Steppie Encounters: Why teens don’t clean the WC

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

J’Arnie and Hamish promised to do their fair share of the dirty household chores in their new blended family. They get teenage down and dirty.

Delia Rogers and Ted McDonald like any new step parents juggling full time work, a new relationship and a newly built home and trying to keep it teenage tidy: kept persisting that the young college step offspring under their roof; pull their weight with the basics and occasionally glove up and clean the WC.

Mrs Rogers thought how hard it could be for her own daughter J’Arnie or her step son Hamish, to drop a scented disc into the cistern, squirt some toilet duck under the rim, give the brush a swirl around the porcelain and flush the frickin crapper.

The usual too hard; it seemed. Delia like any mum of college teenagers was left perplexed; what the hell was side tracking this seemingly anally retentive pair of youngsters from a quick important rostered household task?

Hamish was new to the task. Both cleaning the toilet and a hopeful expectant anal encounter with his brunette step sister- someday. He wouldn’t waste time before ramming into her butthole if he got another chance, after their interrupted kitchen escapade; a couple of days ago.

J’Arnie wasn’t new to toilet sex or a stiff anal dogging. However, it had been a while. Meaning; youthful last week.

It was a Saturday morning; Delia had gone to the meat market and Ted had a work call out. Our brunette five-foot fiver had time to hunt through the house for Hamish.

‘Mmm; Where could Hamish be?’ and she was fully naked and looking.  She knew how to spice up a sexual encounter.

Hamish was committing himself to the job at hand. He was about to clean the loo. He had never done it before. His dad Ted and he, when alone, had a cleaning service. He seriously wanted today to create the right impression with stepmom, Delia; she was probably starting to think he was lazy after the botched washing up and untidy bedroom incidents.

Hamish was flexing into the available unsexy long pink feminine rubber gloves and looking under the vanity cupboard for the cleaning fluid. The liquid gel was easy to find. However, the tank tablets packet had been knocked over and was way in the back corner. He had to get on his hands and knees and had to reach deep. It was tricky to reach. So tight.

“Oh, Fuck Me;” was all Hamish managed as he nearly hit his head inside the cupboard. A finger had shot straight up his loose shorts, under his boxers and into his arsehole.

“Yeah, fuck my arse you owe my booty hole big time...get your cock out of the cupboard, now; and stick it somewhere useful.”

“Oh My God,” came from a stunned Hamish as he turned around out of the cupboard, his step sister was already butt naked; all he had was the full upward male stare vista of J’Arnie’s gaped cunny and flexed starfish.

What a view; what a private contoured landscape of flesh.  All waiting to be filled.

All he felt next was his face buried in J’Arnie’s adjacent fem-holes.

His face was where a male’s face dreams of being; buried in female cracks of desire.

J’Arnie the tartlet was grinding into his tongue and his nose. Letting him taste and smell her.

‘Geez she smelt musky; as in a sexy hungry odour;’ thought Hamish.

The six-foot basketball star was then lost in the intoxication of fem-smell and the rush of his tongue wanting to probe and sweep over every crevice and nook and slit in her cute young body. Fuck he was getting his step sister’s arse; right here and right now. No delays. Hell, he wasn’t missing out today.

Fuck, the toilet; well, you can’t literally fuck it anyway.

J’Arnie was truly; purposefully, grinding her pussy and arse into Hamish’s over busy tongue. She was rotating her pelvis faster than an overworked basketball bench in tight overtime.  She was cranking up the frictional energy to unsustainable heights. Fuck she needed a backdoor workout and that after all; was why; she was in the bathroom with Hamish.

She got her step-brother up off the floor.

The guy would have spent the next hour, the next day or even his whole life if he could between her legs; it seemed.

Christ, she only wanted her arse dogged, didn’t the guy get enough pussy and butt face elsewhere. Fuck he was six foot and the frickin College point guard and blonde and well hung. Surely, he got regular butt in his face.

Truth was Hamish had been getting more than his fair college share of chicks and making out. He was getting to a range of standard bases and occasionally poking piquant pussy; and fingering arse; however, he had become almost fatally addicted to his step sister’s potty mouth within a couple of weeks of sharing their new home.

“No buggerising bastard a bugger and bugger me...understand;” said J’Arnie, propping one leg up on the toilet seat and giving Hamish a clear unambiguous gaped back alley to penetrate.

God it was a hole to die for and in many ways; way beyond his tender age; a divine hole to fill; stuff; and seriously arse fuck.

