Collective Cheating

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Kendall is caught pinching the senior college science test marking paper by three male teachers: she demonstrates amazing oral dexterity, pure lower body energy and works her butt off: to try to con her way out of trouble or does she get her body into even more trouble?

I was very, very good at what I was doing: cheating.

I had been brought up like everyone else to believe cheats never prosper and that if you cheat you get caught. However; if you cheat and get away with it and no one gets hurts: psychologically it’s been proven you actually feel good about yourself. Oh, the cheating gave me a thrill: that was why I was doing it.

I was cheating because I could. It’s always nice to be one up on the teachers. They claim to be so smart, yet they need an answer sheet for when they are marking tests.

Such answer sheets are just begging to be taken like jocks cocks behind a gym: before, during or after a game: the coach may care about on field performance; guys however only care about pecker attention and boy could I perform and service a few stiffs during an afternoon game; before it, during it and after it.

I was in the Science staffroom at Her Immaculate Ladies College, right in front of a filing cabinet labelled science; jeez teachers lead you straight to what you want like grabbing a guy by his boxers and directing him to your bedroom.

God the drawers were even alphabetically filed; too easy. I bent over and at the back of the second cabinet. T for Tests is staring me in the face like my girlfriend’s pussy on a hot summer night. Okay I’m bi and proud of it.

I start the rummage for next Wednesday Biology test. I have the Eureka Moment: too quickly like a footy jock getting too excited near my pussy and premature-ejaculating. I hate wasted sperm.

Cheating really should be harder than this: though I get the wet thrill in my knickers as I rub my thighs together. Okay a little self-service reward is always deserved; maybe I need cheating partners.

I have the Oh Shit Moment: I’m sprung; not by one teacher; but frickin three: Damnation; the full staff meeting in the library must have been cancelled.

Suddenly, I felt like a stripper under the full glare of a single spotlight as the Science Head Mr Lindsay Shoreman directed me to take a seat: “Without the test paper, young lady and please shut the filing cabinet.”

I was seated on a chair with three males on chairs away from me; in a semi-circle: Mr Shoreman, Mr Tanner and Mr Graham. With Sean Graham being the only one under thirty and quite good looking actually; a lot of girls had the hots for him in: as you would expect in an all-ladies college. As a senior student: I knew a dick was a dick in any set of pants.

There was something startling about the set-up of the chairs. No, I didn’t feel an OK Corral moment like I was going down big time or going down on their three cocks for that matter. No, the set up was either accidental or deliberately like that famous movie scene with Miss Stone crossing and uncrossing her legs as she was cross examined: apparently the most paused moment in film history: well yeah, I’ve seen it: and again, a girls bits are just a girls bits, it what she does with them.

So, I was thinking as I had my legs crossed should I uncross them because while I wasn’t ‘au naturale’ under my short school skirt. Well, it was too short and my lacey knickers were very, very brief and there was no way I could wear them without the full regular shave.

Mmm; I could bide my time; see where this was heading:

To stay crossed or uncross my legs?

Shoreman wanted to see my squirm, I was thinking of making his glasses fog up with my pussy warmth right over the bridge of his nose.

“Now Ms Richardson, “Oh, you always knew you were for it, when they used your surname: “this is a very serious breach of the school’s student ethics codes.” He cited some regulations; number and sub-section, you know teacher blah, blah; I was waiting for the consequence bit to tune in.

I reckoned I could breach his ethics code with his zip being undone.

“I have no doubt this will result in your failing science and your expulsion.”

Wow, did I process that bit fast. It seemed excessive; like my first double tug cock college boy moment; till I settled into it; you know suspension, withdrawal of senior privileges, constant daily behaviour reports, et al; I was thinking as the punishment.

I don’t know whether I consciously or unconsciously uncrossed my legs as I took umbrage at the mention of combined failure and expulsion. I never failed at anything:  no limp cocks under my hand.

“Now hang on that’s excessive; surely we can sort this out; here and now and I could....”

I realised the three teachers weren’t giving me eye contact. Their collective male gazes were straight between my legs. Well, I knew I looked good down there but times three admirers at once. A bit excessive; but then hey; I realised I couldn’t fail once pussy clout made its entrance in any situation involving blokes.

“Ah the exam,” said Hamish Tanner, taking the lead which surprised me, “Might I suggest to my colleagues; you do it orally and now.”

He had that smutty smirk when he said ‘orally.’ He was trying to lure me into; well, you know what.

“Kendall,” he said, using my name rather lilting sluttily, “You’d be fine with oral?”

Sean Graham nodded his head, in agreement; but the prick kept his eyes focussed between my open thighs.

God, I could have done with a mirror to see for myself just how stunning I must have looked down there.

They couldn’t concentrate till I recrossed my legs and then they were whispering between each other. Oh, you know: all that teacher consensus nonsense like grading on a bell curve, you know, some will fail, some will pass and the odd student like myself will always achieve outstanding results; usually by using their body.

“Oh sure,” I said, “Oral is fine, here and now, you can all grade me.”

What followed here was your typical searching for a consensus blustering; by males in authority; when faced with nubile wrong doing and how to get something out of it for themselves. They were consulting each other in a huddle like college boys in a wanking competition.

There was nothing for it but to turn them all into cheaters. Shoreman and Tanner on their wives and Graham on his girlfriend? I wondered for a moment if Sean was gay; then steadied myself thinking: well, he’d have to have my arse.

You’d think a petite, five two brunette wouldn’t have a chance getting between three males huddled together. However, if you are sassy and wanton, there’s a cock waiting behind every zip. You just sidle in and flick out their pricks.

