A Night Out for Sex

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Teresa followed by a large number of high family women enter a bar in the main street of the city. Teresa wearing only a full length fur coat; it’s large hood encase her head. At her side was her favorite Stacey and other royal women.The women in the bar soon to become their playthings on their night out.

A Night Out



Photos within Story are none sexual. Thanks to my wife and her friend for wearing the clothing,

The Queen Teresa is the monarch of a small country with no government her word is law. If anyone doesn't obey Teresa they will not be killed or locked away nothing so brutal. They will face their property taken by the crown and banks freezing their money. Their life gone and homeless until they do whatever it was Teresa wanted them to do. Then they have everything given back a most successful method of control. Teresa uses this method for gaining sex with any woman she wants. When Teresa asks someone for sex they could say no if they wanted their home, money and life gone. Every woman knows to say no to Teresa is not an option for them. Whatever they are doing or whoever they are with they have no choice but to say yes and become a living toy for Teresa to fuck and humiliate. They will be allowed to carry on with their life uninjured once Teresa has finished with their bodies as playthings.

The kingdom is made up of three sections, high families they are royal and lower royals. They like Teresa can use people lower than themselves as playthings. Next come middle class and lower class, middle are the nonroyals with no power over others but have a large income and perform the important tasks within the kingdom. Last come the lower class, they have no power whatsoever. With no power they usually are middle and hight family sex toys.

Teresa followed by a large number of high family women enter a bar in the main street of the city. Teresa was wearing only a full length fur coat; it’s large hood encase her head. At her side was her favourite Stacey who was only wearing a knee length corduroy skirt that buttoned up the front and her shoes. Teresa dressed her this way for two reasons, fist it humiliated Stacey and second Teresa was tuned on looking at Stacey topless. Stacey didn’t object to being topless as binging Teresa’s favourite caused her to be treated much kinder than the other high family women. Following them the other high family women in their strict dress code. A thick satin knee length dress, velvet gloves, high heel shoes and a full length fur coat with a large hood. If they had a daughter or daughters who had come of age they also ha to attend in the same dress code.

The bar was for the middle class, but Teresa wasn’t there to drink she wanted to fuck and humiliate. As she slowly unbuttoned her fur coat allowing it to fall open exposing her nude body her attendants did the same none of them sitting down until Teresa did. The middle class women because of their income were wearing expensive evening dresses and jewellery, now sitting in silence. Teresa slowly walked through the tables sitting down on a table which gave her a view of the bar.

Whilst Teresa was giving her drink order to a nervous serving woman she slowly lowered her fur hood showing her short spiked black hair. Then began kissing Stacey one hand one Stacey’s breasts the other up her corduroy skirt, Teresa moaning with pleasure. Slowly lowering her face Teresa softly kissed the back of Stacey’s neck, both moaning with pleasure. Stacey cried out as Teresa moved down to her breasts both women moaning and slowly moving in their seats. Teresa’s tongue run over Stacey’s nipples gently biting them. This cause Stacey to cry but not one of pleasure this time which only tuned Teresa on more, continuing biting her favourite playthings nipples and breasts. Stacey was used to Teresa’s teeth on her nipples it was a small price to pay to be her favourite which protected her from some of Teresa’s more unpleasant fetishes. Moving slowly down Stacey’s body Teresa moaned with pleasure running her tongue over Stacey’s body. Stacey moaned throwing her head backwards enjoying the erotic sensation of both Teresa’s tongue hand the feel of Teresa’s hands running through her blond curly hair. Until both of them were interrupted by one of the attendants daughters.

“My Queen, sorry to interrupt you but I have a lower class woman,” the young woman had been ordered by Teresa to find a lower class blond. Teresa had given the order some time ago when they were all in the street. Teresa looked blank at the terrified young women; she had been enjoying Stacey so much it was a few seconds until Teresa understood what she was being told.

“Oh yes, well done you young slut bring the lower class scum next to me.” Teresa now setting back remembered why she had wanted the lower class woman. “Bring her up to me, now do it,” A woman in her late twenty’s walked forward wearing jeans, black boots and a red wool coat. The attendants daughter holding the woman by her blond hair. “Look Stacey the dancer has arrived. What’s her name bitch.”

