An Unexpected Encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Anna is a writer and in London to get inspiration. Circumstances turns a small accident into a hot sexual encounter.

Anna walks out of the coffee shop with her hands full. She has a cup of Earl Grey tea on the crook of her elbow, her phone on one hand, and the manuscript of her half-written screenplay on the other. She is on the phone with her editor in New York and is taking note of his edits with a pen. She is in London, getting inspiration, gathering research, and getting away from her husband and his temper.

Just as she was about to hang up, she suddenly felt her legs get trapped and start to buckle. She looks down and sees her legs tangled in a leash that was holding the most adorable yellow lab. The next thing she knows, she crashes into a mass of black and spills her tea on her favorite vintage shift dress.

“Oh my gosh!”, she cries out. She drops her phone, her manuscript, and the rest of her tea on the pavement.

“I am terribly sorry!”, a husky voice apologizes from behind her. “Shawnee is recovering from surgery and she’s not 100% perfect”.

She turns around and is greeted by the most soulful blue eyes she has ever seen.

“Let’s go to my flat and get this cleaned up before the stain sets. My name is Thomas and I live a block away,” Mr. Blue Eyes says as he extends his hand. He points to the yellow lab wagging her tail, “And you’ve met Shawnee. We are both terribly sorry”.

“I’m Anna,” she says as they touch hands. Her hand looks so tiny in his. “Thank you so much. This was a gift from my grandmother,” gesturing to her vintage dress.

He takes her inside his flat and shows her where the bathroom is. He rummages through his drawers and finds a button down shirt for her to wear. He proceeds to the bathroom and knocks.

“Please come in. I actually need your help,” Anna says in a small voice. “The zipper seems to be stuck”.

Thomas walks in the bathroom. Anna’s back is toward him. She has the dress unzipped halfway down her smooth tan back. He spies a fragment of the black lace bra Anna is wearing. He instantly starts to get rock hard.

He clears his throat as he could feel it get thick with lust. “What do you want me to do?” he asks.

“Just free me, please,” Anna says with a laugh.

Thomas moves towards her. He reaches for the zipper. It catches. He zips it back up then pulls it down to unzip it. After some hesitation, it unzips all the way, revealing not only Anna’s sexy black lace bra, but a matching black lace thong, her perky ass in full view. He is immobilized by the vision of this sexy 5’4”, 110 lb goddess in front of him.

Anna steps out of the dress, still wearing her stilettos. She looks over her shoulder and sees the unbridled lust in Thomas’ eyes. She instantly gets wet. She turns around, revealing her magnificent 32Ds straining against her lace bra.

She looks at Thomas and asks, “Are you hard right now?”

He can only swallow and nod his head.

Anna licks her lips, walks over to Thomas, and whispers, “I want to see…”.

She kneels down, unbuttons his pants and unzips his fly. His rock hard, 8 inch cock strains against his boxer briefs. She pulls them down and frees his raging hard on.

His cock is mere millimeters from her beautiful mouth. She exhales very slowly, and he feels her warm breath on the tip of his cock. Pre-cum starts to ooze out of it. Anna teasingly uses her tongue to lick it all off without putting his cock in her mouth.

Thomas almost lost it. The feel of her tongue on his penis is so exquisite, it was almost painful.

Just when he thinks he can’t take it anymore, Anna takes his cock in her warm, wet mouth, her tongue rubbing on the underside of his penis. She starts sucking, taking his entire length in until he could feel the back of her throat. She looks up at him and makes eye contact. She is so fucking sexy, he is so close to losing it. She starts to build up speed as she cups his balls. She makes a humming noise that feels like the most delicious vibration on his hard dick. She feels the pressure build up in his balls and she sucks the head of his penis with a hard pop.

Thomas explodes, his cum filling Anna’s warm mouth as she swallows every single drop.

“Yummy,” Anna says as she licks her lips, and almost instantly, Thomas is hard again.

He picks her up and sits her on the sink. It took all of his self-control to not rip the bra from her marvelous breasts. He frees them and starts to suck on her hard nipples. She moans, her breathing becoming more rapid. She tastes so good. He can only imagine what she would taste like down there.

He makes his way down to her abdomen, then further down, taking his time. She squirms in agony. He very slowly pulls her soaking wet lace panty one side. She is dripping wet, even her thighs are drenched.

He pulls off her panties. His tongue finds her wet slit. Her pussy is the best tasting pussy he has ever gone down on. She tastes like almost sweet water and he cannot get enough of it. He puts two fingers in her. She feels so tight that he got even harder, if that was possible. He moves his tongue to her engorged clit and starts to lick her in a slow circular motion as he moves his fingers in and out of her wet pussy, slowly ramping up his speed. He looks at her beautifully contorted face. He could tell she was so close to coming.

“Don’t stop,” Anna cries. “I’m about to come!”

Thomas puts more pressure on her clit. Her vagina contracts and more of her delightful honey oozes out as she screams his name. She takes a moment, savoring the ecstatic feeling, then she opens her eyes and looks at him with a naughty smile.

“I haven’t come like that in awhile,” she says. “Now I want you inside of me”.

He stands up, kissing her beautiful mouth while he has his fingers inside of her. She is ridiculously wet. He is hard as a rock. He slowly guides his cock inside her warm wetness. He enters her and he feels how fucking tight she is. It feels unbelievably amazing inside her wet pussy. He puts his hands on her ass, picks her up, and starts fucking her against the wall, her legs wrapped around him.

Anna loves getting pounded hard and she likes it from behind. “Do me from behind,” she whispers, and Thomas takes her back to the sink and turns her around. He fucks her hard against the sink. She almost instantly comes. Her vagina contracts around his cock, making him come again.

Anna looks at him in the mirror with a sly smile and asks, “Shower?”

“Absolutely,” Thomas replies, and instantly gets hard again.


Submitted: November 02, 2021

© Copyright 2023 AnnaTalya. All rights reserved.

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Poor husband blew it that time! He’s the farthest thing from her mind right now!

Sat, November 6th, 2021 9:31am


Totally. I even forgot about him...

Sun, November 7th, 2021 8:44am

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