College Girls: Work Experience

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A work placement with a national best practice award winning anti sexual harassment code of behaviour was their college’s safe work experience choice; but tarts Gage and Rhedyn are only intent on screwing an entire corporation

Author’s note: Sexual harassment, sexual bullying and unwanted sexual advances in any workplace are a serious issue that deserve appropriate sanctions. However, enjoy this fiction with its suspended political correctness because the truth may well be: we are all much more relaxed; focussed and productive; after, good quick unexpected sex.

Rhedyn and Gage gave each other the hip bump as they entered the inner-city Sydney skyscraper. They had scored their senior college work placement experience together. It wasn’t usually done like this at their private college but when Gage started a dexterous tug job on Max Jones, the work experience coordinator’s cock in his office, he was willing to bend the rules. When Rhedyn joined Gage sucking his balls and then both of them took turns jerking his hard knob ever upwards, till it blew; well, he agreed to anything the slutty inseparable pair wanted.

Fair haired Gage and sassy brunette Rhedyn had been inseparable since last month’s saucy school camp.  They were bi-whorettes; classy but trashy private girl slutettes on the hustings for additional pussy or cock meat, wherever the opportunity presented itself or where they made it happen.

Right now, they had a Monday morning work experience appointment on the thirty-third floor of the swanky: new, The Towers. They just made a lift before it was about to close. A clean cut well-groomed dude in a spiffy Italian suit and leather shoes said to the cute barely legal pair: “Going up.”

They both twittered and gave each other the look.

The guy looked them over; then remembered the stringent anti-harassment clauses in his contract and sighed and looked down at his shoes.

He had the quick thought: Screw over-zealous political correctness and the absence of playful sexual innuendo, let alone inappropriate bum pinching or a soft sweeping touch of a breast leading to payouts of half a million dollars. Yeah, it was impossible to look straight ahead at hooters or even use the word, what with their workplace winning a National award for best practice anti-harassment and an equal opportunity workplace. But Christ the brunette had big tits. And both chicks had dresses highlighting their ample cleavage.

Rhedyn had big tits. You couldn’t avoid noticing them. Her well cut beige dress accentuated them. D cups and she was five eight out of heels, so they were basically at a guy’s eye level, well not quite but definitely at the perfect height for sucking without bending too far down or not all; if the bitch cupped her nipples up for you.

It was the fair haired one; Gage; a petite five three with cute perky breasts; in a dark navy dress; who said, “No, going down; now;" that surprised the twenty-five year old in the Armani suit.  

Surprised became astonished pleasure in the quickest time he had ever had his cock released from his zipper without anticipating it. He had his back against the lift wall, as the elevator speed up the levels, but his cock was nicely snared between two sensuous wet plying tongues. Fuck this pair were quick, dirty and hot. The guy’s rod was stiff. His released nuts getting a suck from Rhedyn. She liked balls. Gage was gobbling his knob. Drenching it in a warm salivary film and sucking along its good length. Then Rhedyn joined her at the blokes near exploding tip. Two tongues flicking in turn at his most sensitive manly spot under his glans. All he could do was moan and moan. This was purely a speed relationship between two mouths and a cock. If speed dating is ridiculously fast; this suck-fest was beyond how any guy could imagine two eighteen-year old’s blowing you off.

Rhedyn knew Gage had to tastes cum so she got under the dude’s balls and licked his arse, perineum and nut bag while her fair-haired friend snogged on cock. Yes, her mouth and the dudes cock blurred into one flurry and slurry of action. With a chick doing things to his arsehole with her tongue and hitting the sensitive skin between his arse and balls and another chick performing whore class fellatio, of course the guy had to blow. It was a load that Gage was happy to catch in her cum hungry mouth; forceful and rapid and expelled like spurts from a whale’s blowhole.