“Jenny my Queen, the lower class woman speaking in a faint voice. A brief time ago she had been shopping with her husband until she was dragged off by her hair. She wouldn’t believe it was happing to her. All she understood was her house was in danger if she didn’t please Teresa.

“Well go on then Jenny drop your coat and fucking dance scum. Strip as you dance you fucking slut, go on do it.” Jenny now standing directly in front of Teresa and Stacey began to unbutton her coat letting it slid of her arms onto the floor, Teresa loving the look of fear on Jenny’s face. Once Jenny have removed her coat she began to erotically dance. Earlier today she was happy with her husband now she was stripping in front of a bar full of people.

Teresa pushed her hands under Jenny’s top, feeling her breast whilst Jenny removed it. Bending her knees Jenny pushed her breast’s into Teresa’s face whilst dancing. Teresa moaned with pleasure licking and biting her playthings breast’s Stacey placing her hands between Jenny’s legs running her hand slowly over her cunt. Jenny’s eyes widened and she let out a moan, but not one of pleasure. Both Teresa and Stacey enjoyed their playthings body whilst she danced. Teresa opened Jenny’s jeans pushing her hand down them touching Jenny’s cunt. With her other hand she pulled Jenny’s jeans of her buttocks. Teresa let her fingers slide into Jenny’s cunt who let out a scream amusing Teresa. Jenny composed herself and continued to erotically dance knowing her home was in danger if she failed to please Teresa. Stacey was now licking jenny’s buttocks whilst pushing her fingers into them. Stacey continued to play with Jenny’s buttocks whilst running her other hand over them and Jenny’s lower back. Teresa forcing her fingers into Jenny cunt both Teresa and Stacey becoming increasingly excited.

Stacey’s pushed most of her finger deep into Jenny’s buttocks Stacey’s face against them so to lick and bit them. Stacey loved that Jenny was having to dance bending her knees as it caused her buttocks to move round her fingers. Causing her let out a deep moan of pleasure, enjoying Jenny’s humiliation not to mention the discomfort Jenny was feeling.Teresa kissed and touched Jenny’s lower belly moving her fingers faster in Jenny’s cunt All the time Jenny tried to danced erotically; Stacey know holding Jenny’s waste length hair with one hand the other still in her buttocks. Teresa’s removed her fingers to enable her tongue to slowly run over Jenny’s cunt. Both Teresa’s hands now on Jenny’s lower belly as Jenny danced bending her knees.

“Feel me bitch use your fingers,” Teresa standing up whilst shouting her orders. Jenny carried out the order immediately. Slowly standing from a bending position she began sliding her fingers into Teresa. Who let out a cry of pleaser her body shaking. “Do it bitch faster,” Teresa now pressing herself against Jenny’s breasts. Stacey now standing pusher her fingers into Jenny from behind. All three of them moaning and crying out. Their bodies pressed together, Teresa’s tongue sliding over Jenny’s face as she enjoyed the feel of her fingers. Stacey pulling Jenny’s exceptionally long hair with one hand the other hand still inside Jenny’s cunt. Teresa loved feeling Jenny’s fingers inside her the feeling of pleasure was so intense she bit into one of her living sex toys nipples. Jenny cried out throwing her head back a look of total humiliation on her face. Teresa shouting out with pleasure almost failing to stand. She placed her arms round Jenny’s neck to keep standing. Teresa’s and Stacey’s bodies trembling with sexual ecstasy.

Teresa loved fucking wearing only a long fur coat. She Pulled the heavy fur hood back up with one hand the other remaining round Jenny’s neck. The fur hood covering Teresa’s face so much that when she pushed her face back against Jenny’s breasts only the hood was visible. The only evidence that Teresa was licking Jenny’s breast’s was the expression on her face, discomfort and humiliation. Stacey now pressing herself up the back of Jenny. All three of them touching, kissing and biting. Jenny was now regretting going out with her husband it had been his idea and now she had Stacey’s fingers up her cunt and Teresa’s tongue all over her breasts. “Your fingers, your finger bitch in my cunt, now let me have it.” Teresa finding it hard to give orders whist experiencing sexual ecstasy. Stacey moved allowing Jenny some room to dance and obey Teresa. Jenny just had space to push her fingers into Teresa whilst dancing, knowing she had to pleasure Teresa to keep her home. She slowly pushed as many fingers as possible into Teresa, finding the feel of Teresa’s cunt horrible but she kept a false smile on her face. Teresa was now shouting out with pleasure her body shaking which made it hard for Teresa to find Jenny’s cunt. A short while later Teresa successfully pushed two fingers into Jenny. Stacey still kept her fingers in place, Teresa and Stacey screamed with pleasure as their fingers touched inside Jenny.

