Chapter 1: The Outset

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: FANTASY EROTICA

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 “All I ever wanted to be since I can remember was to be an adventurer. Since I was little, watching the warriors and casters from the guilds move through our small town either coming or going from their hunts. They were towering heroes in my eyes, and how I longed to walk beside them”

It was a cool fall morning, with the fog hanging thick over the frosty ground around the thick forest trees. Birds rustling and taking flight from the high branches as the sound of footsteps crunching over the frozen grass echo lightly. A lithe silhouette obscured by the rays of the early morning sun. With a long heavy sigh, the shadow breaks into a sprint while weaving through the trees, swinging, and leaping from branch to branch. Keeping a stout pace with the small forest creatures that scurry about its feet. As the trees give way to an open clearing, the shadow comes into view, it’s a petite woman, barely into adulthood. Standing just over five foot four inches, with a small but perky chest and long taught legs that rounded up to a tight bottom. Fiery red hair that hung just below her shoulder blades and glistening blue eyes the shade of a clear summer sky, Viola Luxford ran this route every morning.

Continuing through the clearing, Viola never broke her stride until the ground gave way to a high cliff. With a sudden stop, hunching over with hands on knees to catch her breath, Viola lets out one final large huff of air as she looks out over the cliff to the small town below. The town of Aria, if it could be called such, was just a collection of twelve buildings huddled together to offer the townsfolk some protection from the wild. Nestled in the shadow of a mountain that the locals called the Dartsor rise, Viola could just make out the tallest tower of the ancient ruins of Erast that resided at the heart of the mountain. As her bright eyes focused on that tower, the only thought that ran through Viola’s mind was that of “I will conquer those ruins and take my first step to becoming an adventurer”. Her gaze wondering up to the sky, thinking back to ten years ago, when Erast was first discovered. A young Viola, darting through the crowds gathered in the center of town to watch the procession of adventurers who have come to challenge the ruins.  Finally squeezing her way to the front, her wide wonder-filled eyes fixated on the towering figures marching past. A large muscular beast-man, with golden hair and ears that stuck straight up light an attentive lion, arms and legs that were larger than Viola’s whole body wrapped in the gleaming gray of iron armor, capped off with a long golden tail that idly wagged behind him. Next to him was an elven female wrapped in a dark green robe that hung loosely about her frame, with the only clue to her shape was a rather sizeable bust that seemed to be the only thing that kept the robe up. Long dark hair framed the soft angular features of her face, and pale creamy skin. Following behind was a myriad group of their guildmates, some human, some halfling, and others beastly in nature, all clad in iron or leather armor.

The screech of a bird overhead snaps Viola out of her memories and back to the present. With one last long look back at the tower, she begins the walk back down the clearing. A short hour later, Viola was back in town in time to start her job. By day she worked the fields with her neighbors, planting and harvesting vegetables to sell at market. It was a hard job, that paid little more than enough to provide her with food and shelter, but with every extra copper she could do without, Viola saved to one day afford a set of armor and weapons to forward her dream. By night she would train her body and learn the skill of sword fighting with the town militia. Long after the sun had gone to sleep, Viola would open the banded wooden door to her home, which was little more than an open hovel with a pile of straw as a bed, a beat up stove to cook meals and boil bath water, a small table with a worn wooden stool to eat those meals, and an old, disheveled cloth that hung in front of a small tub to afford some semblance of privacy for when she bathed. She lived alone, having lost her parents to famine that came close to taking her own life years ago, having only survived because her parents kept her fed while going hungry themselves.

The room was dark, with bare sliver of moonlight that streamed through the small window set into the far wall. Removing the dirt and mud caked cloth boots from her feet at the door, Viola gingerly strides across the worn wooden floor to light the singular candle at the center of the table, washing the room in a warm amber glow. After, wanting nothing more than to wash away the grime and dust of the days work and training, she prepares the stove to heat some water in a large cast iron pot. With that out of the way, a wide smile splays across her delicate face as she giddily dances over to her bed. A few moments of digging through the straw that was her mattress, Viola pulls out a small wooden coffer with two beaten iron bands running vertically across the lid to serve as hinges. Opening the box, which was filled with a scattering of coins, mostly copper with a few silver, she drops a few more into the growing pile, all in all adding up to three silver and sixty copper, while loudly proclaiming out loud “Finally, my adventure can start tomorrow”.

