Chapter 2: Colin's Comeuppance Part I

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Jaime was nearly beside himself with laughter when he heard back from Alice that Colin had agreed to come to her little get-together that little did he know was arranging just for him, and would undoubtedly not expect the unfortunate series of events that would happen to him.  “She must have sweet-talked him something fierce, since he knows I’m going to be there and he’s been avoiding me ever since he found his little blackmail photos and videos missing from his and Cody’s phones” he said to Sebastian and Toby as they waited for the right time to head over to Alice’s house. 

Sebastian in particular seemed to be in high spirits, Jaime wondered to himself if he had gotten up to anymore trouble with that little glutton for punishment Thomas, but that was for another time. All that mattered was getting back at his brother, and thanks to Alice and her friends it was going to be something Colin wouldn’t soon forget. 

By the time that Jaime and his friends arrived, the party was in full swing, a large crowd gathered around the large pool Alice had in her backyard, with some people already swimming around, and fortunately Colin had not gotten in yet. Perfect, Jaime thought to himself as a smile crept across his face.

“Keep an eye on the backyard fence gates so little Colin doesn’t go running off, after all we don’t want to spoil the girls fun, otherwise we might end up as their entertainment instead” he said to his friends, who simply gulped and nodded their understanding before wandering off to the left and right sides of the backyard where the only exits were. 

Things were going just as planned, and even better, Alice had managed to get nearly everyone in her and Colin’s grade to her little gathering. It wasn’t long before he spotted Colin hanging out with Thomas near the pool, who at the sight of Jaime turned a deep shade of red at which Jaime only gave him a wink and he could have sworn we saw Thomas’s crotch twitch a little at that. 

Getting a devilish thought in his head, Jaime quickly typed into his phone, texting Thomas the following: 
Hmmm, I wonder what other kinds of fun I’m gonna have with you? ;) But time to get back to business, you're lucky I told Alice and her friends to leave you alone, but you better skamper off once the fun starts.  

Once he hit send, it didn’t take long for Thomas to look at his phone to see what he had sent, and gave only a momentary glance in Jaime’s direction and gave a silent nod, and Jaime texted him another message, this one saying: 
Good boy ;)

This time he was sure that he saw a boner forming in Thomas’ pants when he read that last one, and smiled as he saw him slip away from Colin and off towards Sebastian, and smiled as he saw the young man approach. Bringing his attention back to Colin however…

His younger brother had not noticed his presence yet, or at least had shown no sign of it, but either way it was perfect, because Alice was making sure his swimsuit was the right one for the event, Jaime just needed to keep an eye out to make sure Colin didn’t notice. But nope, Jaime’s brother was enamored with his conversation with one of Alice’s friends, Denise, a small crush of his that was, of course, in on everything.

It didn’t take long until he got the confirmation from Alice that she had made all preparations, all they had to do was wait until Colin went swimming…
Fortunately, Denise took matters into her own hands and suggested that they continue their conversation in the pool, and Colin didn’t hesitate, making his way to the bathroom to change. When he came out, he was more than a little confused and went up to Alice and asked “hey, these are mine right? They look right but feel a little tighter than usual” he said. She just gave him a nonchalant smile and said “Well everything is where it’s supposed to be, I made sure of that, trust me” she said. 

Colin just gave a shrug before going over to the edge of the pool and wading into the water, following Denise further into the pool, and Alice had orchestrated everything perfectly to have her entire close circle, (that had also fondled and jerked off Jaime’s own privates in the past) in the area they headed into.

Jaime took his place beside Alice as they waited for the magic to happen, “you’ve really outdone yourself this time Alice, you have a knack for this kind of thing” Jaime said. “Oh. I’m just fulfilling a civil duty to honor the promise I made, and that’s all, I swear” she said with a wicked smile on her face. 

Jaime and Alice watched as Colin didn’t notice his swimsuit was beginning to dissolve in the water, Alice and Jaime had spent great effort in getting them to look just like Colin's actual trunks, which were resting comfortably in a trash can shredded to pieces. Denise kept his attention on her until it was too late, at which point he noticed something was weird and looked down to find out that his swim trunks had almost dissolved in the water. He tried to keep what was left of his suit together, especially around his privates. Despite his protests, he soon found himself completely naked in the pool and what’s worse...he was sporting a five-inch erection.

This is just too perfect he thought to himself, and Jaime took the opportunity to walk over to the front of the crowd now gathering around to gawk in excitement at Colin’s sudden exposure. The look on his younger brother’s face as he saw him appear was worth everything he endured to get Alice’s help. He crouched down and extended his hand and said: “Hey bro, need a hand?”

End of Part I. 

Stick around to see what happens to Colin next in Part II, will he manage to walk away with little more embarrassment than he already has? Or does Jaime and his accomplice Alice have something more in store for him? 

Submitted: November 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 TJSmiley. All rights reserved.


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Callum white

Great start, love the idea of dissolving shorts

Thu, November 18th, 2021 4:07pm

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