As Teresa turned her head upwards her fur hood was so heavy and large it remained in position. So, Teresa could only see darkness when she turned her head, the top and sides of the fur hood pressing on her eyes. This increased the thrill for Teresa the feel of her fur hood encasing her in darkness, whilst the feel of Jenny’s fingers sexually pressuring her. At the same time Teresa pushed her fingers inside Jenny’s cunt her. Teresa moaned from inside her large fur hood trembling with pleasure order Jenny to still dance. Jenny attempted to erotically Dance with Staceys hand up her buttocks and Teresa’s fingers causing her discomfort in her cunt. Her own fingers trying to pleasure Teresa, a look of total humiliation on her face.

Teresa pushing her fur hood covered head forward kissing and licking Jenny. Jenny’s face no longer visible pulled into Teresa’s hood. The three of them locked together Jenny’s mind locked on one thing, keeping her family home everything else she tried sometimes unsuccessfully to block out. Teresa and Stacey loved playing with their new toy, for that is all they view Jenny as. Kissing and feeling their toy and each other. Teresa thrust her fingers into Jenny’s cunt the feel of Jenny’s fingers simultaneously pushed into her. Teresa’s body now shaking, the feel of Jenny dancing erotically their faces pressed together inside Teresa’s hood. Screaming with erotic pleasure Teresa was in ecstasy not just from her living toys fingers exciting her cunt but of all three of them locked together for one reason, her pleasure. Teresa could feel one of Stacey’s hands which had switched from Jenny’s buttocks and now running slowly over her lower back. Teresa unable to see due to the heavy fur hood covering her face. The way her long fur coat restricted her body’s movement becoming heavier on her body the more she fucked. She loved fucking like this due to her fur fetish, all her fur coats had large hoods to block her vision. Her fetish for fur is why the high family women with her were in fur coats.

Slowly sliding her fingers from inside Jenny Teresa continued kissing her whilst placed both arms round Jenny’s neck. For a short while Teresa kept the three of them in this position Jenny now finding it impossible to dance. Until Teresa jumped up wrapping her legs round Jenny’s body. There was no way the three of them could remain standing Teresa’s body plus Teresa’s heavy fur coat caused all three of them to fall in Teresa’s direction. Teresa landing on lady Ann, Jenny landing face down on Teresa followed by Stacey landing on top. Teresa and Stacey moaned with please their sex toy now trapped between them. Teresa could feel Jenny between her legs and now lady Ann’s body under her. Lady Ann was a thin faced, blond hair in her thirty’s. She was wearing a red satin dress and gloves under her fur coat. Like Teresa it’s fur hood pulled covering her face hiding her face and glasses, which somehow had stayed in placed.

Stacey opened the buttons on the front of her corduroy skirt allowing it to fall open. Thus, allowing her cunt to run over Jenny’s body whilst sliding off Jenny’s back. Stacey didn’t want to move off Jenny, but she could see Teresa was trying to move into a sitting position. Teresa now able to pushed Jenny off her was now sitting on lady Ann’s knee. Jenny’s relief was short lived as Teresa grabbed her long hair with both hands. Screaming with pleasure Teresa chucked Jenny by her hair so she landed face down across the laps of the high family women sitting in that direction. Jenny now finding herself face down her breast’s pressing into the women’s fur coats. Jenny could also feel their fur moving over her cunt, her legs now over Teresa. Stacey and Teresa kissed and touch each other whilst slowly unzipping jenny’s boots allowing them to fall off. Jenny’s jeans had been hanging just off her buttocks most of the evening.This made them easy to pull off, Stacey throwing them in the air for her amusement. Jenny now completely humiliated, naked face down along the high family women. Who, to please Teresa had started to touch and kiss Jenny. The women sitting the other side of the table walked over joining in. The high family women weren’t lesbians, but they all knew pleasing Teresa would bring rewards of power wealth for their household. Not taking part could bring a reverse.

