Chapter 1: The Exam

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Gordon spent the better part of yesterday afternoon and this morning talking to nurses, techs, and office staff about COVID vaccinations. I think he was just reassuring everyone for the moment, and they don't want to force anyone into anything. Be that as it may, corporate believes that the vaccines will be mandated for health care workers and people who work in health care facilities. Small clinics may be an exception. There is an upcoming deadline to deal with, so the lawyers need to figure this out.

The GTA proctor, Marcie, is an ER nurse presently working in Nashville but originally from Memphis. She's married with two sons, early teens, and I'd estimate she is mid 30's. I think her husband works in insurance, and he's gone this week out west hunting for elk. She is absolutely nothing like what I expected.

She sports several tattoos, one on the small of her back (some sort of Chinese inscription), several on her arms, a small heart on her butt, and the craziest of all is a baby dragon on her mons pubis with valentine lips and extra long eyelashes. Marcie is silky smooth down there, so I had to ask - she had pubic hair laser treatment a few years ago. She gets regular Botox cosmetic injections. Her face looks like she's early 20's. She has nipple and hood piercings too, but you're not allowed jewelry in those locations for exam training. Finally, she admitted to having labial enhancement (which looks really good and made me consider it), as well as breast augmentation which she claims was more of a lift than enlargement. Lots of work! Lots of aesthetics!

I told her I was thinking about a boob job during our 'mutual' exams...(she was doing cart wheels on my tits with her fingers). "Yea," she responded, "Add a cup size to these with a couple nipple bars and you could cut some glass."

She looks good, though, and she is a total hoot - cracked me up constantly our entire time at the clinic. I started calling her "the girl with the dragon tattoo". She told me that if you're gonna get naked in front of hundreds of people every year, you might as well look good doing it. She said she gets a lot of 'looks' when the students first see her dragon. She uses it as a prop, actually. When the students do the bimanual pelvic exam, they are supposed to use one hand to press down on the pelvis while they are placing their fingers inside. She tells them to put their palm on the dragon.

Anyway, Gordon was busy meeting with the docs while Marcie and I completed my physical exam certification. We didn't leave the clinic for dinner until around 6 pm, at which point we met Andy and Samantha at Longhorn since all the other restaurants were packed. Gordon was really good with Sam, btw. So was Marcie (which I fully expected). Sam is a ham. She's big on entertaining guests. We actually take her out to eat a lot.

The exam training was very different. I had already read up on it and watched a vid. Marcie is assertive, frank, open, and completely uninhibited. She knew I would be a little shy. It's not the same as going to your GYN or examining a regular clinic patient. This is very interactive with a 'hands on' teaching process intended for medical student training.

Marcie got undressed first so that I could do her exam whilst she addressed me as she would a med student. She just stripped off everything right in front of me and put on a gown, open in the front. I suggested a sheet over her as they indicated in the manual. She shrugged, pulled a sheet out of the drawer under the table, and laid it completely folded on her belly. We cover patients in our clinic for modesty. They usually appreciate that.  "As the examining medical student," she said, "it's your job to cover me.  Everything is your job."

Marcie walked me through the exam as if I had never done one. The main emphasis is communication with the patient...I'm going to touch you here, I'm going to touch you're going to feel pressure...I'm going to scrape your my finger in your rectum...touch your breasts. Everything has to sound professional, and you have to avoid any words with sexual connotations. For example, you can't say your going to 'screw' the speculum into position or 'lube' your vagina. Some of it is just stupid. They emphasize the words 'relax' and 'breathe'.

I know...I know...anybody should be able to do this. Oh, you must offer to show the patient their cervix with a hand mirror. I gave it to Marcie and she started moving the mirror this way and that..."Which is my best side, Meg? How do you like this angle?"

"Every angle looks great, Marcie. Did you spray some perfume down here, by the way?"

"I always give myself a spritz before an exam. You never know when some student is going to fall in face first."

