, in a way he never licked a girl before. Minutes later, she started to writhe and squirm.

They heard footsteps on the staircase. Voices. The door swung open to reveal Kayleigh,

‘We’re here!’ she yelled, ‘Promised we’d stay in touch!’

The couple, lying inverted on the bed, were unable to answer.

‘Oh, is this a bad time?’ her voice dropped to a whisper, ‘Think we should wait downstairs until they’ve finished, don’t you Matt?’

‘I think we should,’ he agreed quietly, smirking, stifling himself from laughing out loud.

That was the moment Georgie’s waters broke.


Tom didn’t know what to do with her at first. He gazed down at the ruddy face of their new-born child and kissed her forehead. She was beautiful, like Georgie. She bawled and wailed and kicked and screamed, clearing out her little lungs.

‘I think she wants to be fed,’ Kayleigh said, wiping clean her bloodied hands, ‘Shall we pass her back to mum?’

Proudly, he handed the tiny bundle of joy back to her mother so that she could breastfeed her baby. Kayleigh assured them the midwife would be there soon. The kind lady living in the house across the road had let Matt use her phone to ring the hospital.

He appeared with a washing-up bowl full of warm soapy water and clean towels. Kayleigh washed the blood and slime off Georgie as the father looked on, thrilled for her, astounded by her. Tom mopped her sweaty forehead. She smiled weakly at him, shattered, her heavy head sunk deep in pillows. Georgie shut her eyes and rested, whispering as she fell asleep,

‘Ellie, I’d like to call her Ellie… my bright shining one.’



Valentine’s Day 2021:

L. D. Chart F.C.A, F.C.C.A became Managing Partner of the firm of accountants she set up with her husband in 1985. Lindsey and Richard have five grown-up children and live in a large country house near Ascot. Neither of them indulge in illegal drugs - anymore.

Janis married Chantal in Church on 5th April 2014. Having left Bristol University with a 2.1 in Human Biology, she retired early, after a distinguished career as a dentist in a major London practice. She now writes children’s stories at their tumbledown cottage in Dorset.

Kayleigh gave birth to a 7lb6oz baby boy, Patrick. She and her partner Matt returned to Australia in early 1973 to live in Brisbane where they teach autistic children.

Rosalie O’Brien re-married, Phil, in 1982. He died of prostate cancer a year ago. They had no children. Rosalie, now 80, still lives at 12, Brierley Road. She has just had her first Astra Zeneca jab.

Mary died in hospital of a heart attack, aged 49, in the summer of 1972.

Georgie and Tom were married at All Saints Church Brisbane on Saturday 19th June 1976. A week before their wedding day, they received a letter from Rachael, saying she felt too frail to attend. The Bride was given away by Matt. Kayleigh, Lindsey, and Janis were her Maids of Honour.

Following her outstanding academic achievements at Brisbane State High School, Ellie graduated from The University of Queensland with an Honours Degree in Biochemistry. Still single, she is a member of a research team specializing in the development of young children’s antiviral vaccines.

Georgie manages a charity shop for a society that helps children to cope with life’s hardest challenges and face the future with confidence.

For a good friend, who was taken from us at such a young age, having truly fallen in love.

Submitted: November 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Harriet-Jacqui Furl. All rights reserved.


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