24 Hours

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: BDSM

All her life has been spent feeling slightly unfulfilled in her relationships, the few there has been. She has had many opportunities, she has heard more than a few times how attractive she is, deep down she feels this primal, feminine, sensual energy that she can tap into when she needs it but is often hard to contain once she does. So, she spends her life hiding away to avoid the drama.
Then, she begins a professional online relationship that she finds herself struggling to resist. He offers her release in ways she has only fantasized about, all she needs to do is agree to submit for 24 hours.

24 Hours


Her mind reflected back to a time about a year ago. She had met someone who she had begun to care for and so she created distance, tried to explain to them why. She didn’t want to see them hurt but she knew she was unable to stay and become anything more. It was true, she didn’t feel any real pull to stay for long, she was honest about this. 

She felt like freedom had not yet even begun. It had been all her life, a passenger, given up for the needs of others. Days that had little to do with pleasure despite all of it coming from love. 

Then one night, while she yet again deflected an attempt to clip her wings, a thing she knew she would never allow again, they had said a simple thing.

“Not forever, I just need you for a little while”

Her reply had been relief. She wanted little while. But she needed to go soon. It just was always the way it would be.  “I can do a little while” and thus she gave a little while. 

The one who had spoke it tried to back peddle, as if they had not realized they had said these words until her reply, but the current is always stronger than we realize and what was done was done.

She knew she could not give forever, but she knew should help them feel, again. She knew she was taking a risk.. the risk was always there, that she may lose them. Friendships were hard to maintain as it was. It seemed like everyone always wanted more. For the ones she actually allowed in… well, it was always work once she cared about a person. She really did feel like she was in some kind of twisted unfair movie plot most of the time. 

This memory bubbled up as she allowed his words to simmer in her thoughts. 

He said he offered her "release” by way of a 24 hour agreement.

With this moment yet again replaying in her mind, she felt her pulse quicken and her breath catch. She hated feeling pulled in by anyone; either because she knew the inevitable waste of time flag would appear and she would be pissed at herself for the distraction or because … she wasn’t sure of the other. She claimed it was the lack of control she felt, she told herself it was because she needed that control. 

She took a few steps forward, closing the gap between them and lifted her chin to look him in the eyes as she spoke, “ok. I agree to 24 hours.” 

Despite the premise of the conversation she said this as a defiant challenge, of which he has expected nothing less. 

To really seal the deal, she impulsively went down on her knees, thinking she was toying with him. That he would not expect it. She would throw him off right from the start proving no one would tame her so easily. Her defiant jaw lining up just inches below his hips. She had thought, 'I will do the unexpected.. he won’t be as comfortable seeing me on my knees as he thinks'

She pretended to move towards his zipper with her hands, leaning in even further with her lips slightly parted her thoughts caused her the slightest pause.

'What was she thinking this would do, call his bluff? Was she wanting to do this?' Panic crept in, she honestly had not thought this through. It was as if her body had taken charge and forgot to tell her. 

As she knelt down his eyes widened. She was on her knees, but her eyes remained locked with his and he saw her mind, he felt it begin to take hold of her again. He looked down at her and felt a heat course through him. The intial challenge in her eyes, the sudden uncertain innocence only pushed his desires further. He felt a need for her in places he had forgotten existed. 

As she looked up, she noticed his look of surprise was quickly replaced by something that caused her to lower her eyes automatically. 

As her mind raced her pulse, each seeking their own destinations, she attempted to convince herself she looked down to just go along with the charade. He laughed softly and then just as softly his voice commanded her to stand back up.

She was, instead, frozen in place.

All of her typical retorts or methods of adjusting situations to maintain her feeling of control had abandoned her against the pull of her own body to comply. 

 “I know you heard me. Are you already backing out?”

She could hear his eyebrows raising as well as the amusement in his lowered voice. 

She still felt frozen, that sense of panic growing low in her belly. Not being able to think her way out of this, her body took further charge and stood. Her eyes, for some reason continued to look at her bare feet, she tried to remember when she had slipped out of her heels? Forever seemed to pass and she began to regain some of her mental clarity, in what she thought was resistance, she finally raised her eyes to meet his. 

He had been patiently expecting this moment and felt his pants tighten further at the look of shock in her eyes when he reached out and wrapped his fingers around her throat. Her gasp was quickly overtaken by his mouth pressing down on hers and his other hand was already unbuttoning her jeans and forcing its’ way between her thighs. His palm pressed hard against her there as two of his fingers reached up into her and held her in place. Once he had a firm grip he released her mouth and locked eyes with her again. 

