Jake's Decline Part One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor innocent eighteen year old Jake has fallen onto hard times. He is forced to enter the dark world of sex for money. Can he handle it?


Jake hated his position in life. Life sucked. It never gave him an even break or a fighting chance.  He had flunked out of high school.  True, he was not the brightest bulb in the educational lamp. His mind wandered so much. It always had. Was that his fault?  He was okay looking, but all the girls wanted to be fucked by the jocks, and a jock, Jake was not. His just turned eighteen year old body was thin and pale. It wasn't unattractive, in fact there are those who like their boys slender and pale. But the girls at school preferred muscle jocks. Second, his dick was only average. It was fine. it was okay, but nothing to write home about, and the fucking cunts in high school wanted athletes with huge fuckers. They sent photos of their boyfriends' dicks to each other. Can you imagine?  And the jocks in the locker room chatted about which chicks sucked the best. They talked about sports and fucking, almost nothing else.  Jake was an outsider. He didn't relate at all to the theater and choir fairies, and he had no talent in art.  In fact, he had only actually fucked one girl in his entire high school career, just a few weeks before he dropped out. Even that didn't go well, he got so excited he came too soon, and the poor girl felt almost no joy at all. 

His home life was no better. His step-father called him a "fucking fairy," and told him to go out and get a job. The ugly brute walked around the house naked most of the time, with his huge schwantz swinging.  he scratched his big low hanging balls and his hairy belly and yelled at Jake about how useless he was. Jake's mom drank. That just about defined her entire personality. She drank. So when Jake dropped out of school, his step-dad tossed him out of the house as well.
Oh, his mom cried, but reminded Jake that "Ernie is the boss  here now!"Jake was on the street at eighteen. He had no friends to whom to turn, most thought he was a loser and a geek.  He tried hanging around with a few of the kids from school, but now that he was out...he was out in every respect. The guys started to call him "Faggot!"  And then the girls picked up on it. 

Jake slept under the freeway bridge with other homeless people while he looked for a job. He tried flipping burgers, but he seemed to have trouble taking orders and retaining commands. As I said, he was cute, but not very smart.
He was always late and got fired from three jobs in a row. His last boss called him a worthless piece of shit. That job had been cleaning toilets for an Insurance company. The boss had found stains under the porcelain rim of one bowl. Jake cried. He actually broke down and cried. He had no money even for food, his clothes were torn and worn out, and he felt miserable about himself.  Just before he left the building, head hanging, Irv, a salesman in his thirties, thin and nice looking, even though his hair was thinning, stopped him.

"Hey, dude, you look miserable. I'll bet you've got no money even for food."  the guy laughed a nervous laugh.  Jake didn't answer. His head just hung down more, and tears dripped from his chin. " I know how you can make a quick twenty bucks to at least get you some grub."  Jake lifted his head. Anything was better than nothing. 

"How/"  He asked, a hopeful look in his teary eyes.

Irv smiled. His teeth were a bit yellow from smoking. "Easy.Just suck my dick." 

Jake flew off the handle. "You fucking queer. Are you out of your fucking mind?  I ain't never done nothing like that."  Jake was cute when he was angry.

"Easy, easy, boy. It was just an offer to help you out. I can get my wife to suck my dick any time I want it. I was just trying to help."

Jake was really broken and flustered. He'd known a gay boy in high school who sucked the jocks' dicks, but he couldn't imagine doing it himself. " I don't... I can't... I'm not... I don't even know  how." 

"it's easy. We'll go in the john and I'll teach you how."Irv put his hand on  Jake's shoulder and steered him toward the small private toilet down the hall. Jake shook hid head and trembled all the way there. 
"Twenty bucks is twenty bucks, kid. And if you don't mind it, I know other dudes who would also give you twenty to suck their dicks. You're a good looking twink. Just the kind a lot of older beefy dudes like."  Irv locked the bathroom door behind him and stood facing the kid. "Well?" 

Jake was terribly flustered. He balled his fists. "I told you, I don't even know what to do!" 

Irv chuckled again. "Well first thing, you got to get naked. The faggot always has to get naked to show respect."

"I'm not a faggot!"

"Of course not, but in this negotiation, you are playing the role of the faggot. There is the alpha man and the faggot. I am the alpha man."  Some alpha man. A middle aged, not in shape, balding, married, insurance salesman.

"Do I gotta get naked?" 

