Chapter 5: Conquering Cody Part Two (Final Chapter)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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“...Time for a shave” Jaime said to his bound, naked and hard cousin, who upon hearing his words renewed his struggle against his bonds which incidentally made his hard cock bounce around and his audience rather enjoyed the sight.
“Come on Jaime, you got me back alright? Please just untie me and let me go” Cody said, his eyes wide with fear but something else too, something Jaime thought was his cousin’s aroused state, while he was clearly humiliated and embarrassed to be so exposed in front of them all he could tell that he was getting rather turned on from it all and it delighted Jaime to no end. “Oh I don’t think so, we’re not done just yet, just relax cus, you might enjoy being hairless” he said and he nodded to both Thomas and Colin who obeyed and brought out razors and shaving cream for the occasion. 
Alice meanwhile was having a blast, she kept taking pictures and videos to her heart’s content, Jaime was always a man of his word after all. Jaime was grateful to her for helping him out even if it did come at a price…he briefly remembered his own private (and public) exposure to Alice and her friends but it had been worth it. Bringing his mind back to reality both Colin and Thomas waited for his next instructions and Jaime looked right into Cody’s eyes and said “Shave him boys”. He delighted the defeated look in his cousin’s eyes as he said it, and his cock even stirred a bit more in his pants and he was sure one of them would notice but at this point, Jaime didn’t care.
In an instant, Colin and Thomas descended on Cody’s naked body and got to work on lathering all his hairy areas until Jaime was satisfied it was enough to start, and when he gave them a satisfactory nod the two lads carefully but obediently started shaving all of Cody’s body hair. “Please Jaime, don’t do this!” Cody begged, but despite his pleas his cock never lost its hardness and even looked like it was leaking precum which made Jaime smile and say “I think your rather enjoying yourself there” and nodded to his cousin’s cock and indeed Cody chanced a quick look and blushed deep red with humiliation as he saw his own body betray him as he continued to be shaved. 
His chest and underarm hair went first, Colin shaved the former and Thomas shaved the latter, the two of them working slowly and carefully per Jaime’s instructions, he didn’t want this to end too quickly after all. “Thomas, I think Cody here is begging for some attention, give him some please” he said and Thomas stopped and briefly looked at Jaime before turning to the naked and bound stud’s cock. Jaime could have sworn he saw him lick his lips but nonetheless he obeyed and wrapped his hand around Cody’s shaft which made him gasp at first and made him struggle in a futile attempt to stop Thomas. 
Cody’s resistance faded quickly as he found himself enjoying Thomas’ fondling of his cock and balls, more precum leaked from the tip as his dick was slowly jerked up and down. Smiling devilishly at Alice, he turned back towards Thomas and said “alright then, that’s enough now, I think he’s satisfied” he said and Thomas quickly obeyed and got back to work. 
Cody seemed dismayed at first when Thomas stopped stroking his cock, but blushed crimson upon remembering the full gravity of his situation. Colin and Thomas soon finished their tasks, wiping away the excess cream and hair and Alice audibly laughed at his now bare chest and underarms which only heightened Cody’s embarrassment. 
“Good job boys, now, you know what to do next” Jaime said and made a point to nod towards Cody’s hairy crotch. Sure enough the two got to work once again and Cody continued to struggle and begged to be freed from his bonds but they fell on deaf ears as his manly hair was being shaved off.
While shaving the pair’s hands at times had to grip his hard cock to keep it from getting in their way, other times their hands grazed past as they shaved and the brief contact drove Cody insane which further delighted Jaime as he had instructed them before-hand to try and aim for just that.
It wasn’t long before the two of them finished shaving off his cock and balls and both Jaime and Alice felt extreme anticipation for them to finish cleaning him off and showing us their handiwork. Cody bit his lip, his face still deep red and it seemed he two wanted to see what the ‘damage’ was and sure enough upon Colin and Thomas finally pulling away from him the gasp that came from his cousin was priceless.
Cody’s cock was still impressively large, and hard, but the look on his face upon gazing at his now hairless crotch was worth everything Jaime did twice over. Alice took more photos and even closeups of his now-bare cock and balls and now the whole group awaited Jaime’s next command. 