When it came to my exam, I undressed in the room with Marcie. She didn't watch me with wide eyes the way I looked at her. For one thing, she was getting dressed simultaneously. I jumped up on the table and got myself in position immediately.

"First of all," she said, "you need to let the student direct your every move. There will be a short discussion prior to the exam about what is going to happen and how it will happen during which you will both be seated. Afterwards, the student should tell you to get undressed and get in the gown, then up on the table. They need to instruct you to put your feet in each footrest and then slide your bottom to the edge of the table. They have to assume you've never been through this. That's what we are training them to do."

Thus, I practiced mounting the exam table in total confusion requiring instructions on every step, except I had to talk the student through those instructions. "Hold your legs together, Meg," Marcie said.


"Every patient has to be instructed to relax their legs and open them completely. You already know that, Meg. Your student does not. Make them tell you."

I opened my legs as Marcie slipped the sheet up my belly. "I would like for you to see what is going on during the exam," she noted professionally. Then she slowly slid her hands down the inside of my thighs right to edge of my labia. It gave me chills. Yes, I was attracted to her. "Did you like that, Meg?" I wasn't expecting her question.

"Yes," I nodded, unsure what she wanted.

"That's why it shouldn't happen," Marcie smiled. You should tell the student that type of touching is too suggestive. "You already know what's appropriate, so be quick to make corrections."

After the speculum exam comes the bimanual. Marcie's hands were intentionally everywhere. I had to lean forward in the stirrups and show her the appropriate hand position (forefinger and middle finger together) at my entrance along with her left palm over my mound. She told me I needed a dragon. I told her I had one inside. That got a big grin. "Don't let him bite me just yet," she giggled, gliding her fingers inside me.

Marcie placed her two fingers right on my G-Spot just as soon as she was deep enough. I let out an unintentional grunt that sounded like someone had shoved a dick up my cunt. She pretended to look confused, then pushed up again even harder, digging me with her nails. I honestly wasn't far from climaxing at that instant.

"Whoa," I gasped. "Let's palpate the ovaries, shall we?" I reached down and shifted the angle of her hand, first to the left and then to the right, as I narrated her position. Then I directed her to my cervix and uterus. Once the exam was over, I asked for some Kleenex to wipe myself and if there were any questions. I started to slide off the table when Marcie interrupted my progress.

"You forgot something," she said. I was confused for a moment, then it hit me. The rectal exam. You actually do that first with just one finger up the ass, then you put two fingers in the vagina and press against the first finger.

"Oh, wow. We can't just say we did that and go get a pizza?"

"You're making me direct the exam again," Marcie chastised.

I laid back on the table. "What's the last thing you do at the end of the bimanual exam?" I asked, just as though I were instructing a student.

"I don't know, Miss. Megan." Marcie rolled her eyes.

"It's the rectal exam. I'm sure you've done plenty of those."

"Oh, I don't know, Miss Megan. I think you should show me." I reached down and took Marcie's hand.

"This finger," I instructed, tapping the middle digit of her left hand. "Be slow and gentle. Lubricate the anus first, then enter as deep as you can go before you begin your sweep from left to right."

Marcie painted my rim with warm KY jelly and affectionately prodded my hole. I'm not one for ass sex, but she felt nice. I was dying to tell her to slide in a second finger but I restrained myself.

"Now, use your previous two fingers to enter the vagina as you did before, only this time you palpate against the finger in my rectum. You're feeling for nodules or cysts." Marcie eased her forefinger and middle fingers back in my pussy. She squeezed her rectal finger against the two in my twat as she pumped them in and out. I probably should have said something, but I couldn't. I laid back on the table and silently let her do that for easily 30 seconds, trying to keep from screaming or arching my back.

'So this is what DP feels like,' I thought to myself.  'Shit, I'm about to cum right in front of her.'

"Is that good, Miss Megan?" Her voice sounded sultry...not even playful. She was seriously getting me off.  I imagined creaming on her knuckles.  I couldn't look down, fearful of seeing a handfull of lather.

"Good..." I moaned, trying to sound constructive.

"I don't feel any nodules."