"Absolutely."Irv folded his arms, waiting.  Poor Jake pulled off his tee shirt to reveal his pale, hairless, slender body. "Twink!" Irv commented. Jake kicked off his shoes and peeled off his socks. Then, he reluctantly undid his jeans and slid them down. His clothes were so old and shabby, they stank and were stiff. He stood there in his dirty white underpants. He looked up at Irv with a pleading look. Irv smiled and crooked one finger at the white briefs. Eighteen year old Jake, having reached the bottom of the barrel in life, tugged his underpants down and stepped out of them. He stood naked, his hands covering his teenage dick and balls. Irv motioned for the boy to move his hands. "If you want to make money in this business you'd better shave your pubes so your dick looks bigger. It's okay, but no monument to masculinity. Shave your balls and asshole too!" 

"I am not in this business. I am doing this once and once only to get enough money to eat!"  Jake gritted his teeth.

"Right. Once you see how easy it is, you'll have dick down your throat half the fucking day. A kid like you can make a hundred dollars a day, easy. Just think of it!"Jake did think of it. It sounded good, but how could he ever suck five cocks a day?  How could he even suck one cock?  "Okay, go ahead."  Irv said.

"Okay, go ahead, what?  What do I do?"  The kid was shaking and his cute teen balls danced.

"You gotta kneel down and take my dick out, don't you? How the fuck else are you gonna suck it?" 

"Can't you take it out?"

"That's not how it's done, Faggot. Now, kneel. I have to get back to work."  Jake knelt naked on the cold floor.  He felt awful. What little self-esteem he had had was gone. With trembling fingers he reached for the man's zipper.

Irv slapped the hand away. "No, Cockroach. You take my dick out with your mouth not your hand. You open my zipper with your teeth and fish my dick out with your tongue." 

"Oh, God, i can't do this." Jake moaned, as Irv pushed his face into the bulging crotch. He could feel the outline of the dick through the trouser material. Jake wasn't gay. He liked to fuck girls. Well, he had only fucked one, so he was a loser, but he wanted to fuck girls.

"Go on, use y our teeth and pull the zipper down. You told me you wanted me to teach you how to do this, so you could make money." Well, that wasn't exactly correct.  Jake used his teeth to grab the tab on the suit trouser zipper. Irv let go of the boy's head, but leaned down a bit and grabbed the kid by his tits. He grabbed Jake's nipples and twisted them a bit. Jake yelped and tried to pull back, but the fingers on his tit tips squeezed harder. "Go on, get that zipper down, girly-boy."Because he wanted it to be over quickly, Jake pushed his face against the crotch and tugged at the zipper tab with his teeth. As the zipper came down, Jake got his first smell close up of sweaty cock!  He almost reeled away from it. He had smelled lots of sweaty teens in the locker room at school, but this was different. This was sex.  He pulled the zipper all the way down and sat back on his naked heels. There. but Irv's hand pushed the boy's face into the now open fly of the trousers. "Smell it boy. Smell that man smell!  I didn't have time before work to shower this morning, so you can enjoy all that man smell!" 

Christ! the insurance salesman wasn't wearing any underwear. He pushed Jake's head into the open pants and the teen felt dick flesh. hard, sweaty cock flesh. He wanted to puke. "I never wear underwear. It makes it easier to grab a quick fuck during lunch or after work. Hey kid, if you ever want to sell your ass, you could make a killing. you've got a damned fine little ass there. Good globes and a nice deep crack. I'll bet our hole is prime."  Jake was only half listening. He was trying to cope with his nose being pushed against pulsing dick flesh. "Go on, get that dick out in the open, so you can go to work on it. No hands!" 

"I don't know how to do it... " Jake cried, his words muffled by the cock and ball flesh pushing against his face.

"You just wrap your lips around the dick stalk and gently pull it out of the fly!  Here, I'll even unsnap my pants to make it easier for you!" 

OH MY GOD! Jake has his lips touching a dude's dick!  He wanted to die. How could he ever kiss a girl again?  How low could he sink? He felt the soft, sliding dick skin over the muscle of the erection. He felt the cockhead against his cheek, and a wetness there. The creep must be leaking pre-fuck.  "Eh, i changed my mind. I don't think I wanna... " His face was pushed in harder, and his lips slid to the base of the cock and the start of the fleshy, full, wrinkled testicles.

