Lawyer Preston's Rules for Young Ladies Part Eight

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Jenny's progress is commendable, but is she reaching her limits of humiliation and pain tolerance?

Lawyer Preston’s Rules for Young Ladies Part Eight

By dale10


Note:  This is a work of fiction and fantasy. The author does not condone any of the ideas or methods employed in this story




My Dear Young Cunt: 


Your work keeps improving week by week. I am so proud of you. I know there are periods of resistance and hysterical refusal to do as we ask, but with some encouragement, we always get past those, don’t we?  Cunts are by nature hysterical high-strung creatures, which is why they need to be handled strictly and firmly. In this age of equality nonsense, they must learn that they have been put on earth to serve man’s desires and Interests and nothing more. You have learned this over the last month, and you are now beginning to see your true purpose in life.  When a girl begins to come around, it always brings a tear to my eye, and a huge erection in my pants.


First the bad news. We have once again lost your boyfriend. He was caught raping a girl right in a movie theater. She simply could not take his thirteen inches, and as you found out, he will not take no for an answer. I tried to work with him, I really did. I pointed out to him over and over that while there was no problem with him sticking his huge dick balls deep up a girl’s ass, some small built girls just could not take thirteen inches in the cunt, and so he might not be able to always fuck balls deep. It’s the same with the girls who do our Stallion shows in Mexico.

The smaller built girls have to learn to slowly adjust.  That’s why we have been opening and stretching your womb, my dear, so you can take any cock presented to you balls deep.  You see, we were not just being frivolous or even just perverse. There is a method to our madness. 


Well, the upshot of all of this is that you are once again without a regular boyfriend, even though you have twenty or thirty handsome men and boys to fuck you every week. However there is good news.  I mentioned to you last week that you have a family member, whom you thought you didn’t have any longer coming to visit you soon. Well, just as soon as you are ready and able to perform all the duties asked of you, he will be here, and he will be your new boyfriend.

Only however, if you pass all your tests and meet his very strict requirements.

I know you want to be a good girl and excel at everything we teach you. We are going to have to work extra hard these next few weeks to get ready for him.


He may want your tits a little larger than they are. I know you think the implants we put in are already grotesquely large for your tiny, youthful body, but I assure you boys and men love huge udders on a cunt. We can easily go up a size or two with your tits. I think the skin is ready and able to stretch again.


The rectal exam with the high school senior boys went very well, don’t you think? They really enjoyed playing with and probing your asshole. You always get so shy with high school boys, and I find that very cute. Well, they are closer to you in age, aren’t they? And boys of that age are always so eager. It was fun watching them stick their fingers up your asshole. Remember how politely they asked, “May I please stick two in?”  I think they were shocked when I told them it was perfectly all right to stick four in. I know some of them got a bit rough, but that is how teen boys are. They don’t have the finesse of a mature adult. I am sure that on their next visit on Friday, we will be able to get into full fist fucking.


Now, you mustn’t get all sobby on me. You know I know what is best for y ou.

You have been ass fucked dozens and dozens of times by now, and taking a fist up your asshole is not much more challenging than that. Soon you will be able to have a full sized mature male fist up your cunt and asshole at the same time.


It is such a delight to see you on the edge of orgasm all the time. How your body shivers and trembles for no reason at all. How you pant and gulp air. You ae really a very hot young lady. I told you we could keep you right on the edge all day, and you didn’t believe me. Yes, there will be changes in your ability to concentrate and think clearly, but that doesn’t matter. The mind of a young and pretty cunt is irrelevant. It is only her service we are interested in.


However, I do agree with you, that the sandpapering of your nipples and clit went too far. The boys got carried away.  Your nipple tips did get quite raw and your clit tip too.  We want the sensitivity increased, not damaged. So, this week, we will institute a new procedure. We will try pins in your nipples for several hours a day to stimulate them, rather like acupuncture. These long thick pins will work on your nipple tissue. As for your clit… we will stretch it as far as possible out of his hood, and then place a silver bar through the clit, so that it can no longer retract. It that way, it will always be exposed and stimulated. The slightest touch should drive you almost mad with sexual need. We are also putting you on a drug that will keep your body sexually on edge permanently. Touching you anywhere on your body, toes, arms, stomach, cunt, tits, will most likely send you into a violent orgasm.  You will have to learn how to control your reaction, so you may still perform your tasks efficiently.


Your work with the Great Danes has been exemplary. As you know, we have had up to twenty men at a time in to judge your work with the dogs, and they all agree, you have real talent. The way you totally bathed those dog testicles with your spit and used your tongue to lift and massage the dog balls truly impressed the men. So much so that many of them asked for videos of you in action.

So, you can be very proud. The vet and kennel owner was so impressed he is bringing three more dogs to stay with us, and for you to care for.


Oh you sweet cunt, are those tears of joy I see in your eyes? Well, you might really enjoy this. The kennel owner said that although your tongue work on the dogs’ balls is very good, your masturbation technique on the dog dicks still lacks something. You’d think with masturbating them three times a day, you would improve, but he says they are just not getting the pleasure they need from your hand. After all, these dogs are prime breeders.So, we are going to ask you from now on, to please use your mouth on the dog dicks instead of just your hand.

Come, come Jenny, you have sucked off hundreds of men and boys In the past few weeks, can dog dick really be so different? Except for the knot and perhaps the very tip, they are almost the same as any male cock. They may smell and taste a bit different, but you’ll soon get used to that. Now don’t make a fuss, or I’ll have to punish you, and neither of us wants that. You can do this Jenny, and besides, it’s going to come in very handy in your future. We want you to grow up to be a proper young lady, and proper young ladies know how to suck dog cock.


So, just to get things straight. That will be five dogs a day, three times a day.

And make sure you swallow everything. Do you know what that dog sperm is worth on the breeding circuit?  I’m sure you’ll get used to it in no time.  And then you can go right back to sucking schoolboy dick or whatever you have been ordered to do at that time.


The ten inch dildos up your cunt and ass have helped nicely, however some of the men and boys complained that they are an annoyance, and they prefer to see your pussy and asshole as nature made them. So we will go back to you simply playing with your pussy during the day, making sure you get two or three fingers way up there. No stinting now, girl.  And you might also every ten minutes or so shove three fingers up your asshole at the same time. You will look so cute that way. The dildos used to stretch you will be applied at night. We are going to hook you up to a fucking machine while you sleep at night and fill you with two twelve inch dildos. It may be a bit difficult falling asleep with the fucking machine pounding away, so we are going to add a gentle sleeping potion to your medication, because we know you need to alert all day for your activities.


Oh, and I know you have been concerned about your mental state.  We had the doctor check you, and he says you can take a considerable amount more training before you have a total nervous breakdown. We will monitor that. It’s amazing what the human body and mind can tolerate.


Oh several of the high school seniors asked permission to use your mouth for some kind of pissing contest they want to conduct. I said of course, knowing how much you enjoy those boys. I did warn them that in any kind of pissing contest however, they have to be careful to watch how much your stomach blows up full of piss, because we don’t want you to rupture. Certainly, no more than fifteen to twenty boys, and it also depends on how badly they need to piss and how much they produce. I have never studied the piss strength and quantity of teenage boys, but perhaps I should do that. Anyway, it will be a fun time for all, I am sure.

And you can be proud that all of this is teaching them the proper way to treat girls.


The weights on your nipples have permanently stretched them to over an inch and a half, and I think with hard work we can reach two inches.


All in all, although we still have quite a ways to go, you are turning into a very very hot young lady. 

Submitted: November 09, 2021

© Copyright 2022 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Great one

Sun, August 28th, 2022 1:33pm

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