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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Table of Contents


“Who is he?” I whispered to my maid, gesturing towards the new palace guard standing attentively at the door. “And why does he have... Read Chapter


Several Months Later   “Sir Beckett? Sir Beckett! Have you seen Princess Pacifica?” Miriam called practically running ov... Read Chapter


Now   “The Imperial Queen is a terrible woman,” Beckett stated when I had finished telling him of the night’s events... Read Chapter


I spent the next couple weeks carefully plotting how I would leave with Laria. I was invited to the wedding and she would be leaving th... Read Chapter


Two Nights Before   “So what’s the forgotten princess like, Will?” Archard asked. Beckett and a couple of his new frie... Read Chapter


Present day   I felt my face flush as Beckett kissed me, biting my bottom lip. I’d never been kissed before and I was se... Read Chapter


The Day of Laria’s wedding   “That was a beautiful ceremony,” Miriam whispered in my ear, dabbing at her eyes with a h... Read Chapter


“Where are we going? This is not the way back to my quarters,” I stated as Beckett led me through the empty passageways.  ... Read Chapter


  I awoke as Beckett rose from the bed. I felt sore and tired as I watched him dress. The moon shone in through the window and i... Read Chapter


“ENOUGH!” There was a deafening silence. I recognized that voice. No one dared to move a muscle as all eyes turned to see the Imperia... Read Chapter


“Beckett! Beckett, wake up!” I shouted excitedly, tapping on his shoulder. He stirred with a moan and stiffly sat up.   ... Read Chapter

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