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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

They played around, this was more, so much more.

His arms wrapped around my body from behind, trapping me in his strong grasp.


“You’ve done nothing but tease me all night, you’ve got my cock so hard for you, can you feel it”


He pushed himself into my ass, and just as he said, he was as hard as a rock. 


“You strut around in that tight little fucking dress, bending down in front of me, letting me see this tight damp cunt”


He slid his hand between my legs, cupping my womanhood. I didn’t have underwear on, he knew that already, as he said I’d made a point of showing him throughout the night. He shoved my legs forward, till I was just next to the window overlooking the party below. 


“Can you see them?”


He whispered in my ear. Why was that so fucking hot? My eyes searched for the two people I knew he meant. My husband Charlie, and his wife Elisa. I found them both, talking together by the bar. 




I replied in a strangled voice, he still had a vice like grip around my body, he seemed afraid to let go, like I would, or could, walk away now. 


“Do you like looking at him, with my hand on you like this?”


His fingers began to fumble around, sliding gently inside my already plump pussy lips. 




He whispered again, the pulse in my clit making my body jolt. The pad of his thumb circled my bundle of nerves.


“Look at him laughing, he has no idea I have 3 fingers inside his mrs”


He plunged 3 fingers inside me, I cried out in utter carnality. 


“Look at him, don’t look away, keep your eyes on him as you come, and tell me…”


He sped up the assault on my cunt, finger fucking me with vigour. I was crying out unashamedly, feeling him drawing my climax so easily from my body. His mouth was right against my ear as he spoke.


“…does he make you come like this?”


My entire body braced itself for an almighty orgasm. My belly seized up, my hole sucking his fingers inside like trying to get the last dregs out of a straw in a drink. The feeling was glorious, but nothing compared to the feeling of him yanking out his fingers and sinking his thick cock deep inside my still twitching orrofice. 


The noise I made was like a strangled hyena, I’m surprised nobody below could hear me. I leaned back against his chest, his penis bending inside me, we were both struggling to hold on. 


“Your turn, look at her, how would she feel seeing you bent inside me like this, just a couple of moves…”


Both of us gasped as I pushed down onto him a few times.


“…we’d both be coming. Look at her while you fuck me hard”


He bent me forward and slammed into me almost painfully hard. I fucking loved it, I wanted it, I needed it.


“Screw me, make me scream”


He grabbed my hips, his fingers digging into my hip bones, as he used me, taking from me what he wanted. I was putty in his hands. His cock pushed me towards and over into oblivion.


“Does she let you fuck her like this?”


I asked, as he slammed into me again and again, grunting like a man possessed. 




He cried out as I felt his thick cream spurt deep inside me. The warmth of his sticky come hitting my g spot set off another mind splintering orgasm. I stood back up, watching all the faces below us, all unaware of our joint pleasure. Especially Charlie and Elisa, it turned us both on more to see them just oblivious to this indiscretion. 


This was the first time we’d become properly intimate, we’d never had full sex before, now we’d crossed that line, there was no going back. And as he kept a tight grip around my waist, his cock dying inside me, we both felt it, this was the start of something we’d both denied ourselves for years. His hand slid over my stomach, making me jump. My insides squeezing him.


“Your so sensitive”


I could hear the smile on his face. I hated he did this to me, he knew his touch drove me crazy, and he loved it, in an annoyingly cocky way. 


“All I know is, I belong here”


He pushed forward and I was suddenly speared onto him, stiff again, he began to fuck me, his hands holding my shoulders, my hands gripping onto the window sill in front of me. My head almost popping out the window with each inward thrust. My pussy was raw and swollen as once again he had me coming on him as he sprayed my insides with his baby batter. 


He pulled out straight away this time, spinning me to face him. We locked eyes, and silently agreed this was the start, not the end of something. As his lips took mine, and his hands gripped my naked backside, I felt the shift in our relationship. We were now in an actual affair. No more quick fingerings or hand jobs, sex, we now had sex, and I was already wondering when we could do this again. 



Submitted: November 16, 2021

© Copyright 2023 K L Sherrington. All rights reserved.

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Very raw, climax material!

Thu, November 18th, 2021 6:13am



Thu, November 18th, 2021 7:07am

Amy F. Turner

Graphic, naughty, and hot as hell, K! Well done in heating up the cool days of autumn!

Sat, November 20th, 2021 7:42pm


Thanks luv, nice to be warm these chilly nights x

Sun, November 21st, 2021 3:30pm


Oh, that kicks ass, KL! Love the intensity and naughtiness. This is forbidden love, taboo and torrent sex. I think the situation of having your protagonists peering out a window or over a balcony, screwing as they observe their spouses mingling in a crowd - that totally amps up the volume. The conversation is hugely effective. Dialogue with sex is so important. You killed this.

I could see this piece converted to a first chapter in a book. It's interesting that you don't mention names other than the spouses below at the party. I like the lack of background and limited detail of surroundings. You center on the action and the circumstance at hand. It's an erotic glance through a window, though there are shallow references to things that previously occurred.

Mon, November 22nd, 2021 3:36am


Thanks so much, really appreciate the comment, love how you break down the story. I was considering a series, I may think more about it, thanks again xx

Sat, December 11th, 2021 6:02pm

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