Humiliated by neighbours son

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Falling out with the next door neighbours son ended in humiliating consequences for me one summer night in the 1990's

So it was the 1990s in southern England and i was living in a regular semi detached house with my parents ( i was 17 years old). Next door lived the Taylors, a smart couple with 3 daughters and a son, James. Id got on well with James when they first moved in a couple of years before, but such is life.. he moved school and started hanging around with some new friends and we slowly started to drift apart.

Matters started to deteriorate in the spring of 1993 - James got himself a girlfriend who was a year or two older ( he was also 17 same as myself). She was quite a stunner but also brought a new circle of friends who were a little older and into partying and clubbing. James had obviously told his new friends about me and suddenly i felt uneasy as i was getting snide looks and comments from his "gang". There were 6 or 7 youths who regularly hung out with him.. 3 other lads and 2 girls as well as his regular girlfriend- Monica i learned her name. The lads were all alphas, they scared me, and certainly i didn't fancy getting into any arguments with them. The girls were all really hot, which was most frustrating as i couldnt understand why they hung around with those jerks!

It was a hot day in June when i made a fatal mistake which led to a most humiliating encounter later in the week..

The gang were sunbathing in James back garden that day and i couldnt help but peek through my window where i had a birds eye view - the 3 girls all had their bikinis on. It was a delicious sight which had me transfixed for at least 30mins. It was then i made my mistake- i knocked the curtain and just at the same time Monica was looking directly at the window... my heart beat suddenly as i ducked down to avoid being seen... i waited a few seconds my ears pricked for any reaction (another window was slightly open so i could hear what they were saying)... silence,  so i gingerly took a peek again.... 

"Pervert" i heard a girls voice shout...and could see the whole group looking up at the window... oh my god, I'd been caught! I spent the rest of the day holed up hiding not daring to even peek out the window let alone venture out!

I knew the gang would eventually catch up with me and having been caught red handed gooning at Monica and her friends i feared what punishment the group might hand out to me - i was sure the alphas would beat me up if they caught me....

I barely left the house for the next few days, but had to run an errand on the Friday which meant a 20min walk to the town. I decided to leave it until later in the evening- i guessed that James and the gang would as usual be out at a party or pub at that time.

So, on a warm evening i ventured out and completed my errand before hurrying home. It was still light and i decided to take a shortcut through a small park. The park was almost deserted other than a couple of kids playing on some swings. As i neared the park exit, path suddenly narrows and the exit gate was obscured from view due the bushes which had overgrown since springtime.

Just as i got to the gate i saw a group of people coming through.. oh my god... it was James and the gang! But this time there were more ... i counted some 5 girls and probably 6 or 7 lads, many carrying cans of beer or wine. The girls were all dressed up in short skirts or hotpants - obviously they were on their way to a party.

My heart sank, i had no time to turn back, i could only try to walk past them as if nothing had happened...

I could see everyone eyeing me up, and then James hissed and stood blocking my path. "Hope you're not checking out my girlfriend again you little pervert" he hissed. I glanced at Monica, she smiled coldly at me and made the L "Loser" sign at me. Everyone laughed, i was feeling most uncomfortable trapped by the group. I could sense things would escalate.. despite meekly holding my head down i knew i was in trouble...

Jason, one of the alpha males of the group stepped towards me menacingly..Jason was the archetypal alpha  - tall and strong and cocky as hell. He had the girlfriend to match too - Jennifer Chambers, a tall blonde. I was already feeling humiliated as she watched her boyfriend put me down and make fun of me.

Jason took control.. "come on lads, let's teach this loser a lesson for perving over our girls"..

At this point i made a token effort to escape, but it was all rather futile as Jason grabbed me. His strong arms made light work of dropping me to the floor. Rolling me onto my back he then knelt on my chest and throat, so i was unable to move.

"Right boys, let's debag him!" Ordered Jason. I was now mortified - having your trousers stripped off by alphas was one of the most humiliating things that could happen to a beta male, especially when they did in front of girls and it was about to happen to me!

I struggled and fought with all my might to get up, but Jason simply manoeuvred himself into a better position where his knees pinned my shoulders firmly to the floor. He was totally in charge as he had me pinned like a bitch down on the grass. There was no escape, now 2 other lads had grabbed my outstretched  legs and were untying my  shoelaces - they knew that removing my shoes first would make detrousering me easier. I heard the girls giggling as my shoes were thrown into some nearby bushes. "Take his pants off boys" they cruelly taunted.

I felt my trouser zipper being undone and started shaking as the guys starting pulling hard at my trouser ankles. The bullies had my trousers off within seconds. This triggered much laughing and smirking. It was humiliating but quite a turn on at the same time seeing the amused reactions of the girls who were quite enjoying the emasculation of beta male by their alphas.

Jason held me while the other guys played catch with my trousers. "Come on guys" he shouted, "let's finish him off"...

The girls were now shrieking.. "OMG, Jay, you really gonna strip him naked?" Jennifer blurted, "thats soo embarrassing!".

I was practically sobbing as i begged the guys for mercy, this was just too humiliating. I think sone of the girls were also feeling sorry for me now, but the lads were merciless as they first took my shirt and then pulled my underpants off. I was now totally naked and humiliated, but with 5 hot girls pointing and laughing at me, my little pindick decided to betray me ... "look at his little erection" teased Jennifer, "it's really quite cute - hey guys lets take him to Lucy's party like this!".

This was now beyond embarrassing- not only had they stripped me naked and kept my clothes, but i now suffered the further indignity of being marched publically, naked, back through the park and then a further 2 minutes down the road until we reached Lucy Parkers house. Lucy, one of Jennifer's friends was hosting her 21st party and there must of been 80 or 90 revellers. I never felt so humiliated as i was escorted into the party completely naked.

Another 15 mins of humiliation parading ensued before they got bored of me and kicked me out, leaving me to find my way home, still butt naked.





Submitted: November 07, 2021

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Callum white

Great story, loved this

Sun, April 10th, 2022 9:30pm

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