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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Teddy's second therapy session with his own father, and his new job at a gay strip club.

Teddy’s Humiliation Part Eight

By dale10



Teddy sat on the straight-backed chair in the hall behind the Gay bar and strip club. He pressed his eighteen-year old legs together tightly trying to hide his genitals. You see, he was totally naked.  He was an extremely good looking teenage boy, with a beautiful body. Many of the gay male dancers walking up and down the hall when they weren’t on stage, ate the young high school student with their eyes. The fact that the boy looked as if he had recently been crying, turned many of them on.


The dancers at this club were chosen not only for their manly good looks, but also for their mostly huge endowment.  The club was known for not hiring any dancers who sported less than eight inches erect. The dudes strutted around back stage with their thick meaty schlongs swinging over big bloated balls, unconcerned, no actually proud of the stares of others.


Teddy was going to totally freak out the audience with his tiny baby dick and balls. I wanted the boy to feel waves of laughter hitting him. I wanted him to total crumple in shame. His life was already ruined, but he still clung to the hope that if he obeyed me, he might regain some semblance of normalcy. FAT CHANCE. I intended to take him lower and lower into unspeakable perversion.


I walked up to the boy who sat with his head hanging and grabbed him by the hair to lift his face toward me. “Almost showtime, Faggot!  Now don’t let me down. You dance your little dick off out there. I want that tiny clit shaking and wobbling along with those pea sized nuts. And don’t you dare cover yourself, except to masturbate and give yourself an erection. That crowed of hunky, horny men out there will go nuts when they see how useless you are with a hard on.”


The sweet teen looked up at me with cloudy, sad eyes. “Please, Sir. I am begging you, don’t make me do this. Please. I’ve done everything you said. I’ve tried to fuck a girl in front of you and your friends, I’ve worn a diaper to a school dance. Please, please don’t make me do this.”


I laughed and reached down and took one of the boy’s puffy nipples between my fingers and tugged and twisted it. “You stupid cunt!  Of course, I am going to make you go out there and dance. I need a good laugh, and I want those men entertained.  I am sure after you dance, there will be photos of you and your useless baby prick all over the internet. Now don’t give me trouble. You did a good job today with your dad, you made progress, and I want to help you.  But you’ve got to stop being such a stupid annoying pussy!”


Teddy had done well that day, although he had pretty much cried through it.

It was the second therapy session with his dad. I had convinced the father that part of the son’s trouble was a sexual obsession with his own father and the man’s big dick. The man was willing to do almost anything to get his son back to normalcy and away from whatever sickness had possessed him.


And so, I had arranged a mutual masturbation session. That’s right. Teddy was going to be forced to masturbate his own father’s huge penis, and the poor man was going to jerk his teenage son’s grotesquely tiny dick.  Both father and son were totally freaked out.


I had the father strip naked before going into the room to see his son. I loved watching the muscular middle-aged man remove his boxer briefs to stand totally naked, red in the face and chewing his lower lip. His huge meaty dick hung thick and heavy over plumb sized balls. Shit, I would have paid money to watch him fuck his wife, but if I played my cards right, I might eventually get to watch the man fuck his own straight son up the ass. But that was still quite some way off.

To “help” Paul, Teddy’s dad with his anxiety, I gave him a cocktail of pills, including two Viagra, and some things to slightly dope him. I loved watching his manly tits rise and fall with his heavy breathing. He held his hands over his fuckmeat out of shyness, but the fucker was so large, his hands could not totally conceal it. I could smell the fear-sweat forming on his balls and under his armpits.

I was sure his ass crack was getting sweaty too.


“Calm down, Paul. You want to help your son, don’t you?” The man nodded. “Then you have to help him conquer his obsession with your penis and your manliness. He has to overcome his inferiority complex. Considering the freakishly small size of his dick, that will not be easy. So, while Teddy masturbates your cock, I want you to try to do the same for him. You will probably have to use two fingers rather than your hand, but that’s fine. This will help father and son bond in a normal, healthy way. Remember, Paul, if this therapy fails, we may have to resort to castration on the boy.“


I should mention that Paul was a very religious man, and had lived a very clean, proper life. So, this perverse act was really shattering him as well, which only added to my enjoyment. “So, are we ready?” I smiled and opened the door.

Teddy stood naked and at attention, as I had instructed him to do. With hands at side, the little nub of his pricklet looked like the clit of a teenage girl.


I had been giving Teddy hormone shots and pills, and I could already see that the flesh of his chest was getting a bit softer. Eventually he would develop small male breasts, accenting his large nipples, and his dick would grow even smaller. So you see, his utter degradation would just get worse and worse.


