Pacifica Scene

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is a scene that didn't make it into the book, but was still fun to write with the characters. Surprisingly, I didn't want Pacifica to be all about the sex, but here's a steamy little scene for those of you that are looking for one.

I quickly dove under the water as I heard the door to the bath house open and close. I was told I wouldn't be bothered here today. 

"Pacifica?" Beckett called approaching the bath. 

"I'm here, Beckett," I stated rising from the water.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw me naked. With a wild grin, he pulled his boots off and began to undress. "No Beckett!" I shouted as he jumped into the water with a large splash, spraying me with water. He lifted his head above the water and approached me as I cleared the water out of my eyes. Gripping the nape of my neck he pulled my face to his as his lips came crashing down on mine hard. He explored my mouth with his tongue and pulled on my bottom lip with his teeth. "Beckett," I moaned against his lips. 

I draped my arms around his neck as his lifted me into his arms, his strong hands clenching the underside of my thighs. "Beckett, are you well enough for this?" I asked with concern, touching the large and newly healed scar on his abdomen. "I could be on the verge of death and I'd still have you, Pacifica," he admitted bringing his lips back to mine.

He pulled away momentarily as he sat me down on the floor, just outside the bath. My legs dangled over the edge of the bath wall, still in the water. Taking hold of his chin, I pulled him back to me as we kissed once more. He chuckled against my mouth. "So you do want me after all?" he murmured. 

"Of course I do. It's been weeks since we've been together and I miss you," I admitted. 

"Ah, two weeks isn't that long my love. You said it as if it's been months or years. Besides, I've physically been here with you just----" 

"Not inside me," I finished, interrupting him. 

"Well we're going to rectify that, right now," he stated, climbing out of the bath. "Oh, real---" he cut me off as he pushed against me hard, my back slamming into the floor. Taking my hands in his, he brought them to his mouth where he kissed them individually before pinning both of my arms to the floor above my head with one of his giant hands. "I won't be gentle," he stated, straddling me with his knees. He lowered his head and began to suck on the flesh of my jaw and throat, biting roughly with his teeth. I moaned and closed my eyes, revelling at the pleasure he brought me. 

With his free hand he squeezed my breasts tightly, pinching my nipples hard. I cried out in pain, a sound that was cut off as his mouth came crashing back down onto mine, kissing me roughly. He parted my legs with his knee and pulled away from me. Releasing my arms, he lowered his head between my legs. I buried my fingers into his hair, yanking on it as my back arched uncontrollably as his tongue entered me. I cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain as he sucked and nibbled at my clitoris. 

"Beckett," I moaned trying to push him away from me. 

"Yes my love?" he asked, not budging an inch. 

"I want you inside me," I moaned, digging my nails into his shoulders as I felt myself on the verge of my climax. 

"Ask nicely and I might grant your wish," he informed.

"Please Beckett. Make love to me," I begged. 

"I am," he stated with a grin.

"No, not like this. Please, come inside me," I moaned as he continued to swirl his tongue against my clitoris. 

"Well, since you asked nicely....," he trailed off as he came back over top of me. Taking hold of my waist he rolled me over, placing me on all fours. "Beckett, what is this?" I asked confused.

"A new position some of the men told me about," he informed. 

"You talk about this with you friends?" I asked. 

"They talk. I listen," he replied thrusting himself into me. I moaned as he grabbed me by the hair, pulling me up onto my knees. Pressing his chest to my back, he licked at my earlob as he continued to pull in and out of me. One hand went between my legs as he began to stroke my clitoris with his fingertips and the other to my breasts as he massaged it. "I want you to come for me," he growled huskily in my ear as he sank his teeth into my flesh. I cried out again, unable to take anymore. The mix of pleasure and pain was too much for me to bear as I trembled against him, climaxing. He followed in my stead, grunting as he came. I felt his release as he filled me with his seed. 

I leaned against him, feeling too tired to support my own weight. "How was that?" he asked trailing his fingers down my shoulder and arm.

"That was amazing," I admitted, turning my head to kiss him.

"Excellent, I'm all hot and sweaty now. Since we're in the bathhouse we should take advantage of this opportunity and bathe," he stated.

"I agree," I replied.

"Good," he stated with a grin before picking me up.

"Beckett, no!" I shouted as he threw me into the water. He jumped in behind me.

"Beckett!" I shouted, spluttering water out of my mouth. He lifted me into his arms and locked his arms around me, embracing me tightly. 

"I love you," he murmured softly, kissing my forehead and nose. 

"And I you, you big oaf," I joked with a smile. 





Submitted: November 16, 2021

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Thanks for the orgasm!

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