Ding, the thirty-third floor. Just enough time for Rhedyn to lick a bit of cum off Gage’s face and the pair to compose themselves and leave the guy fumbling with his zipper as he continued his upward journey. The best sex is totally unexpected. The dude in the cum stained pants could process it alone. The two tartlettes were gone.

The pair realised they had ten minutes before their work place induction. Time for a quick trip to the ladies, which was fortuitously next to the elevator and get themselves looking their absolute best for the next guy or two; they came across.

It was a neat, stylish and attractive restroom; it probably deserved to be called a powder room rather than a wash room. The intense faced bitch in her early fifties, they both guessed, coming out of the middle cubicle gave them both the once over, full disapproval of their obviously marginally appropriate workplace wear. Their short dresses, hip hugging fabric and cross over tops with bras obviously designed to leak cleavage. Their dresses both on the cusp of too much thigh. And the tall girl; well, her copious mammaries were face high and given the five-foot maximum height of Prudence Smith, the Vice Chairperson of the Corporation, in flats and in a lump of a grey impersonal business suit, she was about to give this obvious slattern pair a good talking too about the required dress code here. They were obviously work experience trash.

Twenty years divorced Prudence; sexually repressed and the driving force behind the Corporations strict National award winning anti-sexual harassment code; got what she had needed since her divorce. Sexual attention. Hot, direct and filthy. None of the scared nonsense of the entire organisation which viewed her as frigidly untouchable and not even thinking of touching her. Both Gage and Rhedyn knew touch was the key. Touch a body, it opened. Bodies were built for touch. Yes, occasionally they got an unsure hesitant response from a girl or woman but once someone’s mouth was double pashed, their nipples fondled and fingers went in their underwear; there were only mummers of approval. Yes, this woman was outside their usual age range but boy did she look like she needed a feel up.

Mrs Prudence Naomi Smith hadn’t felt so aroused since her wedding night, eons ago in life, it seemed. Her body was now squeezed between too fast-moving sluts but she realised her slattern self was careening through the action as it unfolded. There was no way her body couldn’t respond to the pleasure it got instantly. Her rational mind took a back seat as both her arse and pussy were simultaneously fingered. The faired haired lass had her tongue in her mouth. The tall brunette was nibbling her ear.

She thought it was the taller girl who had a finger delving in her arsehole. Her sad neglected back passage that remembered stunning anal sex on her honeymoon. Her pussy was the wettest it had been in years as the fair-haired girl got two fingers crooking and stuffed deep inside her with her palm pressing into her suddenly aroused clit.

Rhedyn and Gage were having fun. They loved catching someone in a sexual surprise. A body ambush. And this stone-faced bitch of a minute ago was writhing and moaning in intense escalating passion. There was nothing for it but to get the old dears business jacket open, her blouse undone and force her quite decently shaped aging boobs over her bra cups and each of the girls were quickly licking a nipple. Sucking nipples together. Tweaking nipples together. Pulling out nipples in tandem and listening to the mature lady gasp.

Then while Gage smooched on the ducks delighted breasts, Rhedyn dropped her dresses top, worked her huge D jugs out of her bra and smothered the possible grandmother’s face in her sweet ‘ginormous’ titties. Pru would have thrown the workplace sex code out the window if asked to at that moment. The mature woman did the unexpected and started to suck on the brunettes long pink nipples and tried to squash as much tit as possible in her greedy mouth. Rhedyn’s nipples enjoyed the attention and she was impressed by the senior lady’s enthusiasm.

Gage was under the mature woman’s dress ripping her pantyhose and wriggling down her knickers and well just eating out the vice president’s hairy pussy. That it itself was a new experience. Younger women were always very manicured down there. Still the soft fleshy wet bits, her moist hole and her rigid clit were found easy enough by her hard-working tongue. Rhedyn joined in from behind, lifting the senior ladies dress and delving her tongue into a soft giving arsehole. The mature sex starved divorcee just cooed. Her arsehole gave her so much pleasure. For a young woman doing the dirty deed down there, she was insanely good about what she was doing to her arse. A tongue tip rimming and sliding over her puckered slot. Absolute pleasure doubled because the young girl at the front was hitting her clitty with the tip of her tongue at the same time. Of course, the aged bitch came with a double shuddering orgasm. Her clit and her arse giving more than she had experienced entirely in several years of marriage: a long time ago.