Jenny’s body was hidden under fur covered women all pushing to get at Jenny’s helpless body. All their large fur hoods pressing together. All of them carful not to get in Teresa’s way who was kissing and touching Stacey. Teresa’s and Stacey body’s now lying over lady Anne and Jenny’s buttocks and legs. Stacey’s pressed her face inside Teresa’s open fur coat, slowly licking her breasts. Teresa run hand through Stacey’s curly blond hair kissing her neck, moaning with sexual pleasure. Enjoying Stacey’s tongue slowly moving over and between her breasts. Teresa also gained pleasure from watching a mass of large fur hoods all pressed together now covering Jenny. The women in the hoods all trying to please Teresa by performing sex acts on helpless Jenny. Whilst enjoying the feel of Stacey’s tongue Teresa reached one of her hands out grabbing one of the hoods at random. Making sure she clutched some hair also.She didn’t care who was in the hood she just wanted to play with one. Teresa pulled the hood hard upwards then came what Teresa was waiting for the woman in the hood cried out. Due to her hair being pulled upwards along with her fur hood. Teresa’s other hand was still running slowly through Stacey’s hair.

Stacey crawled down Teresa and began slowly using her tongue on Teresa’s cunt. Staceys hands moved inside the bottom of Teresa’s fur coat. Teresa loved the double sensation of Staceys tongue pressuring her cunt and Staceys hand slowly gliding over her trembling body.Teresa’s view from inside her hood was of lady Ann. Who was laughing at whoever’s hood Teresa was pulling, Teresa’s victims face still hidden. The one thing the fur hood couldn’t hide was the victim crying out as Teresa continued pulling the hood harder whilst Stacey’s tongue turned her on. Teresa moaning moving her body in response to Staceys tongue and hands. As they moved over her body.

“Come here slut, now fucking move, lady Ann quickly responded to the orders. Teresa had moaned out. She move her buttocks in the opposite direct to Jenny and the other high family women. This allowed her to lower herself over Teresa. Who she kissed, pretending to enjoy with a false moan. Stacey worked on the bottom half of Teresa’s body whilst lady Ann kissed Teresa’s lips and nipples. Teresa had the extra pressure of Jenny’s legs. One was still running over Teresa pressed between herself and lady Anne the other some how was under Teresa. Teresa still had had hold of one of the women’s fur hood. Which she gripped and pulled as Stacey and Ann pleasured her.

Jenny was completely hidden from view underneath a multitude of fur as the high family women competed to please Teresa. Who by now had positioned her head so to watch the battle of fur coated women. All pushing against each other to gain access to Jenny’s nude body. All that could be seen was the high family women crawling over each other their large fur hoods pressing together. Only a few at a time could bit or kiss Jenny’s face, breast and belly. So, it had become a fast moving battle for aces to Jenny. Teresa enjoying their humiliation and the almost silent moan Coming from Jenny, trapped under bodies of satin dresses and fur coats. The high family women now crawling over each other to gain access to jenny were not lesbians. However, none of them wanted to be the first not to join it could cost them their lands. Also, if Teresa was known to award land to those that turned her in. So, with those two options in their minds, they all tried to fuck Jenny. Teresa laughed and moan with sexual pleaser watching the women battling to push as many of their fingers as possible up Jenny’s cunt. Teresa’s sexual pleaser was watching their fur hood’s pressing against and down on each other. Whilst she enjoyed the fur battle lady Ann kissed her lips and nipples. Plus, Teresa had the feeling of Stacey’s tongue over her cunt caused Teresa to cry out her body shaking. Whilst in sexual ecstasy she full the fur hood she was still hold listening to the woman shout out in discomfort. Teresa found half her body was somehow now over Jenny’s buttocks. It was at this moment with lady Anne on her nipples, Stacey’s tongue on her cunt and the other high family women trying to please her by fucking Jenny. This was the moment when Teresa began to Orgasm her whole body shaking violently. She screamed out with as the sexual pleasure exploded inside her. Teresa pulled lady Ann towards her so to bit her face. Missing Teresa got a mouth full of Ann’s fur hood. Which gave her more pleasure, holding Anne against her Teresa moan her mouth still full of Ann’s fur hood.