"Too late now, Baby. I gotta blow a load. And yours is the only available mouth around."  The dick popped out of the fly, a full thick eight and a half inches of fuckmeat, fluid dripping from the pisshole. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, lots of chicks and fags have a tough time taking all of me. And I am quite the leaker too. Now if you do this for a  living, you gotta remember to always lick up all the cock leak. Dudes like that. But since this is y our first time, I won't make you do that.  I'll just wipe my dick head on your face instead."  And he did. He wiped his dick scum all over the teenage boy's face. Jake had never felt so humiliated in his entire life.  His face was slick and caked with cock snot. The large dickhead kept pushing at his nose and mouth.

"Now, the first thing you wanna do it kiss the dick. Not some little smack like you give your grandmother, but a nice full open-mouthed romantic kiss like you do your girlfriend or boyfriend." The hand steered Jake's lips toward the bulging pink knob with the pulsing pisslips. "Go ahead, Faggot, kiss it. Gotta earn your twenty bucks." 

Jake kissed the cockhead. He kissed his first cock. The scum coated his lips. He knew somehow, he would never be the same again. This was the start of a descent that would take him God knows where.

"Good girl. See, that wasn't so bad. Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue. I am going to lay my prick on your tongue."  Jake obeyed automatically. It was as if all his power to resist had flown. Did this mean he was what was called a submissive? Was everything about him a loser, a failure? Irv slapped him lightly on the side of the face, and Jake extended his tongue. The Insurance salesman then set his fuckmeat on the boy's tongue.  It was thick and long.
as big as his step-dads. The cock snot pulsed out of the prick and ran down the tongue gutter into Jake's throat. There was a build-up of pre-fuck and Jake had to swallow it.  Suddenly, from somewhere, Irv produced his phone and snapped a few photos of Jake in this horrible position. Jake tried to object, but he had a big wet dick on his tongue.  "Don't worry, they're for you. You may want to use them to advertise on the internet. "  The prick began to saw back and forth on the tongue.
It slid through the lake of pre-fuck. Jake was certain he would faint from anxiety. Nothing in his whole life had ever been this horrible. "It's no big deal, Jake, cunts do this all the time, day in and day out. You show me a loving wife, I'll show you an excellent cocksucker. You show me the high school prom queen, I'll show you a chick who has blown half the football team. Just relax and enjoy it." The dick kept going further and further into the boy's mouth. Deeper and deeper.

"Now, wrap your lips around the fuckmeat and slowly pull your tongue back, taking my cock with it. If you can, use your tongue on the underside of my meat. Keep inhaling through your nose so you smell my dick and balls."It was  messy and revolting and disgusting. Jake's saliva dripped from his chin onto his naked chest. Long strings of pre-fuck hung from his lips. Snot began to run from his nose, as he was fed more and more dick. His eyes watered and his mouth filled with fuck. The cock was relentless. it worked its way down into  his throat, and the boy began to gag and choke. Irv grabbed him by the ears and began to skull fuck him. the big hairy fleshy ball sack slammed against Jake's teenage chin and neck. Jake was delirious.

"Oh, Jesus Fuck, too soon. TOO FUCKING SOON! YOUR MOUTH IS TOO FUCKING HOT! "  Irv arched and thrusted and shot a huge load of cum down Jake's sucking, choking gullet. A second torrent, and a third, and a fourth. And then a few small spurts and a dribble or two. Jake was hysterical. He felt the cum coating his throat and filling his tummy. It was like fucking wallpaper paste. Irv pulled out, wiped his wet dick in the boy's hair, zipped up, turned and tossed a twenty into the urinal. Then without a word, he turned and left. Jake collapsed on the floor, sobbing. He crawled to the toilet and puked up the cum. Then he coughed up slime.  He couldn't stop shaking. Finally fearing someone else might walk in, he relocked the door and slowly dressed. He felt like shit. He felt like scum. He felt like that because that's what he had become. At eighteen, he was on a downward spiral that would take him to the depths of filth and degeneracy.  He put the twenty into his pocket. He would eat this night, although his tummy rebelled at the thought of it. Little did the teenager know, this was just the start of his perverse decline.



Submitted: October 31, 2021

© Copyright 2022 dale10. All rights reserved.

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svartur fugl

Thank you for sharing! I'm a great fan of your work. I'm wondering if there are other parts of the story.

Thu, March 10th, 2022 1:11pm

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