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If I was to "track" my emotional life for posterity I would use Infra red technology.
This is a "heat" based thing.

Look at a photograph taken by a visible light camera.Now if you could compare it to a "snap" from a near Infra red camera.It is apparent that emotion is captured almost perfectly using the near infra red part of the spectrum.At the moment near Infra red is not used for everyday photography.It is used by scientists and police enforcement.

Heat sensing,which is the main component of near Infra red photography, has many colors.Emotion causes heat changes in our body chemistry.This heat is different at various points on our bodies.This is why night vision makes use of near Infra red.There is often two or three different colors present.

The human emotion of fear, produces significant changes in our body temperature.So does excitement and the range of emotions that humans have.

Imagine having a near Infra red camera set up to make porn movies.The whole range of emotions from foreplay to precum stage to real orgasms would make a real "color spash" in near Infra red photography.Add to this the fear of "non performance".It would be akin to a fireworks display on say,new years eve.Hardly the sort of internet porn horny couples or indiviuals would watch.Wink!.


Now of course,interpreting the Infra Red visual is another skill indeed.However if a reasonable person is given the color chart,of what is,in general what,then it is not rocket science.The Reds ,Yellows and Blues and Variants, DO tell a story.

Take a look back at your life, by thumbing through your visible light photo album.There is a plethora of happy faces and sad faces and everything else in between faces.It is black and grey and white emotions at the "click" of the lenz.

Possibly remember that cell phone pic of uncle Richie's laughing face, at the top of the roller coaster ride.Uncle Richie prided himself on saying "I am not scared of those things".

Lets jump to a parallel Universe, in which a "not yet" invented Infra Red cell phone pic was taken as well.There probably is a  deep purple fear color on uncle Richie's face.This is a tell tale sign that he is "pooing his pants",so to speak.Wink!


To get the truth in life is a journey of emotions.If ever a near Infra red camera comes onto the market, we will all have to "run for cover".


Submitted: October 30, 2021

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I am sure that a certain part of my body would turn bright red if you took a picture of it after reading your stories using an infra red camera

Sat, October 30th, 2021 8:15pm


Most of us folks are contrived in a public setting.
We all have to 'Bull" our way with those we secretly hate or even admire.
I think a cell phone that used near infra red would redefine many friendships.
Many of us folks have the "take off" power for sex but no launch pad.
It is no secret that "dirty novels" are read mostly by horny females.
Fifty shades of grey was a mammoth best seller for mostly female readers.
Imagine a near infra red cell phone at THAT book launch.
Vagina's everywhere would be the color of a dense salmon pink dust storm on mars

Thanks for reading and commenting Ron.

Sat, October 30th, 2021 3:06pm

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