Teresa’s body slowly began to come under her control releasing her teeth from on Ann’s hood then shouting at lady Anne and Stacey to stop which they quickly obeyed. Teresa now allowing herself to fall into the sitting area. Lady Anne had move quickly away but remaining standing. Stacey was wrapping herself back in her heavy corduroy skirt, buttoning it down the front. Teresa still with her fur hood up her coat now open watched the sea of fur coats fuck Jenny. In the excitement Teresa had let go off the woman’s hood she took pleasure pulling. Then she spotted a fur hood different from the rest, the others were out of shape sideways as they pressed and squeezed together. This one was out of shape only on the top, Teresa leaned forward pulling the hood down with both hands, knowing it was the hood she had being pulling through the evening.Teresa now looking at Her victims face had a feeling of pleasure that she had her toy back once more.

“Heather how lovely to see you. I have enjoyed listening to you cry out. It was such a pleasure listening to you suffering under your hood.” Teresa laughing as she spoke to her victim. Lady Heather was now sitting on the floor in her velvet dress and gloves. Her hair looking like she had just walked in a strong wind such was the strength of Teresa’s hold on it. “Who said you could sit down bitch,” Heather’s face turned to terror as Teresa moved towards her. Taking hold of Heather’s fur hood Teresa pulled Heather’s hood.with both hands between her legs. Teresa quickly closed her legs trapping not only the hood but Heather’s head also. Teresa moaned with pleasure squeezing Heather’s head, “oh fuck your hood feels so fucking good. Use you tongue you slut oh fuck use it.” Heather with her hood being pressed against her head by Teresa’s legs pushed her tongue out and licked. Soon Teresa was moaning softly with pleasure not just from Heathers tongue on her cunt the feel of Heathers hood against her legs gave her equal pleasure.

Teresa loved the feel of fur next to her or on her whilst having sex. Her legs moving against her toy’s fur hood plus her own fur coat. With It’s heavy fur hood encasing her head gave her extreme sexual pleasure, “Stand the fuck up all of you fur sluts.” The high family women had trouble entangling themselves which amused Teresa. Final the high family women were standing in front of Teresa their fur coats hanging open, their fur hoods all out of shape some humiliated due to their dresses being ripped.Teresa being pleasured by Heather’s tongue and Stacey who was now gently kissing and touching her. “Get that fucking thing up, now move sluts,” the high family women pulled Jenny up into a semi standing position. It was a while since Jenny had seen light and she blinked for some time. Her body numb from the constant fucking Jenny had been subjected to for Teresa’s pleasure. Amazingly Her jeans were still hanging off her buttocks Jenny stood with an empty look on her face.

“Oh, look at my toy just look at it. Oh, I did love watching you covered by fur coat’s being fucked. Come closer,” Teresa was moaning her words because of the sex acts being performed on her. Jenny thought her night of terror was over but now she was walking towards Teresa. Which she had trouble managing. Which caused Teresa and Stacey extreme pleasure as they watched Jenny walk legs slightly apart, her jeans slightly slipping off her buttocks. Finally, Jenny was standing before Teresa her expression one of fear. Teresa slowly opened her legs and violently kicked Heather’s fur covered head from under her. Heather body hit the floor hard, one side of her fur coat falling open her body twisted. Teresa run her fingers slowly through Staceys hair both of them laughing at lady Heather’s humiliation.

“Jeans off now, get them off,” Teresa pulling at Jenny’s jeans as she shouted the order. As Jenny stood nude and humiliated Teresa performed one of her favourites fetishes. She loved to wear the clothing of her victims it reminded her of how she had ruined their lives and she had only just begun playing with Jenny’s life. “Find some high heels two sizes up from you, move slut,” leaving her jeans lying on the floor Jenny walked off towards the other tables. Teresa picked up the jeans which were heavy corduroy, not the most fashionable clothing but then Jenny in her worst nightmares didn’t imagine she would be in the presence of the Queen Teresa. Teresa placed them over her cunt moaning. Whilst she watched Jenny pull a pair of black high heels off another woman. As Jenny walked back to them. The other woman’s black high heels in her hand Teresa began sliding her legs into the corduroy jeans, “Oh fuck Stacey I’ve got the sluts jeans she had on when I ruin her life. Oh Stacey.” Teresa moaned, the jeans now on her the button and zip left open. Teresa placed her hand up Stacey’s skirt and kissed her neck. Stacey responding kissing and licking Teresa’s face. Stacey’s hand holding one of Teresa’s breast’s.