Big dicked father and tiny dicked son stood facing each other. Both were scared stiff.  Each time the father shifted his weight, the huge sausage of his fucker would swing and slap one or the other of his thighs. Christ, was that going to hurt when it eventually went up the tight teen asshole of his own son.


I asked both father and son to sit on the floor facing each other. They reluctantly did. Teddy wasn’t even able to look his father in the eyes.  “Now, both of you please remember, this is to help you. This could get your lives as father and son and as a family back on track. Now, I need you to sit closer, Teddy, place your legs over your father’s and bring your bodies about a foot or so apart.” I knew they could each smell the other’s sweat. “Now, Teddy, I need you to look at your father’s penis and balls. I need you to understand that this is what an adult cock and balls is supposed to look like. Your father understands that you are a sexual freak, and he wants to help you. Teddy, take your father’s dick in your hands.”


I heard Paul moan in distress as his own son handled his pecker.


“I don’t think I can do this, Sir. I honestly don’t,” Teddy cried, tears running down his handsome cheeks.


“I’m not sure I can either.”  The father said, hurt beyond belief by his son’s suffering.

I held open poppers to each of their noses. “Here, inhale deeply, it will help you.”Teddy lightly fingered his father’s dickmeat, and because of the Viagra, the fucker erected almost at once. Teddy couldn’t believe the size. It made him feel even more inferior. This was the dick that had given him life. This was a manly dick. His shaking fingers felt the dick skin move beneath his fingers.


“That’s good. That’s great, Teddy. You are doing splendidly. You need to understand the power and strength of a normal male cock. You need to appreciate its beauty. This is the dick that your father uses to fuck your mom.

This is your family dick. Show respect to it, Teddy. Use your hand to gently pump it. Watch as it grows larger still. These are the kinds of dicks that the other boys in your school have. These are the kinds of dicks that they use to fuck the girls at your school. No wonder, Teddy, none of the girls will even look at you. Can you smell his dick, Teddy?  That is the male dick smell. Your dick needs to be of a certain size to emit that manly smell.”


Paul had his eyes closed. He was suffering from the mixed feelings of terrible guilt and sexual stimulation at the hand of his own son.


“With your other hand, Teddy, feel the lemon sized balls of your father’s testicles. Weigh them in your hand while you pump the prick.  Don’t they feel wonderful. Imagine, how those balls feel to your father in his pants, and how different your marbles feel to you in yours. “


Teddy reeled slightly and moaned, tears dripping from his chin. His father was getting more and more aroused, I could see that. “Now, Teddy, bring the hand that cupped your dad’s nuts up to your nose and smell the stink of his balls.”  Teddy followed orders, and wrinkled his cute teen nose at the testicle smell.

The boy’s hand was moving almost hypnotically up and down, pumping his own father’s pulsing and now leaking prick. Dick leak covered Teddy’s hand. His father’s dick leak!


“Teddy, your father’s cock is leaking. Take your hand from your father’s fuckmeat and bring it to your face.” The boy obeyed as if in a trance. “Teddy, stick out your tongue and lick your dad’s fuck leak from your hand.”  


“No…” Paul moaned. I placed a hand on Paul’s head and gently stroked it.

“Shhh…quiet,” I soothed. Teddy’s hand froze there in front of his face.  I gently nudged his hand closer to his mouth. “Tongue out, Teddy. Don’t cause trouble.” 


Because of his inadequate dick, the boy was terribly submissive, and thus, easier to control.  He extended his tongue and began to lap at the fuck sauce of his father that coated his hand. The breath of both father and son was labored and irregular.  Paul’s big dick was vibrating and pulsing, pre-cum bubbling from the large pisshole.


“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…” He muttered over and over. Imagine the victory, if I could get both father and son to have nervous breakdowns.


“You’ve got some of your dad’s pre-fuck webbing between your fingers, Teddy. Suck your fingers clean.”  Teddy blinked and stared at his hand. He stuck his fingers into his mouth and sucked. I knew then, the boy was totally mine. 


“Good girl. Such a good girl, to lick Daddy’s fuck slop.”  Gender confusion was to become a big part of my continued humiliation of Teddy. I stood behind Teddy and reached down and began to pull and twist his nipples. He began to moan like a cunt in heat. “Okay, Teddy, pump Daddy’s dick some more. Really pump that fuckmeat.” 


Part of the fun was watching Paul’s increasing sexual arousal at the hand of his own son. He knew he should not be enjoying such a disgusting, perverse act.

His over eight-inch meat pulsed and drooled and twitched. His big nuts moved in their fleshy sack.  I noticed his toes curling.