And J’Arnie added: “Get those fuckin stupid pink gloves off.”

Our athletic blonde’s rigid schlong was one primed hot sausage. It was sizzling hot for action. He had wanked off the other night dreaming of this when left with blue balls from the kitchen. However, her actual hole was so gooddam real; so, inviting.

“Oh Fuck Me... you are one tight bitch...fuck that’s good,” he managed to say as he eased into her puckered flesh.

“Mmm...I hadn’t taken you for an anal virgin but I’ll get you there; stuff the stiff meat in; don’t worry I’ll flex it in.”

Hamish had been encouraged and piled his meat in deeper. Basically using, the slam-dunk technique.

“Wow; yeah, that’s amazing; oh yeah,” from J’Arnie.  She knew how to prep herself for arse ram raids from teenage guys.

‘Fuck what a tight fit.’ He eased himself in and out. So pleasurable.

Her filthy response surprised him: “Oh shit...yeah that’s it.... fuckin poke it; slide it in, slide it out; poke it,” insisted J’Arnie, “ and out...Oh have one big dick...keep it moving...oh yeah...fuck me...that’s good...fuckin good...oh...oh...oh;” and she was in the ribald moment of a very pleasant dicking in her arse.

“ an arse...orrrhh...orrrhh...orrrhh;” and Hamish was lost for words in the overwhelming constriction and his stepsister’s, striking sphincter’s flexing.

She was a whore at heart; complete with a harlot’s skills.

They had the shared pleasurable minutes of total individual body bliss. They were saturated in self-pleasure. In short; it was over-the-top; awesome anal sex for two.

Well, that’s how it started. Then Hamish got right into it and got his cock pumping. Full concentration in her crack like a full court press.

J’Arnie had to hold the cistern to steady herself because her step brother was thrusting so frickin hard.

That was until Hamish burst out: “Oh fuck, I can’t control it any longer. I’m gunna cum.”

Like a true Jezebel, our slutette J’Arnie wanted a gob full of man juice. She spun and had her face near his cock quicker than Hamish could complete a spin move on court.

Hamish tried to direct his bursting wad but lost control and fired off everywhere. He aimed for the brunette’s anxious mouth but his cum spurted and sprayed all over the place because it was an extra big excited splash of trouser gravy. Jizz was in her hair; some got in her mouth accidentally and the rest was jettisoned around the toilet.

After her tongue licked her lips and she did the naughty girl swallow; J’Arnie said:

“Pretty good; you’ll get more arse and pussy; when you least expect it; “and then the brunette’s alluring rump left the bathroom with a swanky, skanky catwalk; arse strut.

J’Arnie had a new girlfriend to catch up with. One of Hamish’s mates had a step sister; who needed an introduction, she thought; in the sapphic arts

She had a busy sex schedule; our brunette trollop.

‘Fuck me,’ was all a captivated Hamish could think as he watched his stepsister’s stunning arse; the arse he had been in; disappear out the bathroom door.

Hamish was in complete male daze satisfaction; till he realised: ‘Oh damn, I promised Jonesy and Nick, I’d shoot a few hoops; oh, screw cleaning the loo,’ and he just left the job unfinished. After all; he had completed a way more satisfying job on his step sister’s arse.

And wow was he in the zone with his mates; later, when shooting hoops. He was deadly and so relaxed.

Coming back from the market to an empty house; Mrs Rogers went to the toilet and noticed someone had half-heartedly; half started the cleaning job; but stopped. 

She went through in her mind: the why bother to find out why it wasn’t finished. She just gloved up herself to clean the loo; a frickin two-minute job maximum.

The woman in Delia told her to wipe around the base of the porcelain throne: ’Men; including her beloved Ted; they think they can aim:’ what the fuck...yes it was fresh semen...the places young men relieve themselves,’ she thought.

Then: ’Still Hamish was a virgin according to Ted...nice boy...a good influence on J’Arnie.’

She felt sure in herself; of that.

Still as she dropped the tablet in the cistern; it crossed her busy mind: ‘Why can’t teens clean the fucking bathroom and toilet; occasionally?

Well, if Delia knew the answer…

Submitted: November 02, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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…She might want some nookie herself, since obviously her daughter really seems to enjoy the therapy sessions!

Fri, November 5th, 2021 5:43pm


No frills sex.
nice simple plot too.

Thu, November 18th, 2021 5:23am

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