“Oh, I almost forgot, there’s still one last area we forgot to shave now didn’t we, untie him and flip him over boys, time to shave that hairy hole” Jaime said and his cousin’s eyes widened but no matter what he said Colin and Thomas didn’t stop as they untied him and Jaime helped manhandle him onto the bed and bound him again in a crouched position that exposed his bare hole to everyone and you could see his still hard cock dangling between his legs.
“Alright cousin, I’ll do you a favor, you do everything I say until we’re done here, and i’ll keep Alice’s photos and videos from leaking online, but if you disobey you’ll find yourself naked on the internet forever” Jaime said, and at first Cody didn’t respond but after a moment’s pondering he nodded his head in ascent. “Good boy, now then, Colin, Thomas, get to work” he said and the two, as obedient as ever, took up their positions.
Thomas was to jerk off Cody’s cock to keep him hard, and get him ready to start begging to cum, while Colin was to shave his bare hole smooth. Thomas didn’t waste any time in getting to where he needed to be and from where Jaime was standing it looked like he was enjoying himself getting to tease Cody’s cock some more. Indeed, he also saw Thomas’ own cock harden in his pants as he got to work and Cody seemed to be biting his lip to keep himself from moaning it seemed which made Jaime smile even more.
Colin wasted no time either, though it seemed he wanted to be done with all of this as quickly as possible and Jaime could hardly blame him but still he had warned Colin of the consequences for disobedience. 
Alice and Jaime continued to watch events unfold as Colin shaved Cody’s asshole while Thomas kept on jerking his hard and leaking cock and as Jaime had predicted his cousin’s resistance had eventually worn down and on occasion a few whimpers and grunts could be heard throughout. Colin’s work was taking a bit longer, they didn’t want to injure Cody after all but nonetheless he made progress in shaving his cousin’s hole.
Still, Jaime was patient enough and he and Alice were enjoying the sight of Cody on his knees, bound and exposed, and was being jerked off and shaved at the same time, they couldn’t have planned for better. “I bet you don’t regret the show you put on for us now, huh?” Alice said teasingly with a devilish smile on her face. Jaime returned the look and said “Not for anything” he said and turned back to see that Colin had at last finished his work.
Jaime and Alice audibly gasped as Colin finished wiping off Cody’s ass and revealed his now hairless hole to them all, even Thomas had stopped jerking himself to take a look. “Well well, looks like an improvement to me, what do you think Alice?” Jaime said and she quickly responded with “yes, much better, you can see everything much more clearly” she said.
“Now then, Cody, time for your own participation, but first a quick question, which hand do you usually use to jerk off with?” he said and Cody blushed at the query and opened his mouth to refuse but quickly remembered the deal he had agreed to and he was silent for a brief moment before saying “ left” he said. 
“Alright Thomas untie his left hand, and as for you Cody I want you to jerk yourself off for us while I get to work” Jaime said and Thomas obeyed and started to untie Cody’s left arm. Cody however looked confused and said “get to work on…what?” he said with dread in his voice.
“Take a look and see,” he said, and Jaime gave him a mischievous look as he pulled out a five-inch dildo from his bag. Cody’s eyes again widened and his blushed deepened as he said “oh man, please…do-” “Don’t what? Remember what I said dear cousin and the faster you cooperate the faster this whole ordeal will be over” Jaime said.
Jaime didn’t wait for a response, instead he moved towards his cousins exposed behind and got the dildo lubed up and ready to go. Cody was hesitant at first, he seemed torn between wanting to refuse and giving in and hopefully limiting his humiliation to this room. In the end it was a simple choice and sure enough Jaime saw his left arm reach for his still-hard cock and begin to jerk himself off. 
Smiling to himself, Jaime was almost ready to start, he got his cousin’s hole nicely lubed up and ready to go. When he was finally ready to start Jaime slowly started to press the dildo against Cody’s entrance, and he heard a gasp as it slowly went in. 
Jaime took his time to make sure he didn’t accidentally hurt his cousin but nonetheless he continued to bury the dildo in further and once it was mostly in he stopped to let his cousin get used to it for a brief moment. In that moment he looked and saw Cody jerking himself off and he was audibly moaning now, his resistance had almost completely faded away and now just wanted to cum, exactly like Jaime had planned. 