All she could do was just try to catch her breath.

There was no thinking. There were no questions.  She was not even fully aware she would be able to remember her name in that moment, if he should ask. She felt vaguely aware in some far off corner of her mind that she had nearly lost all control. Her body had was taking over her thoughts..begging her to give in to him.

 “Did you really think I would back down? I told you many times how much I wanted you. I told you all the things I would do to you if you gave me just 24 hours. I won’t go a minute past that but I will use every single minute of it. I did warn you that there was more to me than anyone else you have ever met, didn’t I?”, his voice was quiet but she felt every word vibrate through her body. 

 “I asked you a question.”  

He stepped in closer to her, his fingers pressing into her further as he steadied her from stumbling back with his advance.

'This was madness! What was she doing, thinking? They had been friends awhile now, but she really hardly knew him. I mean she did, but honestly… just that, what was she thinking?! Giving over control like this was just crazy,' and she felt crazy. She knew usually she could sound little crazy, trying to gather her thoughts, just rambling with out much concern given to what anyone thought of her… but she could recognize that behavior. She knew what to do with herself in those situations.. right now, right now she had no idea how to … anything. 

Her body begged for release, her legs hinted they might give out and she was not sure when she had last taken a full breath.

She vaguely noticed how soaked between her legs had become when suddenly his fingers slid out and she fell backwards onto an ottoman she had not noticed before. She had enough time to wonder how much of this he had already anticipated, begin to chastise her self for being so predictable, when all thoughts once again escaped as his fingers wound into her hair yanking her further up on the ottoman. 

His body lowered down to match hers, she felt the weight of him holding her further in place and the ache where his fingers had been intensified. The unshaved stubble on his cheek pushed her mind past the point of resistance as he whispered in her ear.

“I asked you a question and I am still waiting on an answer. 24 hours of submission. Obedience. Total surrender. Yet, it has only just begun...You must really want to find out how far you can push me, to already be disobeying only moments after agreeing to this.”

In a voice on the edges of both panic and desire, she tries to answer. “Um, yes? I, what? I, I don’t remember the question...” 

The whispered plea in her reply causes him to press his body in closer to hers. She feels the heat in his bulge taunting her mind to just try and say no.

She can hardly breathe, so her only response is to hold her breath and a desire to feel even more consumed by him. 

“Really, now?” He smiles into her neck before biting down hard enough to allow a little moan to escape her.

He traces the tip of his tongue along her jaw and parts her lips a little wider with his tongue. His lips just barely brush against hers as he takes a moment to consume her further and her eyes flutter closed.

"Look at me," he commands.

Like the puppet she has become, her lids immediately lift and he draws her in further. 

He hasn’t moved and she feels his breath inside her of mouth, like they are becoming one.

He begins to lightly trail his fingers along her waist and releases his grip on her hair to cradle her head with his other hand, bringing her face to meet his he kisses her slowly. He releases her lips only enough to be able to speak again and she feels his breath touching her places no one else had ever gone.

Measured but barely controlled he continues, “Well, as much as I would like to fuck you right now, and I really want to, hmmmm... I feel your body tensing up, Kitten. You like when I tell you that I want to fuck you. Oh how badly I want to fuck you, I want slam into you more than anything I have ever wanted, I want to make you remember me every time your panties brush against your lips... So, don’t worry, I am going to fuck you so hard.. and it will have to be soon. I really wish I could right now. You are lucky I am as impatient for you as I am. Disobience is not something I take lightly and I am going to have to show you what happens when you disrespect me." He leaned in and lightly brushed his lips against hers before he said even more quietly," I have listened to every word you have spoken. I have answered every question you have asked. I only ask the same of you and when you deny me this, you leave me no other options but to hold you accountable.” 

Then feels the rough edge of his face trailing down her neck and he stops to place several gentle kisses here.

Her mind wants to race but she is totally at the mercy of his touch as her slids her t-shirt over her head and murmers his approval at her lack of bra. 

All at once she is being flipped onto her belly and he grabs her hair again, pulling her head back, and he speaks roughly into her ear, “ Don’t move.”

She feels her jeans being pulled down and her panties with them. The air, so humid a minute ago, feels cold on her skin but this is quickly remedied by the firm slap of his palm on her ass. She jumps and gasps to which he says in a voice that is somehow menacing and apologetic all at once, “I told you not to move, Kitten. You really are trying to test me. You know how badly I want to be deep inside you right now. Every moment I have to wait just makes this harder on both of us. Be a good girl now, stay still for me.”

