Chapter 1: Payback Time for Thomas

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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The time had come. Jaime had finally put all the pieces in place after his last ordeal at the hands of Alice and her friends, Cody was still unaware that the evidence he had over him was now gone, and Colin too since spring break had ended and our parents returned home. Cody was preparing to go back home, but before he did Jaime had quite the surprise in store for him….Soon, he thought to himself, but first he had his brother Colin and his little punk friend Thomas to deal with first.

After talking to his friends Sebastian and Toby of his revenge plans, they had convinced him to go easier on poor Thomas, who’s comeuppance would come in just a few short hours. In their first week back, he had studied Thomas’ schedule, and learned that he took an afternoon jog through the neighborhood after soccer practice before going home, and decided that was his opportunity to catch Thomas alone and off guard.

Jaime sat in his car by the side of the soccer field, watching and waiting for Thomas to finish up practice, and while he did, he went over in his mind how he was going to punish Thomas for helping in his humiliation, though had to admit the kid did have a crush on him and had they been in the other’s shoes, Jaime might have done the same. Alice had been very disappointed she didn’t get to participate in Thomas’s punishment, but as Jaime told her she wouldn’t get much “fun” out of him anyways as he was gay. In Jaime’s reverie he almost missed the sight of the lean but buff figure of Thomas leaving the soccer field dressed in his jogging clothes...which he would soon be deprived of.

“It’s time” he said to his friends in the back, Toby and Sebastian, the former a fellow football player and best friend, his long shaggy blonde hair stretched almost past his neck. Sebastian was a tall and muscled man with short black hair, he was a quiet guy but no less a good friend, which is why he immediately agreed to help him get payback for what those three had done to him. Jaime also couldn’t help but notice a lustful glance in Sebastian’s eye, as he gazed at Thomas with a look of both pure venom and also anticipation...perhaps he couldn’t wait for what they were about to do? Doesn’t matter, he’ll do his part Jaime thought to himself as he started up his car and slowly went down the same road Thomas started his jog at.

“Remember the plan?” Jaime asked the two in the back, Toby gave him a sly smile and said “Don’t worry Jaime, we got it, the little brat won’t know what hit him by the time we’re through” he said, nudging Sebastian as if waiting for him to agree. He didn’t respond, instead he only gave a slight nod as he kept his gaze on Thomas, and Jaime looked in his eyes and saw something he decided he would deal with later. “Make sure to get plenty of pictures” Jaime smiled as handed Toby his phone.

“With pleasure” he replied, as they neared Thomas’ location, he sped up the car a bit, and a bit further after that until they had just passed him and quickly stopped at the side of the road. Jaime unlocked the car doors as Thomas neared the car, then turned to his friends and said “get him” and upon that they jumped out the car doors and headed straight for Thomas who by this point still hadn’t noticed them as he had earphones in but upon Toby and Sebastian rushing up to and each seizing one of his arms he was quite alarmed, but noticed too late as they had too strong a grip on him, covering his mouth and dragging him over to the car. 

Sebastian quickly opened the door and hissed in Thomas’ ear, “Get in” and despite his panic he did as he was told and climbed into the backseat. As soon as he saw Jaime, his face paled and looked at each of his sides and found himself put between both Toby and Sebastian. Jaime restarted the car and drove off, and after a few minutes of silence it was Thomas who spoke first, “J-j-Jaime?, I-i-I’m sure you're probably mad about the part I played with Colin and Cody, but-please just let me go, I promise I won’t ever do anything like that again” he stammered out. “Oh don’t worry, we’re gonna let you go-” Toby started to say and a glimmer of hope dawned on Thomas’ face “-that is after Jaime here gets some payback” Toby finished. Realization dawned on Thomas’ face, and looked pleadingly at the three around him, but found no salvation in the resolve in their faces.

