Paid In Full

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Innocent 23-year-old Demi's mother has stolen 20 thousand from their employer and he is threatening her family. Not wanting her family to get hurt, she agrees to give her virginity up to her boss's son, Michael, and let him do whatever he wants with her to pay the debt.
Unaware his father is threatening Demi's family, agoraphobic Michael shows her a world she never knew existed.

Table of Contents


I have been having trouble uploading this book, I had to start a second one to continue it but I'm having trouble uploading the chapters again, Hopefully starting over again with setting it up as a
new book, this one will work.
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Demi’s stomach churned with nerves as she followed Mrs. Davis into a small bedroom. Mrs. Davis opened a side door. “This is your ... Read Chapter


Demi lay on her side in silence watching Michael smoking, she thought he was gorgeous and was trying to imagine what he looked like wit... Read Chapter


Demi’s eyes were heavy as she relaxed back resting her head against Michael’s chest; he had just washed her hair. Never in her life... Read Chapter


Michael was downstairs getting drinks, while Demi sat in the bed waiting for him; he was taking his time. Taking a dressing gown from t... Read Chapter


When Demi had finished her bath, she quickly dried herself and rushed into the bedroom. Michael had had a shower and was already dresse... Read Chapter


Demi was feeling frustrated as she and Michael entered the bedroom. “So what did you have planned for tonight?” She curiously asked... Read Chapter


When Michael woke up the next morning, Demi was still sleeping, she had her back to him curled in the fetal position. He raised himself... Read Chapter


Demi was exhausted, it had taken ages for her to get the feeling back in her arms and legs. Michael had gone downstairs to get them a d... Read Chapter


Michael waited until Demi had fallen asleep and quietly made his way downstairs. Pouring himself a whiskey, he sat on the sofa in the d... Read Chapter


  Demi was lying in front of Michael on the living room sofa watching a movie. Michael couldn’t concentrate; his father stil... Read Chapter


It was the day Demi was going to do her exam. Michael hadn’t slept well. The thought of Demi leaving the house for so long had begun ... Read Chapter


“Demi!” Her mom screamed, wide-eyed grabbing a sheet and covered herself as she pulled away from Mr. Turner. “What are you doing ... Read Chapter


Demi was sitting on the windowsill staring out of the window. It had been two weeks since she had last seen Michael. She still thought ... Read Chapter


When Steve arrived at Michael's house the next morning to talk to him about Demi, Mary told him that he would have to wait because he w... Read Chapter


Demi felt relaxed as she and Max slowly drove up a long driveway towards a large red brick house. On their journey, they’d stopped at... Read Chapter


On the journey home when Demi had calmed down, she’d climbed onto the front seat of the car and Darryl explained who Peggy was and wh... Read Chapter


Michael sat in silence as he listened to Demi telling him about Max and the money she had to return. He felt sick when she told him abo... Read Chapter


Michael had anxiously paced around his house all day waiting for Demi to phone him. It was getting late, and he was becoming increasing... Read Chapter


Demi was nibbling on her toast leaning on the table reading the local newspaper. Michael sneaked behind her. “Remember what happened ... Read Chapter


Demi was in the shower thinking about the day ahead, she had to be at the police station in the next couple of hours to make her statem... Read Chapter


Michael had just shown Demi the two spare bedrooms; she was surprised how big they were. As they entered his father’s bedroom, Michae... Read Chapter


Michael and Demi were in the back garden, everyone was talking and laughing. Mary’s husband Bernard was checking the steaks and sausa... Read Chapter


When Demi returned her brothers to the care home after having a brilliant weekend with them, she was worn out. Life had been like a whi... Read Chapter


Demi had been awake all night with a bad stomach, she couldn’t stop being sick; her nerves were getting the better of her. They had to ... Read Chapter


Demi was lying in bed thinking about the BBQ that they were having that afternoon when her sisters visited; she was hoping the weather ... Read Chapter

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