Steppie Encounters: Why teens don’t make their beds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

J’Arnie and Hamish promised to keep their rooms tidy in their new blended household. An intense bedroom quickie by college steppies

Step parents like any adults managing a household and trying to keep it presentable and tidy insist that the young college offspring under their roof pull their weight with the basics and at least keep their bras and jocks off the floor, leave the bathroom tidy; no stray pubes; and the one that is so frickin easy; make your own goddamn bed; you know; it’s just pulling up and fluffing out the doona every morning; maximum thirty second input.  Not too much to ask. Well it seemed too much to ask of both J’Arnie and Hamish.

J’Arnie Rogers and Hamish McDonald, were teens, recently blended together, in a new outer suburban two storey abode. Their step parents wanting a fresh start together.

J’Arnie never had that reticent doubt about her stepbrother. Available cock was well available cock.

Hamish was pussy orientated like any other senior college lad. His new step-sister was good looking, but, he had left his thoughts, at : good looking.

Of course, their newly joined parents naively believed the teens were just mature; both having turned eighteen; and were getting on with the new melding. Just coping with the merge like young adults.

Hamish and J’Arnie were about to meld alright. And; you can’t make your bed while fucking on top of it.

J’Arnie was dressed for school. Well if you can call a short, short skirt which barely held soft fresh white: high cut cotton undies in check. Wow did our Miss have great thighs. Her newly shaved this morning legs were insanely smooth. And God did they carry her five foot five frame perfectly. Her long brunette hair spread loose except for a hair braid. Her white blouse open to her appealing cleavage and only just hiding her lacey white bra; but not hiding her chesty teasy curves. J’Arnie had cute muffin titties and knew it.

J’Arnie had put some moisturizer on her face and just a tad downstairs, well it was freshly shaved coochie; this morning too. Hey a girl’s legs can’t take the shaving lead.

Hamish was very aware of his stepsister’s gorgeous chest accessories, headlight came to his mind. However: he didn’t realise this morning, three days into a new house, he would get to fondle J'Arnie's cupcakes and slam dunk her on his own bed.

Our blonde basketball team six-footer had his jocks on and had just remembered the new house instruction; make your frickin bed every morning. He was about to....

J’Arnie in her rush to Hamish’s room hadn’t made her own bed. Geez coochie comes before tidiness any day.

The brunette’s timing was perfect. Hamish was bent over about to pull up his doona.

“Great arse,” said J’Arnie as she pulled down his jocks “Wow you are packing cock” she got out too as she fondled his meat stick in all right the places instantly.

Hamish knew he had fifteen minutes before they were out the door.

Hamish knew you could do a frickin lot with a hot girl’s body in a quarter of an hour, especially if you get to the erogenous parts fast forward. He was unbuttoning her blouse like a pro and had her bra unclipped in a single deft action. Out popped two stunners. He was not disappointed.

“Fuck, I knew they would be cute.”

“Yeah, I already know that; well lick them; squeeze them; that’s what they need.”

Hamish’s head was down and his tongue was busy. Sucking and flicking. He knew the drill and he wasn’t here to tread water.

J’Arnie was super aroused. Well she had had a bit of play as the moisturizer tantalised her fem-pleats a few minutes ago. She was wet already. Self help is a great thing.

The blonde had his brunette back on his bed. Legs splayed. Only the dazzling white of crotch panties between his tongue and girly gash. 

“Fuck...Wow...My God,” he got out as he yanked them to the side and got tongue burrowing. She was neat, she was sweet and she was fucking keen.

Hamish went the whole mouth cover and suck. Well shaved coochie does that to a guy. He had everything covered, and everything tasted, and everything really excited.

“Oh shit...oh bad, bad boy, mmm...god that’s good...god your bad...yeah...yeah...great...mmm....oh...oh...”

The blonde realised his step sister was cumming and loudly. Fuck, he thought dad better be down stairs.

Hamish had to finish her off despite the risk and already knew J’Arnie wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Boy; she came loud and with a very happy smile and then she went on a quick pecker mouth hunt.

Sure, steady and assured, Hamish got quality cock in mouth treatment.  It was so pleasurable; there was only one outcome.

“Christ we only have a few minutes; get your dick in here fast,” said J’Arnie; spreading her legs on the edge of Hamish’s bed.

Hamish’s meat was already there. Hard and soft melding and grinding and shaping instantly in dual pleasure.

“Fuck me harder; fuck me hard,” she insisted.

The blonde heard the slutty words and he spread her legs wider and higher and started the deep piston thrusting. The really deep, hard and fast.

“Oh know what I like....oh; bastard....fuckin cream me...oh...mmm...mmm...shit...fuck...”

J’Arnie was reduced to basic sluttishness. Pleasure dominated her young body.

While Hamish was thrusting and holding her legs wide, she was bending her lithe young body upwards and clenching her cunny muscles. Well a girl has to make sure she gets everything she needs. And at this very instance, it was a second fuckin orgasm; as she didn’t have time to test out Hamish’s skill with her private starfish this morning.

All we can say is lucky it was a double storey house and the kitchen was a fair way away. As the blonde was groaning in closer by the second; jizz release joy; and the brunette tart was bacchanale in her potty mouthy ecstasy.

“Oh shit dirty bastard...keep it deep...keep it fast...” and she was touching her own clitty and sweeping through any remaining preliminaries to her orgasmic rush.

Hamish was cuntstruck. God his stepsister was a bad, bad girl, but she was so fuckin hot and he wanted to cream her deep and he did.

“Awh...Awh...Awh,” went Hamish, one for each heavenly rapid spurt of cock seed creaming J’Arnie.

“Fuck me...oh.... oh.... oooh,” went J’Arnie loudly as she frigged herself off to her second climax and felt her juices dribbling out with Hamish’s white warm gooey deposit.

“Hamish; J’Arnie;” called the brunette’s mum, “Quickly it’s time to go; what are you doing? It’s time to go.”

Well, they were tidying themselves up and grabbing bags and pelting down the stairs and through the kitchen and out the side door to the garage and off to college.

Mrs Rogers had housework to do after a second cup of coffee. She was however, very peeved. J’Arnie’s bed was unmade and she had promised to do better in this new house; and Ted her new husband had said Hamish was a tidy boy; well, that didn’t appear to be the truth; his bed was frickin mess, God, how could it get so messy?

And Delia Rogers was left contemplating: Why don’t teens make their beds?

Well, if she knew the answer…

Submitted: October 30, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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I loved this fast paced sexy story.
It is so obviously true of any sexual duo.
Teenage sex is always sure to titillate.
They are young but not innocent.
We all get turned on by that lol!!!

Sun, October 31st, 2021 12:30am


thanks for the feedback- I am posting a sequence of stories about the pair. J'Arnie just demanded sex- so I followed her....

Mon, November 1st, 2021 12:35am


That is an answer she’d love to contemplate fully as she was personally being pleasured!

Tue, November 2nd, 2021 12:11am

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