“Get ready Toby, I wanna have some good keepsakes for after we’re done” Jaime said, and Thomas looked between them, fear written plainly across his face. “We’re not gonna hurt you little Thomas, we’re just gonna have some fun is all, and to make sure you don’t tell my brother or cousin about this we decided to take a few pictures…” Jaime said. He let that sink in for a few moments before he turned to both Toby and Sebastian and said “bind him”. Upon his command, they seized Thomas, holding his arms and legs in place while Toby pulled out some rope and started to bind his legs together while Sebastian pulled out a pair of handcuffs and bound his hands together behind his back.

Thomas tried to fight but he was no match for the both of them, and soon found himself completely at their mercy as they bound his arms and legs together. With him secured and fastened, Jaime, feeling immensely satisfied thus far, looked back at his two friends again and said “strip him”. Sebastian practically pounced, he went straight for Thomas’ tank top, who ripped it straight off him with ease, while Toby went for his white undershirt, who started to rip it off until Sebastian gave him a hand and they both seized it at the same time, pulled and ripped it straight off him leaving his bare torso exposed.

Jaime had to admit, Thomas was quite buff, his highly defined abs and muscled torso sparked a hint of lust in him too, and he could feel his cock twitching in his pants...but not now, focus he thought to himself as Sebastian and Toby gazed down to his shorts and noticed his bulge, making his pale face turn beat red. They undid his belt and slid his shorts right down his legs and off of his feet, leaving him in just his white briefs. But the most surprising part...was that Thomas was hard, fully hard. As the three gazed at his six and a half inch boner, Thomas turned a deeper shade of red as he found himself exposed and humiliated, which only deepened when Toby began to take pictures of him bound, helpless, and with a hardon.

While Jaime drove on, Toby took tons of pictures while Sebastian just stared at his boner, and Thomas turned his head away in shame and embarrassment, but Jaime also could see a hint of excitement in his eyes as he turned away. “Go ahead Seb, I know you want to” Jaime said, and Sebastian whipped his head at him in shock, but quickly recovered and moved his right hand closer to and eventually reached Thomas’s barely concealed cock, the contact made Thomas whip his head forward but also let out a small moan as Sebastian fondled his bulge. He continued for a good while, then removed his hand and all three of them saw a huge precum stain where the head of his cock was. Thomas looked disappointed as Sebastian stopped, but turned a deep shade of red as he noticed his own precum stain.

Then both Sebastian and Toby reached for the hem of his briefs, and slowly but surely started to tease their way down his legs. First came his treasure trail down to his strands of pubic hair, then they moved past his crotch, revealing his six ½ inch cock and balls, then slid them off his legs too, leaving him completely naked. Sebastian’s eyes flickered with excitement as he gazed at his fully hard cock, and Toby took more pictures which made Thomas hang his head down in shame. “Why Thomas, don’t be so down, try to have some fun with it” Jaime said as he gave Sebastian a knowing look, who nodded his understanding before grabbing a firm hold of Thomas’ cock, and upon contact Thomas gasped as he felt his cock get jerked by Sebastian, and his expressions were a mix of excitement and embarrassment. My my, it seems he’s discovering the exhibitionist in him Jaime thought to himself, and he gazed down at his own hard cock and thought, I might have more fun with him in the future then.

As Sebastian continued to pump his cock with his right hand, his left began to fondle his low hanging balls, which made Thomas bite his lip, a sign that he was in pure heaven and hell at the same time as Toby, smiling as he both filmed and shot pictures of Thomas bound, naked, and having his cock jerked by Sebastian. He’s enjoying this too much I think, time to kick things up a notch Jaime thought to himself. “Toby, Seb, flip him over” Jaime said, and Sebastian stopped jerking his cock and helped Toby flip him over onto his stomach, exposing his entire backside to the. Toby took more pictures while Sebastian gazed at Thomas’ surprising bubble butt. ‘W-w-what are you going to do?” Thomas asked fearfully, and asked Toby to start recording before saying  “just some fun, and some well deserved payback, see, you’ve been a bad boy now haven’t you Thomas? And now you must be punished accordingly” he said. “P-please Jaime, don’t, I beg you” he said. “I’ll stop when you admit you’ve been  a bad boy and deserve your punishment, then I’ll maybe even reward you” Jaime said. 

