pantsed, humilated, embarrassed, exposed and owned

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ends with revenged

 I had three college roommates whom were all seniors while I was a freshman. Since we lived off-campus, I was their sole person of interest for initiation month.(1) One of these seniors was the leader and henceforth I will refer to him as the troublemaker. All three were muscular guys while was not a wimp, I was ordinary guy


It started mildly with just threats, since I was submissive freshman that these needed carried out. Such as listed

I needed to be pantsed often in our backyard and maybe other places.

Since freshmen needed disciple (2) therefore I should not wear pants while in our rooms.  Men with manhood could only wear pants. Since I was only a wimp plus I had to earn enough some manhood before I could wear pants.

I of course, when there friends visited would I be in only briefs and will need to escort them home when they left in only my briefs. If there friend wanted my briefs as souvenir, I to surrender my briefs anytime the friend ask for my briefs, (3) there was discussion as to if a freshman deserved have pubic hair.

This threat truly terrified me because in the ninth grade I had been stripped naked, tried up spread-eagle and been shaved of all my pubic hair. This threat produced horrendous fear, like flash back of terror. These three guys came up other ideas from mild to maybe tying me up the to pole with sign around my neck stating that I would give any onlookers 20 dollars to take my briefs. Thankfully this did not happen. All of these ideas (4) caused me great apprehension, worry, nervous and perturbation for my future. I was going to receive the worst initiation of any freshmen in last decade.


Well, besides having strip to my briefs with strip music in front them the first night, nothing happened for a couple days. I begin to think that they been joking with me. This was to prove to be wretchedly wrong. I was about three blocks from the house coming home. All sudden the roommates appeared with some their friends and surrounded me.  The troublemaker yell take off your pants and give them to me. If we need to take them, we strip you naked. I never before on a public street had voluntarily taken off my pants. But I did take pants off so out of extreme fear. The guys took off with my pants, therefore I decided it best go the rest way by the ally. At least, I did have my shirts and briefs on. Than the troublemaker showed up and ripped off my shirt, than poured Coke down front and back of my briefs. Now was in only in my dark stained briefs. I Ran as fast as could home. Next time my pantsing even worse.


I was attacked behind the school by. The room mate guys
ambushed me as  was about to go home one day from gyn. There was a large crowd
gathered back there (which wasn't terribly unusual, being that time of
day and all), when I was cornered by three of roommate guys.
So, the one guy told his the guys, "hold him!" and he grabbed me by
the shirt and pulled me toward him, real hard. my shirt tore along the
neck (which hurt!). I started trying to work
myself free but two guys pushed me to the ground.. There whole effort was to rip off my clothes... at which, little by little,
they were successful. A guy tore my shirt right down my back, so it just
fell off me. Then, as I was on the ground face down, he grabbed my back pocket on my pants, and ripped it down my leg. I looked behind me and saw my underwear was sticking out.

(I could hear some of the people looking on saying "that's not cool,
man" etc., but they didn't seem to care... there friends were very into seeing this happen, and kept pushing him on.)I jumped up and tried to hold the back piece of my pants so my underwear wouldn't be showing. This is when he started saying something like, "what's wrong, shy boy? Afraid everyone will see your underwear?" and stuff like that. The troublemaker grabbed the back of my pants and they were ripped along the waistband around to the front, and the
whole left leg of my pants was ripped off. Someone else gave me a wedge. Another
grabbed the other side of my pants and trying to rip them off, as well. I finally let go of pants so that I could pull my briefs back down. He was able then to rip my pants off so that I was left with just the waistband of them. He pulled up the front of my underwear leaving me wedged front and back.. His friends tossed the pieces of my pants at me and took off, leaving me in just my ragged out briefs and socks. I was
mortified; I actually felt nauseous knowing that everyone was looking at me in this state of my torn pants pieces at my feet in a double wedge.  And, of course the cameras came out.

Two of the girls who watched all this wanted to help, by letting me borrow their jacket and offered me a ride home. I felt so miserable practically crying, more out of the brutal humiliation than anything else. One my friends told that he could not help but laugh. He had actually asked the guys if they were going to this to anybody else. He was afraid that he might be standing with me in only his double wedged underpants. I secretly hoped that if were to happen to someone else than would not be alone in this state of humiliation. I fantasized that other guy would be my trouble maker.

There was no room in the dorm so could move there. I was thinking maybe could transfer to another collage But my scholarship was here. And endure. (5)

I did not get any rest of long. That night after getting out of shower naked they burst in on me. They spared shaving cream all over my pubic hair and genitals. I in extreme state of shock realized that were indeed going shave my pubic hair and in horror maybe my balls too. At least that what the troublemaker yelled. I was blessed because the other two broke out laughing much that they could not carry out the shave job. I was full of apprehension because I knew that troublemaker would try again to probably shave al my body hair. I had noticed that he was only one that did have razor in his hand.  He added one more insult to injury by telling that I had put on my briefs to sleep without cleaning any of the shave cream.

I knew that I had to put a stop to this nightmare of horrors, agonies and tortures. As well, I wanted big time revenge blasted upon Mr. Troublemaker.

It so happened that I had two guys that lived in town that were relatives of mine. I was so, so embarrassed about all threats and things that already had happened to me but I told them all. They immediately came up with a plan. All threats that he had made to me were be visited upon him.

 First, my relatives with some of their friends and me in the back seat of car met trouble maker on the street. They jump out and corralled him. “Hey trouble maker we hear that you like being naked on the streets”. Fourteen hands were on him and in about 45 seconds he was naked. He was allowed to keep his id. They piled his clothes in front him, poured gas on his clothes, them set them of fire. He stood there in shock and started crying. “Save you crying for later when you will really need too naked boy”.

My buddies asked trouble maker the question; “did you try to shave our buddy’s’ balls?  Well we a surprise for you. Hence, they blindfolded him and carried off to one my friends’ house. All guys tied down again. One saying don’t wiggle boy that razor is on balls. Time they finished hair below neck was clean shaven.

Now you seem like exposure, so going to love your final treat. But first we need take lot photos of you in several positions such as spread eagle, you grabbing your ankles for a good ass shot, up close picture of your face and clean shaven genitals.

Now get ready for your last excitement. They drove out of town about two miles. Took him out of the car tied a leather string around his balls and fastened ends of toes, which meant that unless, he took tiny steps he will discover what pain really was like. Now good time getting home and do not brother our friend again or will mail every girl in college our picture collection of you.

My life suddenly got much, much better.


(1)===All freshmen friends were occasionally pantsed but nothing to extant I was because there was safety in numbers. Also none of my friends would visit me because afraid that something might happen to them. Some freshmen had it so mild that they were only required to wear ties to class.



(2)===Nome friends would visit out fear they may be targeted to these tortures.

(3)==Most there friends had mercy for me and let me off the hook, I only had do this three times much to my relief. Nobody asked for my briefs for a souvenir.

****====There was one roommate that seemed be far more sadistic than others. His most gruesome and painful idea was to tie up leather string my genitals which anyone could yank at will. Lucky for me this never happened.  With this guys’ interest in my lower half of my body; I suspected that he was gay. He also seemed to be the one behind most ideas,


(4)===I could not afford to rent my own place.


(5) In High school I acquired the name “brief boy” and several others related to people seeing me in my underpants. Note: At this time period briefs were only made in the color white and 

Submitted: October 30, 2021

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