Putting the coffer back into the straw, then looking over to the stove to see steam rising from the pot, it was time for a relaxing bath. Untying the rope that she used as a belt the light brown hempen breeches fall to the floor, followed by pulling the dirt stained tunic which at one point in its time white, over her head. Viola stood bare, never seeing the need for small clothes as she found them restrictive to her movements, her skin was a bit worn from her work outside but still had a softness about it, glowing a dark peach in the candlelight. Preparing her bath then slipping into the hot water, Viola grabs her old sponge and submerges it into the water. Slowly and softly dragging the sponge across her body, starting with her lithe arms before moving over her chest, taking extra care to wash over and between her not so large but still perky breasts. Moving down over her slender and tight stomach, down to her taught and well trained legs, before culminating with slowly rubbing the sponge against the slit between her legs. As the familiar tingle washed over her body whenever she washed her tight cavern, Viola began to rub more vigorously, gyrating her hips in rhythm with her hand, pressing the sponge tightly against her stimulated clit. Taking her free hand to rub her heaving breasts, lightly pinching a nipple between her fingertips, she stifles out a small moan that was barely audible as she finally explodes in climax. Now clean and a bit dizzy from her self-pleasure, Viola enjoys a small meal of vegetable stew and hard bread before snuffing out the candle and slinking off to bed, sufficiently worn out.

She was greeted the next morning by the rising sun streaming through her window and filling the hovel with its soft warm light. No early morning run this day, for today was the day that Viola would challenge Erast. This was an all important first step for Viola and the dream she held of becoming an adventurer ever since that day in the square ten years ago. Conquering Erast would be proof to her that she was ready to start her journey and all her training wasn’t for naught. In all her excitement to dress and set out, Viola almost forgot to grab the coffer full of her savings, that couldn’t be forgotten because before Erast, came the shops for a weapon and gear. Giving one last look around the small room with eyes full of hope, she shut the door with a hope that it was for the final time.

Walking down the narrow dirt path that crisscrossed all over the town, while the stillness of the day gave way and became flooded with the sounds of the hustle of other townsfolk going about their lives. The closeness of the buildings gradually began to open into a wider area that housed several stalls, some of which offered various meats and cheeses, while others housed fruits and vegetables, the center of commerce for Aria, the town marketplace. Without breaking her brisk stride, Viola quickly passed by the stalls, her shimmering blue eyes set on the storefronts which offered the things she coveted most, weapons and armor. Having been into these places many times over the years, today was the day to buy something. Viola hungerly eyed the glistening steel of the many weapons that line the walls, as if they had some type of inner glow about them. They were many and various pieces such as longswords, dirks, knives. Further down were staves used as catalysts for spellcasters made of a deep rich wood and intricately carved with runes to amplify magic. In the middle were many wooden dummies adorned with a diverse array of armors, from well-polished iron plate mail etched with floral symbols, to tough tanned leather lined with fur and silk robes that seemed a bit thin but somehow strong at the same time.

As wonderful as these options were, Viola knew that she could not afford them as they were more for passing adventurers and soldiers who could. So, continuing towards the back of the store, off in a corner near the counter, was a shoddy barrel that housed old beat up weapons, more rust than metal, along with amor that had long since lost their luster and some even still stained with the blood of those who lost their lives while in them. Spending more than a few minutes rifling through the barrel to find what would suit her needs, and her funds, settling finally on a chipped short sword and dingy musty leather doublet, headed to the counter. There stood a tall, broad shouldered man that looked well into his fifties but still possessing the strength of a mighty oak tree, an unkempt mop of hair that was once black but now wearing into an ashy grey, and a face that still bare the scars of many long ago battles with darkly set brown eyes. Grahal was a retired soldier with a surly demeanor and a short temper, bellowing out a loud “done browsing, girl” as Viola approached the counter, seeming to tower over the small woman.

Not one to back down or shy away, she gave a sharp retort, “stuff it Grahal, today I’m here to buy”, before splaying the items she had chosen out on the counter before him. Giving a quick huff, Grahal gave the items a once over before barking out “two silver and thirty copper, take it or leave”. Slamming her little wooden coffer onto the counter and giving a look of pure triumph, she gladly handed over the coins, even though she thought she might be able to haggle him down, there were no chances taken when finally beginning her dream.

Utilizing the small shops changing room in the back, Viola laced up her newly acquired doublet and strapped the sword to her hip before giving Grahal a cheery wave goodbye and strolling back out into the street. With equipment handled, Viola knew that she would need a few other supplies before starting the trek up the mountain. Using the remaining funds available to her, bought a fair amount of food, mostly meat and cheeses, along with a full waterskin, making a final stop to obtain a tent and bedroll. At just a little past the point of midday, along a lengthy and winding path heading out to the east, began her trek to the mountain known as Dartsor Rise and ultimately the ruins of Erast and the realization of her long held desire. Finally it was time for the first grand adventure of Viola Luxford.

Submitted: November 17, 2021

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