The girls could have left it at that. You can do a lot in several minutes. But it kept going as they willingly forced the old cow down on her knees, lifted their dresses, dropped their knickers and invited her to lick out their shaved pussies in turn.

Her was Mrs Pru Smith, never had a lesbian thought in her life, sexually repressed for years, flouting her own draconian sex workplace rules and happy to do so.

Both girls were moaning as they pushed and gyrated their pussies into Pru’s seeking tongue. Sleek young supple sensitive cunny flesh meeting a teasing mature tongue. The washroom smelled of musk. Girly sex odour dually released. Rich and pungent. They rubbed their cunts in turn all over the front of the happily sullied aged vice-president.

There was nothing for it in the end but for both the lasses to piss on the duck. Nubile open gashes spraying in filthy delight over a surprised, drenched; but captivated aged whore in the making. Prudence was now sure to prowl, capture and screw some young executive in the photocopy room before lunch. Both college sluts already knew it.

Oh, shit the beautiful powder room was a mess. But the girls already slightly late knew they had to meet the personnel officer and take their workplace tour. They tidied themselves up super quick and well left Pru to clean herself and the washroom up. 

Outside the ladies and next to the lift was the floor plan and they headed off to their designated meeting. They nudged each other’s hips and nearly said together; “Its cock filling time.”

Of course, Duncan Timms was slightly annoyed the pair was late for their induction. But as soon as they knocked on his door and entered, he was happy with the eye candy. I mean one hot work experience chick is all you can ask for. A pair, and a tall brunette and a cute fair headed petite lass, well it was looking a good Monday. And neither was dressed appropriately for this place. This was good at the moment for perving, but he knew Vice President Smith, wouldn’t cope. He was peeved he would have to waste an hour or so talking them through the Corporations dress code and sexual harassment policy, which yes had clauses on reverse harassment too, though no guy had ever complained about unwanted touching.

“Girls, girls, you’re late, but sit down” he said. He hoped they weren’t going to cross their legs or if they did, they frickin crossed them high.

Cross their legs. This pair never did. Their legs had a natural opening which required regular cock. Yeah, just getting here had both college lasses super aroused. They needed cock before their mid-morning coffee break. Besides they weren’t corporate girls, they already knew they would work together after college as high-class call girls together. A place like this could get you a client base, you know give them a taste they would forever chase.

Sitting down. The girls never got there. Duncan Timms, married with three kids and another on the way in a month, had been thoughtfully not having sex with his pregnant missus for the last two months. He really needed a fuck. Oh, he got more than a fuck, he got two.

Rhedyn went straight down on her knees behind his desk, using his swivel chair to boob her head and mouth up and down off his quickly hard cock. Gage had her dress down and her bra off rubbing her tits across the surprised thirty-something dudes face. His tongue trying to catch her nipples. Occasionally she let him.

The tall brunette was out of her clothes, stunningly naked, huge boobs and a slit to die for between her open legs on his desk top. Her cunt begging to be licked out. It was glistening and giving off a musky air like it had already been played with recently. Duncan didn’t care. He leant forward and licked her flapettes and probed into her slush hole and sucked her clitty.

It was Gage who got the prick up and stripped him. Three naked bodies ready for everything bodies can deliver. Of course, Rhedyn took his hard stiff schlong between her huge boobs for a munificent titty fuck. His dick got so hard squashed up and down in the hollow of her enveloping giant chest cup-cakes. Titty fuck heaven.

