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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

They call it a Carousel in North America.
We call it a Merry-Go- Round in Australia
Our naughty lady dreamt up a way to have cock and be paid for it.

Mika had always fancied herself as a low class "working girl".She was now all of 20 years.She had been riding the Carousel since she was a young maiden.Mika hated the thought of working nine to five for a living.She had an idea.An unexspected inspiration.The lovely wooden horses were already going up and down, as the carousel spun elegantly around.Mika knew how it felt between her legs as she moved up and down on the pretend horse.Just maybe other riders were just as horny as she became during the three minute ride.

Mika had the house to herself on Friday nights, when her family all did their own thing.It was early "fall" and this Friday night she was determined would be her "night" to have fun and make some money.

Mika left home just after dark.She felt like a slut in her low cut summers blouse and cameltoe pants.Mika was savvy.She made sure that most of the young men, who always "hung around" this ride at night, were seeing her as "eye candy".


Mika picked her first man out and hopped on the wooden horse next to him.She caught his eye and smiled THAT smile.He grinned and rested his hand between his legs.He laughed as he rubbed his bulging cock.

Round and round they began to go.The rubbing of the wooden saddle gave Mika a wet cunt after about thirty seconds.She cheekily glanced across at HIM.He made eye contact and half yelled to her "My name is Colin."Mika leant back and pulled her cameltoe pants tight.She gave him a close up look at her now large wet spot.She grinned and winked. "Hi Colin my name is Mika.Do you like my wet cunt."

For the next two minutes of the ride Mika and Colin "talked the talk".It went something like this."Mika. I have unbuttoned my pants and hope you like my fat greasy cock".Pause."Colin. I am peeing my panties.I am hoping you like it.I hope it turns you on." Pause."Mika. When this ride is over will you let me fuck you in the funpark toilet."Pause."Colin. I need $30 to pay this weeks rent.I am prepared to suck your hairy ballsack as well".Pause."Mika trust me.I will make it $50 if you let me titty fuck you as well."Pause."Colin.Deal."


Mika was happy with the nights takings of $240, as she walked back to her car.There was a downside of Mika's otherwise successful first night on the "game".It was her sticky with cum cunt, stained and smelly panties and messy cum covered blouse.

Mika's mum Billie, was not to find out about her daughters behaviour under any circumstances.Mika had some hard thinking to do.She decided to enter her home by her bedroom window.Her options would then become obvious to her.


Submitted: November 05, 2021

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A very thoughtful setting actually. I like how the merry-go-round combines Mika's past innocence; present immersion and future intent.

Fri, November 5th, 2021 11:12am


The merry-go-round particularly at night with all the lights and lifelike wooden horses has always intrigued me.It combines movement and passion.I Think a fabulous setting for a true-life experience such as hers.
thanks for replying Janus.

Fri, November 5th, 2021 4:26am

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