After the moment had passed, Jaime got back to it and started pushing the dildo in and out, slowly at first but over time he began to pick up the pace and it seemed his cousin enjoyed it as he was moaning and whimpering loudly and he was jerking off his cock much faster now. “You close dear cousin?” Jaime asked, and Cody only stopped to say “y-yes” before continuing. 
“Uh-uh, slow down there, we’re not done just yet” Jaime said and Cody started to protest before he saw the dangerous look in his cousin’s eyes and he slowed his pace to a halt and Jaime continued to push the dildo in and out of his ass. His cousin continued to moan as he found himself enjoying it, and it made him want to cum all the more, Jaime could sense his growing desire and soon enough he decided it was time for the grand finale. 
“You want to cum, right?” He asked, to which Cody responded “yes…yes please oh god please just let me cum” he said. Jaime smiled and said to Colin and Thomas who had been watching with Alice from the sidelines: “Untie him, time to let him cum” he said and the two snapped right to it. “Alright dear cousin, I’ll let you cum, I’ll even unbind you but you’ll have to do it facing us, is that understood?” he said and Cody hesitated for a brief second but ultimately said “alright, fine, just please let me cum” he said.
“Good boy, alright boys you heard him” Jaime said and the two then cut all of Cody’s bindings and in a near flash Cody had turned to face them, lying down on his back and showing off his now smooth naked body. He didn’t even hesitate as he quickly wrapped his left hand around his shaft and started pumping away like there was no tomorrow and closed his eyes, whether to avoid looking at his audience or in just sheer pleasure Jaime didn’t know.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Cody to get close again, and Alice was surely recording as Cody’s body writhed and he moaned loudly as he finally came, and his cock shot all over himself and it took his cousin a few moments before he recollected himself from the intense orgasm. 
It was an awkward pause until Jaime piped up and said “that went better than expected, and don’t worry I’ll honor our deal but if you pull another stunt like what you did again and those photos will be leaked for everyone to see, got it?” he said, and Cody, now clear-headed and again a deep red from embarrassment said “yes Jaime…I got it”. 
“Good, you can go ahead and go now, hopefully you’ll find some clothes to put on between here and home” he said and gave his cousin a knowing wink before opening the locked door. His cousin didn’t wait before he got up and bolted for the door, the dildo still stuck in his ass which made Jaime and Alice nearly die laughing.
“Alright you two, you did good, you can go ahead and go now too” he said to Colin and Thomas, who made their way out but as he passed Jaime briefly reached out and squeezed Thomas’ crotch and sure enough the horny lad was still hard and he saw a small wet patch too. The brief contact nearly made Thomas startle and he blushed a crimson red before picking up the pace and left along with Colin. 
“Thank you again, for all your help, and I do hope you enjoyed yourself” Jaime said as it was now just him and Alice left. “Don’t mention it, I’ll treasure these for years to cum” she said, unapologetic for the horrible pun and gave him a wink as she left to leave as well. Before leaving, she turned back towards him and said “Don’t be a stranger now, we make a good team I think, and despite whatever you may say now, I think you liked stripping them too, so if you ever change your mind, you know where to find me” she said and gave him that mischievous smile she always had and left.
“You just might be right there Alice dear, I think I’ll have some fun on my own first though, before we join up again, oh if only I knew where to begin…ah well, plenty of young lads to strip and embarrass out there, but until then, today…was a good day” he said to himself. 
As he too left the room deep in thought, little did he know that his stripping adventures…had only just begun.
End of Part Two. 
Author’s Note:
Hello everyone, glad you all stuck with me to the end! I hope you enjoyed the finale of this sequel series and please let me know what ideas you might like in a new series involving Jaime or any of the other characters introduced so far!
At the moment I’ve got a working idea for a mini-series following Thomas after this, and Jaime may or may not be involved in it, but if any of you have suggestions or things you’d like to see feel free to comment down below or pm me. 
Thank you all for your time and support of this series. I know the wait must have been unbearable for some of you and I do apologize for the delay. Again, thanks be to you all and have a wonderful day everyone!

Submitted: June 21, 2022

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