Well Gage had let Rhedyn have her tit fun. But knew she had an arsehole to match those tits in pleasure creation. She was bent across the corporate desk. Her bum cheeks spread. Her puckered indented rilled pink starfish just asking for a tongue, a finger and a stiffy. She got them in that order. Timms knew where he wanted to probe with his tongue. A college lass offering her arsehole to you. You bet he took it. Licked it. Spat in it. Gaped it. Ran his tongue tip around and around it, till she shrilly gasped. At the same time the tall brunette was sucking off his nuts. So good.

He had a finger in the fair-haired girl’s arsehole. The brunette had a finger in his arse. Kinky but nice. He flexed Gage’s constricted sphincter and eased his spit covered cock into her back furrow and at the same time the brunette slut was licking his arsehole. Insane pleasure everywhere.

Gage’s arse was smarting but delivering the goodies at the same time. The prick was experienced enough to inch his way in and build her enjoyment and then he started pummelling her arse. She groaned and moaned. It was too much for Rhedyn whose arse was being ignored, so she urged Gage to finger her arsehole, while her butt was being nicely buggered.

It was Rhedyn who got Duncan to take her arse next. Perfect cock placement in her aching smarting sensitive arse crack. What guy doesn’t want to swap between two pretty college teenage arseholes? The brunette was just as tight, though he was taking her facing himself, easing into her arsehole while watching her pussy flex just above his cock stick work in her stretched bum cavity.

This position he realised allowed the minx to play with her own exposed clitty and allowed her friend to face sit her, rubbing her pussy into her girlfriend’s mouth and playing with her big boobs at the same time.

Timms pounded into the tall girl’s arse. This was all unbelievable. Ten minutes ago, he was waiting for two late work experience college girls, thinking what a frickin boring task it would be; inducting them. They had inducted themselves on him. Fuck they were experienced for eighteen. His cock was then lost in enjoying tight arse fucking.

It was Gage who needed a solid pussy filling first. Well, Rhedyn’s arse was currently keeping her happy. She got off her friends face and whispered in her ear. Then the brunette was urging Timms to try her pussy on the floor.

Two college teens on the floor of an office. On their fours. Both demanding cock in their beautiful, beautiful spread waiting pussies.

Yes; a guy in his thirties could cope. Only just. He jammed his cock into Gage’s lush encircling girly flesh canal. At the same time, he gave Rhedyn’s pussy the three-finger interview. Oh, he found out all about both these girls without reading some useless resumes. As if a resume could actually list their true skills. Maybe workplaces need a full sexual resume. Could make for happier workplaces.

The crafty middle-aged dude knew he had to pussy swap his cock, backwards and forwards between the demanding pair. There was no other way to satisfy their growing orgasm needs. His fingers filling the space when his cock was busy in a pussy. Two luscious girly slits both cock accommodating but slightly different. Maybe it was their physical size, maybe it was his angle of thrusting, but there is never any doubt, each pussy is unique and Timms savoured their womanly difference and their college girl sameness.

The college work experience girls had that intuitive moment that the dude was going to cum and both turned and took his massive spraying wad released jizz jet across their cheeks and open mouths together. It was a fair ending to their first meeting with Duncan’s pecker.

Well even slutettes need a coffee break and Duncan was happy to join them on one. Let’s just say the tour of the Corporations’ offices was a slow one over the next few days. The girls got to know the entire staff intimately.

It was; however; a real pity when they left after their two-week work experience placement; that the Corporations’ head office overseas, in London, thought the ongoing massive spike in productivity and profits at The Towers was due to their National Award for managing workplace  sexual harassment. It wasn't the award; the staff at The Towers after the girls left, threw out the manual and started each day with an all in fuckfest, in Pru’s office; which actually cleared their minds for well: literally buggering and ravishing and fucking over; the rest of their sex starved, politically over correct corporate straight laced global opponents.

Submitted: November 06, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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I loved it.
Every nine to five workers' sexual fantasy.
You certainly came up with some gems like "pussy swap his cock" and "the three finger interview" lol!!

Mon, November 8th, 2021 8:35am

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