“Let’s completely run the bitches life my queen,” Stacey kissing and laughing whilst watching Jenny standing nude holding another woman’s shoes.

“Yes my plaything, oh lets I’ll slip on the rest of the sluts clothing and whilst we play with her life.,” a chorus of laughter erupted the inside the fur hoods of the high family woman, all wanting to look loyal. Teresa zipped herself in the corduroy jeans then slipped into Jenny’s wool coat, pulling up the hood, moaning with pleasure. It was a thrill for her to wear the clothing Jenny had had put on that night. Teresa had a collection of lower class women’s clothing at the place to reminder of how she ruined their lives. Teresa would wear them to relive the thrill. Jenny’s clothing would be adding to the collection.

“Take Lady Heathers gloves and put them on, now slut move then get in the fucking shoes,” Lady Heather pulled of her velvet gloves, handing them to Jenny. Teresa moaning and laughter as Janny’s pulled the gloves on and placed her feet into the high heels two sizes too large. “Ok then bitch lets start playing.” Jenny stood with a look of terror on her face trying to balance in the heels.

“You will dress only in the shoes and gloves wherever you are or go, it will on be a decade or more,” laughter came from the high class woman as Jenny was trying to think of life nude but for the gloves and shoes.

“Oh, I have seen a wedding ring on you. Your marriage is void as from now. The hall of records will show you single from tomorrow morning. Your husband can keep the house, but you Jenny are banned from meeting or talking to him forever. Your clothing will be placed in your street for any woman to have.”

“Now every night you are to come to this bar and whilst lying on one of the tables every man will fuck you. Whilst the wife or partner kisses you. After she will push her fingers in you. Then finally use her heels on your breasts.”

“Oh, how funny my Queen that’s’ wonderful” Stacey touching Teresa’s breast’s whilst speaking. Teresa now in sexual ecstasy, wearing Jenny’s clothing whilst destroying her life

“Stacey let me have you my favourite toy.” Teresa placing her hand up Staceys skirt caused them both to moan and enjoy each other’s body. Whilst Jenny stood with a blank look on her face trying to comprehend her future Teresa had given her.

“Jenny begin with Lady Heather touch the fucking bitch,” Jenny now conditioned to following orders lowered herself to the floor where Lady Heather was still sitting and unlaced Heather’s velvet dress. Loosing it so Jenny could push her velvet gloved hand’s down the front of it. Heather gasped with shock she had not accepted this being a high family member. Jenny slowly placed her hands round both Heather’s breasts, running her hands over them both women humiliated. Heather more so she had not expected to be played with, being from a high family. It wasn’t unknown for Teresa to play with women of high family’s but very rarely. Lady Heather couldn’t believe it was happening to her sitting on the floor her breasts touched in front of the other high family women. Jenny also had the double humiliation of it being a low class woman.

“Play with Lady Heather for an hour, fuck the bitch before you climb on a table,” Teresa stood whilst talking zipping up the corduroy Jeans and pulling the hood up on her coat. She moaned with sexual pleasure more from wearing Jenny’s coat and corduroy jean than watching Jenny with Heather. The other high class woman in a chorus of laughter, relived it wasn’t themselves on the floor with Jenny. Teresa with her arm round Stacey touched one of her breasts began to leave the high class woman following obediently behind her. Pulling their large fur hoods back into shape from when they were competing to fuck Jenny. Teresa in a state of extreme sexual pleasure from feeling Jenny’s clothing against her body. Knowing at Jenny had been wearing the corduroy Jeans for most of her humiliation caused Teresa to quietly moan.

Stacey and the stream of fur coated high class women behind Teresa assumed incorrect that Teresa’s sexual appetite was satisfied. Almost outside Teresa calmly grabbed the hair of one of the young women servers. Causing her to drop the order of drinks she was holding as she walked bent over, her long black hair in Teresa’s hand.. The young woman was crying out as Teresa pulled her out into the street and back to the palace.


Submitted: October 30, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Marquis defo. All rights reserved.

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I loved how you set the story up.
It really does reflect what happens in any society
I bet lots of people have sex because they think they should.
Money and influence talk all languages.

Sat, October 30th, 2021 10:48pm

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