“Pump harder, Teddy. Pump harder.”Teddy’s teenage hand pounded the prick. For the first time in his life he felt what it was to truly masturbate. “that’s how it should feel, Teddy. That’s how a dick in your hand should feel. Your dick will never feel that way.’  Teddy began to sob now, but his hand pumped still faster and harder. “All right, Stop!”  Both father, who was near to blasting his load, and son blinked and looked up at me. “Stop. Take your hand off the wonderful masculine dick, Teddy. I know you don’t want to let go, but do it.”


Teddy released the fucker and almost magically raised his hand and licked it again. I was in heaven. “Good girl, Teddy. Such a good girl. Now your daddy is going to rub your girly clit for you. Paul, help her out. Reach out and rub her clit for her.” 


Paul was fighting within himself. He shook his head. “it’s my SON!” he growled.


‘It’s your son, yes, but he’s got a dick that is more clit than cock. If he accepts that he has a clit, he will be much happier.”  One of Paul’s hands went to his own throbbing prick which he began to gently stroke. A steady string of pre-fuck poured from the dickhead. The room smelled of sex. With his other hand, Paul reached out and hesitantly touched his son’s pinkie sized dick. He rubbed it between two fingers, and Teddy groaned. “Such a nice clit. Such a pretty little clit.

Like a pre-teen girl clit.”  Paul rolled the tiny teen dick between two fingers. Teddy began to grunt in rhythm.  Of course, I had cameras filming the entire event, and I would flood the internet with the results.


“Rub and roll that clit harder, Paul. You know how to make a clit feel good.” I saw Teddy’s legs and feet jerk. He was responding. “Is she getting wet, Paul. Is the bitch’s clit getting wet?”


“Yeah, the cunt is drooling. The pussy is wet.”  The drugs in Paul had gone to work. This was more than I had hoped for.


“Oh yeah, Paul. Slide one finger below her clit and work it into her cunt.”


“Oh shit…..No!  Oh, God,” Teddy howled as his father drilled a finger into his teenage asshole. Paul began to frig the tiny dick frantically, roughly, cruelly. Teddy began to emit an open-mouthed moaning, spit running from his teen lips. Paul pumped his own dick harder and harder, as he frigged his son, keeping one finger up the boy’s asshole.  He could only accomplish both tasks with one hand because the kid’s dick was so small. 


“It’s like the dick of a four-year old boy, isn’t it?’ I yelled.  “No, it’s more like the clit of a little girl. You are fingering a very young cunt, aren’t you, Paul?”


That sent him over the edge. Cum sprayed from his gigantic swollen dick, spraying his son’s chest and stomach. The second shot reached the boy’s face, dressing his nose, cheeks and lips in Daddy Sperm. Teddy was tasting what might be his own brother and sister sperm. I saw Paul pinch Teddy’s small dick as hard as he could, and the boy fell back onto his back, his own dick squirting boy cum up into the air. Four, five, six spays of teen cum shot up and landed on the boy’s body, mixing with his father’s fuckslop. Paul also fell back and both masturbators  lay there, their legs still entwined, their incest complete for the time being. I told Paul he could go shower, and said that he had done a wonderful job and helped his son considerably. He rose and stumbled out, still drugged and very confused.

I knelt beside the exhausted, freaked out teenager. From my jacket pocket I produced a tablespoon. Holding the kid’s head in my lap, I scraped the cum from his sweat slick naked body and fed it to him. At first he didn’t want to eat it, but with a little encouragement and nudging, he opened those beautiful lips of his, and I was able to deposit the spoonful of protein into his mouth.


“Swallow,” I urged. I scooped up spoon after spoon of fuckslop and fed it to the boy. He began to swallow mindlessly. “Good girl. That’s such a good girl… “ I said. I took a dollop of boy cum from the very tip of Teddy’s tiny dick and brought it to his face. I inserted the cum into his nostrils, so he was breathing fuck.


And now, the poor kid was sitting in the hallway of a gay club, scheduled to dance totally naked. I put some poppers beneath the boy’s nose. “Now do a real good job, Teddy. Don’t let me down. They’re going to love you!  SHOW TIME, GIRLY GIRL!”

Submitted: November 16, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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I really like your stories.
Before I read "A faggot's humiliation", very exciting, and " The orphanage", the last one made me come multiple times.
Now I want to finnish "Teddy's humiliation" though I need to say that I skipped the three parts about Teddy's father because I found it a disgusting idea and I not like men too much adult.
But I am curious to come to the part that Teddy will finally find his ultimate disgrace, hopefully eating and drinking other boys cum and piss or even more and hopefully finally getting such a hard fuck by all the boys that he can't think of anything else anymore than having his mouth and ass filled with nothing else than dick, dick, dick.

Fri, July 29th, 2022 11:18pm

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