"Okay, Marcie." I gripped the sides of the exam table and sucked in my bottom lip. Marcie pulled out slowly and left me panting in agony. She ripped off her latex free gloves and tossed them in the trash with a smirk, washing her hands in the sink.

"Need some help getting up?" she asked.

"I'll manage," I groaned, deciding there was no use in hiding my condition.

"Good," she commended. "You are officially certified, and I officially need a vape. I'll be in the back office when you finish getting dressed. You need to sign a few things. Want me to grab you a bottled water from the kitchen? Maybe an icepack for your fiery dragon?"

"We don't have icepacks," I quipped. "Just cubes."

"Could be interesting. By the way, you forgot one final issue, Miss Instructor."

"What's that?" I whined.

"I need to examine these little things," pointing at my breasts. My tiny nipples were bird beak erect.

"Don't say it," I interrupted. "I'm making you direct the exam again."

"Please, Miss Megan. Show me how..." Marcie gave me her hand. I placed her fingertips over my right tit, rotating them slowly in circles through all four quadrants.

"You're feeling for lumps or nodules," I whispered. "And you shouldn't call them 'little things', even if they are. I'm thinking about having a boob job so I can feel guilty about going braless."

"I'm going to express your nipples now," Marcie insisted, squeezing them both simultaneously as she pulled me up to a sitting position by the pink flesh of my points. "Yea, if you added a cup size to these with some nipple bars, you could probably cut glass."

"Is that your official medical recommendation?"

"One of them," Marcie laughed.

She slipped out door with a smile. I wiped off and got dressed, then headed to the back office where we talked for nearly an hour while we waited on Gordon to finish his meeting.

"Have you ever been with another woman?" she finally asked. It felt like we had been skirting the issue all night.

"Yea, but only twice." I admitted.

"Did you like it?"

"Are you asking if I'd like to be with you?" I inquired. Marcie nodded. She was sitting in a chair behind a Mahogany desk, my paperwork completed and sprawled across the surface. I stood up and walked over to her, leaning down to give her a long, deep kiss with some serious tongue.

Somebody cleared his throat behind us. I shot up like a spring board. Gordon chuckled. "Well," he casually announced. "Looks like you two have gotten to know each other. Would you lovely ladies like to head out for something to eat, or would you both prefer to eat here?"

So...we went to Longhorn (because Andy texted almost immediately afterwards). From there, we went back to our house, even though Gordon and Marcie were already checked in at the Hyatt. Samantha stayed up till 9 pm entertaining us with Karaoke. Thank goodness she was exhausted and out like a light when her head hit the pillow. (She's not allowed to watch TV or listen to music at bedtime because she will stay up all night)

I had a pretty strong inclination about what was going to happen this visit with Gordon. I never in my wildest dreams imagined a 'Marcie' would be involved. Still, I thought I was prepared. I bought a box of condoms for Gordon. I even invested in spermicide. We were going to be practical about this, even if Andy couldn't control the situation. We were going to be safe. Gordon looks absolutely nothing like Andy. There is no resemblance what-so-ever. We can't be taking chances since I'm close to ovulation.  I've been trying to get pregnant for just over a month.

By the time I returned downstairs from taking Sam to bed, Marcie had trotted off to the guest bathroom for a shower. She and Gordon had brought in their overnight bags which were still in Gordon's car. We all agreed they would crash at our place, particularly once we discovered that Marcie and Gordon were sharing the same hotel room.

Marcie returned wearing one of Andy's borrowed robes. She was taller than both of us, so his robe was a bit short for her. The two of us wandered back to the kitchen where we sipped on some wine and talked in private. Andy and Gordon were talking in the den.

"How long have you been seeing Gordon?" I asked. "Does your husband know about him?"

Marcie rolled her eyes with a smile. "I don't really see Gordon. We met at a club, and my husband was there when we met. We had a threesome. It was my fantasy, and my husband's too. Since that time, we talk frequently because Gordon discovered I'm a nurse. He needs nurses for his clinics, but I prefer the ER. I've given him some hours here and there, but nothing substantial." Marcie took a sip of her wine. "We've fucked a few times since the threesome. My husband doesn't know. He doesn't even know we are in contact. Gordon's a good fuck. It's a guilty pleasure."