Biting down on the inside of her arm, trying not to move, she holds her breath in anticipation. 

He has one knee braced on the ottoman next to her, pinning her wrists above her head and pauses as he looks down at the hand print he has left behind. Relishing the moment, he waits until she has to take her next breath, he wants to hear the sound she makes and like the expert he is, his hand comes down again at the perfect moment her breath is released. His own hips tense at the sound of his hand slapping her naked ass lands in perfect time with the little squeak that escapes her lips. 

Not giving her mind chance to reconsider, he spanks her twice more on each side. Each time his hand lands she moves just enough that he could have justified several more. He could tell she was trying to please him as he watched her struggle against the firm impact of his hand. He massaged her ass for a moment, squeezing hard enough to see her fight further to please him against the pain. He felt the ache that had been building for weeks threaten his control and he had to stop there. He consoled himself there would be plenty of time for more before the day was over.

He released her wrists and the tension left her body. He knelt between her legs, spreading her knees further apart and leaned forward and began to gently kiss all the bright red places her swollen ass cheeks offered up to him.

He slowly slid the tips of his fingers down the the outside of her thighs as he did, over the backs of her legs and then down the velvety flesh of her inner thighs towards her knees while his lips, the tip of his tongue slid down the dip between her swollen cheeks to the even more swollen lips hiding below.

He gripped her just behind her knees, digging his nails in just a little, he forced them open wider and shoved his tongue into her.  

It was hard to tell one moan from the other, but hers quickly over took the room as she lost herself to the steady rhythm of his tongue the way his lips sucked on her labia, her clit, pulling hard and then gently, the heat from his breath caressing her throbbing flesh. Then she felt his hands slid up her body, stopping at the curve of her waist he wrapped his fingers around her and lifted her ass up in the air suddenly.

His hands ventured further up her torso,  pausing to firmly squeeze her breasts, pinching hard on her nipples as he ran his tongue up her back.

She felt his breath, his lips, the heat from his body against her. She felt him inhale deeply as he pressed his face into the nape of her neck and in a low growl he said, “ face me”.

By now all thoughts of defiance were gone. She immediately obeyed. Still on her knees she waited and he stepped back to take in the sight of her a moment. Then grabbing her hips and pulling her torwards him, he threw off her balance she fell back on her throbbing ass cheeks. She made that little squeek again, the one he had already come to love. 

“You can now finish what you started earlier, my dear,” he commanded of her. 

She winced a bit when she lifted her hands from the place they had held her propped up from the textured fabric of the ottoman. 

On instinct he reached out and lovingly stroked her hair. Oh he wanted her. He wanted to consume her with his body but her also wanted to protect her, to take care of her, to be her everything. He wanted to know and feel and experience everything about her.

So much was his longing to fully feel her that as she unzipped his pants and tugged on the fabric, dropping it to the floor, he could not wait any longer. 

He nearly rips his shirt off as he steps out of the place he was before and fully naked now as well, he reaches down and lifts her up so that she instinctivley wraps her legs around his hips and her arms pull her breasts against him. He mumbles into her hair that he will never let her fall before lifting her hips up just a little further and plunging deep into her folds.

Her pussy wraps around him, pulling him in a little further, warm and wet and begging for more. He pulls out just enough to push deeper into her again and again. Each time trying to get deeper, each time wanting to fuck her harder. Everytime he pulls out he feels the walls of her cunt trying to pull him back in and his carnal need to own her becomes stronger as he thrusts into her harder. He wants to fuck her for the rest of the 24 hours, he thinks to himself. When he realizes she is getting close to cumming and pulls her hips down on his member even harder then holds her in place. Her body struggles against the resistance and her likes the struggle. Digging his nails in to the places where his hand had left thier marks, a gutteral command for her obey and stop moving comes fro deep with in him. She wimpers. He presses further into her and dives his tongue into her mouth until her body relaxes some. 

"Do not cum until I tell you to. Do you hear me, my pet?" he asks?

Nodding her head to signal she does. She clenches her walls tightly around him as he carries her towards the wall across the room. 




Submitted: November 20, 2021

© Copyright 2023 marí goddess. All rights reserved.

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You like when I do this kind of thing to you, don’t you? Powerful words & thoughts my Dear!

Sun, November 21st, 2021 10:09pm

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