I unzipped and flipped out Shoreman’s cock first, he was the one who might fear his wife’s retribution but my tuggy, pully, jerking had him only pecker focussed. I whipped out Graham’s dong equally quickly and gave him my left hand: no, he wasn’t undervalued: I’m ambidextrous; just another friggin beautiful useful tartlette life skill. Tanner probably actually got the best option: my arse rubbing into his crotch. He was groaning the quickest of the three. My tush gyrating into his groin.

Yeah, I had a semblance of control until Tanner prodded his stiffy under my flimsy knickers and was toying around my arse crack and my excited wet girly flaps with his cock head. Equally I had two rampant schlongs that my hands had fired up and they were really ready for a girly hole or two or three.

Yes, I had three vacant spaces and I was ready to use them. I hadn’t expected to use all three at once. Talk about teachers unleashed; all straight lines on the board and endless chemical equations; yet like any male: purely cock led when pussy was flaunted in their face.

Shoreman surprised me as he bent me over; directing his rigid dick straight into my mouth, direct and full, the prick I think was trying to get me to gag. I responded by taking the near fifty-year-old ball deep and boy was he smiling. Never saw him smile like that in class.

Tanner, was a bastard, though I had always suspected it. He had a finger delving in my arsehole under my college skirt and knickers, while his cock was nicely trapped under my knickers elastic against my arse cheeks, just rubbing, enjoying himself, the bugger.

Sean Graham:  I quickly reassessed, probably not gay, he was fingering my pussy, very nicely, a cunning experienced coochie maestro in fact, spreading my lips, teasing my opening and rubbing his palm over my clithood. I was moaning between licking and sucking off Shoreman’s balls.

Shoreman the prick said: “I think she’ll pass her oral. “I licked his cock from shaft to tip repeatedly and then rammed along its length full into my mouth. Yeah, I had the oral covered.

At the same time my arsehole was fully uncovered. Tanner had my knickers off from under my school skirt and his tongue tip was prodding into my really sensitive pucker hole. It was tickly, titillating and thrilling; all at once. Absolute arse captivating pleasure. And it only got better as he circled my rim with his tongue, so frickin leisurely, insanely driving me to sexual delirium.

Graham had my white school blouse open and my tits hanging over my lacey bra cup. He was working me from the side as Shoreman’s cock showed no signs of exploding in my gob yet. Though I knew the randy old prick was getting closer. He was groaning too deeply. Sean was stroking and petting my nipples with his fingers, squeezing my soft breast tissue, shaping and forming my hanging tits as he liked, tweaking my nipples, rubbing the tips with salvia drenched fingers, really building an extra pleasure spot in my over aroused body.

My mind full of sex; my mouth full of cock; a tongue up my arse crack and my tits getting a divine workout.

Then I was actually working my butt off as Tanner the smug prig stuffed his cock into my tight arse with no beg your pardons or by your permission. He just buggered me; really frickin buggered me: cock- lock, stock and barrel; barging into my arse like a bandit into a bank with a fuckin big shot gun. Hell, Tanner went quick and deep into my arse.

I would have gasped or yelped or damn near pleaded for anal mercy had not Shoreman filled my mouth unexpectedly with a surprising huge wad of jizz.

Oh, fuck, it was dribbling down my chin.

Tanner had my hips and eased me backwards. He was on a staff chair. My arse now impaled on his throbbing, thrusting, thrumming, ploughing; heated joy stick.

I was yelping now. My arsehole buggered helpless. I was caught between the too good feeling and the expectation of being frickin sundered and needing bloody stiches down there. Had I got my body into more trouble than I could cope with?

Maybe; but hell, I was going to see what it could do and luckily...

I was denied time to think because actually thinking is the enemy of great sex. I was bodily engaged in the act; consumed in the act; blended into cock, as I let it willingly assault my arse. Letting my body enjoy being a body: body to body.

I hadn’t realised in my arse wonder that my pussy was equally vulnerably exposed and Sean Graham was just as merciless, he didn’t care that I was being ravished by Tanner in my arse. He jolted his cock to the max, straight up my pussy, while Tanner was still pounding my rear end. Graham gave me the double girl expansion. My girly flesh expanding like an accordion; cock squeezed in my arse, forcing my pucker hole open as he drilled me. My flappy girly pleats of pinkness, wrapped around a cock, while my pussy muscles flexed with a deep sure powerful pecker pounding. My cunt: open, then squeezed; cock dipping, coochie moisture dripping and bodies doubling, nay trebling or something; the pleasure exponential between each other

Oh God: I was a goner: Shoreman had his second wind and was nuzzling and sucking on my teats. And yep, his glasses were fogging up. Tanner was shredding the last vestiges of any anal decorum I had. My arse was his shlong’s trophy. My tenderised pucker hole, my cute little choccie starfish:  had been raided, severely buggered and now was dutifully creamed.

I was near crying with pleasure as Sean’s deep thrusting into my super sensitive pussy gave me a sensational over the top orgasm. My mind thronging with multi pleasure centres including my assuaged nipples, my oozing tight crack and my happy seeping pussy; as Mr Graham withdrew.

 Of course, the cheating accusation was withdrawn.

And you better believe me; there is a ratio of effort for reward: or at least for getting out of trouble. Trust me: I had just been there: and as for cheating, I doubt I would do it solo again. Collective cheating is the way to go.

Submitted: November 10, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Sometimes I really wish I were a Professor at an all-girl College! Worked out well for all concerned, huh?

Fri, November 12th, 2021 8:39am

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