"But what about this two day trip? What about the kids? Won't your husband find out?"

Marci looked at me like I was crazy. "My husband isn't that insightful. He's off on a hunting trip out west for a week. To be honest, if he found out he'd be mad, but he'd probably get over it. He'd put a stop to it, that's all. Besides, nobody knows I'm down here with Gordon. They only know I'm down here to train a nurse for GTA. My parents have the boys. They're no trouble."

"How did Gordon get mixed up with Vanderbilt and the GTA program?"

"I don't know about Gordon's involvement with Vandy," Marcie replied. "I called him because the GTA program is in trouble. We lost a girl that we can't replace, and Gordon offered to handle it. He mentioned your name immediately, and he said I would love you. He was right. You're a perfect fit. And the whole situation came nicely together for us. It was the perfect week for me to come down here with Gordy."

"Wow, that explains some things," I admitted.

"What about you?" Marcie interrogated. "I hear you and Gordon have had a run of your own."

I couldn't help but smile. "I met him when my husband was interviewing for a position in Nashville. We kind of hit it off, I suppose. Like you, he sort of completed a fantasy. Andy was there, but he didn't really participate. He mostly watched....which was what I wanted."

"So, your husband is kind of a cuck," Marcie surmised.

"Yea, I guess you could label him that. He's a medical business administrator. Gordon took over Andy's clinics in Mississippi, pulled them right out from under him. I had to get on my knees and beg Gordy to give him a job. Andy doesn't want to work for a hospital."

"On your knees, huh? Begging Gordon to hire your husband? That sounds like fun." Marcie opened her robe just enough for me to see what was beneath it.

"What the hell are you wearing, girl?"

Marcie laughed and gave me a better look. It was a black leather and mesh teddy with silver studs and a snap crotch. "There's a halter collar that fits around the neck and runs down the center which can be removed. I was planning to put that on later."

"You sleep in that?" I asked.

"No, not really. This is club gear. I've got boots and gloves to match. I was planning on a hotel stay with Gordon, so I didn't bring my PJ's."

"What club?"

"There's a private adult club in Nashville. People wear all kinds of things. They do all kinds of things too." Marcie closed her robe and tied it off. She looked over at the boys in the den.

"I think Gordon has been trying to get me to go there with Andy," I mentioned.

"It's fun," Marcie confirmed. "You have to be careful. I go with my husband. We've occasionally fooled around with other people or couples. You can just go watch or you can have other people watch you. We like to spice things up occasionally." Marcie headed back towards the den to join the guys as I followed.

I decided to go upstairs for a shower, myself....get all that goo out of my gutter from the exam. "I'll be back down shortly," I waved to everyone. Gordon winked at me.

"I think I'll have a shower too, Meg." Gordon got up from the couch. "Let's have a nightcap before bedtime. You have an extra robe for me?"

"I'm out of robes, Gordy. Check the drawers in the bathroom. I never got rid of the sweatpants and T shirts I kept there for Dan. You're about his size."

Andy just looked at me...



(Dan used to be my husband's best friend.  He stayed over at our place all the time...until we got caught FUCKING.  So, I'm a slut.  What?  Did you think I was gonna give you a Bible lesson?)

I was deep in thought and covered with bubbles when Andy opened the shower door. I gave him the crooked come hither finger. He took off his clothes and walked into the spray.

"Are you going to let Gordon fuck me tonight?"

"Do I have any choice?" Andy sounded defeated. He was hard in my hand. Definitely defeated.

"No, you really don't, Andy. He's your boss. He planned this whole thing out, and I guess he brought Marcie to hold me down. Maybe she'll tie you up first."

"Isn't she married?" he asked.