“Spank him” he said to Sebastian, who gleefully grabbed a handful of his bubble butt before giving at first a light spank on his left ass cheek, making Thomas give off a light yelp in response, then slapped a little harder, and harder before all three of them could see his left ass cheek was bright red. Sebastian then moved to his other cheek, spanking his ass continually until it too was red. Meanwhile, Toby filmed the whole thing and Jaime occasionally glanced back as he drived, and Thomas let out a small yelp after each slap, but just before today Jaime made sure to tell both of them not to harm Thomas too much, spanking was as far as they would go he warned them.

“Alright, that’s enough Seb” Jaime said, and he immediately stopped and waited for his next command. “Well?” he said to Thomas, and from where he was he could hear him say “I-i-I’ve been a bad boy, and this is my punishment” he muttered. “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear all that, let’s clear things up shall we? Flip him back over boys” he said and they flipped Thomas back over and sat him back down on the seat. “Now, please repeat to all here that are present please” Jaime said, a devilish smile on his face. Thomas, beet red with humiliation said “I’ve been a very bad boy, and this is my rightful punishment” he said. 

Satisfied, Jaime nodded to Toby to stop recording and said “thank you Thomas, it means a lot to hear that, now as for your reward….I think it’s time we made you cum, go ahead Seb” he finished, and Thomas had to time to react as Sebastian once again reached for his still hard cock, and started pumping away like there was no tomorrow while also fondling his balls. He resisted at first, but Thomas couldn’t help himself, he started to moan out loud and he could see that he was enjoying every second of Sebastian jerking his cock so expertly. Sebastian looked very pleased, and couldn’t take his eyes off Thomas as he pumped his cock, and Toby just sat and smiled as Thomas was getting milked.

Before long, he could hear Thomas’s moans shorten and his body tightened as Jaime knew he was about to cum, and Thomas flipped his head back in ecstasy and gave off a soft “f***” as he shot his load all over himself, and Sebastian made sure to squeeze every drop possible out. Toby took one last picture as Jaime parked at the side of a street, about half a mile from Thomas’ house, then handed his phone back to him. Jaime, feeling immensely satisfied at having taken the first big step in his revenge, said “you can go ahead and let him go now guys”. 

Toby undid the bindings on his legs, while Sebastian unlocked his handcuffs, while Thomas sat there, still processing what had just happened to him. He looks very embarrassed and humiliated, but also very….pleased with himself. I will definitely have some more fun with you later, and I’m sure Sebastian will too, Jaime thought to himself as he looked back and saw Sebastian continue to hold his gaze at Thomas’s naked body. When he finally recovered, Thomas looked at Jaime and asked “uhhh, Jaime? Can I have my clothes back please?” he said, and while he had already decided how he was going to handle this he put on a look of deep thought for a good moment before saying, “hmmmm, guys, give him his briefs back, but don’t let him keep anything else, and don’t worry Thomas, your not far from home, you’ll most likely get back without being spotted, but you better hurry before you do” he said. “Oh and before you go, I had Toby here take lots of pictures and videos here, and don’t worry I won’t share long as you do as you are told and don’t mention this to Colin” he said, a dark look on his face. Despite his pale look he didn’t object as Sebastian handed him back his briefs, which were still stained with his cum, put them on and as soon as he exited the car made a mad dash in the direction of his house. Sebastian spoke up and said “You know, this was pretty fun...maybe we should do this with him again sometime? He said, a sparkle in his eye. Jaime laughed and said “Maybe, but for now...we have one down, and two to go”. 

Submitted: November 15, 2021

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