"Yea, she is. She's got kids too, but who gives a shit. Gordon takes what he wants. He's gonna fuck what belongs to Marcie's husband, and he's gonna fuck your wife too. There you will be, Andy; roped to some chair in the den or bedroom with your little dick bobbing up and down like a cork. You might even be dripping. And there Gordon will be, plunging his big cock back and forth between our two pussies until he explodes in both of them."

"Meg, you're not even protected. This is just like Nashville."

"No, it's not like Nashville, Andy." I'm stroking my husband slowly, making sure to keep him hard but not too close to coming. "I took the morning-after pill following Nashville. I'm not taking it again. I'm not taking anything but Gordon's big dick and a thick stallion load of his jizz."

I squeeze out the body wash on Andy's chest. I soap him all over; his hair, his neck, his arms, his thighs, his pulsating penis, his tight little balls, his trembling ass. He's agitated. He's angry. He's on the verge of spewing his sperm. I'm not going to let him. I'm not going to give him that release. I want his prick painfully swollen. He's so much easier to manage this way. I need a leash for him in this condition...a ball choker and a cock cage.

Andy doesn't need to know I have condoms for Gordon. He doesn't need to know about the spermicide. That's privileged information which might relax his nut sack. I'm all about twisting his testicles. After all, Gordon is Andy's fault. He introduced us. He handed me over to Gordon. He opened the gate and let Gordon take everything - his clinics, his job, his freedom, his wife. Gordon sat at dinner and talked to Andy's daughter....our daughter...just imagining how he'd breed me with a baby of his own.

After the shower, I dried my husband off. "Get dressed in these sweat pants, Andy. Put on that T shirt. No underwear. That's how you like to walk around, right? Make sure they see you when you walk down the stairs. I want all of them to see your little tent." It reminded me of when we were in college and, of course, he and Gordy would be dressed alike.

By the time I dried my hair and retreated downstairs, there was no one to be found in the den. The downstairs was completely dark save for a sliver of light seeping through a crack at the guest bedroom door. I walked over there and peeped in like a child. I peeped in like my daughter, judiciously investigating, curious about noises so late in the night. I couldn't believe what I saw...

Submitted: November 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 DampKitten. All rights reserved.


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This is pretty awesome! ;)

I think I need more naughty nurses in my life, Megans and Marcies. The med students that have YOU as their GTA instructor are gonna be freaking lucky!

Mon, November 15th, 2021 2:40pm


Awe, you're so sweet....dragon slayer.

Tue, November 16th, 2021 7:45pm


Interesting and sexy in the right measure.
You seem to have an "insight" into the way life plays out.

Tue, November 16th, 2021 2:57am


LOL...insight? If you say so, Vanilla. I'm glad you like the measure. I'm trying to find the time to finish this. Thanks for checking it out!

Tue, November 16th, 2021 7:41pm

Harriet-Jacqui Furl

you do get in some scrapes, don't you?

Wed, November 17th, 2021 12:04am


One big slide down the concrete...

Tue, November 16th, 2021 7:39pm


A fascinating and very well written story! My first thought was how many of these exams could a GTA do without becoming desensitized to tactile pleasure when with a lover? I also wondered about your statement of getting "naked in front of hundreds of people each year." Does this include interns who are doing a rotation in gynecology? Or just those who have committed to a career in the field? And would there be times when you would be performing this role in front of a class?

Sun, November 21st, 2021 3:07am


Oh wow, I'd never thought of doing this in front of a whole class. GTA's basically train med students, not resident physicians. An intern is a first year resident who is already a doctor. I haven't done my first course yet, so I'm not sure exactly how it will go. I'm due to teach my first group in early December. There should be about 25 students per GTA, so that's 25 exams each. There will be 4 GTA's handling a class of roughly 100 students.

I don't expect to be desensitized physically. I do think you become desensitized to getting naked in front of other people, although this is a professional scenario which is different from intimacy.

I plan on writing chapter two, which is basically a bedroom scene involving four of us. There may be a chapter three once I go through the exams in early December.

Thanks for reading! I love your questions...

Sun, November 21st, 2021 9:49am

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